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Dolphins pick S Reshad Jones in fifth round

The Dolphins finally got their free safety -- I think -- as they just drafted Georgia safety Reshad Jones.

For Jones, this draft process had to be something of a tough time because he seemed poised to be a second or third round pick and instead dropped to the bottom of the fifth round.

"[I expected to go ] two to three, but everything worked out for the best," Jones said.

Jones has strong safety size at 6-0 and 214 pounds. But he does have free safety ball skills.

"I feel I can play strong and free," he said.

The Dolphins haven't told Jones which one they want him to play.


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Reshad Jones is not like Taylor Mays... He is more of a playmaker with his 11 ints... Thats the main knock on Mays bad in coverage and not many turnovers

Happy days are sure to come !!!!!!!

The jets replaced thomas jones and leon washington with LT and mcknight. what id iots. The only good thing they had last year was their running game.

there goes McCoy
I hope The phins can pull something off and trade up w smiley as bait to get Dickerson

NJ, when they angle/gap the DT tween the C and G would they run a 3 or 4 man front? and if a 4man where does the other DT's lineup? 2 on the outsie of the OT and 0ther other Gap the G-OT?

Reshad Jones is a playmaker, kid is gonna be your starting strong safety from day one. Now it time to go after Johnathon Dwyer.

J Dwyer gone now

Dwyer is overrated.

DE/OLB George Selvie or Brandon Lang in 7th.

Parcells loves guys from Troy.

We are on target to be Superbowl contenders by 2012. Its just a damned shame the worlds gunna be ending then.

well now that i have had a minute to let these picks soak in...i like it!! D was pi$$ poor last year..new scheme..high motor players..just please get 1 offensive weapon..DICKERSON WILL DO.. thanks

I can't believe Lang is still on the board. This guy is going to open eye's in the NFL.

Give it to the TRIFECTA.They share an equal role in f-----g up this team. Mando said "If a G is there great, the Dolphins need a G" "If a WR is there, the Dolphins need a WR, Great" "If an OLB is there. the dolphins need an OLB GREAT" "If an ILB is there the Dolphins need an ilb, great" If a NT is there the Dolphins need a NT GREAT" "if a TE is there the Dolphins need a TE, Great" Mando what the hell is so great? Having so many needs after the draft?????? Before this draft, our biggest needs were NT,FS,Te, Wr(and return guy).

Oh, The CB from Md, I hear he will compete with Brown at wildcat qb and compete with Henne for the starting QB Job

LOL @ Van

Love every pick so far, but who's playing FS?

"People" are sayin Will Allen @ FS.

I remember the phins were interested in Jeff Owens, lets see if they take him.

Reshad Jones will compete with Clemons and Culver

NJ will play FS and substitute for ronnie in the wildcat

Pat White will be next years Chris Johnson!!!!...I'm not high..promise.

I thought Pat White was gonna play Free Safety ?

It seems they want to play everyone out of position on this team ?

Tnphinfan, the 4-3 look will be on passing downs so the 2 dt's will be between the guard and center like normal but using more stunts. In the 3-4 the ends will be to the outside playing more to ilb'd dansby and crowders strength to make plays at the LOS vs the run.

Mark Pat white is going to return kicks and punt and be backup longsnapper

Jones will be the steal of the draft at this round This is a SEC Player that can bring it , Great Pick of all the Picks so far he has the Must upside !

I would really like taking Rolle out of FSU with one of our 7th. Awesome athlete, smart and could easily command the secondary?

Any thoughts??

What !! Reshad Jones at 163 in the 5th. Again WHAT!?!? This guy was projected as a early to middle 2nd round pick. Fast ! And Strong as hell ! Does anyone agree that this could be one of the top ten steals in the draft?? Very nice value pick.

What a STEAL in the 5th round. This was a good draft.

fishfaninhh....and that's why neither you or I are GMs, because we have no clue what are "real" needs are

How can anyone love these picks? Just a bad draft all the way around!! Nothing to make this team better, not one impact player!! Get ready for another season where the Jets and Pats out draft us!!

LOL @ TN, I was a S in high school and college, i might be able to help. LOL !!

Buffalo picks a DE from South Dakota State??

That franchise is screwed.

Deter still of the draft, wouldn't be surprise if he beats out mendenhall

I'm telling y'all:

DE/OLB George Selvie or Brandon Lang in the 7th

Lonyae Miller RB (Fresno ST) in the 7th ???

Take ROLLE in the 7th round!!


Pat White is going to surprise a lot of people.


I hear the Jets and Pats are selling tickets.

They also have blogs of their own....

Hint Hint...

TnFinn, Think of it this way Even techinique= heads up with the offensive player, Odd techinque off the shoulder. We usually play the nose in a 0 tech over the center. Odrick was a 5 technique in college, off the right shoulder of the tackle. More common of a 4-3 De.

Pat White could be the next R Bush once he hits the weight room

TAlberding your a moron

No TAIberding, everyone does not love these picks, only "knowledgeable" fans who know something about football love them...Madden GMs hate them

I think that this was a great draft if you look at it from the needs aspect - we got what we needed in the priority that we needed - we possibly have 4 starters out of thius draft plus remember that Marshall is also part of this draft and that makes it 5 starters out of this draft. that is excellent.
as for the 2 picks we have left in the 7th we will look and see if any of those small kick returners are available. yeah yjhey are only kick returners and cannot do anything else. only 5'7 and 6'8 but they are still on the board and they are great returners - so maybe that is our first pick of the 7th riounder since they have to be higher on the board than the remaining running backs, and tight ends.
Might as well get another sure starter as opposed to a Tight end that has less than 20% chance of becoming a strater.
As for Smiley and pat White - we will probably cut Smiley after training camp if we don't trade him. he has durability issues and shoulder injury and all the other teams know it so he is not that valuable a player anymore to trade. plus at this stage the best we might get is another 7th rounder maybe ??
as for Pat White I don't think we could get a 7th rounder for him. He is too thin, not a good QB weak arm strenght and as a running back he cannot take too many hits with that body. so .............. it is a mistake that we must now live with and try to make something out of this situation.
Eventually after next season he will go the same route that Ginn went. a disapoointment because he was drafted too gigh (second round) the expectations are too high in Miami for him. But maybe he can go to another team in exchange for a 7th rounder and thus he would not have the expectations we have of him to be productive. thjis kid has to take a serious approach at bulking up.
Heck we might even cut him when we go to 53 players. He is too expensive to keep just so that we can get a 7th rounder for him next year.
I like this years draft. If one of the 2 DB's we just picked up becomes a starter then we might go downn as the best draft in many years.

I agree..Pat White can freakin run son..thats why I;m thinking RB! QB has got to be Henne. When White was in on a run play was when he was most effective.

OJ Atogwe the Fins next FS!! Wait until June 1 he is much better than either of the other 2 FS that the Fins brought in and will provide the much needed leadership/Experience while Clemons develops....


Get Rolle or Dickerson.

Breaking news: Dolphin's have drafted Mel Kiper Jr's hair at the Safety position. It's ageless and provides great coverage

NJ, I got injured in HS on my football team...I got a splinter in my A"S sitting on the bench!!!

Pittsburg nabs two wr's in this draft. We get a S.S. that will be a liability in coverage that isn't a fundementally sound tackler.

The future of our offense lies in the hands of Lex Hilliard....Jon Nailbone....and Patrick Turner and Brian Hartline. Sounds like all pros to me :)

Fins just don't know how to draft offense. Next year when Julio Jones and AJ Green are on the board we will frown at them and take a d-lineman.

One thing is for sure...there are no elite speed guys like the fords...Spillers and Jhavid Best's of the world next year.

Lets get another blocking TE or another LB in these next two picks. How about more depth on the o-line.

Totally not kidding about Pat White being an impact player. Trust me, I saw him play every game @ WVU, he's a quick, fast, and a winner. Maybe filling in for Ginn, of we just need to find a place where he can have an impact, not the once a game gimick

We pick @ 212 it is coming up... Who are we taking? I would really like ROLLE. But I trust BP and company.

love the draft it would be perfect if they get Dorin Dickerson

Ok, NJ, somewhat what I was thinking. I am more of a 4-3/ 5-3 guy anyway. That's what we played in High School.

Who would you project to be on the line in our 4-3 look?

1 am thinking

Oderick McDaniels Starks Merling

MISI Dansby Wake


Take ROLLE and DICKERSON in the 7th and this draft would be AWESOME!!

I meant Dwyer steal of draft

It would be pretty funny to have Ricky Williams and Blount on the same team. Haha get it

Pat White will never pan out. A short qb that has quickness as a runner but no speed. Chad Pennington-esque arm that weighs about 160lbs.

There game changing players on the board especially on the offensive side of the ball. Why people think our offense is going to be great I don't know.

Guarantee the Jets and PAts score more pts than we do this year. Not to mention produce more explosive plays.

Pat White definitely has the potential to be nasty, he was set up to fail last year with the plays he was involved in. And if we got Dickerson in the 7th...I will drink another beer to celebrate!!

5'5 166# kr lsu guy lol goes to texans he might be smallest in nfl

wow guys just give the picks we got a chance i bet if we go 11-5 again all youll here how great how things turned out i think we did great this draft year


GTF out of here you loser!! Go troll somewhere else.

Nolan Carroll will play cb to replace Nate Jones. Reshad Jones will be our starter at free safety. Liking the picks.

Posted by: Brandon


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