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Dolphins select DB Nolan Carroll with No. 145

The Dolphins have selected defensive back Nolan Carroll with their fifth-round pick -- the one they got from San Francisco for Ted Ginn.

Carroll is 6-0 and 204 so he has the size to play safety, if that's what the Dolphins wish to do with him. But that would make him more of a position nomad than he has been so far.

Carroll played wide receiver before he moved to cornerback.

Carroll broke his right leg (tibia and fibia) the second game of the season in 2009 and didn't play thereafter. It happened on a running play in which he was supporting the run-defense. It was, ironically,

Carroll just said the Dolphins told him they want him to "come in and compete at corner." He also said he's played safety "some."

"If they want me to do that I'll do that," he said.

Carroll also returned kicks his freshman and sophomore years in college.


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who is this cat??? what happened to robert johnson mando

Good God. Missed last season with an injury, and has started six games in his collegiate career for a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, bad team?

I'm so happy! I'm so happy! Parcells knows what he's doing!! I'm so happy!! Wheeee!!!

I am now convinced that Parcells is intentionally sabotaging this team as he prepares to walk out the door.


Can he return punts??

your lover^

To hell with this regime. Enough said.

I think this is a potential FS convert and he will be competing for starting position there.

Next pick in 6th round will be a WR-

can he buy burgers threw the wendys drive through window, NAKED?

Somehow, we convinced another team to take Ted Ginn, Jr., the worst player in the history of the National Football League, and his family, off our hands -- and we STILL wound up getting fleeced in the deal.

Horrible. Terrible. F.

wow, this team should look alot different on defense next year, can't wait!!!! would of like to see them get a RB somewhere to run behind this awesome OL tony is putting together but whatever. GO DOLPHINS!!!

its hilarious...we cant even get close to what these people are going to draft!

Cam thomas just went after we drafted to san diego!

Risky pick

Carrol didn't play last year because he had a broken leg. Injuries have been an issue. Don't know anything about him. Gotta question this one a little. Someone do some convincing please

Could have got this guy in the 6th I bet.

I like Cam Thomas at that spot.


I feel like ive been jizzed on..

i am slightly disappointed we didn't pickup Cam Thomas. I think the Chargers struck gold in the 5th with that pickup.

Carroll could be our safety. Another team captain, probably would have been higher if he didn't break his leg in the second game. 6 1 210lbs ran 4.37. Good tackler.

really surprised that did not draft Cam Thomas, this guy would have been there later

Another point: a lot of you, both "good guys" and "bad guys" are putting way too much emphasis on the position that these guys supposedly play. With the Wildcat and now Nolan coming on, I think that what we're going to be getting is less of a "You are a DE, you are an ILB" and more of a "You, go out there and play football." The coaches seem to understand that what you call a guy is less important than what he does.

Great fn pick. Call us trolls or jerks or whatever but they deserve an F for this draft. I had very high expectations and it started good with the trade down, but this is a disaster.

The homers will be sending this guy Caroll to the hall of fame in a few minutes.

Not one starter after Odrick.



This guy just sounds like dimeback and special teams fodder.

There went Johnson.....I really like this guy. He's gonna be a monster for the Titans.

Talk about a buzz kill!!!!

I liked Cam too but didn't Ireland say last night Starks was our NT..so Starks, Solai and Ferg after 8...



The Edds pick will down in history.

Is he the secret Love-Child of Mike Nolan & Pete Carroll?

Former WR, good hands. Big CB which parcells loves. 41 inch vertical, good special teams player. This guy is interesting.


Dolphins are definitely picking up "willing" guys, but why draft a guy to convert him to something he hasn't played? Why take the risk when there are others on the board who already fill the need at the desired position? It doesn't make sense. Please tell me he wasn't at the Senior Bowl as well ..

Ok, i´m out 3 picks left...but those are really big crapshots. I´ll be around later for final draft analysis.

At this point we're drafting guys who are special teamers and could develop into a starter with some luck. At least this guy has some physical skills. Maybe a nickel guy or at worst special teams gunner type.


This guy has got to be pumped! Without us he probably would have gone UNDRAFTED

I dont understand this draft, I think tuna and CO are to stubborn to take some one with high grades from the so call "draft experts". I guess we will have to see how the perform on the field to evaluate.

Alan Faneca released by jets wow

with the pick in the 6th the Dolphins pick.....

Who knows

If the last regime had just made these identical picks the City of Miami would be turned upside down right now, but because it's the Tuna we are all supposed to feel "CONDFIDENT"

Ross MUST step in immediately and take over the War Room & put J-Lo or Karl Peterson in charge for remaining rounds.

This team will never winanother game again.

Worst draft in History of Western Civilization or since Fall of Rome,at least/

Banged up loser. MAYBE he can play receiver, corner, safety, kick return, punter, and be our 4th quarterback.


I'm crying myself to sleep tonight.

youtube this guy he has intangibles and potential might be diamond in the rough pick

bill parcells loves golden corral

If it wasn't for the Brandon Marshall trade/signing this offseason would look vanilla at best!!!!!! At least they cut those other bums...Gerbil, Ayodele et al

I can't really judge these guys. But I can ask this. Have we taken ONE guy in the "top availible players" list. Hahahahahahahahaha

I just dont know what to say. this draft has been RIDICULOUS. As a TRUE fan who has had my heart broken over and over, i see that the difference between us and teams like the saints is PLAYMAKERS! I thanked God for brandon marshall, but he gonna get double and triple teamed. Where is the SPEED that we so desperately need on offense???

Just bc you don't get the players you want does not mean it's a bad draft

Anyone who thinks you can accurately evaluate a draft on draft day or the day after is naive

I'm still amazed that we have'nt addresed the FS position. I know Carroll can play 'some' at FS but no doubt he's been brought in to play as our Nickel corner.

I can only assume that we're gonna make a play for Atogwe sometime after the Draft

Is Ray Finkle still available?

Carroll first non-Senior Bowl draftee?

Hey Mando,
Any chance they're thinking about converting Will Allen to safety? This guys is clearly not the answer at safety, and makes me think they're just going for corner depth with this pick...
p.s. I'm so glad we have Nolan, cause he's our only hope of getting anything out of this defense ....

I have to admit I'm embarassed that some of you are so called Dolphins fans. You give us real fans a bad name. Go route for another team please, you have two other options in FLA.

Could Will Allen be our answer at FS since we keep passing on it?

not so fast on Carroll my friends, until he got hurt he was hands down one of the best dbs in the ACC maybe even in the nation. very smart, good hands and a mean streak. Laid Jahvid Best ass out vs Cal. Don't sleep on this kid, I think he runs back kicks as well.

are there any other disabled players on the board we can draft next?

why r all these jest fan girls here anyways

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