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Dolphins add another LB -- A.J. Edds

The Dolphins have made their selection in the fourth round and after watching players they liked go off the board before their pick at No. 126, the Dolphins moved up to assure themselves of getting linebacker Andrew James Edds.

You can call him A.J. Edds. He's a 6-4 and 246 pounder out of Iowa. He ran a 4.62 time in the 40-yard dash. Like all of Miami's other picks, Edds played in the Senior Bowl.

The Dolphins traded up with Dallas to draft Edds. They gave up Nos. 126 (fourth-rounder) and 179 (a sixth-rounder) for the Cowboys pick at No. 118.

Edds will have to adjust from playing a 4-3 in college to a 3-4 in Miami. He was an outside linebacker in Iowa. It's unclear what the Dolphins plan to do with him -- playing him either outside or inside linebacker -- in the profs.

Will he be a big playmaker?

"I sure hope so," Edds said. "I think that's the reason coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland decided to take me."

Edds didn't make that many big-plays known as sacks at Iowa. He wasn't rushing the passer all the time.

"I'm more of an all-around player, rushing, covering, doing whatever the coaches ask me," Edds said.

Edds was satisfied with his place in this draft. He had a clue he'd probably be a fourth-rounder.

"It is about where I thought I would go. Talking to my agent, [we] felt I was a fourth round guy at best, maybe a third round guy, potentially going into the [fifth or sixth rounds] but this is really where I thought I would be. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you get drafted, it is about what you do when you get to a team and once you settle in. So it is good to go early, and better than going later, but at the same time it is not a whole lot of importance once the draft is over."


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Reshad Jones and Kam Chancellor still on the board.

as for the Fins draft, it makes sense. Rather then trying to keep up with the Jets and Pats, we are building our own unique system here in Miami. I like it. It's not flashy which is what I think angers a lot of people. I mean, I would love a star at FS and TE, but that will have to wait. The fins have fixed the leaks on the O-Line and beefed up the front seven. They also added a superstar WR in Marshall. Looks like a run first team who uses a powerful play action pass scheme. And play action is very hard to defend against.

Ricky just have over a 1000 yard season averaging almost 5.0 yards a carry, with multiple TD rushes over 50 yards the last couple of seasons. Ones that come to memory are the game against the saints, and the game against the Panthers when he outran both a CB and safety. Ricky Definately still has breakaway speed.

Ronnie is always good to break one tackle and has great vision; thats what you look for in a NFL RB. Anyone can hit a big hole.

Dorin Dickerson or Cam Thomas next, if available.

Will Allen is too small to move to FS. He is a really good back up corner on this team.

Randy Starks was the best DE on the team last year and he is being moved to NT where he will be solid but you lose at least 5 sacks that way - just weird to move a top player at his position to one where you lose some significant productivity. Odrick better be 5 sacks good because neither Langford nor Merling has shown the ability yet that Starks did last year. I think they're solid guys but one of them needs to pick it up and Odrick had better be a beast.

NO JOSH, we havent seen him, heard of him, or watched him..inst that the point???? THat in the 4th round we take a guy that no one really knows?? It is less about him, and a WHOLE lot more about who was left on the board...so relax...we didnt NEED just another lb, with so many other needs...

We need to trade up NOW and get Dorin Dickerson. The guy won't last 20 more picks.

Dickerson is a wr, not te.

Good luck filling those stadium seats this year, Trifecta.

2 yards and a cloud of dust...here we come!

How many times have we seen this before?

Come on MaCo....has Parcells got even ONE player you thought he would get?? IF not, dont even try to predict who we will get...i have clearly given up understanding..the "PLAN"...it is almost like if I like them, I jinx them from being here...sigh

I suspect most of the people whining about the draft on this board are the same ones who were screaming when we did not draft Brady Quinn. This is a solid draft and we are picking up a number of players who can help us in the future.

Kam Chancellor is the only FS remaining.
Reshad Jones, Myron Rolle, and Larry Asante are all SS's.

Let's see.

Great news!!!!! My grandmother just called me to say that she will play safety this year for the fins!

Old Warrior, we scored close to 30 a game after Henne, hardly a cloud of dust type offense.
Add Brandon Marshall, and another year of experience for Henne, and voila!

Old warrior stay home then. We don't need your old a s s

DANGIT, There goes UW's O'brien Schofield. I SALUTE YOU AND GOOD LUCK. Thanks for a great 4 years! This guy was projected a 6 or 7th rounder. The cards obviously agreed with me that he has alotta upsides

We have upgraded our dline, linebackers, and guard on offense. Major upgrade with Marshall..plenty of picks left to possibly pick up a TE and/or safety not to mention Otogwe maybe on june1st. Stop bitching about the front office when in your hearts you fair weather idiots know you REALLY dont know who is good and not. Watching a play on sportscenter and determining a guy is a great NT cause he beat up on the hurricane center, cam thomas..doesnt make him great or draftable.

DICKERSON NEXT PLEASE..this draft is boring as I have never heard of most of the picks so far. Just hoping they pan out on the field. WE SHALL SEE

Hey doesn't anybody kno if marshalls jersey numbr came out yet! Go phins!

Old go buy jets tickets

We all know the disaster we had at ilb covering Te's . This kid can do it well, 5 INT's.

Most people on this blog need to watch some college football once in a while. Some of the most ignorant people type the most on this damn blog. Learn the game, before you try to tell Parcells and co. how to run a team.

You so called fans dont have CLUE as to what you're saying, so I feel it is my duty to educate all of YOU high name profiling idiots... GARY REASON, LB, 4TH RND (ALL PRO), HARRY CARSON LB, STH CAROLINA STATE, 4TH RND (ALL PRO), LARRY ALLEN 2 RND, SONOMA STATE, WHAT THE HELL IS SONOMA STATE.... The point that you ridiculous morons are missing is simple, and if it were that easy, then you idiots should be drafting and making a ton of money, instead, you're pitching the fork or scubbing floors, or who knows maybe a big time lawyer with nothing more than a pea size brain for name players. THAK GOD WE HAVE THE TUNA and not you IDIOTS selecting our players.... GO FINS.

The armchair GMs on here kill me.

its odd to me that Cam Thomas is still on the board. Perhaps he would have been a reach in the 4th round after all.

LOL @11:46 "sickof..." & all the rest of us fed up with the fantasy big-name-I-read-on-a-blog-but-never-saw "fans"

Hey tru blu, I grew up by Sonoma State! Beautiful North Bay!. But, you are absolutely right. Gems are everywhere, and I trust our FO to find them.

The people criticizing the ones criticizing the Trifecta also need to wake up. The Tri have done ok with drafting as it looks pretty good compared to pre-Trifecta drafts but in reality not great. Can anyone say they have done a great job drafting so far? Fortunately the draft is only part of the off-season makeover and Dansby and Marshall they have done a great job.

about time to draft an tiny, inacurate, complete garbage QB from west virginia right??

Our defense will be utterly amazing. Just hope Ronnie can stay healthy for more than six games.

I just spoke to my cousin who lives in Virginia and is a huge V Tech fan. He's been to every Tech game. He told me that Kam Chancellor is a heck of a playmaker. I think that if he falls to the 5th round, we should take him without a doubt. The guy is 6'3", 231 lbs. That's exactly what we need back there. I'm tired of Randy Moss going over the top and over Vontae's head. He needs help back there.
Oh by the way, he can hit too!

No more LB's or DL please!!!!

Rd 5 is on, 13 picks and were up.. All you bloggers get ready to critique professionals with unlimited access to players and ALL their snaps on videos...

Did you see that our 4th round pick Edds also served as a long snapper and as a tight end in college? Its true!


wait....let me get my Cheetos & Mountain Dew ready!

Seer, it's a beautiful Sunday morning and the Fins future is bright: grab a COLD one!!

I mean Saturday

you can't really make a grade on the draft for another 3-5 years. Antonio Gates-All Pro TE-undrafted. Tom Brady-All Pro QB-6th round pick. Ryan Leaf-Top Pick Bust-now out of the league. We have no idea how good or not so good these players will be for a few years. They may all develop into All Pros. They may turn out to be busts. The picks and free agency (part 1) give me hope that we've beefed up our front seven, shored up our O-Line, and added an All-Pro receiver. And I'm happy with that.

I feel like I'm watching the two old guys from the muppets.

For the morons that can't find info see first post link by SEER. Again:


He's not much different than Chad Greenway. Excels at coverage. Something we need at LB.

Crap, Chancellor just went to the Seahawks. I guess that leaves us with Rolle, Jones, or Asante. One of them is gonna fall.

Dickerson is NOT a WR. He has played some WR, but has no speed to do it in the pros. He'll probably end up being a hybrid FB/HB/TE.

And you know how I know all this??? I just googled it, cause 10 minutes ago I had no fugging idea. LOL

The funniest thing is now that I know all this I really don't want him anymore. LMAO.

This from the Palm Beach Post; A three-year starter for the Hawkeyes, Edds is a 6-foot-4, 246-pounder who holds school records for tackles in a game (23), solo tackles in a game (17) and in a season (73).

watch the O'brien highlights on eSPN now

Rhyno, who are these people that haven't heard of him? Just because you, and Mel Kiper, and the analysts are not doing back flips over the pick it MUST be bad.

Yet the management of the Dolphins has seen him, coached him, talked to coaches. That is the point. (FTW Ive seen him play plenty, and I was hoping before the draft we would get him.)

And to say that we don't NEED line backers is not true.

Dansby yes. No Tayler, No Porter.

Crowder, Torber, Wake, Moses, Anderson. Does this really strike fear in anyone?

Linebacker is/was a total need for this team.

What safety would you have taken there? And what would your pick be based on? What information do you have that no one else has as to why that player would be better and more productive than Edds?

Same for DT or TE? What info do you possess?

Hey, Tru Blu Fan,

Do you know what the common denominatoris for Gary Reason, Harry Carson, and Larry Allen? Bill Parcells had absolutely nothing to do with drafting any of them.

The backslash here against anyone that offers a dissenting view of one of the picks is simply ridiculous. This is a discussion forum, people have opinions, and this front office has a less than perfect record in the draft. A Parcells-built team has never been to a Super Bowl.

Parcells and Ireland have turned up Long (hard to miss on that pick), Henne, Langford (serviceable but not spectacular), Davis, Smith, and Hartline. They've also picked Merling (a disappointment), Murphy (a complete whiff), White, and Turner.

This looks like a mediocre draft so far for the Dolphins.

my next pick if available

Rick Sapp or Cam Thomas

I wonder if we line up with 3 corners (Smith, Will Allen, and Vontae) and 1 safety Wilson in base defense?

tom we will never line up wilson. He was traded. LOL

FB , The 5th round is where the tuna likes drafting safeties and kam is a strong possibilty. You were screaming for athletes and playmakers before and Edds is a athletic playmaker who had 5 int's from his lb spot. The dolphins lb's were a disaster at covering te's last year, what's the problem my friend !!

New Kid, I bet the Tuna goesto bed wishing he had your skills in predicting great players with every pick!!

Bottom line: Edds has the size and functional athletic ability to serve as a backup outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme and special teams player. However, he lacks the upside to ever develop into a starter or quality backup long term

ok sapp off the board. cam thomas my next pick

on the flip side, I think the Eagles are having a very poor draft. They drafted Graham way too high in the first. And they seem to be collecting undersized D-Linemen. And what was up with selecting a TE when you have Celek and all kinds of need at the O-Line.

We can be happy that at least the Dolphins have a plan and are setting out to work that plan to perfection.

For the record, I'm fine with the players the trifecta has drafted. But, as anyone who plays fantasy sports knows, the draft is about value. The formula for success is to take the best player (according to your own personal rankings) that will not be there your next pick around. I'm not sure that they've done the best job at that. It seems like Edds would have been around in the 5th, or at least with their original 4th round pick. But the other picks, in terms of value, were fine. They weren't going to be there the next pick around.

Epps could be a fill in at ILB. There are issues with Crowders knees.

typo... edds

well there goes kam. LOL

I can't wait for Crowder to have serious competition so he can shut the F up and just play!!!!


everything I've read during my google-tour of Edds says he ss solid throughout the skillz & has enough upside to make him interesting, AND excells in coverage, comparable to Greenway w/ Minny......

in other words....A BUST :>)

9 picks away, May get Thomas or a S. Who would have thought?

John, they know things we don't.. If they moved up it's because someone was gonna take him.. It's not as if they get to go home early if they trade away all their picks.

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