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Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick

He is 6-5 and 305 pounds. He is a pass-rusher from the defensive tackle spot and the Dolphins think he can simply upgrade the defensive line in several ways.

He can play defensive end on early downs. He can rush up the middle on passing downs.

Jared Odrick is Miami's first round draft pick.

"I think I'm a great pass rusher," Odrick said. "I think I'm a great run-stopper."

The Dolphins believe they have added a three-down player. If I'm Phillip Merling, I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The Dolphins have loved this guy since before the Senior Bowl. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and played and practiced well and hard. The love affair was on.

"I spoke to the staff going way back to Alabama and I knew they had a strong feeling about me but I didn't know how strong," Odrick said. "I can and will play any position on the defensive line," Odrick said. "I played the one-technique in college (DT) so if they ask me to play nose tackle, I'm for it. Let's do it."

Odrick played for the North squad in Mobile. The Dolphins coaches worked with the South squad. Odrick said he once asked Sparano what the first play of that game was going to be.

"He said, 'We're sure as heck not telling you,' " Odrick shared.


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Armando said it best on the radio, "if you don't like this pick you shouldn't be watching football". Love it!! The only guy the Fins were interested in at 12, according to Armando, was McClain, once he was gone, Dolphins were trading down

Is this damn thing working?

I am glad they were able to trade down and pick up a second rounder but I don't get this pick. I thought it was going to be Hughes for sure. I hope the guy ends up being good enough to justify picking him, but what do I know. It is nice taking him away from the yets, though. I'm also not crazy about seeing Merling drop back in coverage.

i hear alot of people saying the picks suck but guess how big fergi was when he got drafted by the big tuna??? same size as this kid. the kid is lean and an NFL team knows how to put weight on there players this kid is gonna be a NT so a position of need was filled.

There's obviously something wrong with Kindle for him to drop out of the first round. There's talk he may need microsurgery. Have you guys heard any more on that?

I think a lot of you guys need to put things into perspective. We were able to get a second round pick from trading down and the 40th pick at that. We're going to get a really good player at 40. I think that's outstanding!!

And while Odrick wasn't who I wanted at 28, I trust the trifecta to make the right choices. He's going to add depth to our DL, might be our NT of the future and may light a fair under guys like Merling and Soalai. I can't see a downsie to this pick. I don't know that he's a flashy pick but he strikes me as the kind of pick the Pats might make and I'm good with that! He could be the next Richard Seymour.

So where do we go in the second? Kindle? Mays? Gronk? Benn? Tate? Sapp? Ideally, I think another trade down might be great. What would you guys think about getting a first next year back for our second? I know we need an OLB but maybe there's a team who wants somebody like McCoy.

Javi, I'm pretty sure Ferg was like a 6th or 7th rounder. It's not the same deal.

If they passed Kindle once there is a good chance they will pass him again.

I will be interested to see what the team does with Merling. The guy was a disappointment last year! I wonder if they will look at moving him now while he still has some value. This might be the move that likes a spark under Merling. We'll see....personally I'd be seeing what his value is right now.

Craig, if I was Merling I would be a little nervous.

I think right now we're looking at Ricky Sapp right now if we can't trade down. I think that would be a great pick and would shut up a lot of the whiners on here.

Craig M, Armando said on the radio this AM he believes Merling will be gone by end of weekend

Craig M, Mando said names to look for today, Brian Price, Rasheed Jones, Major Wright, OLB Worlds or Komise Probaly spelled both wrong...Sapp, to much injury history and something about Kindle they don't like

Man I can't stand that Dre guy that calls 790.

I don't know who either OLB Salguero mentioned today is..hope he mentions their names again


I'm listening to him right now. Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing! I can be in Canada and listen to his show in Miami. So good!!

Where are the going at 40 Bobby, if they hang onto the pick? What was the mood at the stadium last night after the Odrick pick?

that s!@it was dumb. why the hell are you going to bring in players for a workout knowing damn well your not going to pick them, and then you trade away the pick. the next pick will be dumb as s!@it as well!!!


Interesting on Merling. What do you think we could get for Merling? A second or a third? The regime has to be disappointed in this guy.

Last night there was alot of puzzled looks because I don't think people know about this kid and didn't see it coming

This is a great pick. We wanted a NT, well this is what they look like when Bill Parcells drafts them. Jason Ferguson is 6'3 and about 310 now, Jay Ratliff is 6'4 305. That is who I see when I look at him. He wouldn't have been there in the second I don't think.

If I go by the names Mando mentioned, I would love to see Rasheed Jones at 40..IMO

What's with that clown who's the Jets fan that calls Armando. What a moron!! He's already got Kyle Wilson starting. Another no-nothing Jets fan!!


I don't know enough about Jones. Can he play the FS position? Is he not too high to pick at 40? You must be hoping for Gronk, no?

I don't see Price being the pick. why the heck would we pick ANOTHER DL guy. I've heard mixed reviews on this guy.

Craig, that is Dre the jet fan. He is your run of the mill obnoxious jet fan that calls the station every day. Every time I hear his voice it makes me puke a little.

Well after more thought, I still don't get it. It's not like the Dolphins are a good enough team to take part-time players...unless they are going to trade or cut DE or NT...thats what he is. Thats not to say that he isn't a decent player, he may turn out to be very good, but does he fit and fill a spot of need, only time will tell. The Dolphins still are short at least one OLB..POSSIBLY a NT, FS...and of course there are further needs for back-ups at RB, Corner and guard.


The guys a complete moron!! Typical loud-mouthed Jet fan!!


How exactly is Odrick a 'part-time player'? This guy was a top College player and very highly touted! He's going to work in a rotation right now with some of the other guys but I think some of that might change if they move Merling. I'm actually excited about the pick. This guy is a stud!

Seems everyone thinks the Dolphins will select Kindle at 40.

Odrick is not a part time player, he is a three down player that is going to START and play full time and be the anchor of this line

I don't think so Fishypete. I think they have questions about the guy. I think they will try to trade down and if not there is probably another OLB they like. Myself, I like Sapp but time will tell.

There is also people saying Cody at 40. I know BP likes his guys to be in shape and that guy looks like the definition of out of shape.

Fishypete, I haven't heard anybody this morning thinking that Miami is taking Kindle


What's the value on Merling do you think? Would be awesome if we could get a second for him but that might be wishful thinking.

Craig, the worst part is that he calls EVERY DAY with the same crap. He sounds like a sexual predator or something.

In fact I've heard Kindle will probaly continue to fall to late 2...wanna hear the other side, where u getting info??

Bobyyd12...Where are you looking? LOL I have visited two sites and each say Kindle...I think Sapp myself...then again...the Dolphins have other needs...wouldn't be surprised to see FS taken earlier than thought..AnSah. Who knows?

Bobby, a genius named Todd Mcshay has Kindle going at 40.

Merling?? I have no idea Craig, haven't put any thought into that question


YOur right about that caller. If Armando and the station was smart they would ban that guy. Just another loud-mouthed Jets fan. Doesn't he have his own show to call somewhere?

I think somebody is going to trade up at some point to take Cody. I don't think he fits with us. There are other needs I think we need to address.


FishyPete, I been listening to local radio 790, 560...I don't put any stock in Draft experts after Round 1...Sapp has an injury history, I liked him too BUT....no one has a clue

FishyPete, forget everyone else, what do YOU think???


I think someone will trade up with the Rams to take Claussen. Otherwise, I think Minnesota take him at 33. I think it's funny, the Bills drafting SPiller yesterday and potentially movin up to take Claussen. I guess Buddy Nix isn't a fan of 'building in the trenches'. How sad for a once very proud franchise!

What I think doesn't matter Bobby...but I rather the Dolphins go either NT or FS at 40.

If you hate the pick you'll feel better if you read a book on the 3-4 defense we run in Miami. By the way, Paterno said that Odrick was the best player at his position EVER at Penn State.

Fishy, I agree with that, lots of great NTs on board right now

Paterno is an old man. Odrick is not and will never be a NT.


What are basing 'Odrick will never be a nosetackle on'. He's young and if he were to add 30-35 pounds he would be ideal. I actually think this was part of their thinking in drafting Odrick.


Seems to me the Dolphins forgot why they were picking at 12...it wasn't because of the DE's. It was because the OLB, FS and NT play sucked.

Craig...First he never played NT...do you take a player in the first round to experiment with?
If you really research him...he has problem's with double teams...and by the way...he's 305 now...do you really believe that by addding weight that will make the difference? I heard fans say that Cody is too big at 345...well wilfork is that and more...but Cody is the real NT in this draft...and you don't have to hope he can do the job.

I think they dropped down because they did not want to pay another big contract for someone at #12 after singing Dansby and Marshall. Much smaller contract for a 28th pick than at 12. What a letdown, hope it works out.


They dropped down because they wanted a second round pick to work with again. I think it was a genious move.

There was no tangible difference, they felt, between the 12th and 28th pick. The talk was they were picking Williams and he was almost there at 28. These guys know what they are doing and they are going to get a really good player at 40.


This guy is 21 or 22 years old. He's pure muscle. Give him a few years to fill out before you write him off as a NT. He may or may not be. The point is he has the potential to play NT. Just because he hasn't played NT in College doesn't mean he won't be a good one in the pros.

OK guys, I'm out for awhile.

I'll check in again when the 2nd starts.

Craig...well I guess the Dolphins are good enough to take players that may or may not pan out, in a couple years. I for one don't believe that at all...your 7-9 for a reason. I don't have anything against this kid...but I do have something against the thinking of talking him before a proven NT or OLB.

Taking him...Sorry.


The reason they were 7-9 was because Porter sucked, Wilson struggled, Pennington got hurt, Brown got hurt, Ferguson got hurt, we had two rookie CB's and NO #1 wide receiver. I'm probably missing a couple of other things but you get the point.

The 7-9 season wasn't the trifecta's fault. It was YEARS of bad drafting prior to these guys. Who was it that that you wanted picked at 28? Did you dislike the tradedown? How about the trade for Marshall? How about the signing of Dansby?

I think these guys have done a lot more good than bad in the 2 plus years they've been there and I think you need to remember what got us into this mess in the first place.

Watch this short video of Cody...especially the end...were he knowck's down two of his fellow players with a love tap..


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