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Dolphins pick S Reshad Jones in fifth round

The Dolphins finally got their free safety -- I think -- as they just drafted Georgia safety Reshad Jones.

For Jones, this draft process had to be something of a tough time because he seemed poised to be a second or third round pick and instead dropped to the bottom of the fifth round.

"[I expected to go ] two to three, but everything worked out for the best," Jones said.

Jones has strong safety size at 6-0 and 214 pounds. But he does have free safety ball skills.

"I feel I can play strong and free," he said.

The Dolphins haven't told Jones which one they want him to play.


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These people whining are the same idiots that were singing parcells' praises two years ago when we won the afc east, and that will again be praising them come January when we make the playoffs. listen, its the internet. dumb people are allowed to say things. and they do. really really dumb people. and their comments appear in the same font and size as those made by intelligent human beings. why let it bother you? no one knows anything right now. names are just names until they have stats associated with them.

see y'all in August when these guys suit up. then we can start passing judgment.

Tnphinfan, Oh I knew about that one.... you see HE can never be wrong, even when he is wrong it is by design. What a toad.

That's right Pat (ALoco) White SR...buy that I Pad yet??? She will love you

so much for rolle....

Ahh nevermind.. Rolle to titans

wow Inimounts... you are just clueless. or a jets fan (kinda the same thing)

Rolle to the Titans. Our draft will be a solid C by most. So many teams in the AFC have had tremendous drafts. Wish it could have been us.

If we don't draft some game changing offensive players next year the Trifecta all need to be fired. No way we rank higher than 17 in overall offense this year.

I'm pumpd up! We will hav a strong dfense this year! Here go phins! Marshall jersey come out yet? Anybody kno?

Pat White, ur right D for di'k, 12 for 12 inches that I stick in ur girlfriend all night while ur behind the 7-11 counter...

All Im asking for is the a WR with SPEED, who can catch unlike the one that just left, for a change...

Bobby it is not aloco. ALoco is a half wit fool. Who could not insult anyone if he tried.
U sir are not a good example of what OUR tax dollars are paying for. Vacation my f'kin @zzzz. Cant wait for you to go back to work. I bet you dont talk the way you do at work. spine less coward

so who do we take???

player from Troy would be nice, Brandon Lang?

Gee Bobby, I thought "D" for dck meant you took it up the butt like your momma used too .....hmmm

U Know I Hated This Years Draft.But,Realize That All The Things We Did In Offseason Made The Offence Great.We Added Marshall Now We Dont Hav To Run Alot.Which Means Less Chance Of Brown Gettin Hurt.So,We They Used The Wholed Draft On"D".Hope They Draft Blount.My Fav Pick This Draft Jared&Jones

Marshall....Fasano......gimpy ronnie and aging ricky will not win many games this year.

We better hope to win a lot of 13 to 10 football games.

Listen, just because I disagree with the Dolphins picks doesn't mean I'm not a Dolphins fan, or any less of one. We can have our own opinions, good or bad pertaining to this draft. In the end I think it was a terrible draft, not one player they picked other than odrick is going to be a starter. There were plenty of good players that other teams and draft gurus alike thought were good players, still on the board when they picked. The consensus of people, fans and experts thought that Misi, Jerry and Edds are special teamers or back ups at best. That's my opinion as well, from both watching games and studying. That doesn't make me any less a Dolphins fan. I have been a fan since 1970. Most of you weren't even born yet. So save the comments. You can't say these players will be good any more than I can say they suck. That's what makes the draft fun. We will see.


Pat White, ur right D for di'k, 12 for 12 inches that I stick in ur girlfriend all night while ur behind the 7-11 counter...

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 24, 2010 at 03:23 PM

Our country is really screwed!

I'd like to take a flyer on Blount.

Myron Rolle, is off the board.
Told ya.

Justsayno ur whole thing was sadly ironic. No one knows anything is exactly what someone would say when trying to look at this draft. Becase they couldn't even make a splash against college players. Percy harvin, dumervil, peppers, I could go on, dominate in the NFL and dominated on Saturdays. Horrible draft. Lastly, we won the division because of our schedule. It wasn't a team that put people away. We had needs. This draft did not meet them, and what's worse is we had the opportunity to do so.

How can anybody say this draft sucks. Theses guys have not even stepped on the field yet. I don't get it.

I'm on the blount bandwagon now.. Big tough, bill parcells type of guy.. We'll see

Myron rolle.. Guy that got toasted all season at the so talented fsu!

You heard it here an hour ago:

DE/OLB George Selvie or Brandon Lang.

Supermike...it's because they're all experts. Can't you tell. They'll come crying I told you so if the players don't work out but there will be silence if they do.

Dickerson, and we get everything we came for

I hate this blog!!!!!

You are all a bunch of jerks

Mark, why would u be shocked?? None of the moaners are real fans anyway...they sit on their coaches, turn on DirecTV and play Madden all day...they know shyt and are closet fans of other teams and bandwagon jumpers...they come here to biatch because no one else in their miserable pathetic lives want to listen to them, don't be shocked at all

Pat White. Tell us the truth. You are a dishwasher in some crap restaurant in NY, telling yourself " If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere." You FUcK3n LOSER BUM

When's our next pick?

I feel you Tru Dol-fan. Majority of these posters think the slowest wr core in the AFC is going to make a huge jump in productivity just because Marshall is here. No one is afraid to jam Bess....Hartline....Camirillo..or Pat turner. That's how you know you have a formiddable no 2 wr. People are diluting for thinking Hartline is going to be some type of explosive player opposite Marshall.

Jrljr2 this is what I am trying to understand. Boobyd12 and you know who will automatically call you a Jets fan the minute that you disagree with them. Followed by"you live in a basement" or " screw your mom"
I only wish I and others could have a little one on one time together to get things straight, know what I mean. A coward likes to hide behind the computer and sound tough. Now does this sound like Aloco????


What exactly is your point???

Is it that Reshad is more of SS than FS???

Either way it's a good pick for us.. We need a backup for Bell anyways...

Gettin close.....

T Pain is da MAN !!!

We're up next Seter-dime.

See and now the big P U S S Y is going to post in my name cause his wittle feelings are hurt

Dorin Dickerson! Please!!

Blount, Blount, Blount!!!!

on the clock...



That's my point. To posters penciling R. Jones in at FS have never seen him play. He is a S.S. for sure.

Rob nova you retard. You dont even know who you are talking to, names change so fast. U never know. Look at me and am you. You bozo.

Miami is up.

Pat White Sr, ur a Pus"y to, and believe me, ur don't want to meet me u crying piece of shyt

he mayb the only starter from this draft,great pick fast hard hitter great hands,m can return punts,not sure how he got so low tho,any problems we should know about?

No Blount...BP is not going to take a dude with off the field issues in the draft.

Chris McCoy!!!

Did Dickerson fail a test or something?? 4.4 speed and decent size. The blocking te at pitt already got drafted!!

Another OLB. I like it.

Like it

I meant McCoy, McCoy, McCoy!!

Must be sklbndt. One poster wrote this draft did not meet needs we had how do they know that already

Who The Hell Is Chris Mccoy

Good accolades!!! I trust in Tuna, but here come all the basement GM, Jet trolls to complain...

Chris McCoy LB. 7 sacks last year. Sunbelt Co -defensive player of the year, A good project.

What is the record for lb's taken in a damn draft. Another off the radar backer that will play special teams.

A possible impact TE left on the board and this staff chooses to go in to another season with stone hands FASANO as a starter. The worst TE in the AFC.

I know who I am talking to..the as$clown that wishes they had half as much talent at the real Pat White.

Didn't know Middle Tenn had a football team. McCoy seems to have good numbers

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