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Dolphins pick S Reshad Jones in fifth round

The Dolphins finally got their free safety -- I think -- as they just drafted Georgia safety Reshad Jones.

For Jones, this draft process had to be something of a tough time because he seemed poised to be a second or third round pick and instead dropped to the bottom of the fifth round.

"[I expected to go ] two to three, but everything worked out for the best," Jones said.

Jones has strong safety size at 6-0 and 214 pounds. But he does have free safety ball skills.

"I feel I can play strong and free," he said.

The Dolphins haven't told Jones which one they want him to play.


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f*ck I was wrong. it's too bad. Selvie and Lang are quality pass-rushers.


If u watched any draft talk and blogs... McCoy was a sleeper at linebacker because he played at a weak college... Still a 5 round pick u get in the 7th... Sleeper

Pat, well said. Since when can I not voice my opinion either way about my team? I have laughed and cried over this team for close to 40 years. Btw, they call us the basement dwellers but they are the ones that post here 24/7. Who has no life? The bottome line is that the trifecta is trying to make a statement that they are smarter than everyone else by picking "their"guys. Well just because they are their guys doesn't make them the correct pick. If I remember correctly, White, Turner, Clemons Wilford, Wilson, Clemons, Nalbone and many more busts have also been their guys. They've missed just as much as they have hit. Don't understand all the blind faith.

It wasn't just one guy, it was me. A veteran. And we didn't because none of these picks will make a difference for us. Odrick is merling, and all others are less. Right my name down. If I'm wrong u can tell me so. Look at the bengals board. I'm not saying we have to be Seattle. But look at cincy who noone is talking about. And they piss all over who we drafted, and we have better picks.

The only thing I can guess, with all of these Line Backers, there will be some trading after the draft. Merling, Crowder, somebody gots to go

have you seen anything you like today? c'mon bro.

I was right about picking an OLB, at least

Oh yes NJ give us your blessings my Lord. Only to satsify your taste in draft picks my Lord. Who cares about in Tuna we trust. It matters to NJ, NJ Lord of the Draft. JUSTIN please take of this idiot!!!!

Mando, I request you create a secure blog that require a sign that can be monitored and the idiots can be kicked off by usename. This blog is full of perverts and there must be some place we can go to discuss the Phins without this filth. I am not perfect, but, am sick and tired of the chemtrails jerk and others. I really like your atricles and most of the people on here. I think most on here want to talk to each other about the Dolphins or whatever and would like to have a monitored chat room or whatever it is called these days.

Thanks in advance.

Our entire draft was projects. We need guys with talent at positions of need. 20 lb's while Joey Haynos and Anthony Fasano drop passes. Rick and Ronnie age by the second...and Camirillo..Hartline and BEss are still running 4.7 forty's. What an embarrassment of a draft by a guy that suppose to be smart.

Jaison..Dickerson has a lot of talent but he's very small for a TE @ 6'1 230..

"DE Chris McCoy (6-foot-3 1/4, 261 pounds) displayed some of the skills that made him the 2009 Sun Belt Conference Co-Defensive Player of the Year. McCoy clocked in with a 4.79- and 4.70-second 40-yard dash, 4.51-second short shuttle and a 7.13-second three-cone drill. He posted a 33-inch vertical jump, 10-foot, 3-inch broad jump and 23 bench press repetitions at 225 pounds." - Gil Brandt, NFL.com

really surprised Parcells passed on a pass-rusher from Troy

I'm officially callin for the Tuna's firing!!! Effective immediately!! Let's promote sta8balless.

The only reason the experts will give this draft a low grade was because Miami didnt address many needs. Here they are in the 7th round drafting players in position that is not a need. There are still some good players on the board for positions of beed in TE, and DT/NT. Randy Starks is not the answer at NT and they should not have ignored that in the draft for the second year in a row.

Lol Dan,

I didn't know they had a football team either...

Like the pick though...
Was hoping we would pick up another OLB..

The Dolphins should seriously consider drafting at least one more LB,...I don't think 8 is enough

Playoff bound another OLB, can't wait till thus season starts. Ronnie Brown will break down again- No TE let's hope these OLB can play both ways!!!! Welcome to the Suck!!

People bitched all year about how krappy our linebackers were last year and how they ruined some of our games.. They release a few... Bring in a key free agent linebacker and three in the draft and it still isn't enough... Some of u guys are a joke

The homers will have McCoy in Canton in 10 years.

I'm wondering if we can get another 7th rd pick for Smiley or will we keep him and try and get more value out of him next year?

I just got done f u c k i n g Str8balla in the butt

dont forget everyone we will probably have 5-10 free agents in after the draft. maybe another starter or role player there too.

I hope Tuna and Ireland learn from u stra8baless!!! You troll!!!!!

I Dont Undrestand Why Would You Draft McCoy Over Blount!McCoy Is Most Likly To Released And It Will.So,Why Dont Draft Blount Who Could Replace Ricky In 2Years.Worst Draft Pick EVER!

McCoy is another 3-4 OLB prospect nice pickup

Jrljr2 Your welcome, we are loyal fans. Now we can go to our basement and they can go after ours moms.


YOu ever met a Dolphin decision you didn't like ?

Jrlr2, you've been a fan for 40 years, that makes you 50 something?? And a 50 something year old guy is on a blog crying about guys who have never even played yet??? LMFAO!!! Ur kidding me, no ome can be in there 50s and be that incredibly stupid in life criticizing the picks before they have even got on the field....bwahahhahah stupid old man, watch tennis

my d i c k is hard as a rock

Beerphin has to be a front office employee

from Mike Mayock of NFL Network: "The Dolphins just took Chris McCoy from Middle Tennessee State, another small school DE projected to convert to OLB in a 3-4 defense. McCoy has a quick first step, is a natural bender and has a great motor. Like most of these small school conversion projects, he's undersized."

wtf, bu and str8baless on line at same time!!! Too much to take!! Peace Fin fans!! Gr8 yr coming up!

McCoy 6-foot-3, 261-pound is a hybrid defender. Some teams project him as defensive end in a 4-3 defensive scheme, like he played at MTSU. Other teams slot him as a possible outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.

Yes NJ I Googled!!! lol

A joke? If you think this draft is what the fins need look again. Because as soon as injuries hit the H/B and WR good luck!!! We have had enough LB for awhile-Sad if you think we just drafted our way to the playoffs!!

They will be wishing when the entire AFC is playing catch against our secondary. Not to mention Brandon Marshall begins complaining and acting out because he can't get the football because there is not one who can lift the top off of the coverage or make plays on the other side.

TNphinfan, You are tired of the perverts you say. This would leave out your pal bobby d12. All he talks about is doing everyones mom, in the mouth comment. You can read it with your own eyes.... We never said anything perverted did we...go back and read


Thanks for leaving golf out of it. lol..

I would love to have heard Beerphin's analysis of the Pat White pick last year.


Finally somebody sees what i see. People think that we're bad fans for disagreeing with the "PLAN" but does anybody actually sit back and watch the rest of the league? the teams that constantly win have PLAYMAKERS! How many can you say the dolphins have???

U don't take better undersized guys at the top of the draft who played for notable schools against great comp...then u take a kid who plays for MTSU in the 7th and waste a pick.

No help for the O in the entire draft.

stra8balla spreads his legs for n i g g e r di ck

bobbyd12 is sounding alot like NJ.

Julie -

You say OLB is not a position of need?
What team have you been watching? Their two best OLBs just left (JT & Porter), and they lacked depth there to begin with. Now they've drafted three OLBs, two of which are potential starters.

OLB was by far their most pressing need, and they addressed that quite well.

Koa Misi, AJ Edds, Chris McCoy, & Dobbins will be nice new additions at linebacker. Wake, Misi & Edds are all possible starters. w/ our inside being Dansby & Crowder - Torbor/ Dobbins pretty good upgrade if Wake pans out

wow. Dickerson may not even get drafted. I'm off to get more beer..and punch any jets fans I see in the face.

There you go Beerphin. Homering it up like we all want it !

People bitched all year about how krappy our linebackers were last year and how they ruined some of our games.. They release a few... Bring in a key free agent linebacker and three in the draft and it still isn't enough... Some of u guys are a joke

Posted by: Gman05 | April 24, 2010 at 03:37 PM

I hear ya.

We had some good picks in the early parts of the draft, then from 4-7 so far, I think Al Davis entered our draft room and made some picks. Then BP and the gang came back and Picked Jones. LOL. Seems like some of these picks, especially EDDS and Carroll should not have been there it those locations. I did not see the reasoning of moving up to pick Edds when he probably would have been available in one of the later rounds. So sad that now they have moved Starks to the NT position that we ignored that position in the draft. Cam would have been perfect in the fifth round along with Jones. This 7th rounder makes no sense since it is no longer filling a need and we still have some needs to fill at TE and NT.

McCoy measurables at MTSU's Pro Day included a 10-foot, 3-inch broad jump, 33-inch vertical jump and 23 reps on the 225-pound bench press.

Great pickup this late in the draft!

Coach him up on his play recognition and tackling and his ability to knock heads off and play the ball will do the rest!!!!

AJ edds isan inside backer

Let em be unhappy with our draft.

Who gives a F*ck?


That's a great plan....

Count me in...

Dickerson and Owens would fill some needs. If they want to go linebacker, why not pick up the kid from Troy?? They had 10 picks over all, 11 at one point and stupidly traded them away. If they would have stayed put, we could have had even more players, and better players at the positions. We may not have been stuck with reaches like Edd and Carroll.

When do we pick next?

i like mccoy---dickerson or blount should be last pick---

Jamar chaney
George johnson---if we go defense

We are waiting for a dozen free agents from the big 10 that are "overachievers".

Hahahha we are "Real" fans because we come on a blog and complain about everything everyday!!! LOL. We are real fans by saying we will go 7-9 and our team suks hhahahahah Most of you belong on a FAIL Blog...YOU ARE NOT REAL FANS, ur little biatches who cry about EVERYTHING in life!!! I bet most of you live miserable lives personally...unbelievable

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