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Day 3 about to start -- Get it!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fairly comfortable with what the Dolphins are doing so far in this draft -- assuming the players they are picking become instant contributors.

I expect Jared Odrick to be a starting DE in 2010. I expect Koa Misi to be a starting OLB in 2010 -- the Dolphins obviously do also based on the tact they've taken this offseason. I expect John Jerry to be the starting LG in 2010.

The Dolphins desperately need all three to be starters.

The Dolphins need to find one more starter today to make this draft a resounding success. They need to find a starting free safety somewhere in rounds 4-7. One guy in seven picks. That's all I'm asking for.

Six safeties were drafted in Day 2. Nate Allen, T.J. Ward, and Taylor Mays went in the second round. Morgan Burnett, Major Wright and Chad Jones went in the third round.

The fourth round begins in earnest at 10 a.m. The Dolphins can still land:

Reshad Jones (my prediction, if he's there), Robert Johnson (another Utah player whose selection wouldn't upset me).

After the fourth round, the value picks at safety are East Carolina's Van Eskeridge, Nebraska's Larry Asante, a former junior college linebacker who plays with that mentality. He seems more like a strong safety to me but, well, whatever.

The darkhorses? Virginia Tech's Kam Chancellor, a freak at 6-3 and 230 who has played some free safety for the Hokies or Gobblers or whatever they call themselves these days. He is thought to project as a strong safety but the Dolphins might have other plans. Michigan's Stevie Brown is a great hitter who actually played some linebacker for the Wolverines. He's another option.


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Seems like a reach but what the f*ck do I know?

no. AJ Edds is a guy who can cover TE's and shut down the middle of the field. Solid pickup. Makes me wonder though if the Dolphins don't move Crowder now in a trade.

So it was a 4th and a 6th? bc nfl.com shows we only lost a 6th

Bill Parcells if your reading this, your an idiot! I repeat IDIOT... Wtfffff is going on... Look at the ravens picks compared to ours... Are you kidding me???????

i think we took him to help cover rcieving TE. (AKA AARON HERNANDEZ!!!)

I can't even find a glimpse of this guy by googling. Parcell's really looks for the diamond in the rough.

Stra8balla: I think Brandon Marshall qualifies as an explosive receiver.

Randy Starks is our nose.

Please name a FS available that will a. start and b. not be a liability on defense. You might think Bill Parcells is crazy not to rely on a 4th round rookie to be his last line of defense, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

We should have kept our 126 pick. That guy would gave been there

mando ur wack, wont let me post. what you protect st8balla

Love the passion Memo...go phins!!

I called all four guys now AJ Edds i had going fifth but still have hopes for Kam Chancellor in fifth
AJ Edds is another non stop motor guy gives 110% on every play love this pickup along with Koa Misi

Nothing wrong taking those senior bowl guys...they got a good chance to look closely at them actually playing on the field..I don't think that's a bad thing

This pick doesn't really excite me. I don't see the urgency to pick him. Might have been there with the 5th pick.

Reeeeach. Wow. I guess this is why I'm not in the FO because I just don't see how this a. is a good pick and b. why they needed to move up for him. I hope he's worth two players.

The NFL.com tracker doesn't work... :(

Is all about character and toughness but not talent and athletic ability for this front office.

What a joke..we draft a guy who continues a trend. Senior bowl guys. lb's who won't be able to cover any one. Keller...hernanez...gronkoski will have a field day with our lb core.

Most disappointing draft I have ever seen from any team. Way to shy away from talent and take the character guys with marginal ability.

give me a break mando, just like a Nazi gotto control free speech

mark in toranto it wasnt mcknight that almost killed himself benching it stephon johnson

now NFL.com shows no more 4th for us. I guess they are just slow.

Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams the Phins dont have a RB? Brandon Marshall they have now WR? Bella are you really that stupid?

i think we move Will Allen to FS and start Sean Smith and Vonte Davis at CB. That would mean are next picks would likely be corners. That's my opinion anyway

Ravens draft looks like what everyone said we shold pick.

Bust from the slow ten????? Iowa had the best D in College Fball this year. Did you see what they did to Georgia tech?? If it wasn't for their Starting QB going down, making them lose a game they woulda been in the national championship.

you let fake Aloco print wack shiiit but you dont let me..... hmmm i think i know what goes on between you too

AJ Edds IMO will be moved to ILB. He isn't a sack guy but a good coverage and good tackler. I think he most likely will be special teams player. He is very athletic and has good speed which is something Miami did not have as a starter or depth at LB last year. Good pick. I wanted Kam Chancellor safety from Va Tech or TE Anthony McCoy but he slipped because he tested positive for something.

and the jets trade up for McKnight...

Parcells and Co sucks !!

He would of been there @ 126

Kurt Coleman will be the pick in the 5th, very instinctive, good centerfielder, always around the ball, not ideal size, but in the 5th a good value.

So we still need a safety and TE. IMO we need to draft a TE next

Stra8 bella

"Any one who thinks we are having a great draft is on crack"

ok man thanks for you professional dumb @ss opinion, STFU. Is it just me or can anyone else hear this guy singing… “ if I only had a brain”

How many years of professional scouting do you have under you belt? Zero… just like how many time you made love with a woman. Turn your computer off and go out into the real world.

This has been a terrible draft. There are teams trading up all over the place and getting value. The Dolphins? More of the same, unathletic guys that are not on anyones boards. How anyone can say Misi, Edds, or Jerry aren't reaches is lying. No plymakers again. Odrick was picked with Hughes on the board. Terrible, no impact draft.

Stra8balla is a jets fan.

Bill Parcells if your reading this, your an idiot! I repeat IDIOT... Wtfffff is going on... Look at the ravens picks compared to ours... Are you kidding me???????

Posted by: Memo6453 | April 24, 2010 at 11:18 AM

I love it when people call someone an idiot and use 'your" instead of "you're" - who is the real idiot???

Congratulations! You've just made the wonderful decision to draft A.J. Edds! Like most new Edds owners, you're no doubt filled with questions about your new family member. We here at Black Heart Gold Pants will try our best to answer any questions you might have.

Is this A.J. Edds guy any good? We're a bit biased, but we think he is. We were even a little sure that he'd go in the draft before Pat Angerer, and, well, that didn't happen.

Why did you think Edds was better than Angerer? Why's he available this late? Did he stab a guy? Whoa, whoa, let's settle down. First of all, zero character issues from Edds. No arrests, permanent team captain, three-year Leadership Group member, Forest Evashevski Scholastic Achievement Award winner. Solid all the way through off the field.

Is he not very athletic? Actually, we've said for months that Edds' cover skills rivaled those of Chad Greenway, who's currently a mainstay in the Vikings' starting lineup. Edds is 6'4" and change, about 245 pounds, and was a highly-touted tight end coming out of high school, and that quick change-of-direction ability is evident in his film.

So again, why's he still available on Saturday? What are you not telling us? Honestly, we're not entirely sure why he's here. Perhaps the common perception is that he's a "system linebacker," in that he's made to look better since he was just on a defense without a weak point. Here's some film:

Now, one thing that might stand out is that Edds is not a highlight-reel hitter, though he's fundamentally solid all the same. Plus, even as an every-down backer, Edds' tackle numbers weren't great: 78 as a senior, or 6.0 a game, and just a hair under two solo tackles a game. So if the perception is that he was more of a product of an already great Iowa defense--the quote about the Alabama defense fits Iowa, to an extent--then certainly a GM might say, "of course Edds looked good, he had a 2nd-round backer right next to him and a hellbanshee defensive line in front of him."

And yet, Edds was never anything less than consistent at his SLB post, never leading us to believe that he didn't have what it takes for the next level. He covered wideouts pretty frequently, and he did so well. Now, granted, there's a difference between, say, Iowa State's slot man and the VIkings' slot man, so perhaps his athleticism won't allow him that same ability at the next level. But any linebacker would get incinerated by half the slots in the league in a one-on-one setting.

The real concern, then, is shedding blockers, which Edds struggled with at times. Some of that has to do with the defensive scheming, since Edds' primary responsibility was drop coverage most of the time (it changed based on the situation, of course). But while it would be a stretch to say that Edds was ever a liability in any aspect of his game at Iowa, it should also be noted that four times over the course of the year, Iowa gave up 4.5 or more yards per carry. Not particularly damning for Edds or Iowa, but come on, the Hawkeyes had a pretty stout defensive unit as a whole. And yet, they could be run upon, and Edds was at times a run-upon-able backer.

Edds' strength must be pass coverage, then? Pretty much. He's no wimp, but he may not be the best goal line option without putting on another 15-25 pounds. Granted, Iowa didn't need him to do that, so it's easily possible that he's got the frame for those extra pounds once he gets to the next level. But for now, for the product that this team's actually getting today, he is more cheetah than lion. Or more lion than elephant. Whatever, he's not huge.

But he can move? Oh, dude can move. Excels in zone coverage or in run pursuit when he's got a lane. If nothing else, he's the perfect antidote to a Chester Taylor or any of the other 3rd down backs, because he can track just about anybody down if given the opportunity.

So will Edds be awesome? Awesome is a stretch at this point unless he can defeat blockers more consistently at the point of attack. Of course, if he did that well enough at Iowa, he'd have been drafted by now, because the rest of his resume is nearly flawless. Hell of a guy, hell of an athlete, hell of a cover backer.

finally, thanks mando

Has anyone mentioned that Jerry was ranked 19 OVERALL by NFP? that's not a reach in the 3d round. Morons

Trade up For LB AJ Edds . Good pick !! another senior bowl player drafted by the phins, all 4.

ITs funny how different the website grade players..

nfl.com gives edds a 3.6 over 10
espn.com gives him 2.64 over 4

Fellas: an interesting pre-draft "take" on Edds from an Iowa Hawkeye blog:


DLT, I agree with you. I think he is an ILB in a 3-4. He is athletic and has good speed. He obviously has good hands. Miami didn't have a linebacker on the roster last year who could cover anyone or make a key INT outside of Cam Wake pressuring Brady into throwing a gift to Channing "Cement in my Cleats" Crowder aka "Stone Hands".

I cannot stand this guy and his stupid comments, blah blah blah Dolphins did horrible. Seriously Bella STFU

I dont have a problem with the pick but I do have a problem moving up to take him. Kind of like moving up a spot to take Carey...whats the point? They must really love him to want to make sure no one else was going to get him with so many players there. This tells us two things: #1- Crowder is on the block. #2 Randy Starks is indeed our NT.

Ricky and Ronnie can not produce the big play. We are stuck in the mud with a often injured aging rb and an already old rb who can't elude or run away from any one.

Brandon Marshall is fine...what happens when he is doubled and the rest of the wr's who are truly unexplosive can get open.

Any offense needs to playmaking pass catchers. A WR, TE.....two Wr's....do we fall in to this group?? I don't think we are even close.

I love crack!

it would be interesting to me if the Dolphins put together a trade package for a TE...maybe Greg Olsen in Chicago. No idea on what the possibility would be, but maybe we move Crowder and Smilely along with a 6th and snag Olsen in the process. Would be cool but not likely

Torbor pack your bags

draft the negative itches on this board then ill tell u how they suck

I'm really disappointed Miami didn't trade up in the 4th round. Now the Pats have Gronkowski AND Hernandez! And Miami gets A.J. Edd?! WTF?!?!

ALOCO needs to go find a life. Enough of the perverted comments. We don't need that here.

i say we pick another tiny, inacurate, complete garbage QB from West Virginia with the 5 round pick!!!

Miami is securing the ones they followed from the start. I'm starting to think the draft board we see 1-4 is exactly what Parcells and co. had written down.. That's scarry, and not in a good way.

Jerry was ranked 19 by one of 50 sights and in the 60s everywhere else.

Here's a link to the sr bowl rosters...trifecta will pick from here so you can narrow down your predictions


I agree, we gave Ted Ginn away for really nothing. Not a smart football move. At the very least Ginn was a dangerous return man, I dont under stand why you take away that threat, even if he is expensive, this is an uncapped year. At best he was a good #3 or maybe even a #2 WR with Marshall on the field. A 5th round pick is not worth losing your only legit return man.

problem is too many ppl on this blog watch clowns like kiper and mcshay and fall in love with player names.
let's assume trifecta has a bit more knowledge than any single person on this blog BY FAR!
have a little faith. this team is far better now than before they got here. they've got a plan. may not look sexy, but it works

Edds is a former TE, has good hands for the int and does a great job covering TE. Remember that NE just drafted two really good TE. Another team captain and academic all big ten honors.

lomax You're an IDIOT

I wonder what the average age of the posters on here! I'm thinking 15!


40 yard dash - 4.70
20 yard shuttle - 4.28 (top 3 for linebackers)
Bench Press - 16
Vertical - 33 inches

This boy be pickin some balls off, good link Seer.

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