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Day 3 about to start -- Get it!

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling fairly comfortable with what the Dolphins are doing so far in this draft -- assuming the players they are picking become instant contributors.

I expect Jared Odrick to be a starting DE in 2010. I expect Koa Misi to be a starting OLB in 2010 -- the Dolphins obviously do also based on the tact they've taken this offseason. I expect John Jerry to be the starting LG in 2010.

The Dolphins desperately need all three to be starters.

The Dolphins need to find one more starter today to make this draft a resounding success. They need to find a starting free safety somewhere in rounds 4-7. One guy in seven picks. That's all I'm asking for.

Six safeties were drafted in Day 2. Nate Allen, T.J. Ward, and Taylor Mays went in the second round. Morgan Burnett, Major Wright and Chad Jones went in the third round.

The fourth round begins in earnest at 10 a.m. The Dolphins can still land:

Reshad Jones (my prediction, if he's there), Robert Johnson (another Utah player whose selection wouldn't upset me).

After the fourth round, the value picks at safety are East Carolina's Van Eskeridge, Nebraska's Larry Asante, a former junior college linebacker who plays with that mentality. He seems more like a strong safety to me but, well, whatever.

The darkhorses? Virginia Tech's Kam Chancellor, a freak at 6-3 and 230 who has played some free safety for the Hokies or Gobblers or whatever they call themselves these days. He is thought to project as a strong safety but the Dolphins might have other plans. Michigan's Stevie Brown is a great hitter who actually played some linebacker for the Wolverines. He's another option.


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Po New blog up...most moved and didn't tell us. LOL left us behind with Stra8...see u there


Scooore! A direct hit. Well said.

almost every time lex ran it was for a first down he had 2 TD's receiving and one running on 23 carry's. this kid will be good. gotta look with ur eyes bella, i understand that ur a vampires mistress but even u can see this.

Po White Trash

what's the ??

If it were 2002 we'd be the envy of all the NFL....too bad it's 2010. The good (passing) teams sure as heck feel they have been in a fight after a game with us but somehow they still leave with a W.

We will be the only team in the league that plays this style of football for an entire game. With one threat in the passing game this will not style won't win games consistently in this day and age.

We are not the Ravens who now have weapons in the passing game and two dynamic TE's. They will be able to pass easily when the box gets stacked. They have a complete rb in ray rice that combines power and speed...and quickness. U get the smash but also the dash.

The Jets have even gotten onboard and have two true weapons in the passing game with Holmes who is still very fast and B. Edwards who is a clone of Marshall. Complimented them by drafting a 210 lb rb who is very shift and fast enough to go the distance.

Look at the Panthers....explosive talent in the back field in Deangelo williams to accompany the smash most style of Jonathan Stewart. Explosive talent with speed in Steve Smith.

The few teams that play smash mouth football have explosive players that are capable of taking plays that aren't blocked/executed perfectly and creating on there own. Speed.

What question????


Think it was a mistake to trade down. Missed a lot of talent 1st round pics 12 thru 27 and in 4th round.

Glad to hear we're getting away from 3-4. Nothing against it but you have to be hitting on all cylinders to make it work. I expect Nolan will give the enemy a lot of different looks....variations of 3-4 and 4-3 and confuse the hell out of them.

Really liked the FA/trades. Marshall is going to really make a diff for passing game.

Stra8 and the rest of u...like I said, u have ur opinion, I'm THRILLED with what Parcells is doing and guess what, that's what the Fins are doing!!! Today Im happy, ur bummed...that's life, get over it

Passing teams dominate this league. We will be passed by in our own division for lack of elite offense talent.

Marshall will be yawning in the middle of football games while he is doubled on passing plays in between us running inside left...inside right.

Bills have Spiller...PAts have weapons all over in the passing game...Jets have two great wr's an a good young rb.

Phins are building defense to stop offense but won't be able to put up enough points to keep up. Saints and colts toyed with us all game then decided to throw the ball up and down the field in the 2nd half of games.

Thanks for asking Vegas.

Take Cam, freakin', Thomas! NOW

Thanks B12

Balla...Braylon is NOT a Marshall clone..Braylon has two bricks for hands, he doesn't catch passes well at all. All your comments about how bad we are and how good the other teams are gettin is BS bro, you DON'T know football man

Every year this FO is going to take more defense than offense. Who's the next pick??? Any more opinions on what positions we look at. FS..NT...LB

Braylon didn't look like he had hands of stone when he was running 9 routes on us and other teams catching td passes.

Well it seems that the Trificta has its own raft board sections, thank you. Thats the way it should be. They are better at it than most of the other league experts, not to mention, sports media personalities, blog jockeys, fans or, yes, even Mel Kiper.

The later rounds are where the Trificta is at its best, finding diamonds in the rough. The are brilliant at this. I see them finding someone today that will significantly contribute this year. If they pass on one of favorate platers, its for a reason. A reason not yet known to us.

Nolan Carroll...cb. Brilliant. The holes continue. We are building a team in fear..that will pray to stop teams with good offenses while attempting to hide ours.

i don't know about this draft anymore

this guy is projected to be a FA and we are wasting our 5th give me ted ginn back!!!!

Could Will Allen be our answer at FS since we keep passing on it?

cam thomas was one the board! WTF

Need I remind everyone...no one really knew who Brian Hartline was...we took him in the 4th and he was a stud for where we picked him...just because a draft magazine doesn't say much about nolan carroll don't mean squat. It's who they think fits their schemes. He's big enough to possibly be a safety...unbelievable how rediculous you people are

jets released alan faneca

Ok maybe he'll be great but why waste a 5th round when you could have traded down or got him much later?? I guess that sounds stupid !

if the jets were shopping faneca and didn't get any takers smiley is out the door

Picking "high character" players vs. playmakers



With the trade ups and downs (picking in the same picks), could have drafted:

Major Wright
Cam Thomas

Parcells and his "high character" guys better become an army of Zach Thomas's, and these college big time players BETTER all be busts.

Not passing judgment on Parcells and Co., as they have done wonders since taking over this team, but this draft could be their crossroads.

they are high character guys, but what about their families?

Jets got rid of Leon Washington. Makes me happy. That guy ran all over us. Kewl

know on our new corner is he can't stay healthy


It is reported, and we are waiting on confirmation,
the first report is that Carroll did not, I repeat, DID NOT
play in the Senior Bowl!
Wow! How can he possibly be a player?
More to follow as it becomes available.
Major turn in the Dolphin draft!

Actually, I'll do you one better...



With the trade ups and downs (picking in the same picks), could have drafted:

Jimmy Graham
Robert Johnson (Utah Safety)

That would have addressed ALL our needs. They were there. For the taking.

Was it character? Did they think that these PLAYMAKERS were risky?

How risky do their current picks look?

i agree with you John. It is almost like Parcells said, I am not sticking with anyone that the rest of the world says is good. If they are good I don't want them. I did it my way. Now I see why Jason is gone. He was actually good and a name. Parcells wants his name to be the only name.

I think we should just fire Parcells and hire you guys (please note the sarcasm)

I think we'll see a tight end as a free agent but it's time to draft blount as an rb


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