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Dolphins add another LB -- A.J. Edds

The Dolphins have made their selection in the fourth round and after watching players they liked go off the board before their pick at No. 126, the Dolphins moved up to assure themselves of getting linebacker Andrew James Edds.

You can call him A.J. Edds. He's a 6-4 and 246 pounder out of Iowa. He ran a 4.62 time in the 40-yard dash. Like all of Miami's other picks, Edds played in the Senior Bowl.

The Dolphins traded up with Dallas to draft Edds. They gave up Nos. 126 (fourth-rounder) and 179 (a sixth-rounder) for the Cowboys pick at No. 118.

Edds will have to adjust from playing a 4-3 in college to a 3-4 in Miami. He was an outside linebacker in Iowa. It's unclear what the Dolphins plan to do with him -- playing him either outside or inside linebacker -- in the profs.

Will he be a big playmaker?

"I sure hope so," Edds said. "I think that's the reason coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland decided to take me."

Edds didn't make that many big-plays known as sacks at Iowa. He wasn't rushing the passer all the time.

"I'm more of an all-around player, rushing, covering, doing whatever the coaches ask me," Edds said.

Edds was satisfied with his place in this draft. He had a clue he'd probably be a fourth-rounder.

"It is about where I thought I would go. Talking to my agent, [we] felt I was a fourth round guy at best, maybe a third round guy, potentially going into the [fifth or sixth rounds] but this is really where I thought I would be. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you get drafted, it is about what you do when you get to a team and once you settle in. So it is good to go early, and better than going later, but at the same time it is not a whole lot of importance once the draft is over."


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Horrible pick. This draft is making the drafts of Wannstache and Sham Cameron look brilliant in comparison. More slow-as-molasses busts from the Lumbering 10. Another defensive flop from Iowa, since we didn't learn our lesson with Matt Sloth. Another defensive bust from Penn State, because, really, is there any other kind of player from Penn State? Another incompetent Samoan. The rest of the league finds good Samoans. Our team? Samson Satele, Regan Mauia, and now this incompetent clown. And then Jimmy John - doesn't he own a chain of really bad sandwich shops? Did we draft him in anticipation of having the stadium named Jimmy John Stadium next year?
Terrible. F. F-minus.

Thanks B12.

Cam Thomas is the highest rated player that I can see. Who would have thought he's still be here?

Really want this Robert Johnson from Utah...

Hey Mando,

What round in the draft was Jason Taylor taken in and how many big name prospects were picked ahead of him? Also what possition did he play in college ?

Tired, wow!

I have been sticking up for these guys the past two day but this is a rash pick. good fs ricky sapp still on the board and this what we get.

Tired, Misi is Tongan, not Samoan.

Dominique Franks to Atlanta - many thought he'd go a lot earlier.


This draft is like something out of the twilight zone!! Who the hell aaare these people anyway?? AJ Edds looks like MR. Ed.

What the hell are you doing Bill and Jeff. ...Reading the paper and eating bon bons???

Ricky's gone Bob

We just drafted a 7th rounder in the 4th. These guys are a disaster..

Someone try and convince me that any one of these guys will even be in the league in 5 years. There were potential starters on the board when the trifecta made these picks. Terribble draft. 2 special teamers and a back up O linemen. Terrible.
1 Overview: Misi has good size and strength for the linebacker position. He has played both with his hand in the dirt as well as in a stand up position. He is a tough, hard-nosed competitor that will fit best as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Misi will need some work reading route progressions and will be a liability in pure man coverage. Wright is an aggressive defender that attacks the line of scrimmage to disrupt the run as well as rush the passer effectively. Misi is a good football player that will take some time to transition into the linebacker position, but should contribute on special teams as well as a backup as a rookie.
2. Overview: Jerry is a massive lineman that moved to tackle for his senior year at "Ole Miss" but will need to move back inside to guard for the next level. He can engulf and overpower opponents once he gets his hands on them but can also struggle against speed when playing on the edge. He is not a natural knee bender and tends to let his pad level get too high on a lot of blocks. He is more of a mauler and brawler than an explosive blocker and knocks opponents off the ball. He could stand to lose some weight if he wants to become a full-time player at the next level.
3 Overview: Edds has been a productive three year starter for the Hawkeye defense. He wins with intelligence, toughness, instincts and technique rather than elite athleticism. Edds has decent range in pursuit and is aggressive to the pile. He is effective leveraging tight ends but needs added strength and power to set the edge versus larger offensive lineman. Edds needs to react quicker as route progressions unfold but has enough athleticism and instincts to be an effective zone coverage defender. He may be a liability in man schemes versus athletic tight ends and backs. Edds is a reliable open field tackler but not explosive on contact. Edds is a good football player that will likely contribute on special teams as well as giving valuable depth in his rookie season.

I'm on the Robert Johnson bandwagon too....after viewing his highlight tape on Skolnick's blog (sorry Mando). Plus that'd give us three Utes.....more than My Cousin Vinnie!

Also do not rule out a RB. I will not guess as to who...

Every year it's the same thing and every year you stupid idiots don't learn one thing about the draft. Last year it was the same bitching, whos Sean Smith,, Davis was a reach, Hartline is short and slow, waaah waaah waaahhhh! The before that, Henne never beat good teams, who in the hell is Langford, etc. How about shut the f**k up until you actually see the players perfoem dummies? What do you think they're picking these players out of a hat?! They coached these guys at the senior bowl for a week! Who gets to spend a week with their picks practicing them and getting to know their personalities in the NFL? Only two teams you stupid d**ks and the information is invaluable. They know who they're picking more than any other team does this draft. You people are hoping they pick "talent" but that is talent as pointed out by MEL KIPER. So basically your saying you're going to trust kiper and Mayock over your own coaching staff who actually worked out the players! Idiots.

No WTF, we drafted a fourth rounder in the fourth...

dudes, Tight End Anthony McCoy is available, he is a beast, I am from LA and have watched him for the last 2 years, he will be a GREAT, PLEASE lets bring him in.......

can we draft Carlton Mitchell wr usf

LOL @ Seer, yeah , edds is a disaster ( rolling eyes ) Miami 's lb unit was a disaster last year . how many times did we see the ilb 's getting burnt by a te ??? Here's a guy that excels at this and could eventually start at ILB one day . between dobbins and edds , crowder is on notice.

Anyone else think Dan Lefevour can be the pick here? He did shine in the Senior Bowl????

perhaps dwyer as a wildcat RB like Ronnie

The Florida NFL Teams are a JOKE
How many kids from the Florida schools do they have on their rosters. The Dolphins go all the way to IOWA for Defensive players, this is crazy and Parcells and this organization is a JOKE, just is Del Rio in Jacksonsonville. He thinks Califorina guys are the best and that is why he is gone after this year

Armando do u think that Aj can be zach tomasish like or maybe even teddy brushski at the least. Where is a loco when you need him and where is nj when you need coco butter..

i don't anyone predicted right in this draft. thomas would have been a great pick,but we never know what they will do. oh well. hope these players pan out or everyone will be saying another bad draft.

Actually some people didn't even have him getting drafted.

Weaknesses: Is a marginal athlete with limited quickness, range and speed. Struggles to shed blockers. Shows marginal lower-body flexibility, lateral quickness and change-of-direction skills. Is a liability in man-to-man coverage because of his lack of speed and ability to track passes over his shoulder. Struggles to come-to-balance as a coverage player on special teams. Doesn't always wrap up ballcarriers

Jets trade? they just picked up a tough FB kid

Only difference is I knew every player you mentioned and wanted Smith and henne. They pick depth type guys. End of story.

Leon Washington traded away.. At least the Wetts released 2 good players...

The Seahawks are just killing everyone. WOOW.

JackA, exactly, same shyt every year!!

good post NJ Phin Fan. He is great at coverage. If Parcells moves up in the draft then we have to give this kid a chance, before all you negative people come on board

Glad Leon Washington is gone now, he always gave us a fit.

This draft is like a bad dream that you can't wake up from. I think Parcels must have woken up with indigestion from the buffet last night and it must have worked its way up to his brain.

did the jets trade leon to move up? I missed that

Mark , why bother with some of these idiots ??

Trolls are bringing it now!!!

I love the folks on here who would jump off a bridge for the Fupa.

2 yards and a cloud of dust?! YOU PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID IT'S MIND NUMBING. Chad Henne was a first year starter and we had no #1 wr, RB got hurt, Smiley got hurt, and Grove missed three games. The offense still ranked 17th moron! We added two tough as nails guards and one of the top three wr's in the league! Wake the F up stupid

Did the Wets get his Mom Sarah Connor also?

man...i like the Jets pickup at FB. Makes their running game even tougher. I hate the Jets but they are indeed the best in the AFC East right now

The Oakland draft is very impressive. I like it. Did they sedate Al Davis this weekend?


I'd say we drafted a 5th round pick in the 4th. My least favorite pick so far, but I've liked all the others.


Who are the potential starters you would have liked? And of the potential starters, how many of them would have been, you know, good starters?

Hey guys,

I like this Draft. Loades of potentially good Defensive players but still alittle concerned that we have'nt addressed the FS position.

Don't you all think we could use a tight end too!

Guess no one wants Smiley.

WTF, and some boards had him in the third...I could give a shyt less where "mock boards" or "Internet experts" placed him...just cause it's on the Internet it's true??? Most of these guys do this from their basement..that's why teams PAY NFL scouts for this

i would not expect them to draft a FS at this point. Its clear they want a veteran to start at FS. Thats why they tried to sign Rolle and then the guy from Pitt. I would like to see them draft Myron Rolle, though. I can see him replacing Y. Bell in 2 years.

I hope our next slow big ten player can at least develop into a back up ?

Don't forget Irelands input.

Remember...he knows a football player "just by merely looking at one." Example: Jared Odrick.

i'm pretty sure Al Davis has been bond and gagged. I am also liking the Raiders picks this year

I cant believe some of you dont like our draft. We have added two or three starters in the draft and the other two picks will contribute on the team. What more do you want??

Jaja!! Listen to jets fans cry cuz of trade!!!!! Sorry to some ofthe negative trolls on this blog as well..

Yeah robbyhenz and half of them are jets fans.

The Jets' draft is over and it was a disaster. YESSS!!!

Mark in Toronto, they told Al the Draft STARTED TODAY!!!

also really liking the Seahawk and 49ers picks. Seahawks are going to be a force running the ball but I think the NFC West belongs to the 49ers.

Lets get NT or TE with next pick!!!!

Jets the "Best in the AFC East"?

F*ck the Jets!

Three sweep and counting.

Stop the dreaming pat white was a mistake just like ginn es. We need to get rid of pat white asap.


I'm more on the "This is a good draft side" than "This is a bad draft" but to be fair to the other side, we don't know any better than they do whether these players will pan out. I think they will, they think they won't, but ultimately none of us knows. We'll see and hope.

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