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Dolphins pick G John Jerry in third round.

Dolphins coaches loved Mississippi guard John Jerry at the Senior Bowl. They also like him on tape.

Now, they'll get to add to the relationship as the Dolphins have just drafted Jerry with their third round pick.

Jerry is a rookie but he's quite experienced. He started 46 of 49 games for the Rebels. He played at tackle a lot but he projects at guard in the NFL.

The Dolphins obviously need help at left guard.

"I feel like I can play either one," Jerry said. "I have experience at both so I feel I can play either one."

Jerry is the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons defensive lineman Peria Jerry.

The team will try feverishly to trade guard Justin Smiley by the time the draft is over Saturday.


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Jsauarez88 good posts tonight.

I like charles scott and LeGarrette Blount for RB

Thank you Darryl, It's just frustrating to see people BASH the picks when they no absolutely nothing about them...

I think the Dolphins certainly got better on Defense today. Maybe Merling will finally come into his own under Mike Nolan?

Langford, Starks, Odrick

Misi, Crowder, Dansby, Wake

Dolphins defense looking light years younger & quicker!

If Dorin Dickerson falls late in 4th that could be huge

Beerphin, I would still take Aaron Hernandez or Dennis Pitta over Dickerson. Thoughts?

Pitta= Best hands for a TE in the draft, 4.6
Hernandez= Playmaker, point blank

People that are Pitta fans. Unless we can trade up in the fourth. We should probably mark him off our board. The Eagles have 4 picks in this round they(Reid)Loves Pitta. They might go on mission together sometime down the road.

Earl Thomas of course....I knew about Kindle and his knee problems....I like getting a second rd pick obviously I just didn't agree with who we chose in the 1st Mostly because he's a better 4-3 tackle than a 3-4 end or NT (the pos we needed) I just didn't think we needed a project that early. That's what makes him average for us. Odrick may turn out to be a fine player. I just doubt it. I do hope I'm wrong though.

Jsauarez88....great posts.

Someone earlier mentioned Safety Robert Johnson from Utah earlier. Looking at this guy I'd like to see him in a Dolphin uniform. Big, fast, and strong. Be a quality pic coming up tomorrow.

Who the fffffff is gong to score points for this mmmmmmm fkkkkkkng. Team? Who!

We have to use the 6ths and 7ths to move up in the 4th to get a TE (Pitta, Dickerson). Get Mike Williams in the 5th and trade up if we need to as well. Adding these two would make this a mostrous draft

Most of you whinny ass phuquers don't know $hit from apple butter. Each pick tells a story of what we have on our team. You are so enamored by your own assumptions that you can't see the trees. We are taking the best available and not making stupid trades like the ones that are falling victim to Billicheat.There is talent to be gotten throughout the draft. Rest easy my children, we are in good hands. Talent has been hidden from your ignorant eyes.

Krome, ive read the opposite. I heard Odrick is a MUCH BETTER 3-4 end than 4-3 DT. Thats why he dropped so far down. Because there wasnt a market for 3-4 DE in the 1st round. Most mocks had the Jets picking him at 29 as a DE. He isnt here to play NT, he is here to play DE.

Wickyrilliams, dont worry there's a new Marshall in town.

Johnson Drafted last in the 3rd.
Dickerson is the 1 player that I've been high on all winter. He fits this drafts profile of multi-positional option. He isn't the typical tight end, in fact he is probably closer to a pure reciever then true tight end. But as a pass catcher, he could be a matchup nightmere for opponents. His lack of size is made up in his jumping ability 43' inch vertical. The best by any player at the combine. He has reciever speed. Imagine this guy trying to be covered by a linebacker, or strong saftey. We have a late pick, and I know Belicheck is fired up on him. I hope he makes it to us!

thank you, sklbndt.
that could be a possibility...
At this point in the draft i think we should draft for depth at FS, but go with Clemons or Culver next year.

Dunphy, i doubt Parcells will go for an undersized TE...

& Patriots already got their guy at TE in the 2nd round. I think we should really look at Hernandez & Pitta... Steals in the 4th

You people are killing me. THEN is a time comparison; than is a subject comparison.

I'd like to see us trade smiley for atogawe or Osi

With the opportunity to take Major Wright or Chad Jones at the FS position, the Jerry pick is a bit of a heads scratcher. Not a terrible pick, but they better have a plan to bolster the FS position. Darren Sharper or the guy from the Rams by chance? Can't see them shelling out much more FA money...

Jsuarez88. I agree that Dickerson is not the prototype for Parcells. This most likely keeps him off the board. The hope I have is that all three of these draft picks so far have played more than one position. It looks like the trifecta are looking for players who aren't limited to 1 spot. Dickerson fits this mold(If this is part of the draft strategy) He can be used all over the field, multiple formations, different positions.

I think we all liked Jerry Hughes as a name and sack artist...but that is all he is. He is undersized and one dimensional, a big liability against the run.

I think Tuna stayed the course. Let's see how well it pans out in the next few years.

To all my beloved fans please keep in mind that in the NFL especially in the AFC East you win games and lose games by your lineman(defense or offense) not your receivers, backs, QB, etc..etc.. you win in the trenches. We will be 13-3 in 2010. In Parcell we TRUST.

miso is a terrible pick i cant get over it---i hate him

Darryl Dunphy, the Johnson drafted last in the 3rd rd is Mike Johnson, an OG, not the Utah S Robert Johnson that could be on Miami's board.
He is still undrafted.

Thank You GetterDone. My Oops!

Misi was rated right behind Peirre-Paul, B. Graham, Morgan and Jerry Hughes who all went before him in the 1st.

I think Koa Misi transitions easier into SOLB and could be better all around than Peirre-Paul, Derrick Morgan, Jerry Hughes, and maybe even Brandon Graham...IMO

"Ask Bill" should win a Big Tuna Sammich for best post of the night! Actually, that's bringing about some bad mental pictures right now. Maybe just a thumbs up would be better, huh?

Signing PROVEN difference makers like Dansby and Marshall in free agency has made this draft not so sexy, but that's not such a bad thing. We have been able to add three big, physical and versatile FOOTBALL PLAYERS who will add depth and contribute, if not start immediately, without breaking the bank. That, in my opinion, is a pretty good draft so far. And a sign that this team is closer than alot of folks on this board may think.


First great job. I like what we did but on Day 3 we must address two things get a another OLB and draft speed. Speed at TE , speed in a third down back , speed at a WR and speed in a return man. As disappointing as Ginn was his speed would have caused big problems for secondaries because of the addition of Marshall.The double teaming of Marshall must be addressed. Your thought

said it before, will say it again OJ ATOGWE!!!! Starting FS for the FINS


should've gone fs with the 3rd pick bc i dont think anyone wants smiley so most likely he'll stay. Plus we got gardner who can start at og


Well, i guess we better get ready to get ran and passed on, i don't see this team doing any better than 6-10. They never get what need, it is always the opposite. I am sick of this.

I think the fans on this board are retarded. They are doing the same thing that Parcels has done everywhere - getting very large 300lb+ guys on the lines. Its the exact same thing they have in Dallas right now because of what Parcells left them. And the Dolphins are getting younger. Alot of these guys they have like Smiley and Fergueson get hurt and then we get left bare. Once they are gone we won't have the young guy to step in. There are still holes, but a free safety is a position that is fixed via FA. You guys are thinking incorrectly of a superbowl this year. They are still thinking fix the team for a long-term project. There ARE going to be holes in this team for another few years. If you guys were any good at evaluating talent, you'd be on their staff doing just that.

I like the pick, smiley was ok but not great, this guy will be great...just look at his brother on the Falcons.
The Trifecta did their homework on this one and it will pay off!

Draft makes sense. Trifecta is drafting the players in line with a particular mentality - be bigger and stronger if not necessarily faster or flashier in each position compared to counterparties. Shifting Starks inside to NT means that Odrick competes to give us a stronger DL. Misi together with Dansby gives us a LB corps that will be very stout against run with some pass-rush potential. Big young CB will be better next year- maybe Clemons is ready? otherwise still FS available. Meanwhile Jerry has the potential to be the Keith Sims to Jake Long's Richmond Webb for a decade. Strengthens running attack and gives young QB a little more time to find Marshall. There are "higher-rated" players out there but the Trifecta has more data than I have - having watched more film, interviewed players, coaches and teammates, having read the medical and injury reports and having actually coached the players in the Senior Bowl. I think we come out of this a better team and a contender.

John Jerry is no bum!! have you seen him play i watched from high school to college and he can handle this job

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