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Dolphins pick S Reshad Jones in fifth round

The Dolphins finally got their free safety -- I think -- as they just drafted Georgia safety Reshad Jones.

For Jones, this draft process had to be something of a tough time because he seemed poised to be a second or third round pick and instead dropped to the bottom of the fifth round.

"[I expected to go ] two to three, but everything worked out for the best," Jones said.

Jones has strong safety size at 6-0 and 214 pounds. But he does have free safety ball skills.

"I feel I can play strong and free," he said.

The Dolphins haven't told Jones which one they want him to play.


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Tnphinfan, i'm thinking more odrick- langford -starks - merling.

Str8? I think not. You are straight retarded.

LMAO @ bobbyd12, sorry to hear that.

WOW NJ you got the reshad jones pick correct, but wrong on the rest. Well any fool can get one right. Lets give this imbecile a trophy. NJ KING of DRAFT PICKS.

Washed up college player, yeah right ahhahahahah

Amazing Draft 2010

I like all the picks except Edds and Carroll. But that's because I had never heard of them before today so I don't know squat about them. So, we'll see. Jones is a great pick up.

I'm with the guy above who says Dickerson and Rolle. If they could pull that off it would be a great draft.

Take ROLLE in the 7th round!!


How many pro bowl players do we really have on this team???

This draft sucks.

Corey Wootton, Ricky Sapp, Geno Atkins, Eric Norwood, Thaddeus Gibson, Cam Thomas......

Could have selected any of these guys in the later rounds.

Stra8 you are real. You actually see the forrest for the trees.

Any one see the Georgia Arkansas game where the Razorbacks threw for 400+ yds and had 5 pass plays of over 50yds. Guess who was playing safety for UGA?? He was burned over top over and over again in that game. You are clueless if you think this kid is a ball hawk. He is a strong safety.

These Trolls always show there colors in the end.

F*ck the Jets & Pats.

Why can't Patrick Turner bulk up and become a TE? He runs sub 4.6 and is 6'5". Seems to me we've got enough WR with Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Camarillo, some guy I'm forgetting and Turner.

Jerry Jones must be laughing his @as off after parcels brought Ireland to miami.

PO what do you mean by trolls???

They have no DT.

These guys think like trolls.

Why can't Patrick Turner bulk up and become a TE? He runs sub 4.6 and is 6'5". Seems to me we've got enough WR with Marshall, Hartline, Bess, Camarillo, some guy I'm forgetting and Turner.

Posted by: Pat White

Good thinking!! i like that!!! Although nalbone and the other ex-rookie have the same measures?

I'm from NY and Jets fans are the biggest
F A G S out there. They have the typical sore losers "we think we are the best despite our lame historical record attitude". I do also root for the Giants though..a real NY team.

We don't have enough wr's. We have non athletic....speed challenged...possession wr's. Turner would be better off at TE...I agree with that. Kid was average at USC but ppl expected him to come here and be an explosive big wr ala Dez Bryant or AJ Green??

A big...possession target who is a body catcher that does nothing after the catch. Similar to Camirillo...Hartline...and Bess...the slower Welker.

kinda sad this is the first phins pick i'm excited about

If he's still there in the 7th what would ya'll think about taking a chance on Blount?

Trade up and snag Dickerson NOW !

I guess we were cutting down on scouts and picked everyone from the Senior Bowl instead.

Srta8balla. What do you wish for as far as the Rb. position? We do not need a back that is a breakaway, 60 yd run waiting to happen. It would be nice, but the fact is that there aren't that many of those. And the teams that do have them aren't much better then we were last year.(except Minn) The Nfl ha become a pass first league. All we need our backs to do. is get in behind the huge line pound the ball wear teams down. It isn't the most exciting brand of a running game. All we need from Lex, or whoever else. Come in average 4yds a carry, catch the ball out of the backfield(screens, check downs, wheel routes) block, and hold onto the ball. We need a back that can be trusted to do all of these things. If there is a back out there that can. I'm all for him. I think we are set at the position .

This is the worst draft I have ever seen from dolphins, and that's saying something with the Jason Allen year. We needed a safety. We needed a wide receiver and te. Not one of these picks will be a difference maker. To put it in perspective....we got Phillip Merling and lower. That's it. Guaranteed.

b12, po, mack, and nj...nice to see some positive posts. I'm excited about this year. I thinkl this was well planned and executed draft by Miami's front office. Teams are not gonna want to play Miami.

Kiper and MCShay say Dickerson has no position...say he is not a TE. If he was he would be ranked in the 20's at the position. Moved around too much in college and is a tweener.

NJ, I forgot about Langford. I wuld agree

Pat White, were u born a total A s s h o l e who knows nothing about football or did mommy and daddy raise you to be one???

Have you noticed that the so-called experts had it right with a number of guys we took in the last two years.

Like the bears, this dolphin regie does not know how to evaluate talent. How many pro bowl players do we have?

Ireland sucks

Str8balla your crazy.. Georgia has krappy linebackers... Krappy db's...a game like that doesn't just fall on one guy...and if so ... It happens... Even the best guys in the league have great games.. With pro bowl qbs... They wouldn't have the numbers they have if they didn't scorch safeties... It happens.. You don't know food

worst draft ever? wow. 2007 wasnt that long ago. were you born yesterday?


Wr and TE were not must haves in this draft...this will turn out to be the draft that launches this team into the " New Era"

"Gman: - is that short for Gay man?

Its still a good draft.

the "new era" of suckinghood

Jkeep up the good comentary bobbyd

What happens??? Getting beaten over top over and over by an average wr core to the tune of 5 pass plays of over 50yds in one game. C'mon dog! Chad Jones from LSU is bigger...faster...had better hands and more of a sure tackler. Seen them both play for years. U will soon see. Don't complain when the kid can't cover a TE better yet help over top on speedy wr's.

Pat White, the only sucking going on is between u and ur Jets boyfriend

Nobody could have guessed these picks. Wasted draft. We suck at drafting. I'm officially done liking bill parcells and Ireland. They no longer have it (Ireland never did). I thought the sd trade was a good one but if we pick Earl Thomas or someone like that instead and no other picks and it wouldve been much much better. And I'm not Even much of a Thomas fan. Jerry Hughes and no one else and it works. U guys asking for Dickerson or blount....lol we don't pick good players. We don't make good picks. Go to a movie.

He is the college version of Girbil Wilson.

dorin dickerson in the 7th? that's a value pick and a nice weapon.

People are bashing the draft because they didn't pick up household names that people thought they would get.. Bunch of bloggers are gm's all of a sudden.. U got 2 maybe 3 potential starters with a contributor... U got depth!!! That's what they needed!!! Misa is a stud...odrick is a stud...Jerry is a 6"5 339 beast!! I like what they have done.. They got a second round draft pick and they didn't even Lose a step by getting Marshall!!!

This guy Aloco is loco. Smiley is a very good guard and played on one of the best OL in the NFL. Just because is was injured does not mean that he is a bust. Further, this team does not need a QB.

Stra*balla..your doctor called, its time to refill your anti-deppresant meds.

I'm really shocked that so many of you are very critical of our Draft picks so far. Utterly shocked.

Alittle bit of optimism would be gratefully appreciated but maybe thats too much to ask.

I'm not saying these players are gonna become Pro Bowl players overnight and we'll go 16-0 next season but i guarantee we'll win more than 7 games and be a far more accomplished team

U made ur point pat white troll. Go back to the Jets blog now.

Gonna be a player from Idaho st or Troy St. Maybe a lb or another d-linemen. How about another underwhelming athlete at TE like Fasano or Nailbone?

yea dickerson is a tweener hb/fb TE he is exceptional with ball in hands hard to tackle Real Strong Fast 4.40 combine 40 yrd dash benchs 26 reps did 400# max 6'4 immediate impact somewhere

Bobby - did you tell the other blogers how your tight butt belongs to me?

Now, go in the other room and get me a beer.

You go to a movie since you're the one that's so stinkin miserable here.

id take a chance on rolle with our useless 7th round picks

but dont worry the patsies will get him *they have a real coach*

Bobby D - the "D" for dck!

Dorin Dickerson is alot like Brandon Jacobs takes care of TE and RB this year makes sense for Dolphins

PERFECT EXAMPLE: A GOVT worker as in bobbyd12
Look how bobby talks on here. Yes we know he is on vacation, but look at this piece of garbage for what he really is. YOU and I pay for this shyt! I guess he is the one laughing.

guys whats the bet we go NT and o-line in the 7th round????

Tnphinfan , i knew you forgot about langford. :)

We don't take players with great measurables. Parcells just want blue collar...high character players that give max effort. Who cares about talent...it's about heart.

Jet fans on a phins blog...news flash!!! Rex Ryan doing dancing with the stars...queer Taylor inticed him to do it

I love how everyone says "I'm done" yet they come back day after day after day to cry and biatch and moan...If ur done, leave, let the fans who enjoy this team talk instead of having to listen too worthless crying bullshyt

Bobby - did you tell the other blogers how your tight butt belongs to me?

Now, go in the other room and get me a beer.

Posted by: Pat White | April 24, 2010 at 03:16 PM

Told you jets fans are F A G S

NJ, what do you think if we get rolle for fs and develope jones as a ss??

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