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Dolphins select DB Nolan Carroll with No. 145

The Dolphins have selected defensive back Nolan Carroll with their fifth-round pick -- the one they got from San Francisco for Ted Ginn.

Carroll is 6-0 and 204 so he has the size to play safety, if that's what the Dolphins wish to do with him. But that would make him more of a position nomad than he has been so far.

Carroll played wide receiver before he moved to cornerback.

Carroll broke his right leg (tibia and fibia) the second game of the season in 2009 and didn't play thereafter. It happened on a running play in which he was supporting the run-defense. It was, ironically,

Carroll just said the Dolphins told him they want him to "come in and compete at corner." He also said he's played safety "some."

"If they want me to do that I'll do that," he said.

Carroll also returned kicks his freshman and sophomore years in college.


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Took us a while but we filled a 'need' position.

Po , our draft grade was always up !! This has been an excellent draft and the reshad jones tradeup confirms it. Great job by ireland and the tuna

Why hasn't TE D. Dickerson been picked yet?

PO, the only thing that dissapointed me a bit was the TE, but I guess that not on radar...Darlington said it right, NO RBs, we already have 4....RB s are a dime a dozen and with the tremendous UFA and 2011 draft we will retool then...Good, solid, draft, I agree 100%

I agree NJ, but good just got Better.

bobbyd12, 4-3 speed , 41 inch vertical , tough , like to play the run , great upbringing and great teammate, carrol could be a steal in round 5.

I don't need a FS that's a "hard hitter," I want a FS that isn't going to allow 50 yard TD passes every game like we did last year.

Agreed NJ, new blog up!!

We needed a sure tackler at FS, and I think Jones should be able to handle that. Just tackle.

For the most part we added where we needed to add B12.


What does the draft mean for the 3-4?

Are we going hybrid like some are sayin?

Is it possible M. Rolle goes undrafted???? WTF He's a starter in year 2.

Po , yes they are going to a hybrid 3-4

Thanks for all the unintentional comedy, fellas. Nothing funnier than a bunch of people who know absolutely NOTHING about these players pretending to sound like experts.

I can almost guarantee that everyone whining about Edds and Carroll thought Hartline was an instant bust at the time of the pick. Edds was regarded as the best strongside 4-3 prospect in the draft, and one of the very best linebackers in man coverage, and strong enough at holding the edge that he may be able to succeed as a 3-4 SAM (although he isn't the most dynamic blitzer, but neither was Roth). And, do not underestimate the value of having a potential starter who can long snap; that gives you a whole extra player somewhere. (And who can even sub at tight end if necessary.) He's a guy who teams were trying to hide enthusiasm about, as with Daniel Te'O-Nesheim, who also went much higher than outsiders were projecting. And he does happen to be a fairly ideal complement to Cam Wake. And don't give Pat White too hard a time just yet; the FACT is, he did make more crucial plays (even though it seemed insane to put him in at times) than Henne did as a rookie. Also, the Senior Bowl coaching thing cuts both ways. It makes it safe to say that they must have had their reasons for not drafting Cam Thomas, if they passed on him in the fifth.

Big Tuna likes Annicot Steele

What a bunch if ignorant knuckleheads you guys are. Parcells knows more about FB than all of you tools put together.

He is building a 3-5 Defense morons. Thats right. Ala Bob Mathison in '72. Get off his butt and let him run the draft while you clown play with your teeny weeny peckers.

I can'y believe the moronic comments coming from this board. We have addressed many needs in the draft. Just because the players we picked were not listed in the top 5-10 at their position does not mean they are busts. All the picks are strong, athletic players who will compete for starting jobs, provide depth, and contribute on special teams.

With this draft it is obvious. Lean, speed, athleticism over size and bulk.

As this league goes more to tight ends and crossing patterns, with backs coming out off TE chip blocks, you need fast coverage guys.

You can call it a hybrid 3-4 but its really a 3-5.

The throw back Defense that Arnsparger ran is the perfect attack for the new offenses coming out.

They will use the 3-5 to knock the primary receiver off his route early and cn blitz 2 out of every passing situation now that we have the speed.

You need speed and brains rather than bulk and size. An OUTSTANDING DRAFT ALL AROUND.

So you idiots who think you know more than Tuna and Sparano....YOU DON'T.

Myron Rolle, next pick. Watch.

Great post Yepper....they had a specific plan coming in and the common theme seems to be players who are super athletic, tall, fast, hard-nosed guys who aren't high maintenance and have the ability to make an impact right away.

You guys crack me up....Before anyone has had even a chance to play a down you are doming the draft and even worst some of you are doming it over a 5th rd pick.

Its obvious that scouting in the NFL has changed big time. Us fans, we get our info from so called draft gurus and we figure out what player our team should draft. You look from the 1st rd on down and you see these gurus are way off the mark on picks. Clausen, Kindle slips to the 2nd, Tebow is a 1st rd pick, Cam Thomas was projected to be a 3rd rd pick and Bruce Campbell was at one point a top ten pick. That tells me that NFL teams know something about these players that we nor the draft gurus knows. Other wise Chargers would have picked up Cam Thomas in the 3rd or 4th rd and Bruce Campbell would have gone a lot higher.

This guy should not even have been drafted by any team. This guy is dud in the rough not a diamond. This draft stinks. Anyway what does Parcells care he won't even be around next season. Ross the owner what the hell are you doing. Take control you buffoon. The Dolphins with these picks could be worst this year than last. This was supposed to be a draft to make are team at least a contender. Well thanks to Parcells we are a joke. We signed Marshall for what. We needed a speed receiver to go along with him. We needed another running back. But instead just like Parcells who thinks this is the 1980's we draft a bunch of nobody's that look more like special teamers. Jones is okay. But why pick that loser from Iowa in front of him and trade up no less. Makes no sense. Go and leave fat man Parcells your time is done. You have made this team like the Cowboys you coach losers. Parcells I hate you.

OK, I'm the second guy here to mention that this guy ran a 4.37 40!!! Can you say kick returner? Speed is good, right? You can't coach it. This guy is big, REALLY fast, has good hands, ME LIKEY!
Worse case scenario, you just line this guy up and send him deep 20 times a game and make a SS try and defend his 4.37 speed down the field while the FS is busy doubling on Marshall. I think this guy will be able to do what Ginn did and he's probably tougher with more attitude.
He might have been able to fall to us later though. I'm not sure why he wasn't our Mr. Irrelevant unless word got out that he was on other team's radars as well.
Speed is a great asset though. If he can still run around 4.4 then he will help our football team one way or the other.

Did anyone read the analysis on NFLDraftScout.com? Some interesting stuff. One other thing I have to add from what I wrote before: He graduated college. He's not a slacker. I think this guy will be our best pick.

Will anyone care about any of this if we sign Darren Sharper? Ya know the guy that negated all our good feelings at the end of the first half against New Orleans? The natural ballhawk and intuitive playmaker? That would be nice.

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