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Dolphins pick S Reshad Jones in fifth round

The Dolphins finally got their free safety -- I think -- as they just drafted Georgia safety Reshad Jones.

For Jones, this draft process had to be something of a tough time because he seemed poised to be a second or third round pick and instead dropped to the bottom of the fifth round.

"[I expected to go ] two to three, but everything worked out for the best," Jones said.

Jones has strong safety size at 6-0 and 214 pounds. But he does have free safety ball skills.

"I feel I can play strong and free," he said.

The Dolphins haven't told Jones which one they want him to play.


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Final trade of the draft:

Dolphin fans trade Sta8balla for a case of HIV and two more incureable deseases to be named later.

When do we pick next?

Posted by: socalfan | April 24, 2010 at 03:48 PM

4th from last....32 more picks

Str8balla just got done licking my anus hole

I hope Beerfphin is on stand by to give our next pick an A+

We are REAL fans, we just hate our team and everything they do but we are REAL FANs. LMFAO

truth.. first of all what is truth on a blog. there is no accountability as jerks hijack handles. With a secure blog only 1 handle per logon would be accepted so there would be no one speaking on anothers behalf and when they get over the top they can be banned or put in timeout.

I said the chemtrails jerk and yes others with outright smut. We all get out of line once in a while but the over the top crap needs to stop.

Posted by: ALoco | April 24, 2010 at 03:43 PM

You need some serious help. I don't know what possesses someone (an adult) to write something like this.

This is very disturbing behavior.

Julie -

The only way for fans like us to gauge what is a reach pick (in most cases; excluding Al Davis' picks which even a 10-yr old knows are retarded), is to go by Draft-know-nothings like Mel Kiper, who subsequently influence everyone else's opinions and mock drafts.

Every pick is a gamble. If that weren't the case, then every player picked in the 1st two rounds of every draft would make the pro bowl. Doesn't happen. Bill Parcells & Co. know better than most.

There's a very good reason why Draft-know-nothings like Kiper aren't running front offices. It's because they're sensationalists, and they don't know much of anything.

Never gonna stop TN, sucks.

Rob NOVA: your comment about punching jets fan in the face let me to spew beer all over my keyboard, hilarious!!

I think Crowder and Tabor better start getting their affairs in order. Between the draft and the trade with the Chargers looks like we have a whole new LB group...

I do like Jerry. We needed help at guard and got some one who could mash with size and strength. Other than that...not excited about any one elses potential to be really good.

since Dickerson is undersized as a TE can he convert to WR?? With the last pick we need to take just a great all around athlete and see if/where he finds a niche on our team

po it would with a secured monitored blog.

Proof that Kiper doesn't know Jack-sh*t:

In 2005, he was raving about how the 49ers had to go with the "franchise QB" with the 1st overall pick. The experts-of-experts gave A. Smith a grade of 98, which is probably the same grade they gave Eli Manning the year before. Smith was a huge bust.

Truth is, had Smith been in the previous year's draft, they would have given him a grade in the mid-80s, and he would have been chosen in the 4 or 5th round.

If Miami could actually have a chance of grabbing either/both Selvie and B. Lang as undrafted FAs, that would be amazing! Or take one of them with their 252.

F*ck there goes Selvie

dickerson or Javarris James with the next pick?

Bobby I'm in my forties and forgot more than you know. Doesn't mean I'm not a fan because I disagree. You are just a ra ra biych ass little girl and I wish I could show you how old men roll.

Jlr2, the only thing u roll is a hemmoroid pad...now go drink some prune juice and geritol and read Football For Dummies, available at ur local bookstore

Jarvis James ...no way. Lumbering back that doesn't play to his size. Good pedigree but very injury prone during his career at Miami. Don't think the kid made it thru one season without missing 3 to 6 games.

Dickerson should be kept at TE if he is chosen. He will be Patrick Turner if we try to covert him. He is not sudden or quick. Needs to build speed ala pat turner.

Anybody that criticizes "their" team about draft picks when not one player hasn't even played one down is a "moron"...there is no other name

JR chill out I am in my mid forties too. I can tell you are real educate based upon your command of the english language. I bet you are a Liberal too who frowns on hate speach, but, only when it is not you giving it. Go drink some tea and have a party.

It's so funny to look at the expressions on Tom Jackson, John Gruden and the other analysts' faces when Mel Kiper tries to talk about where players should be drafted. It's priceless, and they don't even hide it.

His speculation fuels quite a bit of the dissension you'll hear about the draft. I think that each teams know their personnel best and knows their team needs best. This thing is a crap shoot and you just have to do the best you can.

I think the Dolphins picked up players that they knew a little bit about, are MULTIDIMENSIONAL, that brought something the team was lacking, and that they felt would make and upgrade the roster.

For people that like to know the opinion of Mel Kiper in NFL circles:


ps. Also looking for the original tobin rant on kiper but can't find on youtube... but you get the point.

No not liberal at all. Conservative in fact. Btw, who is the hack here that disparages anyone that disagrees? Not I. It is tough to type on the iPhone so sometimes posts are a litlle rough. Just so you know I have a masters in business. Bobby is the one that constantly insults anyone with a dissenting point of view. I'm just reacting to his personal affronts on any fan that doesn't like a particular pick.

LOL @ B12

That was more of a ROTFLMAO B12.

Some one stole my hemmoroid pad!


Give me back my Pad and go buy one of your own!

Well sir,

I have a PhD in Microbiology from Yale and I think BobbyD12 has a great mind.

My degree is better than your degree so....

Naa Nany BO BO!

No Rb this draft looks like we got another Defensive player Austin Spitler ohio state

You people are hysterical. That's all I can say. There is one little clique here that sits behind their respective computers and rules Dolphin Cyberland. Dont dare disagree with anything they post or Bill parcells does or it is curtains for you. I'm old, i wear diapers, whatever. Doesn't change the fact that this draft was terrible from a Dolphins' perspective. Most here agree. Most, except the Parcells Poopshute pundants. Disagree with them and...and...you will be relegated to spend the duration of the weekend in Bobby's mom's basement learning to love anything and everything the Tuna (and Bobby) proclaims to be true.

Jr2, no one gives a shyt what u or anyone says about the Dolphins draft...ur not an expert, if u want a tissue cause ur guys weren't picked, I'll send u one..Mortenson from ESPN put the Dolphins as one of the teams that had the best draft this weekend...If two guys start from this draft it is considered a success, we will have 3 or 4...now hurry up before u miss the Earlybird special and get to bed past ur 8:00 pm bedtime

jrlr2 you have a majority on your side, but many dont care to speak out. Bobby is a govt worker. In his late 30s(38) and is a punk. TN is a punk pal what do you expect. I got your back. Now they will make fun of that.

Now watch booby complain that I copied his name. Well my name is Bobby as well. The D is for d!ck and 21 means I am a d!ck 21 times a day so what


Why are you always so angry, dude!? You need to chill out and stop cutting people down. Aren't you afraid of breaking a blood vessel or something??

New name suggestion: "Angry bobbyd12"

Thanks Bobby. I couldn't care less what the other Bobby is or does. I have an opinion like everyone else here. He just gets so offended when someone disagrees. There are more pressing issues in my life and I come here for some peace of mind and enjoyment. Not to be castigated for my opinion. He is a punk and pay him no mind.

Jr2, sorry that FACTS get in the way of ur arguement, ur a phony and not a FAN at all...Take ur Alzheimers meds and go to bed PHONY FIN FAN

And take BOBBYD21 with u, his GF is in Costa Rica and he is lonely

I am a phony? Because I disagree with you? I think it is you that needs the meds. What's wrong, feeling a little insecure or threatened by someone that challenges your opinion? Go back to your rock. Again, this old man will take you up on any challenge you may have. Typical. Sorry, your badge won't help you here. Keep trying to hide behind it though. Talk about liberals, you have to aspire to a socialist point of view with the way you can't seem to stand anybody disgreeing with you. Wow. You are so insignificant in your own mind that you have to belittle people on a football blog because they have a differing opinion on a given football player. Talk about needing meds.

The team went into the draft needing a NT, OLB, FS, G, TE and to a lesser extent, a speed receiver. They then drafted a DE and moved our best current DE to DT. All while Hughes was on the board. In the offseason they lost their best defensive player (Taylor) best pass rusher (Porter) and our NT for 8 games, from a defense that was porous to begin with. Could have had Hughes or Washington or Mays or a WR with speed. They still don't have a NT to play the three man front. They will lose starks' pass rush ability from the edge because of the move. Still no FS to speak of(Darren sharper or Atogwe anyone). They drafted Misi 15-20 spots ahead of where he would or should have gone. All while there were value OLBs and Safeties still available. There best pick of today was Jones and he doesn't fill a need unless he plays and excels at FS. This is something to be jumping for joy about? The offense, while improved with marshall, needs an infusion of speed. Need gamebreakers. Williams and Brown are old and injury prone, respectively. Need aTE to help Marshall open the middle of the field. So Bobby, set me straight the way adults do. If you disagree, explain why, with facts not insults. I am a Dolphins fan so I welcome nothing more than you putting my mind at ease about a draft that I think was marginal at best. I feel this team has and had before the draft that still haven't been filled adequately. They picked plenty of LBs, but none that fit the bill, in my opinion. Set me straight. Tell me why I should be optimistic.


You should be optimistic because our most glaring needs last season were on defense, namely at linebacker. Our LB's were absolutely useless; they provided no pressure on the QB's, who had an eternity to throw the ball. Where was porter when it counted most? Nowhere to be found. I'm not going to say the same about JT because he was taken out on 3rd downs often times. How many times did Ayodele get burned in short-medium TE coverage? It was torture watching our D last year.

I'll be the first one to say that these are not glamorous picks; however, did you know who Demarcus Ware was when Parcells drafted him? I didn't. The point is, Parcells knows what he's doing.

Who are we to say that Odrick, Misi and Edds are not going to turn out to be solid maybe even star players for years to come?

They passed on Thomas because they were sold Starks. I didn't think it was a smokescreen when they announced it. I really think that Starks can hold his own against Centers and guards.

Lastly, I would reiterate that Reshad Jones will be our defensive star for years to come. You will see a lot of number 9 Jerseys walking around in Miami. I could not be happier with this pick. Talk about value...

I agree about Jones. I said earlier that he was the best pick today. I have no choice but to defer to The Trifecta, but just think there were better players available then the three they took ind the 2nd, 3rd and 4th. I think Odrick will be a stud eventually and agree Starks will flourish at tackle. However, I also feel moving Starks at this point is a step back for the D overall. I hope I'm wrong. I loved the Marshall trade and clamored for it for months. Even when most here were saying it wouldn't happen. It just seemed that the team was poised and in position to make an impact with these picks, especially after the tradedown and acquiring the second rounder and I feel the picks could have been better. That's all. FB, thanks for your point of view and civility.

Well...interesting draft. I'm not siding with the haters and I'm definitly not rubbing the trifecta off one. If we have a 9and 7 season then it is a success. 1 and 15 three seasons ago. Camarillo was best reciever and I don't want to mention the QBs. All the the players that can't make our team now were starters two years ago. This season is the test. Kind of like a college coach, let the man play with his recruiting class then we can judge. But trust me I am ready to.

I still think we screwed the pooch by not taking Earl Thomas at Safety. We've got a 'project' with our 1st round pick, an undersized 'tweener' with our second round pick. I like the A.J. Edds pick though. I don't know about Jones. It says he ran a 4.5 40, which is pretty good, but not if he's taking bad routes. I mean, Jason Allen came to us with a lot of physcial tools re: size and speed but has had zero instinct and just doesn't seem to have intangibles. I hope this Jones guy isn't a carbon copy of Jason Allen.

Miami's whole draft this year was Parcells and Ireland saying "We're smarter than you" to everyone else, all the prognosticators. When looking at all these mocks, it seems like all of the guys Miami took were ranked much lower than when they were picked (am I wrong?). When they say that there are '50 guys with 1st round talent' it just reeks of exaggeration.

Exactly. Miso for example was rated between 55-60 and was taken at 40. Too many other good players were on the board at that point to take a "tweener" as you put it.

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