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Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick

He is 6-5 and 305 pounds. He is a pass-rusher from the defensive tackle spot and the Dolphins think he can simply upgrade the defensive line in several ways.

He can play defensive end on early downs. He can rush up the middle on passing downs.

Jared Odrick is Miami's first round draft pick.

"I think I'm a great pass rusher," Odrick said. "I think I'm a great run-stopper."

The Dolphins believe they have added a three-down player. If I'm Phillip Merling, I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The Dolphins have loved this guy since before the Senior Bowl. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and played and practiced well and hard. The love affair was on.

"I spoke to the staff going way back to Alabama and I knew they had a strong feeling about me but I didn't know how strong," Odrick said. "I can and will play any position on the defensive line," Odrick said. "I played the one-technique in college (DT) so if they ask me to play nose tackle, I'm for it. Let's do it."

Odrick played for the North squad in Mobile. The Dolphins coaches worked with the South squad. Odrick said he once asked Sparano what the first play of that game was going to be.

"He said, 'We're sure as heck not telling you,' " Odrick shared.


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Worse than Pat White... Horrible pick

I hope he's a player

WTF were they thinking on this one??? This pick suuuucked

he is a good player but we already have langford, starks and merling

Help someone.......does anyone know what's up?

Big O & company trashing him big time

No way guys, actually a good pick. Just wait, we got a lot of picks and talent left

WTF! Who is that?

I don't like this pick. We have good defensive ends. We needed olb. There were two good ones available.

Wow parcells you have down syndrome this guy is even a good nt he's a better dt..this guy can't pass rush for $hit! Why not pick Sergio kindle!!! Feels like another horrible dolphins draft!

This makes less sense than drafting Ted Guinn. DE is one of the few positions on D where we were already set for next year.

Great call, Mando. You said this early tonight.

Great job as usual.

Another dissapointing draft!!! I stayed up for this!!!

I am really starting to worry about the front office.

Merling must be on the block. Whats he worth?

Bottom line is Odrick is a three-down player. he's a run-stopper on early downs. he'll rush from the interior on pass downs.

This is a good pick.

You guys relax he should be fine

This is not a need!!!!

Mando do the Phins believe he can play the NT position much like Jay Ratliff? He's about the same size at 6'4" 303lbs, but if Odrick is strictly going to play DE, then this was a huge mistake unless Kindle somehow falls to the #40 pick.

Great pick...we're locking down the point of attack

Thanks for throwing us a bone with that at least mando!! Don't eat so much!! It causes a sugar crash afterwords and you'll end up looking like Cody without a shirt

We still have another pick at 40. We're good guys, let's see who we pick up!

I hope like hell ur right Mando...

Here we go again. I hate to second guess the pro's, but this pick doesn't inspire faith in the future of our beloved Fins.

Some of you are laughable. We just got better at a position where we were already decent. Good teams keep improving even in spots where they are already good. We pick again in 11 picks and could still get a good OLB or FS or NT.

This pick blows.

Great pick
Still alot of players

dont like the pick

it wasn't a need Armando. We have no OLB's. Questionable pick.

Are you awake, Armando? Go work in some other job that you actually care about.


The kid is huge. 6-5 310lbs. just being on the field will make our D better

Why has Hughes dropped?

This guy would have been around till the 5th or 6th round... They needs are more urgent at S, OLB, and NT... Fuuuuuuuuk... Ready to send flowers to the phins front office, they just put us in the grave again!!!

Mays at 40

it hurts, my wrists, all the blood...

Wow!An To Think I Didnt Want Kindle At #12.I Did Wish They Get Him There Then Get Mays With The 40th Pick!Hope We Got MAYS!

Starks and Odrick look great as the DE's to me.

horrible, horrible, horrible...

2 good pass rushers on the board and we take a DE???

A chance to take Earl Thomas or Derrick Morgan at 12 and we trade back to take a DE???? WTF???????????????

good pick. FS or OLB at 40.


Thats what i'm talking bout!

I think they move him to nose tackle

Should have gone with Kindle...terrible.

I think either Hughes or Kindle will still be there when we pick tomorrow...we will still get a chance to get a Linebacker....how bout CLAUSEN tho...hes dropped bigtime

The best part of our pick is that you were ALL wrong, including me who said LB.

the worst part is we STILL have no OLB's...

Sorry JT

hahaha the jets take wilson, wth are they guna use him for

Next pick
Relax guys

Heya there guys! Great to be on this'a Herald newspah'per team. Here is my first scoop: This Just In: The Dolphins will draft a 365lb Crawdad to play pass-rush left end next round.

Waah. It wasn't a need. Unless you have a Hall of Famer in his prime, every position can use to be upgraded. That's winning football.

I wasn't inspired last yr either with our1st pick and that turned out great... So in Tuna I trust..

Brutal pick...is he a NT? is he a FS?

Can he rush the passer?


Bad pick.

I like the pick. I've never heard of the guy but thats a good thing to me. Means (hopefully) they did their homework. it's easy to draft the people everyone is talking about but to find the unknown gems is how you earn your money

Hey Mando, I am with you....I watch this guy from 45 yard line at Happy Valley and he blows up the OLine. Him and Starks on passing downs is going to be sick

Randy Starks is one of the best 3-4 DE in the league. So, he isn't starting ahead of him. And Kendall Langford is a good young player. So, he won't necessarily start over him. So, he can't be a 3-down player if he's not a starter.

this is gayer than butt sex

I had no idea this guy was on our radar, but the only thing better was the typical dumb f pick by the jets. hahahahaha.

Mondo must be drunk off his ass and anyone else who thinks this is a good pick. This was not a position of need nor was he the best player available

What a mistake. He's a good player, but they drafted a WANT not a NEED. Sergio Kindle would have been huge here.


Do you think Hughes or Kindle will drop to 40th?

Dolphins felt they could shore up the line, ala Jake Long...guy is a big, Prototypical Parcells player, suprised but not disappointed..we pick again in 40!!

this pick sucks

This is a good pick at 28 . he can play DE and NT . He is the same as jay ratliff who's also 6-5 305 and plays NT and a little DE.

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