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Dolphins add another LB -- A.J. Edds

The Dolphins have made their selection in the fourth round and after watching players they liked go off the board before their pick at No. 126, the Dolphins moved up to assure themselves of getting linebacker Andrew James Edds.

You can call him A.J. Edds. He's a 6-4 and 246 pounder out of Iowa. He ran a 4.62 time in the 40-yard dash. Like all of Miami's other picks, Edds played in the Senior Bowl.

The Dolphins traded up with Dallas to draft Edds. They gave up Nos. 126 (fourth-rounder) and 179 (a sixth-rounder) for the Cowboys pick at No. 118.

Edds will have to adjust from playing a 4-3 in college to a 3-4 in Miami. He was an outside linebacker in Iowa. It's unclear what the Dolphins plan to do with him -- playing him either outside or inside linebacker -- in the profs.

Will he be a big playmaker?

"I sure hope so," Edds said. "I think that's the reason coach Sparano and Mr. Ireland decided to take me."

Edds didn't make that many big-plays known as sacks at Iowa. He wasn't rushing the passer all the time.

"I'm more of an all-around player, rushing, covering, doing whatever the coaches ask me," Edds said.

Edds was satisfied with his place in this draft. He had a clue he'd probably be a fourth-rounder.

"It is about where I thought I would go. Talking to my agent, [we] felt I was a fourth round guy at best, maybe a third round guy, potentially going into the [fifth or sixth rounds] but this is really where I thought I would be. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter where you get drafted, it is about what you do when you get to a team and once you settle in. So it is good to go early, and better than going later, but at the same time it is not a whole lot of importance once the draft is over."


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Dickerson or Thomas coming to the Fish

thass funny bobbyd12.........told him it was the trad. format & deked him away from war room.

NJ, I'm here because I love the Dolphins. I don't know much about Edds, that one came out of nowhere (as far as player rankings on web sites) but they came into this draft needing starters and I believe they found at least 3 so far for 2010. Edds may be a 2011 player or next year, I don't know. I thought they would go with a pure pass rusher at some point but they obviously believe Cam Wake. Overall very useful draft and it puts them in position to take stabs with luxury picks late if they choose to.

Couple Jests fans jumped off the balcony!!! Good to see them upset

I'm more on the "This is a good draft side" than "This is a bad draft" but to be fair to the other side, we don't know any better than they do whether these players will pan out. I think they will, they think they won't, but ultimately none of us knows. We'll see and hope.

Posted by: John | April 24, 2010 at 12:28 PM

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Nicely said John.

AJ Edds is an amazing backer addition he will fill in the void very nicely and create great competition for starting pos.
Sad Kam Chancellor & Kendrick Lewis went early fifth. Doesn't Leave many options for safety. Reshad Jones is still on the board but he is more ss.
Dorin Dickerson, Anthony McCoy, Colin Peek, Andrew Quarless would help

Jets trades Leon Washington to seahawks for the 5th

hey, i hate the Jets too but I can't ignore the facts. They have a studly defense that ranked #1 last year and got better this year. They added Holmes and LT to a solid offense. Their weakness is in a QB that is decent but not elite. I also think the Jets are great on paper but work as a bunch of individual parts. That's a big weak point for them. I can see them winning the AFC East but not going to the Superbowl.

Who was it that said Dickerson was to slow? The guy runs a 4.4 40. Faster then most recievers. He does not have typical size, this is obvious. In the right system he will be a match up nightmere. An offensive coordinator has to be creative to get this guy in the right spaces. He won't be an online blocker. But this is the 5th round! If we can get a playmaker, lets do it! Pull the trigger

Thanks Dolfangeo

Cam Thomas (is he still there?)or Robert Johnson....just for the sheer hell of pulling a guess out of my..........

5 - 11 here we come!

We need more linebckers!...Aaargh:(

Cam Thomas... book it!!!

Jets will end up like Washington. To many Egos to be a good "Team".

Beerphin aka Ireland

i agree. The Jets have too many egos which is why I can't see them ever becoming a dynasty.

Old, your dumb a s s team just traded away Leon Washington for the terminator!! Sorry dude!!!

Darryl, the trifecta said they wanted prototypical football players. Dorinda isn't

It was me Dunphy. As I said, I got it from somewhere in the web. Here's something from NFL.com: "Dickerson is an athlete that has lined up everywhere from tight end to wide receiver to linebacker to fullback. He has never taken a position and taken it over although he has shown flashes everywhere he lined up. He will probably end up as a fullback/H back that is used in situations and can line up in a variety of positions. He is athletic and catches the ball well but is not going to threaten many secondaries down the middle. He has decent straight line speed as a fullback but lacks a big burst as he hits the hole. He is not apt to be the kind of fullback that you want to be the lead blocker in a power running game."

On the clock

DLT, now we are talkin...

F*ck I hate the Jets.

Carlton Mitchell wr usf please

Heres the truth. The people in here crying about the draft ARE COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS and will dissapear as soon as the draft is over. They watch college football on tv, look at stats, and then fall in love with players who THEY believe wouyld be great on the Dolphins. They forget about taking into account whether or not certain players can fit into the system and what their personalities are like as well as their leadership qualities. Stop acting as if you know anything about what is going on, if you did you would have a job in football. I can't wait until the draft is over so we can get our blog back and you incredibly ignorant college trolls go back to drooling over 18 year old boys. Please leave

Thank you Seattle for taking Leon Washington. That guy was a menace.


either cam thomas or myron rolle next hopefully

MArlin Briscoe?

Reshad jones
Robert Johnson
cam Thomas
Jeff Owens
Brandon Lang


Seattle seems to have had a good 3 days, too bad they have Pete Carroll as coach

Myron Rolle

Donovan Warren or Syd'Quan Thompson at cb maybe

Rashard Jones plzzzzz!!!!

Dez briscoe


Pat White is a BUTT PLUG ! You couldn't even get a 7th rounder for him. Just cut him and free up a roster spot.

What drives me crazy is that we watched the Patriots build a dynasty with guys like Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Troy Brown, Kevin Faulk... and then when we try to do the same thing, people complain that it's a stupid, losing strategy. We've drafted a lot of hard-working, versatile guys (value is another story entirely), but because they're not flashy, big-name players, a lot of people trash not just the picks, but the strategy. I mean, it's your right as a fan to have your voice be heard, and I get that you're disappointed that "your guy" wasn't drafted, but no one has any idea whether "your guy" will end up having a better career than "our guy." And that's the thing to remember: if you're a Dolphins fan, then Odrick, Misi, Jerry, and Edds are "our guys" now, regardless of who you wanted. Let's welcome them and support them and hope they exceed our expectation.s

We will never recover from the Edds pick

Nolan Carroll, a CB


I called Caroll in the 6th in my mock. A great pick

Nolan Carrol? Guy had a broken leg!?? Jesus come on!!!

Mando or anyone plz explain???

I guess my book it was wrong. Who do I pay

makes sense. We need a nickelback. Or perhaps he becomes our no 3 corner if one of corners is moved to FS. Makes me wonder if there is something wrong with Cam Thomas we don't know about...

This proves it: We know nothing about who they have targeted...did even ONE of us guess this....plus it'll make for awkward Thanksgivings at the Pete Carroll residence.

a CB really?????

Cam Thomas, Rashid Jones and Anthony McCoy were all on the board!!!!

come on!

Draft becomes unwatchable in later rds.. Since no body knows these boys, they don't even show selections!! At least I get to read great, informative posts from people like wtf

"We will never recover from the Edds pick"

Could you please explain if you are ridiculously retarded and really believe this or if you're just joking?

5'11, 203 lbs. 4.39 in the 40, and a good hitter. Remember we need to replace Nate Jones, Carroll will get a lot f action in the nickel

He can play FS, has the size, speed and strength - or nickel as someone else said

he's fast. 4.43 40. until the homers will declare this guy a future hall of famer...

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