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Dolphins pick G John Jerry in third round.

Dolphins coaches loved Mississippi guard John Jerry at the Senior Bowl. They also like him on tape.

Now, they'll get to add to the relationship as the Dolphins have just drafted Jerry with their third round pick.

Jerry is a rookie but he's quite experienced. He started 46 of 49 games for the Rebels. He played at tackle a lot but he projects at guard in the NFL.

The Dolphins obviously need help at left guard.

"I feel like I can play either one," Jerry said. "I have experience at both so I feel I can play either one."

Jerry is the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Peria Jerry.

The team will try feverishly to trade guard Justin Smiley by the time the draft is over Saturday.


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Anyone who thinks Parcells and Co. can't draft is just plain dumb. Go ahead and list off all the "bad picks" then make a list of the IMPACT players he has drafted. Then, shut your mouth. Or thumbs as the case may be.

We don't want a dynamic TE. BP only want TE's who block an catch 5yd passes.

Al Woods & Cam Thomas still on the board at NT.

Seems like the trifecta opted for depth over impact players.

Color me underwhelmed so far.

I think we should have grabbed the TE that the pats ended up getting. He and Marshal would have been a great outside inside passing attack.

I also think we need a pass catching TE but I have a feeling we won't address that this draft. I think we're going into the season with what we got at TE. Maybe we'll pick up a 6th or 7th rd project this year.

Seems We are spending this draft erasing mistakes.

the more i read about jerry the more i like pick...big time!!!!!

Patriots just picked up an extra 2011 2nd rd draft pick:

With a coach on the hot seat, the Panthers continue to make moves for the present.

Carolina traded away their second-round selection in the 2011 draft to New England for the No. 89 overall pick. With the pick, they selected a local product, Appalachian State quarterback-turned-wide receiver Armanti Edwards.

Edwards joins Brandon LaFell as new Panthers receivers.

The Patriots, meanwhile, continue to stock up on picks for next year. They have Oakland's first round pick in 2011 and Carolina's second round pick.

I think we are doing great...everyone needs to have faith. I think we are going to get Sharper or Atogwe to address safety in addition to maybe a late round pick. Also Parcells is famous for finding NT in the late rounds...Nobody can get every pick right but we have one of the best picking for us...have faith!

Al Woods & Cam Thomas still on the board at NT.

Good night all!

I really need someone to explain me what is Everson Griffen still doing on the board. Is there any injury rumor?

WOW! A 2011 2nd rd pick for a #89 3rd rd pick. Why cant we get deals like that!

BP wants linemen on both sides of the football. On offense we will run the ball 80% of the time....hope to get ahead by 7....then hold teams and run the clock.

By far the most boring offense in the league next to the Jets. Even the Jets have two legit weapons at wr and a young quick back.
They will be much more explosive this year while carrying the best defense in the league in to every game.

What do we have on offense to combat a good D?? The wildcat, Marshall and a gimpy often injury Ronnie Brown to go along with 39 yr old Ricky Williams.

Well said CALI.

Is there any truth to moving smith to S bc if not we still need one pretty badly.

3 or 4 quality TEs left. Maybe we can get one. I wouldn't want a FS drafted at this point; IMO Culver/Clemons are better than all the FS left.

Freaking Goodell oughta step in & stop this Panthers giveaway to Pats.

It's bad enough they have 47 picks every year, but now a #2 next year!!!

Please stop this madness mister commish.

Str8balla, please stick to basketball because you are obviously out of your element on a football blog. Either learn something about the game or just get out, please....

Sharper is how old??? 37? He had one of his better years last year which was more a product of scheme than his over all ability.

To have faith in a player on the down side of his career to come in a be lights out again is stupid.

We will still have no future at the position. Just like at the rb position. Lex Hilliard??? A glorified fb will be featured as our back in 2 yrs. Sad.



RELAX. Do you know it alls really know it all? Do you know if Will Allen won't be converted to safety next year, or if the trifecta have faith in Culver or Clemons. Or Sharper or Atogwe for that matter. SMiley is injury prone. One minute you say we are throwing away picks without a need and then lauding the Saints for taking another TE when they don't need one. Which do you prefer? I for one would rather see them try to get better EVERYWHERE, rather than desperately chasing anything that plays where we have the biggest needs, with little hope that the "upgrade" actually works out.


a total disaster

The seer... Look how many starters the pats have got thru the draft... Let them have picks outside of the first round they got a kicker n cassel since 05

Quote of the night.... Yeah we got pro bowlers but we lost Porter and JT. That's awsome.
Posted by: pistol
Shut Up!U"A"Hole.We Add Marshall,An The Offence Became Great.We Added Dansby An Lost Portor And Jason(My Fav Player)Taylor Go.Now,The Defence Stll Sucks!An Tha Top It Off We Hav To Play A Safty That Couldnt Beat Wilson For The Top Job!

Stra8balla, why are you so stupid? Is it just something you were born with, or do you work at it? You really seem to have it mastered.


You are quite possibly the most negative person i've ever encountered on this blog.

I understand you're worried about this team but please,alittle optimism wont go a miss

i can't stand cry baby paul pierce...damn that guy!!

I have played football at a high level and know the game quite well. U are the one out of the loop. Probably haven't played a sport since jr high school and if so it was probably soccer.

I did play basketball also...averaged 24pts a game in h.s in addition to playing football.

And how about Bruce Campbell; at some point about two months ago he was ranked the 4rd or 5th best OT by some "experts", and then he started free falling. And then some...

Gents we are doing great thus far. There is still plenty of talent left at Safety and I'm sure we can nab a good NT as well. I'm actually happy with the draft this year. First time in a bit. Of course, all this is predicated by the move to get Marshall. Aside from the JT debacle which wa poorly handled this offseason is looking mighty promising. Got rid of dead weight with Porter and Ginn, picked up some nice Def and Offensive power. Go Fish!!!

P.S. Mando, great work keeping us on-point. Thanx!

Personally I don't think safety was a big of a need as other things. It still is something we need to address in the draft but if we can get good constant pressure on the QB up front then safety becomes less of an issue. I think clemons and culver have some promise and combine them with another young prospect from this draft and an older future H.O.F. safety like sharper to come in for a year and help guide them and he still does have that left in him. To say what he did last year was mainly a product of a system is stupid. Sta*balla you sound more like a Jet fan than a Dolphin fan maybe you should find your way to that blog. IN PARCELLS WE TRUST!!!!!

Luv Patton, the man the movie.

see if campbell can be converted to defense! what about mike williams from 'cuse?

People want to fall in love with Sharper. He was great LAST year. Be careful what we all wish for. The odds he will have the same impact on our defense that he had on the Saints last year are low. Also he has made it clear that he wants to play in a cover 2 scheme. I can't say that I know what Nolan has planned as far as how he will use the safties. But I have a feeling that they will be in Man more then Sharper would care to. He is a Ballhawk no doubt about it. Run support is his weakness. Our safties made way too many tackles last year, this would play away from hus strengths. The new additions on the D-Line should help the linebackers , therefore helping the safties in coverage. Last point on Sharper. The second half of last year his production started to fade, he is coming off surgery (a simple procedure, but a surgery none the less)I don't think Sharper will come here for a 1 year contract. I would pass

our 3-4 defense will really be a 4-3 hybrid attack defense. we need these young hi motor studs!

our o-line definitely needed john jerry.

will allen will start at free safety and clemons will come along soon after.

we are killing this draft - maybe our best in decades!!

you idiots have no idea what wtf you're even complaining about....

I'm starting to wonder...what the hell is going on here. Taking a RT/RG when you have 6 guards and 5 tackles already on the roster and thats not including Smiley and you have a very possible need at LG...surely has to make you scratch your head. I can understand your always trying to improve the line positions...but geez...how about filling the area's of need..before.


TheBatDad. That was one of my all-time favorite South Parks. Hilarious character!!

Posted by: Doof"

That's my favorite SP episode, and my fave one-off character. I would have died had the included him in the recent 200th episode epic.

"You are about to be Bat Dadded!!"

And ya, Stra8balla needs some Xanax. Ease up. Every team in the NFL has or will over the next few days pick guys who end up sucking, or not even making the team. You realize that, right? Why do some of you assume the other 31 teams are making the right picks? How do you know? You don't. Nobody knows for sure.

Projecting is fine. Have your own opinion. Great. But everything else you guys are ranting about is becoming white noise. It's meaningless at this point. Relax.

Personally i don't want flashy names from college. I want guys that will become flashy names for the Miami Dolphins.

One other thing: I also have faith that Mike Nolan is going to use these pieces the right way, and we will see a totally different kind of D from the borderline atrocity we saw last season.

And until it's opening weekend, and the team takes the field without a safety....chill. They know! They will get one.

Valid points Darryl. I still wouldn't mind him coming here to fit into certain packages and still provide leadership coaching to our younger prospects. Our safeties will be expected to have to make less tackles this year because of our improvements we have made already with our front 7. But valid points none the less.

I am very pleased so far... great positional drafting. No doubt Jerry will be a "Road Grader" for years to come. Misi was on my draft list, and Odrick is a DT who can play at every D-line position. All three were team Captains, Multiple Year All Americans and all had other acknowledgments to their work in the NCAA. One (Odrick) was the Big Ten D-Player of the year in 09. They are all Seniors and are 3V players. These are quality football players who will be great additions. Nolan will be running a Hybrid version of 3-4 that will move back and forth with a 4-3/3-4 look. No reason to not take advantage of both schemes. Its what he wanted to do in Denver and McGoofy would not let him run with it. With this sort of O-line being built in Miami, will be able to control games. With the D-line upgrades we have also improved our ability to create disruption behind the O-line. We still have 9 more picks. I have taken a good look and there are still 50 to 70 players who can make major impacts on the teams they end up. Not certain where people got it in their heads that these drafts run out of talent after round 3... but history and a whole bunch of Hall of Fame players say's your wrong. Only hurting yourself with negativity. Before this draft ever began Miami was a good football team... Now, with FA acquisitions and who I have seen taken so far... Miami will be a physically dominant team that just plain pounds teams to death and can score with guys like Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Camarillo and a gaggle of RB's along with a smart, strong armed young QB. No doubt about it... Miami is a Much Much better team today then yesterday... and light years ahead of where they were in January. I cannot wait to see what Miami will get next... looking forward to a great season. Go Dolphins!!!

too many people complain about not getting the next highest rated guy. how dumb. who's rated where means dick. please open your little, closed minds and accept that our team's professionals know so much more than all of us.

what's important is getting the best players, not the highest rated. I trust Parcells and our scouting staff (ignoring Pat White, of course; he was just a brain fart that we must forgive).

we had a great off-season: Dansby, Marshall, Incognito (and I could less about JT leaving). plus, we've had an awesome draft so far. trading down and getting 3 certain starters with our picks and a special teams stud (Dobbins) via the trade. and the draft is far from over. seven more picks tomorrow.

reading most of these comments makes me sick. complain, complain, complain is so lazy and myopic. please, haters, just STFU and keep your stupidity to yourselves.

Hey BONER, adequately named, by the way.

I actually answered your question before you asked it. Clausen has a much better petegree than Henne, and while Henne might still be a good QB, Clausen has a much better upside. This guy was a top 5 prospect, while Henne was alow first to second round prospect. There is a reason for those projections, even though projections are not entirely accurate. Still, Clausen, who threw for only 3 legitimate interseptions and had an extremely high QB rating, completion percentage and YPC average was still on the board. When there is a gift like that, you pull the trigger according to best availalne rather than need.

Plus, who we took in the second and third were projected down to at least the next round, and could very likely still have been available with a lower pick.

By the way, I don't think OLB was as big a need as safety, and OL was definitely not as big a need as eit

Who's rated where doesn't mean dick? That may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Our draft picks are complete crap. I can't imagine us doing worse. Talk to me In a year. Parcells cannot draft. Apparently not with us.

I Feel That Last Year Our Offence Carried Our As$ And The "D" Killed It.The Saints Won With A Great Offence And Good Defence.I Felt That If We Had Drafted Golden Tate We Would Hav Had A Great Offence.Then Get Kindle In 2nd,Then E.Brown In The 3rd We Would Hav A Good "D"But It Aint Went That Way!So,Were Back To Square One!

Looks like we're going to have one of the youngest yet biggest and most physical fronts in football on both sides of the ball.

I'll bet my farm and yours neither Will Allen NOR Sean Smith plays safety...Maybe Jason Allen...

Will Allen is tiny, and Sean Smith couldn't tackle Tedd Ginn. He's a pansy. You want him as your last line of defense?

Give me your opinion on this..
Tomorrow trade up and take Cincinnati WR Marty Gilyard. This kid can play, solid #2 guy, has great return skills wich we now need... Any thoughts ??

i called these guys being picked John Jerry was a steal in 3rd They make great sense in that of their size, versatility, strength. They all project as great starters DT OLB LG now we need a free safety, tight end, cornerback and special teams kr/pr guy


Think philosophicaly.

We had 3 holes.
You people are bitchin we should have drafted one player for each position.



So Parcells took who he thought was a mix between best available and an upgrade.

Since draft is a gamble, if we chose a S, a Dt, and OLB, since its all by chance, not all would pan out


Leaving us with holes, and our other stronger positions vulnerable and 1 injury away from disaster.

Parcells and Ireland have done a goodjob this draft. I give it a B+

good teams draft from their board, they don't draft needs if it's a reach idiots - Jerry was the best player on their board so they took him, that's what GOOD teams do!!!!!

Clemons and culver play safety. In the afc east we will need smith, Davis and Allen as cb's

We are going to have a huge team! We'll intimidate by just trotting onto the field. And Cam Thomas, Ricky Sapp, and Mardy Gilyard are still available.

hey "Ask Bill" - great post!!!
total agreement here.

free safety is a ball hawk position and a read the qb's eyes position and the signal caller for the defensive backfield. not a run stopper position. will allen can easily play free safety and he will have 6 interceptions doing it. sean smith's job is to bump and cover wideouts - those 6'4" wideouts that are the norm now.

maybe you should go knock on the tuna door and straighten his superbowl winning ass out marc...!!

Everyone should tetras ask bill ruger's latest post.

These are quality players, been the backbones of their teams forever. All americans!

Who r the top rated FSs left ?

8-8 welcome to the suck!!!!

Bill; aren't you jumping the gun alittle here, a good team? 7-9 isn't a good team and the only real chance in offense so far is Marshall.
Every one of the picks can be questioned...and they should be. A DT not a NT, A decent OLB and a RT/RG that really wasn't a great need, even if you cut Smiley. Icognito was suppose to be a RG...I guess that didn't work out add along Thomas and the rest on the roster...who is going to play LG...Carey? LOL.

Sorry re-read

I didn't expect any of these picks, but they make sense. The Dolphins are going to be younger, bigger and meaner, and that ought to translate into better performances. People forget that the Trifecta inherited an abominable set of players, and they've turned that around. The Dolphins are a team on the rise, and that's due to the same Trifecta that everyone is suddenly bitching and moaning about. On the whole, I am feeling a bit more hopeful now than I was before the draft. I hope they pick up Akwasi Owusu-Ansah in the 4th round. If they do, I'd say they've actually had a pretty good draft.

Fishy we just drafted our lg, Jerry

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