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Deadline approaching for Miami RFAs

On the day after the 2009 season ended, I spent a few minutes chatting with Dolphins tight end Anthony Fasano about the coming offseason. At the time, Fasano was still optimistic the NFL and the NFL Players Association would resolve their labor differences and somehow avoid an uncapped year.

"I''m still optimistic," Fasano said at the time, a big grin on his face. "I have no choice."

He had no choice because Fasano recognized an uncapped year would thrust him into a contract limbo of sorts. As a veteran with four accrued seasons, Fasano would have ordinarily been eligible for unrestricted free agency this offseason.

But the uncapped year raised the requirements necessary to become a free agent to six seasons. So Fasano is a restricted free agent.

That means no movement for him or Miami's other two restricted free agents -- Ronnie Brown and Quentin Moses.

That will become official Thursday (April 15) when the the deadline for restricted free agents to sign offer sheets with new teams passes. I can almost guarantee you Miami's restricted free agents will not sign with other teams.

We are only a couple of weeks from the April 22 draft and at this stage, most teams are hording draft picks rather than planning to give them up. So it is very unlikely anyone will give up a first-round pick for Brown, or a second-round pick for Fasano or a third-round selection for Moses -- the respective compensation levels the Dolphins placed on each player.

Thursday will likely come and all three players will be tied to the Dolphins despite not having contracts. None of the three has signed their restricted free agent tenders yet, either. That could change soon as it makes sense for the players to lock something up. A total of 73 restricted free agents have already signed their tenders around the league.

The tender for Brown pays $3,969,239, which is 110 percent of his 2009 base salary. The tender for Fasano pays $1,759,000. The tender for Moses pays $1,101,000.

Of course, all can still sign long-term deals but I don't think that's prudent for the Dolphins to offer right now. Brown is coming off another significant injury so why would Miami commit to him long-term without seeing how he's recovered. Moses isn't assured of making the team, and Fasano followed one good season with an off year in 2009. So it seems wise to hold off on making a long-term commitment to any of these guys, particularly with the labor rules being so murky beyond this year.

One more thing: Many of you have run to and fro on this blog with trade rumors, particularly for Brown. A player cannot be traded unless he has signed his tender.


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4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th. 1st.

Thanks for the info Armando... Yeah, it looks as if everyone is in lock down waiting for draft days to begin. This is that stretch when things get intolerably boring. I believe I will be more happy to see a draft come and go with this one more then any other I have ever watched or listened to. Perhaps because it is one of the more important in many years? Or maybe because I have read nearly everything there is to read and it all leads to nothing but a big circle right back to the beginning where no one has a clue what Miami will do!

Personally I hope Miami will re-sign Jason Taylor, take the best available player in CJ Spiller (since Brown is too fragile to be a sole RB and while I hope Ricky will remain playing for years it is probably too much to hope for and since Miami is wedded to the running game), then concentrate on a FS, fleet WR and NT in the remainder of the draft.

It will be nice (after the Draft) to talk about
the players ON the team
instead of who they might pick...

Bill, good point. Trying to play G.M. and figure out who will be drafted this year is a little mind bending. We have so many needs, and this draft is so deep, that the possible choices change daily(at least on my board). What makes this draft somewhat confusing is we have a new coordinator on defense. What will be his preference as far as which player fits best into his style? We also have a need for a Wr. Most think Dez will be there for the taking. Will we take a chance on him ? So, let the debate continue, we have 2 more weeks to try and figure it out.

I still believe Miami will trade down and select B. Graham DE/OLB from Michigan with it's first pick and pick-up an extra second round to hopefully select D.Thomas WR from Georgia Tech with it, this will give us three hopeful starters within the first forty-three picks.
Go Dolphins!

CJ Spiller...195 lbs 5'10 ish seriously athletic yes...But at 195 Seriously just give Pat white the ball and let him run.

JT was not even on the field for crucial 3rd downs during the stretch last season.

He is obviously not a priority for the Trifecta, altough our situation at DL/LB is clearly not good.

True enough, playing GM is rather a waste of time. But, as fans, we owe it to the players if not the management who we would like to see wearing the uniform of our team...after all if we, collectivelly, didn't go out and plunk down the cash for the tickets would the Phins be playing in So Fla. Don't think so.Just ask the Brown fans in Cleveland or the Colt fans in Baltimore...
Mr. Ireland & Mr. Parcells... I would like to see JT back in a Dolphin uniform THIS year.

I don't believe we will draft a running back ibn the first 2 rounds. We have 2 good ones for at least one more year and we have other pressing needs. So forget CJ Spiller. We also will probably not take a Nose Tackle in the first 2 rounds. This draft is too deep in NT and the dropoff is too small to make much of a difference, therefore look for a NT in the third or fourth rounds.
We need a starting FS and a good WR and we could hold for the LB till the third or fourth round also. we have adeqauete LB's specially if JT returns. So I believe that it will be who is available at #12 - If we have the best WR and the Best FS still available at #12 then BP will have to decide who to take. If only one is available then that is who we take. If neither is available (doubtfull) then we could go for a ILB or an OLB which is Parcells specialty at drafting. At this point they might consider giving up the 12th spot to pick up an additional draft pick in the first 2 rounds but If the best WR or Best FS in the draft is there you can bet that they will take one of them. Thankfully the draft is deep this year at the positions of need for the dolphins, thus insuring that our first 3 or 4 draft picks will probably become starters. I do not believe that this year is the year to gamble with a Pat White type of player. I also still belive that we oughta trade Pat White and Ginn ASAP. hopefully before the draft and maybe we can get a third or fourth round pick for each. We need to move on - it was a bad gamble and neither one of these 2 picks worked out for us. It is a shame to continue to keep them around to try to get something for the high pick investment taht was made, but it is realistic to say we screwed up lets get rid of them they do not fit in the Dolphins future.
So we will all speculate until draft day, and of course Bill has something up his sleeve and will surprise all of us. I just hope it is not another gamble like Pat White was. This is the time to go conservative because we have so many needs this year.

Glad you were first 1972,good job now what?

i do believe this is the most import draft for us my self i draft fs in the first round and if there is a good wr in the 2nd grab him if not a lb should be taken. i do believe next year we be in the thick of things for a DEEP RUN IN THE PLAYOFFS

Great job being first 1972. I've done it once myself.

Yes! 16th

hording +a

Come on draft!!

12 more days till we don't have to read stupid posts such as "trade up" or "trade for Brandon Marshall" or "pick CJ Spiller" when we already have 4 RBs...ENOUGH!!!

Yeah, no team is going to give up the required picks for Fasano, Brown, or Moses. Moses is probably the best bargain out of the three, but he's probably more valuable to the Dolphins than anyone else.

Some kind of draft day dealing is more likely than any dealings in the few weeks leading up to the draft.


Berry won't be there and Parcells has never taken a WR in the first round..McClain, Thomas or Williams would be my guess with McClain my top choice

And Brandon Marshall stays with the Broncos...Not ONE team believes he is worth a first rounder

Wow I just read on the sun sentinal that Jason Taylor is close to a deal with the Jets. I never thought I would see this but apparently hell is officially starting to freeze over. I do not blame the trifecta for this debuckle I blame JT. There are numerous other teams he could go to instead of the hated Jets. JT if you sign on the dotted line to wear the green and white then you have officially became a traitor!

As far as the draft goes I am really confused as to whom the trifecta will draft. I personally think it is between Dez Bryant, Earl Thomas, and Derrick Morgan. I would rather draft Thomas that way our secondary is set for years to come. But obviously OLB is an area that needs attention and I really dont know of too many OLB in the later rounds that can have an impact.

Mando good job of updating the RFAs. I think we should trade Brown though. But maybe he will have a breakout year this year I guess ya never know.

Ask Bill, you summed it up perfectly.

Our WR's are all second string, RB's average and Brown & Ricky are ?'s, the other backups.

We need to drop down pick up Bryant or Tate and Best, Gerhart, Hardesty or Matthews along with the best defensive OLB, NT or FS.

Trade Brown & Smiley for some more picks

Why the Fu"k would we draft running backs when we already have 4 signed??? Especially when we already are carrying ONE more RB then the Dolphins want to carry...RBs are a dime a dozen, there is also a bunch of really good RBs coming out next year in FA...Jeff Darlington predicted Miami will not take ANY RBs in the draft...To take a RB when we have NO RB problems this year is STUPID...uh, defense is

if JT goes to the jets, u better believe adalius thomas will be a dolphin after the draft when the patriots cut him, they wont pay him 5 mill a year to sit on the bench and get in verbal fits with whole ogranization---Nolan with dansby and AD---we got something to work with if we draft the right Linebackers

AD played bad last year but i think its all situational the pats 3-4 is a lot of zone, and they arent agressive, Ad reconnection with nolan, u will get the player that flourished in baltimore-also 32 is a lot younger than 35, AD def has 2 years left in him at a high level


Agree with you....no to running backs this year. What's the point? WE have good ones already on the roster and while there is a lot of uncertainty with our running back situation next year, I think we wait to address running back next year. To me, to take a running back this year is a wasted pick.

But I don't agree with you when it comes to the draft. While the guys you mention all make sense, I absolutely don't think you can rule out Dez Bryant. I don't care what Bill Parcells' history is when it comes to drafting running backs, we have a gaping need at WR and if they are comfortable with him as a person and think he can be a good citizen, then it behoves them to stongly consider Bryant. To simply write him off because it's not how they do business would be irresponsible. I think there is actually a decent chance it will be Bryant. I don't think this pick is disimilar to Davis last year. Defence can always be addressed with many of our additional picks. i think it's important that the trifecta start adding some athletes to the team that play the game fast and I think Bryant in the right structure will be a primo star.

Fasano has four accrued seasons? Where the heck has he been for the last four years then?

Problem is, seems like everytime we trade or release someone they flourish on other teams.

There is only one AD and he plays for the Vikes. Let's keep that straight folks.

Craig M, I understand what your saying about Dez, and I've said before I wouldn't be upset if they picked him, but I just don't believe Parcells will go against his own philosophy, especially after the Pat White pick... I expect Parcells to go back to his picks with no straying away this year...honestly, I just want it over with

Mr. Bobbyd12. What you fail to realize, is that CJ Spiller brings a lot more to the table then just rb. He's a superb kr/pr "i'm willing to bet wayyy better then T. Ginn", you can use him out of the slot. With that speed defensive coordinators will have to account for him. And NO linebacker will be able to cover him. There's no gaurantee R. Brown will hold up the entire year. And you mention 4 running backs, I'm also willing to bet Spiller will be better than Hilliard and Cobbs. You would get 4 positions for the price of 1 player. We need a PLAYMAKER!!! And he's surely that.

Me too man.....it will be nice to be able to start to sleep again.....LOL.

I have to think I am perhaps more excited about this draft than any draft in awhile and I think it's because it's such an important draft for us. i am optimistic that we are going to come out of this draft with 3 or 4 quality starters.

What AD playes for the vikes? I know they have AP!


There is no doubt Spiller is a playmaker and there is no doubt that he would upgrade the offence but it doesn't make sense to make a move like that this off-season. If you draft Spiller what do you do with Brown and Williams this season? I think Spiller is a luxury we can't afford this off-season. There will be plenty of guys like him next off-season too, when we really need someone like that.

Frank, what u fail to realize is the Dolphins only want to carry 3 backs, they have 4 that are all signed through this year..every single year there is a "CJ Spiller" coming out of the draft AND there will be a hell of a UFA class coming out in 2011...We need defense and a TE that can open up the field...we DONT need Spiller, a wasted pick at 12

Hell, if they draft spiller who's to say they won't release Cobbs or Hilliard? Who's to say they won't get rid of T. Ginn? I just saw what he did to my beloved Miami Hurricanes; beat them pretty much by himself. And did a lot of other teams the same way.

Frank, maybe cause the really like Hilliard??? Again, they want to get down to three RBs, not adding another one!!! We DO NOT have a RB problem, period....

12 Days, that's all I care about, then we can argue about facts not theory

12 days to the end of speculation and smoke screens

As a fan you have to love Lex Hilliard. I think he can eventually take a majority of the carries in the future. For now, he is our best pass blocker, he has great hands out of the backfield, and plays special teams. I wish he was given more of an opportunity at the end of last year. It would have given the trifecta a better idea of what Lex can do.

Amen and Amen BobbyD12..... So let it be written... so let it be done....

LMAO @ only one AD and he plays for the Vikes.

Ralph in Satellite Beach.... Your Statement...

" I also still believe that we oughta trade Pat White and Ginn ASAP. hopefully before the draft and maybe we can get a third or fourth round pick for each."

Astonishes me.....

What on Gods beautiful Green and Blue Earth makes you think ANY team will give us a 3rd or 4th round Draft pick for EITHER or EVEN BOTH of these two guys? Guys who we are willing to dispose of without hesitation due to their lack of production? I hate sounding like a total freaking jerk. But a statement like this make it very hard not too.
Would YOU give the Dolphins a 3rd or 4th round draft pick for either of these guys if you were on another team? D. McNabb was just dealt for a 2nd and provincial 3rd..... That is a full blown Franchise QB who brought his team to a few NFC Champ games and a SB... For a 2nd round pick... And you are looking for a 3rd or 4th out of Ginn.... or Pat White!!!

Common' Maaaaan!!!!! snap out of it!.... or pull over till the Ludes wear off.... but don't write stuff like that anymore... okay?

in this draft there are alot of good players out there.we will have 10 shots at players who need too pan out.maybe not all of them but a good amount of them 5-7.i also think after the draft and training camp starts and end's we will be looking for solid vet's to help younger position's.players will be cut just like every year.

LMAO@ Ask Bill, "pull over till the ludes wear off" that's beautiful Bill!! Everyone expects that other teams will give us gold for our copper!! Just ain't gonna happen

J-precise.... not only vets.... Miami's management has done well here and in Dallas finding Guys who did not get drafted... Bess, Miles Austin, and others.... I have also seen some names on our practice squad who I really believe will compete for jersey numbers.... It will be a fun camp to watch get sorted out... I am excited to see it get rolling.

that was great bill!lol maybe they'll trade both for a bag of doritos and a soft drink.i wish ginn could catch and white was like 210+ and could still move good.

I think they should take a chance with bryant if he's available at 12.

Imagine if we could get teams to make moves like that Bobby... The Superbowl would be a Gimme..... Denver can't even get a team to let a #1 go on a proven #1 receiver... Given he is no saint... he is still a good football player... Picks have become gold... its the only sure way to get a player who you teach your way of playing for an affordable price for 4 or 5 years. Teams now understand that and just don't deal the high picks away if they are smart.

we will get a real look at what the trifecta was selling all us fans wene they took over in 08'. i'm super pumped up to see their players on the feild!meaning the one's the trifecta drafted.i know bess like from left feild and austin from right??makes me think maybe turner pk can still pan out dude need's too see alot of field time in preseason.i think this is the draft they go for it with every pick!!!

i'm starting to think we go deffense first 4 picks.m.nolan get's a nt/fs/and 2 olb's.than maybe take a shot at a s.long/e.decker/d.gettis wr later say 6th.

Watching NFL Network on Top Ten Tight Ends Bavaro, Gonzlez, Kellen Winslow, to me a TE would be more important pick then a WR...A big TE will open up the field and give Henne an option that he sorely needs

j-precise... I don't think there is any doubt Nolan is going to get a few young minds to make an impression upon. I posted some time back the "Reactionary" Defense Miami was trying to field last year and the one before was all wrong for their personnel. You have to have smart, seasoned players who know what an offense is going to do in order to be reactionary. Miami has a defense full of young, aggressive players... more suited to an ATTACKING aggressive defense who disrupts plays and timing of the QB rather then trying to finesse and break things up right on time. Nolan has the knowledge of the game to deal with that and get the right scheme for the players he has... it should really be a good defensive unit. Providing of course they get the guys they want.

1st 3 picks go to the Defense......

Bobby... what do you think of Graham... TE out of the "U"? I know he does not have a large body of work to go off of... but there are people who believe his athleticism and hands are the sort of thing the great ones are made of...

Ask Bill, honestly if they only pick one guy in this draft for me it would be Gronkowski...I read all about his surgery and it was a minimal procedure that shaved off some excess bone.. It was an outpatient procedure and this guy has no more chance of getting injured then anyother player..he has been cleared by the top doctors, including the doctor that does all the Tommy John surgeries, his name escapes me at the moment... If he falls to the second at 43 he is a steal

Now on Graham, I like what he shows but I'm concerned about only playing one year...Getting into the NFL he may not think it's worth it after some thought...Unlike guys like Gresham and Gronkowski who knows what it takes

He certainly has all of the attributes... I have not done the back ground on the injury but I take your word for it. I believe a TE who is dominant gives a young QB that "relieve valve" that allows for more confidence throwing the ball down field... Aside from that SOMEONE has to be able to catch the ball over the middle besides my Boy B. Hartline... he is gonna get killed doing that crap.

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