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Dolphins pick G John Jerry in third round.

Dolphins coaches loved Mississippi guard John Jerry at the Senior Bowl. They also like him on tape.

Now, they'll get to add to the relationship as the Dolphins have just drafted Jerry with their third round pick.

Jerry is a rookie but he's quite experienced. He started 46 of 49 games for the Rebels. He played at tackle a lot but he projects at guard in the NFL.

The Dolphins obviously need help at left guard.

"I feel like I can play either one," Jerry said. "I have experience at both so I feel I can play either one."

Jerry is the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Peria Jerry.

The team will try feverishly to trade guard Justin Smiley by the time the draft is over Saturday.


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Is it just me or do the Patriots seem to have an endless supply of 2nd and 3rd rounder?! WTF?!?! I hope Miami can trade someone to get another 3rd rounder!

NE Pansies get the next 2 selections...ugh

Ya got the wrong name Doof, some of these other malcontents should have that handle.

John Jerry is a beast!!! The left side of our line with Long and Jerry is going to blow 5 ft holes for the backs to run thru

Can the gay talk stop, you don't see me in San Fran flaunting my straight life

How do you not pick Jimmy Clausen eight spots into the second round when he is still on the board. With Henne still not certain to be the long-term answer at QB, and Pennington too old to build a franchise around, regardless of the fact that there were other needs, when someone of that calibur falls into your lap, you take the best available rather than need.

And if it weren't Clausen, with safety a glaring need, and with Mayes still on the board, what were the Dolphins thinking?

I don't get it.

He was ranked above Wright. Solid Pick.

my bad, just the 90th pick left for the 3rd

Didn't we avg close to 30 after henne took over OldWarrior?

i dont know why people are so down on henne...

3 needs, 3 rounds, 3 picks, not one need filled. No NT, no stout SOLB, and no FS. What a frustrating and disappointing draft. That being said, I'm sure 2 or 3 of these guys will be good players, just not direct needs.

A good TE would be nice as well

Henne Is the man. I'll tell you this, this is the worst draft I've seen since satan.

Panthers got a good QB, heard Mayock say he would be a sleeper but reminds him of Flacco

I am very worries about Sean Smith at safety for us next year...I see him as soft and a very very poor tackler....I dont think he is a bust...but he MUST get better tackling advice and must get physical....I think he will..

The 3 players drafted so far make our defense a BRICK WALL....Henne will be able to make a lite latte as he ponders his moves....I like the picks....plus i see some better players rushing than last year....YES better than JT and Porter

Half of the folks bitchin on this blog don't even watch our games because they are too busy with their fantasy football Bull sh*t...

This ain't fantasy football.

Marc, there are some steals left at TE.

Am I the only one that would like to see Pitta in a Dolphin uniform???

Denver has only drafter offense

Thanks Po. I don't take myself too seriously. Some self deprecating humor to keep things fun.

The only problem with our draft is that it isn't flashy. We are a much better team today than two days ago!

The Pass Defence Was Ranked 24th(234 YARDS).The Rush Was Ranked 18th(114).With That In Mind(Defencily).We Play The:Bills=Cj Spiller.Tenesse=Chris Johson.Lions=Calvin Johnson,Best).Vik's=Brett,A.P,Rice,Harvin And There T.E).Pats=Brady,Moss,Wes,Jordan).An The Game We(Dolfin Fins)Will Hate The Most Is The RAVENS AND THE BENGALS!

Any chance that their considering converting Jerry to nose tackle?? I mean I thought they would have chosen a nose tackle before the end of the 3rd round, considering its such a pressing need. Also considering the odds contnue to decrease on getting a big, talented beast. Ya gotta admit, he does fit the description.

...Things that make you go hmmmmm. Opinions?

Pitta is one of the top picks still on the board.

Winston's last name cant be Churchill cause no one could be so STOOOPID to want to get Clausen when we have Henne DUHHHHHHHHHHH

I'm with that D.

Steals like Haynos Po?

Well, RONNIE BROWN should be the leagues leading rusher next year ... By vitue of his not getting traded and playing behind the best Oline in footbal.

Remember this coaching staff got a free 30 day trial at the Senior Bowl. While every one else was on vacation this staff was coaching prospects...maybe they know something we don't

paul pierce is THE MAN .


The level of retardation on this blog is immeasurable. Jerry is a monster, and a lot of people have him rated as a real blue chipper.


You guys are either just trolls --and many are-- or you're morons on the level of Patton Oswalt in BIG FAN. Get off the blog, go empty the grease in the fryer bin, make me 10 piece McNugget, and leave the management of the professional football team to the grown ups.

My god. Yea...they forgot they need a safety. WTF?? If all 3 of these guys pan out every one of you palookas will claim to have loved the picks. Just like you are 100% certain that every guy the Phins have passed on is going to be a first ballot hall of famer.


OK..so lets review the reality of where we were and where we are now. 7-9 last year and out of the playoffs after winning the division. We had Taylor, Porter, Smiley, and Ginn on our team.

Now we have Dansby, Marshall, three solid D players (with the backup ILB), Incognito and Jerry. We have Henne on his 2nd year starting. We have our to CB's starting for the 2nd year. We have Will Allen back. We have Ronnie back.

Now watch TUNA pick a NT, S, TE and RB in the remaining picks. One or two end up playing on the team...mostly special teams.
Prediction: with this O-Line Ronnie/Ricky will produce huge and Henne will be one of the least sacked QB's in the league. Our D will be one of the best run stuffers in the league. And...best of all Sanchez will be crippled by the 4th game with a devasting injury and out for the season.

Can't wait to see all of it unfold.

Do the piece of sh*t Jets not have an iPhone app? Wth are people like bu and inimounts hanging out here?? I don't get it....

But,I Did Hear That Were Swithin To 4-3.An If Thats So Then I Take Back Every Thin I Sayed Bout Bill & Family.My Fav Pick MISI!

The best O-line in the league? That has yet to be seen...Incognito, Thomas, Gardner, and the rook are gonna do a 4 man shuffle? Hey, I'm sure they know better than me, they've made some tremendous picks the last 3 years; Merling, Langford, Dotson, Murphy, Pat White, Pat Turner, Parmalee

Don't know why I would question them at all

TheBatDad, well said!

Pitta is slow and stiff...think possession type TE like the guy that played for the seahawks a few years ago. I have watched the kid play for 2yrs now. Good blocker...not a special athlete who will be a great TE. He is a Fasano in the making. We need a Gates...Gonzalez.

I would have taken Ed Dixon or even Jimmy Graham before taking another slow TE to join an already slow move the chains type offense.

Aaron Hernandez,Dennis Pitta, Dorin Dickerson, Anthony McCoy & Jimmy Graham @ TE Marc.

Cam is still on the Board.

I want D.

JPAO, exactly!!!!!

For all you guys wondering about Smiley, I think it is all about the $$ per game. The guy is making a lot of money and can't finish a season. Time to let him go. Perry will fill the bill. But, I still don't understand why not a S of LB.

Worst. Dolphins. Draft. Ever.


TheBatDad. That was one of my all-time favorite South Parks. Hilarious character!!

For crying out loud, I can't believe how many douchebags are on this blog. I'd trust Parcells farts more than I trust the opinions of the morons on this blog.

What a joke!!!! 90% of the "so called Dolphins Fans" should move up to New York and become Jet Fans. Seriously people you know less than nothing. How do you make it through the day without walking into traffic. Losers.

good draft overall

Draft a QB with the needs we still had..seriously? If we draft a QB we tell everyone we are still rebuilding. Parcells is not about to take us into his 3rd year as a rebuilding franchise. They trust in Henne and for good reason. We drafted a BIG TIME playmaker at WR for good reason. And we are filling our needs for good reason. With the division on fire right now, we'd be basement dwellers for the next 5 years if we didn't draft/trade aggressive. Miami has a plan and that is to win this year, not next. Will it work? Only time will tell..

I wish all of you guys get off our other receivers. Hartline had a good year and will have a better one with Marshall. Bess had a good year with his 3rd down percentage. He will have a better one with Marshall. I think we won't even need a TE, except to help block.

Bu, I agree, if we switch back to a 4-3 I have no complaints, of course, I'd question why we ever went to a 3-4 in the first place...BUT, doubtful, all the coaches are 3-4 guys

Belicheat thinks hes at the roulette table.
"Beware of the pint-sized schemer in the gray hoodie."

Now we're crying about "losing" Claussen!?!?!

Bu, the Caps Lock key is a right, not a privilege. Your posts are unreadable. I don't know if I agree with you or if you're even talking about the draft.

Al Woods & Cam Thomas still on the board at NT.

Kendrick Lewis (FS)

Damn..there goes Jimmy Graham...NO loves U TE's...

Jimmy Graham just got drafted. Sorry to everyone who wanted him

Hartline was average at Ohio St and will be average to garbage in the league. What have you seen from Hartline that wows you. Kid is slow...can't get over the top of any cb better yet good ones. Has zero wiggle after the catch. If he was bigger I would say move him to TE.

Next you will be saying Camirillo is one of the best wr's in the AFC. Please man! Our skill position talent is firmly in the bottom half of the AFC

Jason Witten, Harry Carson, Lawrence Taylor, James Farrior, Lavernus Coles, Shaun Ellis, Jason Ferguson, Randy Thomas, Marion Barber, Jason Fabini, Shaun Ellis, John Abraham, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Carl Banks.....Who have any of you drafted? Terence Newman, Demarcus Ware, Austin Miles....I can go on, but why waste my time on a bunch of "fill in the blank".

F'n Saints pick TE Graham when they already have Shockey...the rich just got richer...lol

Your also an idiot....we won't need a TE?? Have you been watching fasano get erased in coverage by strong safties and middle linebackers. Dropping passes left and right. We need a real TE who can threaten the defense on the 3rd level of the field.

Hartline got over the top a number of times last year. He caught a few for big gains and was missed by Henne a number of times as well. He will only be better this year. Agreed he'll never be elite but I think he will be a play maker for us this year.

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