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Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick

He is 6-5 and 305 pounds. He is a pass-rusher from the defensive tackle spot and the Dolphins think he can simply upgrade the defensive line in several ways.

He can play defensive end on early downs. He can rush up the middle on passing downs.

Jared Odrick is Miami's first round draft pick.

"I think I'm a great pass rusher," Odrick said. "I think I'm a great run-stopper."

The Dolphins believe they have added a three-down player. If I'm Phillip Merling, I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The Dolphins have loved this guy since before the Senior Bowl. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and played and practiced well and hard. The love affair was on.

"I spoke to the staff going way back to Alabama and I knew they had a strong feeling about me but I didn't know how strong," Odrick said. "I can and will play any position on the defensive line," Odrick said. "I played the one-technique in college (DT) so if they ask me to play nose tackle, I'm for it. Let's do it."

Odrick played for the North squad in Mobile. The Dolphins coaches worked with the South squad. Odrick said he once asked Sparano what the first play of that game was going to be.

"He said, 'We're sure as heck not telling you,' " Odrick shared.


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I'm glad I am no longer a Dolphin, thanks tuna for not signing me... you saved me the embarrassment!

Go Dolphins!

You guys know NOTHING about how football works...you could have 2 deion sanders and 2 ronnie lotts out there...if you have no pressure up front they would get SHREDDED...we drafted 2 very solid d backs last year and had all kinds of problems with our pressure last year, hence our saftey's getting scorched over and over...


1- i am pretty sure 2 deions and 2 lotts would hold their own

2- the fins were #3 in the nfl in total sacks by team, so i am not sure what you mean by problems with pressure

3- as for our secondary getting scorched...it might have something to do with 2 rookies and a gerbil.....

i would be careful who you claim knows nothing about football

Could of had this exact same guy at pick #40 -- under the name of Linval Joesph

God, why do we always screw the pooch? We need SOLB, FS, a true NT .... no lets pick a 3rd down rush NT...perfect

Hopefully, I'm way off base.

We will end up with more average talent. Guess parcells is going to take lb's and dt's for every pick in every damn draft. If we don't get a safety that can cover and tackle we will be fighting for 4th place in the AFC with Buffalo.

Parcells and his blue collar attitude towards draft is going to put me to sleep for 6 more rounds. Get your FS, LB, NT and and a wr good measurables who can catch and run with the football. Not Turner...Camirillo...Bess or Hartline. Teams will be laughing at our wr core even with Marshall.]

An elusive back with speed and the ability to pick up chunk yardage would be a bonus. Cobbs is slow...so is Hilliard.

What's wrong with Tom Jackson?

That pick was a reach. They could have gotten Kindle first and probably come back with Cody or this guy in round 2 or 3. Kindle will likely be gone by the time they pick again. Not to mention that they passed on Earl Thomas, Derrick Morgan and Brandon Graham with the #12 pick and traded down in the 4th round.

Let's see which one of those players makes the Pro Bowl first. Im not betting on the Dolphins choice. I just hope they dont take the WV QB who succeeded Pat White in rd 2.

"I love reading the negative commenbts from the mindless morons on this blog. Obviously you think you know better than Parcells and the rest of the scouts employed by the Dolphins."
Yeah, these guys have been near perfect. Pat White, Gibril Wilson, Chris Crocker, Ernest Wilford. How dare anyone question such genius? Miami fans were so wrong about Ted Ginn. We should have just trusted all the scouts employed by the Dolphins on that one.

This was a bad pick. They should have traded up to get Dan Williams after he fell past #20.

Ridiculous. It's like the front office thinks you can win a Super Bowl with a bunch of interchangeable defensive linemen. Didn't they learn anything from the Giants a few years ago? Oh, wait...

I called it I think hes a great pickup at amazing value exactly who they were targeting NT I hope im right and that 40th selection lands us Koa Misi and 3rd Kam Chancellor 3 starters right there

you dolphin fans are the funniest people on earth lol i wanted hughes but im satisfied with the pick u get a 6'5 305 pound big ten player that won big ten defensive player and defensive lineman of the year had 7 sacks last year and has 14 sacks in his career from a "DT" position...note kindle had 6 sacks last year we can get get an OLB later on... trust the trifecta guys u guys were happy wit parcells for getting marshall a couple of days ago n now u guys hate him lol

I expect the starting DEs in 2010 to be Randy Starks and Jared Odrick.


This is not a wasted pick at all. While we have holes (and many picks yet to come), NO position is locked down (even the WR and ILB squad). Odrick is a mass-tough,actually difficult to label at a specific spot=versitile. One of the top rated player choices BAP (that's best available player for those still unable to read through your tears)and adds a lot of options and, JUST as important--we kept him from the J-E-R-K, JERKS, JERKS, JERKS...who, as I understand it were ready to pounce on him (don't like the fact they got a stud CB, though). Yeah, Kindle is high rated OLB, but there are others and, (who knows) we go again in twelve. If he was such the top rated OLB, why did Ind pick Hughes ahead of him? As other review has indicated re: Ordrick-The team still needs pass rush help, but if the Dolphins could not get a true nose tackle at this spot improving their depth at the 5-technique will go a long way toward helping out the nose tackle situation.

NINE more picks, people...............and we don't have to shell out the bigger $$$ for uncertainty.....

To anyone complaining about this pick, your nuts. Parcells can't get enough of these type of players.

Also, in order for OLB's to be effective in a 3-4, someone has to get double teamed up front. This is that guy.

Brilliant start to the draft.

good pick if he can play nose

linval joseph isn't in odrick's league and couldn't carry his jocktrap !

Odrick probably will be way better than Merling at end. Merling may be converted like Roth was and thats not too bad. Kindle is still avalable and Will Allen or Sean Smith could easily be converted to safety.There are still tons of nose tackles avalable and may easily last untill the third and fourth rounds.
The point being there are tons of options avalable for us. We`ll be a very good team next year even if we have to spend our first 4 picks on defense.

Mel Kiper is an idiot... did any one see how wrong he has been all night.

And the Jets picking a CB... I dont think he will see playing time with Revis and Cromotie.

Stop the hating, I like the Nose Tackle pick. Go Dolphins.

I don't mind the pick. If he was best available player I am all for it. Teams really aren't feeling Kindle as a Pro I guess. I personally like him but oh well. Odrick was a First Team All American. The thing that made me sick was 3 guys I wanted were all there at 12, Brandon Graham, Earl Thomas, Dan Williams. I hope Odrick a player I did no research on is a player.

STFU NJ and stop acting like you knew we would pick him.Odrick isn't a great player WTF was Parcells thinking???

Armando, what are the chances that Merling gets converted to an OLB?

didn't they take best available? this blog has had conversations about whether you draft need or best available.

Really, they thought about it and that guy is a tough dude. He will work for us and it opens the other draft options. Give it a chance for all to be well .. Believe in the unbelievable.

NJ, now what do u see??? We pick quick tommorrow

This is a good pick. Odrick can play multiple positions and gives the Phins plenty of flexibilty thoughout the defensive line. I wonder if they will go OLB or FS in the second rd? As for the rest of you, stop complaining! The fins just recovered one of the two draft picks they used for Marshall!!!! This draft looks very promising thus far.

John at 11:20


the crybabies here make it hard to keep lovin' my team, but I shall.......Odrick is a very good pick...and there's still 6 rnds & many picks to go...AND we essentially got Brandon for cheap, now that we recouped no. 2

Do y'all know that Balto papers were pre-draft salivating over Odrick....as was sexy rexy...that ALONE makes it a good pick.

& PFT loves it too

so relax and stop wetting your skirts w/ tears

There's a disturbing pattern developing with the Trifecta. They keep screwing up with high priced free agents and high draft picks. Then, they have to cover their screw ups by investing more good draft picks and big money.

1st year Wilford
2nd year Turner
then a solution in the 3rd year with Marshall

1st year Crocker
2nd year Wilson
..still unresolved

1st year Merling, Langford, Starks
2nd year McDaniel
3rd year.....Odrick?

This is almost exactly where they picked Merling a few years ago. Are we going to still be picking DTs with high draft picks in two years?

Mike, how about Long, Henne, Vontae, Smith, Hartline, Dansbe and the beast?? We were 1-15 2 yrs ago!!! Wanna name any good sh*t or just dwell on the negative!! U epitomize a shitty fan!!!! As a matter of fact, you've gotta b a jet troll pretending to like fins!!

Can't blame Kiper for being wrong this draft was as goofy as they get WTF was the Jags thinking they're gonna have even less fans.

Welcome to Miami Jared! Prove all the haterz wrong!!!

Tomorrow the picks will be Brandon Lang and Major Wright

I love all the 'GMs' that think they know more about football than Bill Parcells. Kindle is the same as about 6 or 7 other OLBs still available. Pass rushers who can't defend the run. Odrick is scheme diverse and is a high motor guy. Merling has shown no growth over the past two years. Starks, Langford and Odrick will make a very good rotation. We can get a NT, S and a pass rushing OLB anytime tommorrow and Saturday. If Parcells and Ireland like Odrick, then that's their pick. If you wanted a flashy pick, well too bad.

God, why do we always screw the pooch? We need SOLB, FS, a true NT .... no lets pick a 3rd down rush NT...perfect

Hopefully, I'm way off base.

Posted by: DEFinFan | April 22, 2010 at 11:19 PM

This is a good example of the idiocy on this blog.

Duoche bag, Odrick's a DE. Get It? Try to keep up.


Because Lord knows you'd hate to have too many good d-lineman

Watching the draft on NFL Network when the Saints were on the clock there was talk that Sharper definately wasn`t going to be signed. See more options.

Here we go again... ESPN talking about how good of a job the Colts did by picking Hughes. McShay:"They add a great pass rusher for the next ten years"... The Dolphins? Well there's not much to talk about... What else is new?

Last post of the night, lol

Mike, way past ur bed time, let mommy and daddy tuck u in

Hey meat heads - this front office that you're trashing is the same front office that secured Odrick and the 8th pick in the second rd. What would you rather, the 12th pick or the 28th,40th and a 4th rounder? What will you say if they end up with Odrick and Kindle? By the way, Odrick is a mean, athletic, huge aquisition. Physically handled his opponents at the college level including the senoir bowl as well being very fluid with tremendous force. I'm a PSU alumn and haven't missed a game in many years and I can tell you this guy has "it". I can be objective which will be evidenced by the fact that I will tell you Sean Lee is going to be an NFL flop. I love this pick!

I can't read any more comments as I am losing faith in Dolfans. The last post was ridiculous: What did we get What did we get What did we get What did we get What did we get What did we get. This post: I hate this pick I hate this pick I hate this pick Parcells sucks I hate this pick. You "fans" are worse than my 2 year old at Christmas. How many of you know anything about this player? How many of you know who the next 9 draftees will be. Damn, get a clue.

Odrick plays three downs; versatile; stops run & inside rushes on 3rd.....that's fine by me...plus he's smart

An elusive back with speed and the ability to pick up chunk yardage would be a bonus. Cobbs is slow...so is Hilliard.

Posted by: Stra8balla | April 22, 2010 at 11:19 PM

If you were a real Dolphins fan you would've heard of a couple of guys named Ricky and Ronnie. LMFAO at the sensitive fair weather fans!

the only people that are more p1ssed about this pick are the people that .... love this pick?

if anyone needs to calm down, its the people that are angry that i'm angry.....screw you, i can be mad (its not at you)

I've got no problem with the pick.It caught me off guard a little but you guys that are pissin n moanin need to chill.Go Dolphins!!

Listen everyone!! Odrick is a great player--Big 10 Def Player of the Year. He always ties up two guys and he really attacks from the DT spot. Now we have the 8th pick tomorrow. Trust in Parcells guys!

Swedish Fish...if you don't win up front, you give up chunk yardage...I think we proved that last year...we either made the sack or got scorched...the more consistent we are up front, the less of that explotation we can expect in the future.

Clearly Wilson was a mess, and our rooks at CB will only get better, they proved they have what it takes last year. If we can have a guy that can bring pressure fronm every spot on the DL, then we have a real opportunity to be dynamic with our linebackers...one of which I am sure will be joining us tomorrow in RD 2...

I am curious if we don't wind up with Sharper after this draft, rather than put another rookie in the backfield. I would think a rookie OLB could come right in and play in a way that a FS would take some time...

Gee......too bad we didn't draft Kindle at 12, Huh???

I am actually surprised New England passed on Odrick.

man, dolphins fans kinda suck. sometimes im embarrassed by the comments on this blog. in 3 years, parcells has found us a promising young qb, a top 5 receiver, a future pro bowl corner, stud mlb, top 5 LT, and a TON of good value guys that could become great.
you guys would rather complain about pat white and pat turner than be excited about henne and hartline. crazy! i'm starting to LOVE this team.

This is a good pick not sexy but for sure a sold pick. The guy can play anywhere on the line got the size to put on a little weight and someday take over a NT, got a good motor and a hard worker definitely a Parcells guys. What we did to recoup out second round pick is genius no real value for us at that 12 spot and all we gave up for Bmarsh now is just one 2nd rounder next year. The trifecta have got a stock pile of picks now and im sure we will what we need.

JB---they had to gear up for Brandon Marshal!


Any chance we just drafted our NT of the future? I know this guy is a little on the light side for NT, but he seems to be eager to do whatever the team needs of him.

I think it's a good pick and I'm excited about the fact we added a pick in the second now too. My only concern with Odrick is the Pats passed on him one pick ahead of us. I realize they need secondary help but I would have thought he was perfect for the Pats, especially after giving up Seymour last year.

It's these type of crap draft picks that is going to lead to another losing season and the Trifecta all getting fired.

I was actually high on Kindle, until I heard him in an Intrview. The kid ain't real bright.

We did get a LB in the first round. Tim Dobbins is talented.

Guys this was a very good pick. The Dolphins took the best player available, they didnt go for needs in the 1st round. Thats how you draft. This guy is a good player, I LOVED the pick, and im not trying to be a homer. You win in the trenches, and this guy is a masher who can stop the run and rush the passer

Finsup, I strongly suspect jet trolls infiltrate out blog!! People like Mike!! Fans just can't be that negative and such haters!!

For those of you who are local.....Big O is an utter douche....he pouts & rants when his projections aren't selected.

He trashed and slandered Vontae last yr.; this year he trashes Odrick.

Eff him, and Eff the rest of the crybabies.

Armando, I swear to God, I would PAY if u would put up a seperate blog where all the REAL fin fans could go...no trolls, no douchebags, just guys and girls who love this team..please consider that possibility and leave the rest here...

Sean Lee or Navorro Bowman would be good linebackers 2nd rd Odrick is A Player watch...

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