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Dolphins add another LB -- A.J. Edds

The Dolphins have made their selection in the fourth round and after watching players they liked go off the board before their pick at No. 126, the Dolphins moved up to assure themselves of getting linebacker Andrew James Edds.

You can call him A.J. Edds. He's a 6-4 and 246 pounder out of Iowa. He ran a 4.62 time in the 40-yard dash. Like all of Miami's other picks, Edds played in the Senior Bowl.

The Dolphins traded up with Dallas to draft Edds. They gave up Nos. 126 (fourth-rounder) and 179 (a sixth-rounder) for the Cowboys pick at No. 118.

Edds will have to adjust from playing a 4-3 in college to a 3-4 in Miami. He was an outside linebacker in Iowa. It's unclear what the Dolphins plan to do with him -- playing him either outside or inside linebacker -- in the profs.

Will he be a big playmaker?

"I sure hope so," Edds said. "I think that's the reason coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland decided to take me."

Edds didn't make that many big-plays known as sacks at Iowa. He wasn't rushing the passer all the time.

"I'm more of an all-around player, rushing, covering, doing whatever the coaches ask me," Edds said.

Edds was satisfied with his place in this draft. He had a clue he'd probably be a fourth-rounder.

"It is about where I thought I would go. Talking to my agent, [we] felt I was a fourth round guy at best, maybe a third round guy, potentially going into the [fifth or sixth rounds] but this is really where I thought I would be. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you get drafted, it is about what you do when you get to a team and once you settle in. So it is good to go early, and better than going later, but at the same time it is not a whole lot of importance once the draft is over."


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Interesting & very positive pre-draft "take" on Edds from Iowa Hawkeye blog:



Hey Mando, you know something about the safety issue that the rest of us don't?

Guess not lol

Dorin, Cam, Geno, all those guys there and we go get another ho hum LB, who didnt even have the confidence to say YES, I MAKE PLAYS?? , no..this guys says...I HOPE SO...wow...so lost on this draft, but this is becoming the norm for DOlphin drafts....one website didnt even have info on him...

Is crowder on the block?

very good pick....will play all over the LB corps and he and Misi and both cover and make plays...maybe not tons of sacks but turnovers

now get kurt coleman and sign sharper

JD Folsom anybody? For F's sake, will you stop stacking up picks for no reason? We need good athletes who can make plays and start for us???

What about our Safety needs?

Hmmmmmmmmm, I guess.

We're blowing this draft. Too much talent is being left on the board.

What picks to we have left?

I only wish they'd traded Smiley instead of a 6th.. I thought Dallas needed line depth by releasing Flozell Adams... It's beyond me how nobody wants Smiley.

Breaking News: Pat White will be playing Safety next year

It does feel like the Trifecta is missing out on a lot of guys. So what's up with trading some of their own players?? Nobody want the bums?!?

we have a 5th, a 6th, and 3 7s left int he draft

You guys are driving me crazy. When you start to get paid by an NFL team for your "knowledge" of players, then let me know how you like a pick. Regardless, I trust the FO to draft LB's, it's their strong suit.

Didn't we trade a 5th rounder?

ok guys.. remember Sharper a FA and the RAMS s after June 1. Do not count out clemmons on our roster. Do not woory. The Dolphins have a plan and I am sure they will not disclose it to us on this blog. This is nothing to blow a gasket over.

Jus chill out guys! They hav a plan for our fs need! Go phins!

The Sporting News had him rated as a 7th rounder .....

I am reading Mayocks "Best Remaining" and i would LOVE to have some of them, but i guess if they didnt play in the Senior Bowl, we wont draft them...

I'm usually pro Trifecta...but I'm scratching my head on Edds..I mean go ahead and draft him but did you really need to trade up to do it? His draft grade was really low.

Quit crying in your beer just because YOU (or the website you use) don't know anything about AJ Edds. Having watched every game of his college career - I can assure you we just got a helluva an athlete who can project inside OR outside, and who has zero character issues. He'll be on the team for years to come. Great pick, Trifecta.

yes we traded a 5th but received a 5th from the 49ers for Gin.

This is an ILB pick. No doubt in my mind. And Crowder should watch his back. If there is such a thing as a "Parcells guy", Edds is one.

But Dorin Dickerson? Reshad Jones anybody? Tough to watch us pass these guys up, but I have to trust in the plan. I guess.

Hope Edds can cover TEs

Boy I hope they know what they are doing at safety because what is left isn't starting material and what they have on the roster won't cut it.... You watch this will be the demise of this team this year.. They will scorched in the 3 down and longs... I do think they have picked up good players with their picks and they will contribute but no starting safety is a disaster and they dropped the ball on that.. Should have given rolle the money... They should go after Myron rolle... He is smart and that will make up for his lack of so called ability

If possible, wouldn't it make more sense to keep Smiley. If healthy would add depth to the OLine. I think he has more value with us compared to a 5th round pick. Albeit expensive.

Why not a guy like cam Thomas DT


no one wants Smiley for the same reasons we're looking to unload him.......plus anyone interested figures he'll be cut & free in the near future, so why pay?

What pick is our 5th

I wonder what the posts would have been back in 1996 when Miami selects Zach Thomas in the 5th round. I'm sure not many heard of him then either.

They are obviously filling holes and making moves. Didn't see Brandon Marshall coming did you? Yeah I've been worried in the past too but the FO is making a strong push to make an impact THIS YEAR. Clam down and let's see how it plays out you bunch of women.

we pick, I believe, at no 14 in the 5th.

This seems to me like a clear message to Crowder he better start performing.
Edds seemed to think Fins would use him inside and also adding Dobbins tells me they are putting the pressure on Crowder.

Cam Thomas kicked the canes rear end this pass season.. Thought the guy was a beast

If not a safety, a RB would have been nice. Wish we hadn't traded down in the 1st rd, Earl Thomas could have been a great pick

No way!!!!!

i think that fans are getting "over-hyped" about NON-TEAM scouts personal draft grades.

These are websites that focus on certain teams and players and are NOT pro team scouts. There are maybe a total of 3 of 150 websites that actually employ FORMER scouts....most are FORMER for a reason some are good but the don't focus on divisional needs and counters...which is exactly what out TEAM scouts do


I just did a quick google-tour of Iowa sites, & that's the sense I get.....very solid, can cover, great character (one blog even compared him [positively] to fellow HawkEye Roth) & player who promises to have a solid even if unspectacular career........andthat's fine by me foe a 4th rndr.

Plus many say his coverage skillz are comparable to Greenway's.

as for the FS position...wouldn't be surprised if they didn't move Will Allen over to FS to give their two young corners more playing time as starters. Or they may go after that FS over at St. Louis

I hope the dolphins never coach the senior bowl again. It's obvious if u didn't play in the senior bowl the dolphins aren't going to draft u. I really tryin to trust in parcells and company but it's really gettin tough.

I agree cam thomas should of been the pick I guess they think there fine there

Let's move Will Allen to safety and have pat white as a backup safety. I'm not a white fan, but he is fast!!! I'm sure we can use him some how

Ricky, I'm with you they are brainwashed

Hey mando anything on if phins traded 5th rounder for cliff avril frm det?

Reshad jones off the board?

Will Allen has p**s poor ball-skillz, tho I like his coverage......but we need a FS who can actually hang onto &/or locate the ball

Pat White would bounce off an opposing RB and be broken in half by a TE. He's not a safety unless he bulks up majorly. Maybe he could call up Bob Sanders and get a workout routine and diet system going on.

new york-jets release-all-pro-guard-alan-faneca

I think A.J. could spell Cameron Wake on passing downs.

Right conference, but this pick isn't small enough, isn't a WR, and doesn't drop enough balls.

If Pat White could bulk up then we might actually be able to use him sorta as intended on Offense.....do you really want a repeat of the Steeler KO when he takes on TEs or WRs?

How many of you can honestly say you have seen Edds play? If you have not and all you know about the player is a scouting report from one of the hundreds of internet websites then you really don't know anything. The scout.com scouting report BTW is pretty good.

Anyway, if you HAVE seen Edds play you would know the kid can play. Big, tough, physical, smart.

Also, the trifecta saw all of our draftees at the Senior Bowl. Were you there? Did you watch the drills? Did you watch the practices? How about game film? did you watch that? How about college coaches. did you talk to any of them?

The hand ringing about our picks is absurd.

How in god's name did we no take the nation's best receiving tight end from UF? Out tight ends stink.

Tight ends killed us all season. You have to have one who can stretch the field. Every playoff team has one.

We have aging running backs who can't break the long run. Why didn't we take Spiller? Now we get to defend against him twice a year.

You can't win in the NFL without scoring points!

Hey look at me I read draft magazines and watch google video of guys and I know all about the draft/kids in it. I'm alo an accountant/lawyer/maintenance man/some other job that has nothing to do with football, etc...but I know so much more about drafting football players than Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland. They should just have hired me I woulda drafted everyone Mel Kiper and Mike Mayock told me too.

Doesnt matter to me now if we go heavy after a FS, as most of the good ones are gone. Remember, Clemons WAS a 5th rounder, so anyone we draft now clearly will NOT be an upgrade, just another guy at the same level....

If Pat White bulks up i'd use him as a R Bush. Watched him all through his college career. It's still very much in question whether he'll be a QB, but dude is a freak athlete, let's find a way to use his skills and not put him in once a game in a complicated scheme

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