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Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick

He is 6-5 and 305 pounds. He is a pass-rusher from the defensive tackle spot and the Dolphins think he can simply upgrade the defensive line in several ways.

He can play defensive end on early downs. He can rush up the middle on passing downs.

Jared Odrick is Miami's first round draft pick.

"I think I'm a great pass rusher," Odrick said. "I think I'm a great run-stopper."

The Dolphins believe they have added a three-down player. If I'm Phillip Merling, I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The Dolphins have loved this guy since before the Senior Bowl. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and played and practiced well and hard. The love affair was on.

"I spoke to the staff going way back to Alabama and I knew they had a strong feeling about me but I didn't know how strong," Odrick said. "I can and will play any position on the defensive line," Odrick said. "I played the one-technique in college (DT) so if they ask me to play nose tackle, I'm for it. Let's do it."

Odrick played for the North squad in Mobile. The Dolphins coaches worked with the South squad. Odrick said he once asked Sparano what the first play of that game was going to be.

"He said, 'We're sure as heck not telling you,' " Odrick shared.


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I'm confused. Are we switching to a 4-3? Tons of DE. No pure NT (minus old ferguson). Anyone?

We still don't have a starting caliber OLB, NT or safety. Apparently the trifecta thinks one of each will drop from Heaven.

better get kindle at 40. i dont get the pick, sorry, we need linbackers to start right away. cant wait till tomorrow

He better be able to play NT at some point because he isn't beating out Langford or Starks.

Hopefully Hughes or even Kindle are there tomorrow. Then I might be able to sleep.

Great pick. Go Phins

FWIW==from CBS Sportsline....if he plays like a Raven, that's cool w/ me

"Even though two defensive linemen could be taken in the first three picks, there is a good chance that an appealing one will fall to the Ravens near the bottom of the first round next week. Penn State's Jared Odrick, the consensus No. 3 defensive tackle in the draft, fits the personality of the Ravens' defense. In commenting on Odrick's high-energy play and toughness, one team official recently said, "He plays like a Raven." Odrick was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year by the league's coaches after he recorded 43 tackles last season for the Nittany Lions. He also had seven sacks and 11 tackles for losses. The biggest reason why Odrick could last into the second half of the first round is he's not considered flashy. He stops the run and rushes the passer equally well, but isn't dominant in either area. "The fact that he's got a great motor and had great production in college is his highest testament," said Mike Mayock, the NFL Network's draft analyst. "It will be tough for some of those teams at the end of the first round to pass on him." The Ravens, who hold the 25th overall pick, are likely among those teams who won't pass on Odrick. - Jamison Hensley, The Baltimore Sun "

The Odick pick is awseome now that Jets didnt take hughes or kindle. I feel better about the Odrick pick now.

It is not a flashy name, but a need (NT) is filled with a good player. OLB with 2nd pick would be my guess.

Jay Ratliff= 6'4" 303lbs.
Jared Odrick= 6'5" 305lbs.
Both drafted by this regime. Lets see how this plays out the rest of the draft. Just because he's projected to the 3-4 DE, doesn't mean he can't play the nose. I'm gonna hold judgement till we see who we get at #40 tomoro. (It better be an OLB)

he is a three down player? but at what position? Come on .. He is a tweener in this system, and was not a major need. What about hughes or kindle?

Holy Flavored Shrimp: my sources are reporting that Dolphins are now shopping Ronnie Brown for the Superdome. You read'a that correct: the Dolphins are TRYING TO TRADE FOR THE ENTIRE SUPERDOME

I think you fans are pretty much retarded...how can you hate this pick? The d-line needs help, we need to be more stout up the middle and he adds serious versatility. The funny thing is, you guys act like you know more than the front office, the same front office you trashed right up until we got marshall...the same front office you trashed when we earned another 2nd round pick...this draft is WAY deep, and we will be up early in the second round...TONS of value left...Odrick is a player...have faith tool bags

HORRIBLE PICK!!! There were still value OLBs on the board. I am beyond disappointed right now. First we let the Jets sign JT, and now this crap. I don't care if we signed Brandon Marshal, I have lot all confidence in Parcells at this point. I'm going to sleep. This sucks.

Odrick will be an inside rusher on passing downs. All of a sudden Kendall Langford's starting job is open for competition and Merling has to fight for his spot.

From CBSsportsline:
In commenting on Odrick's high-energy play and toughness, one team official recently said, "He plays like a Raven." Odrick was named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year by the league's coaches after he recorded 43 tackles last season for the Nittany Lions. He also had seven sacks and 11 tackles for losses. The biggest reason why Odrick could last into the second half of the first round is he's not considered flashy.

Hey Mando ... With this pick of Odrick, what is the chance the Dolphins are going to a 4-3 scheme? Think about it! We have so many DTs and DEs. And, we can put Dansby at OLB and Crowder at MLB. Maybe, the Trifecta is giving up on the 3-4. Next pick, OLB.

Jets were hoping to take Odrick. We screwed them over. I think any Fin fan can get behind that.

Sportsmonkey, you are a clown. Please remember to take off your clown make-up before you go to bed.

If we messed up the jets in any way, it was worth it!!!

This pick more or less certifies Merling as a bust. Odrick is a pretty good player, but this is the 3rd high round defensive end the Dolphins have drafted since Parcells arrived, plus they gave Starks a fairly substantial free agent contract, plus they dealt a late round pick for McDaniel.

I would have preferred Hughes or Kindle. Maybe even Cody. The Dolphins are a team with some obvious needs, and they failed to address any of them.



This guy wouldve been available tomorrow....

this sucks - I am so depressed!!!!!!!

My boyfriend will not be happy with me tonight.

Goodnight all

He has registered 24.5 tackles for loss and 14.5 sacks in 46 career games
He ran a 4.98 second 40 yard dash at the combine, and looked outstanding during his position drills.
This guys a fast beast.
I love this pick. It's not what i was expecting but he will play end with starks. Merling and Langford are now quality depth.

this also gives Mike Nolan an ability to experiment with some 4-3.

Nolan switches up his defense and moves guys around...He will play tough..

Parcells believes the Superdome can suit up an' play safety. Makes a lotta sense'a to me. I mean, who can pass OVER THE SUPERDOME? NO ONE

I hope Kindle keeps falling to be honest. If not the we gotta look at Jerry Hughes and Thaddeus Gibbson

fake aloco stop it .

yes, Manther, I know more than the front office that drafted Pat White and thinks Quentin Moses is a better option at OLB than Jason Taylor. That's not a high standard.

I think I woulda perferred Kindle....

He will the nose ....

Manther88 I totally agree with you we are pretty week in defensive line... I think it was a great pick up, this draft pretty deep and tomorrow is going to be just exciting as today. At least the jets nor the patriots made a big splash so we should be good to go.

Just means Henne and Marshall have lots of work to do Mando. They'll have to carry the team on their backs. I'm going to cry myself to sleep. Good nite!

seriously guys... don't overreact. he will be waaaay better than ted ginn, jason allen, pat white....

The trifecta obviously picked the highest player on their board.

You idiots questioning BP need to shut it! This was a great pick this dude can rush the passer from the DE spot and he can stop the run! Fins can still pick up a decent OLB or FS with their next pick.

justin ,stope it.

Only 9 more players get picked before we go again. There will be lots of excellent choices.

Great Pick. This kid is in the mold of Richard Seymor. Like mando said a 3 down Defensive lineman. play ovet the tackle and rush up the middle. Good pick. Do not be suprised to see us take Cody at 40... a 2 down NT. OLB may not come till 3rd and FS in 4th ( major wright from Fla)

Some of you guys are so freaking stupid, it's sick. If you guys are so GOOD at making picks, then why don't you make a living at it? Shut the hell up already...you're either fan or not. Go to sleep.

Fake Bobbyd12 at 22:48...ALoco can't believe out of all nights u would be a complete tool...don't appreciate it bro

why start a competition when there are still holes to fill?

I'm not sure I get the pick for the Phins...

This guy is a beast. Can rush the passer from the outside and in. We didn't have much of a pass rush last year, that was definitely a need.

Love this pick! Can't to see how he will be used!

Big 10 three years running... Long and Davis are playing great and so will Odrick

So, do we have the number 40 pick tomorrow?

You guys are funny!

Crying that this pick sucks?

I had said that Odrick is like a Ratliff but with longer arms and a better pass rusher. Big Ten Defensive player of the year.
That speaks volumes when you beat out a guy like Brandon Graham.
Make no mistake about this he makes the D-Line even better.

Remember The Trifecta know what they are doing.

all you naysayers clearly havent been following draft predictions..this guy is highly rated, and was preicted to go to NE 2 picks before Miami...from Florio @ PFT.com:

"The Dolphins traded down 16 spots, and still got a great player for their defensive line.

Penn State defensive lineman Jared Odrick has been one of our favorite prospects because he's smart, versatile, and looks like a classic 3-4 defensive end.

The Dolphins essentially decided to build strength on strength by taking Odrick. We suspect they would have taken defensive tackle Dan Williams is he was available, but he was taken one pick before by Arizona.

Odrick played defensive tackle at Penn State, but he should end in Miami. He joins Randy Starks, Kendall Langford, and Phillip Merline to form one of the deepest defensive end groups in the league.

The Dolphins will have the flexibility to play more multiple fronts with four defensive linemen after this move."

'nuff said, naysayers!

Damn people we have tons of more pics, calm down

I was at the phins titans game last year in Nashville we needed this guy during that game. Our d line sucked!!!! Calm down dolphins fans it's a solid pick. :-)

Parcells OFFICIALLY has jumped the shark.

and for those who wanted a nose tackle...

Terrence Cody
Torrell Troupe
Cam Thomas
Linval Joseph
Jeff Owens

all can be picked up in later rounds

Overall a good day... We get to sing cumbayas together again tomorrow :-)

Awesome move and pick maybe we can be lucky and pick up kendle tomorrow

He's rated 4th best DT by profootball weekly

In my last post, it should have said "I DON'T have a lot of confidence in Parcells"

I'm ok with the pick, but it really means that one of their DE that they drafted during the tuna's first draft with us was a flop. Still don't have a safety, NT, or OLB.

Excellent pick, as a Dolfan fan living in Penn St Country, Jared Odrick is an outstanding player. Give this guy a chance. We will get better picks later on. I like that trade. Odrick will be great.

Just like Jake Long, we gonna end up being happy with this pick

Bad bad pick, hope i;m wrong.....

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