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Dolphins select Penn State's Jared Odrick

He is 6-5 and 305 pounds. He is a pass-rusher from the defensive tackle spot and the Dolphins think he can simply upgrade the defensive line in several ways.

He can play defensive end on early downs. He can rush up the middle on passing downs.

Jared Odrick is Miami's first round draft pick.

"I think I'm a great pass rusher," Odrick said. "I think I'm a great run-stopper."

The Dolphins believe they have added a three-down player. If I'm Phillip Merling, I'm suddenly feeling a little nervous.

The Dolphins have loved this guy since before the Senior Bowl. Then he went to the Senior Bowl and played and practiced well and hard. The love affair was on.

"I spoke to the staff going way back to Alabama and I knew they had a strong feeling about me but I didn't know how strong," Odrick said. "I can and will play any position on the defensive line," Odrick said. "I played the one-technique in college (DT) so if they ask me to play nose tackle, I'm for it. Let's do it."

Odrick played for the North squad in Mobile. The Dolphins coaches worked with the South squad. Odrick said he once asked Sparano what the first play of that game was going to be.

"He said, 'We're sure as heck not telling you,' " Odrick shared.


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Go back and read the quote Mando emphaiszed at the start of the night from the poster in the Fins War Room...

'Prototypical players who play well in pads in actual games,' or some such

not combine dazzlers who lift real good

pick sucked when there was sergio kindle sitting there

So I really don't understand swapping 4th rounders and giving them a 6th and who the he'll is this dobbins guy.

I said whoever said it. Not u jb

When we get umenyora tomorrow to play olb this pick will make more sense

No Jamaicafin, what I said was the MAJORITY of people crying here haven't invested anything in this team....All they know how to do is CRY on this blog cause "their" pick wasn't made...I could care less what some out of state douchebag thinks if all he does is cry...

Odinseye I like mays, but My point was I was looking and the draft board and after mays it's Nate Allen and that dude from gt and that's nooot good

Posted by: Inimounts | April 22, 2010 at 11:48 PM

I agree, but have faith. Morgan Burnett and Reshad Jones are still out there.


Kindle is STILL sitting there. Film at Eleven.

Maybe we should trade next year's number one to move up in this years second round, so we don't miss out on the Sure Thing A+ Draftee that is Sergio Kindle.

As a PSU fan I've watched all his games. He's immense. He's a playmaker from the interior. Excellent choice. Now, I'd like to see Taylor Mays at 40.

2Rd OLB Koa Misi/ Navorro Bowman/ Morgan Burnett

I'm just happy no Ohio state guys went that I saw. I hate te buckeyes.

Here is my analysis of the Jared Odrick pick. The first thing is something really being overlooked by everyone. To acquire Brandon Marshall, we gave this years 2nd (43 overall) and next years 2nd. In trading back from 12 to 28, we acquired the 40th pick in the draft. So simply by trading back, we in essence traded next years 2nd round pick for Brandon Marshall. I will say that again, for next years 2nd round pick, we acquired Brandon Marshall. Anyone being critical of the Trifecta is stupid and does not understand building football teams.

In my mock draft, many of you guys were critical that I had a few positions where we already had good players at. My response was that if a guy who is scheme versatile and a good overall football player is available, they can and will pick him before picking a guy who is the pick simply as a position of need. This proves this to be true.

As for Jared Odrick, here is a guy who will play on every down. Noone wants an OLB pass rusher more than me, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed we didn't select Jerry Hughes. In the 3-4 defense, you can have all the great OLB's you want, if the 3 guys in front of them can't take on blocks, they quickly become non-factors. Having depth in the trenches is something that is never a problem, as we should all remember on both sides of the ball from last year. What sets Odrick apart from most 3-4 ends is his ability to get after the QB. One of the best things about getting Mike Nolan is his blitzing, attacking style of defense. One variation he likes to run is a 2-4-5, and this is where Odrick and Randy Starks will really help wreak havoc. Of all the guys available at 28, Odrick would have been near the top in number of snaps they would have played this year.

As I have said repeatedly, this is a DEEP class for hybrid pass rushers, so I don't think S if out of the question for the 40th pick tomorrow either. To rip the regime without seeing everything that we do over the course of the weekend is both impatient and irresponsible.

I like the pick. And it could`ve been really bad if they`d taken Morgan or JPP at 12

I hated this at first too; but the more I think about it I feel it's solid...

A. Noone can argue Odrick's a beast
B. Defensive Line is the 1st position you want depth at, they are the biggest players, and have the most conditioning worries, so you get a player who can play DE on 1st and 2nd, and NT on 3rd; that adds much needed depth and energy to the most important unit in a 3-4 scheme
C. Hughes may be good, but he's essentially Cameron Wake, and has no history of dropping into coverage, no worries there
D. Kindle has dropped for a reason, I don't know it, but I'm sure they do, we have a real possibility to land him at 40, and he obviously wasn't as high on the trifecta's board
E. We can give a some 4-3 looks moving Crowder to Sam LB, Dansby at Mike LB, and Wake at Will...just to confuse dumb qbs like Sanchez
F. Nose Tackles are deep, there was no reason to reach for Cody here, we may be able to pickup one in the 3rd, who can man 1st and 2nd downs...
G. After the Saints last pick, I wouldn't rule out us being able to reel in Darren Sharper for a 1 yr contract to help mentor Clemons...

Oh and as much as I hate the Jets, that E Wilson pick is scary, because Cromartie is only a 1 yr deal, and depending on the cap is the following year they're anticipating not resigning him, plus, now they have potential 3 lockdown corners on nickel situations allowing Rex to Blitz like a mad man, I hope for a lot of NY Jet injuries this year tbh


After watching this player on ESPN, I am kind of surprised he did not go earlier. Hard to find players with the kind of moves he has. to often it seems people get caught up in how fast a player is instead of what kind of football player they are. Reminded me of Howie Long (old time oakland raider), time will tell

Any trade rumors now?

My pick was Weatherspoon or Graham at this spot. Unfortunately neither made it this far. As far as picking Odrick, I only saw one other possibility and that was Hughes. I don't think he was in BP's prototype range though.

Breaking: I don't want to draft kindle period. Never did. I want a tight end or Mays. Or Benn.

LOVE THIS PICK!!!! Opens up so many options along the D-line plus has the frame to beef up if need be....our defense is now a blitz based defense Odrick allows more options to move around and stunt out of the nt position. His quickness will give pressure up the middle. Still a ton of OLB prospects on the board relax its a deep draft. Hard to step up in the pocket when the pocket is folding back on you!!!

I can't believe someone just said
They don't like Ohio State guys!!! What about Teddy Ginn???

Just like I said earlier, I would PAY to talk on a blog without you crying douchebags and trolls..It would be wonderful to just talk to people who know something about football and were REAL fans of this team...

I'll tell you he has no weapons to throw to besides Avery but Bradford is the real deal. If he'll stay healthy.

Great pick. We pick number 8 today and there's a lot to pick from! Smart move to get back 2 top picks.

Im confused by the pick. But, if he is better than what we have that makes him a good pick. Several nfl people believe he is. So, I would have taken Hughes and wish Williams was still there, but he is a good player. Not our biggest need but do we pass by a player maybe better than what we have. Remember we didn't have the greatest line last year

lets hope that KINDLE is still on the board at 40 ......


Please refrain from introducing actual football acumen, knowledge, logic and common sense into the B*tchFest.

CHILL!! Kindle is still out there,with several other quality olb's? "Mount" Cody is still out there with several other quality nt"s? And not only did we pick up a olb from the Chargers, we "still" have NINE picks left!!

Good analysis Bootang. We recouped a second rounder, got Marshall and an every down player in Odrick. Can't argue with that.

DEFINfAN...Direct TV does not pay Dolphins player salary... My season ticks money does.... You are just paying for satellite time my friend.....
Bobby.... Good to hear your still alive and well.... Hope the stadium party went well??? I would have loved to have made it down... but I have to tell ya... The Sun Set I saw Today along with the 55lb Bull Dolphin I pulled in around 5 o'clock was just un-freaking real. I was watching our pick on my laptop in the Tuna Tower of this boat... 21' up man... rocking in the swells... Going to Abaco and spend some money and time on fun tomorrow morning... Look forward to Miami's newly acquired 2nd rounder... Have a great night my friend...

Lol it's midnight and it's a dolphins blog but we are all not real dolphins fans. Bless his heart. We know this for sure: the big twelve is going to suck this year, they are going to kill Josh mcdaniel in Denver, and Jimmy clausen went from six to crying.

Bobby, notice some of the trolls r going off-line? They r jet fans I'm sure of it!!!!!

U2 Bill, glad ur having fun

if people are not allowed to say how they feel about the moves the team makes, whats the point of this blog?

i dont think its crying or whining to question a pick we have been waiting for and discussing for weeks!

everyone should just say "yeah!" and call it a night? this front office is far from perfect. is the sky falling? no. will this guy be a stud? i hope. but screw you if you think i need to be quiet just because you think its a good move.... the reality is you dont know any better than i whether he will be any better than merling.


I like Benn as well, but that won't happen. He has the same agent as JT.

I know TE is not a big priority, but I followed AZ and when Grankowski is healthy, he is a bad A S S!!!!!

Alright i agree with that all these guys ripping on this pick need to get school and shut the f#*k up they arent true fish fans if they cant see the value in this pick. Trading down and recouping our 2nd round pick was genius all we have given up for BMarsh now is one 2nd next year and hes got way more value than that. Im sure the trifecta know what they are doing and will get what we need in the next couple of rounds with the stock pile of picks we still have

Why aren't the Dolphins part of the Grade poll on ESPN??? Will it make the Tuna mad? Just curious ;-)

I'm sorry...and I'm not crying...but I have seen his video and I don't get it. He isn't a pass rusher...many times he's running himself off the play. He only has 5.0 speed...so just how fast do you really think he is? To me he's perhaps the best player available...but he doesn't fill a need...not at all. How many DT's went before he did? Thats the question that needs to answered...why.

Does Odrick not remind anyone else of Seymour?

Swedish, it's perfectly fine to disagree!! But read some of the comments to fire tuna, they can't draft, etc.. Read some of mike's blogs... It goes beyond disagreeing and turns into trolling!!

Jb u know who I like too? Jordan Shipley. Smart enough and talented enough to compliment Brandon marshall.

swedish - Others haven't put it quite the way I'm going to put it, but the part that I hate (and I'm not saying you did it, but there are certainly people on here who have) is the hyperbole of "Oh my God this is the worst pick ever, I hate the trifecta, they need to be fired" stuff. If people don't like the pick, fine. Reasonable minds can differ. I think it's great to have depth on the D-line like the Giants did when they won it all, but I also see OLB, FS, and NT as glaring holes. There's validity to either argument. But what I personally can't get behind is "worst pick of all time, I'm never watching this team again." Conversely, I'm not a big fan of the constant "This pick is the greatest pick of all time, anyone who disagrees is a douchebag" stuff either.

There's a video of him at S.S....please watch it and then think it over.

Doh! ninja'd by Robbyhenz!

I like the pick. He can fit into multiple different positions in Mike Nolans ever changing schemes. This gives us a young stud to plug in all over and keep the opponents off balance....NT,DE,OLB...Plus we are still going to get either Kindle, Mays, or Cody.

swedish phish , say whatever u want, of course, I love to hear from another GM who has built winning franchises....so tell me how many NFL teams have u built??? How many draft picks have u made?? That's what I thought ZERO...ur knowledge comes from flipping burgers or some other job...unless u have had a position in the NFL I don't wanna hear ur crying like a big P U S S Y

Lol jb he looks like him that's about it. U guys, here's the breakdown. I don't like the pick. But I LOVE Jared odrich. Because he is now a miami dolphin.

I think Odrick will be a better NT in the end (put on a few LBS in the next couple of years) than a fool like Dan williams. He got a better motor, hard worker and smarter. This is our guy just casue he doesnt get hype on Espn and NFl Network doesnt mean he is not going to be a big time player

So I'm somewhat happy with our FO and signing a DE, let's hope we can fill two more needs tomorrow at S and OLB!

7 teams will pick before us. I believe these 4 for sure will be taken within those 7 picks (in no particular order): OT Charles Brown, OT Bruce Campbell, QB Jimmy Clausen, QB Colt McCoy.

I hope either Kindle, Gronkowski or Cody fall to us.

Nicely said, Bootang.

This kid Tim Dobbins seems like a decent backup ILB (better than the gone Ayodele and still with us for some reason Torbor). So the FO benefits from the Charger's stupidity - I mean Dobbins, Odrick, #40, etc. That's a pretty darn good trade, especially as no-one they wanted was right at #12.

Fishypete, he weighs 305 lbs for god sake. You expect him to run a 4.5? I've watched all his games and he's in the middle of every play just about. He's a solid DT who is relentless.

For sh*ts & grins I took a quick look at some mock drafts, several of which had Odrick going to Ravens or Jets.....which, if it would have happened, would have led all the Big-name addicts here to cry "Why can't we spot good defensive talent like Harbaugh & Sexy Rexy can??"

Uhhh bob...how many have u? The flipping burgers thing was toward me guys don't take offense. He's just mad because he was such a pro football and Miami genius ge yelled at me constantly for wanting Brandon Marshall, because tuna was NEVER going to get him and I'm wasting my time.

I think hartline fills that roll. A player I am high on Tate a RB out of Auburn. Could be a Ronnie Brown? Prolly a 3rd rounder.

Can you imagine "Mount" Cody next to this guy? AWESOME!! Can still get quality olb with 2nd...
Good FS in 3rd....Sharper is still out there to tutor our kid's for a year..There are atill
quality TE's on the board, til we get Vernon to come play with his little Bro nxt yr...I'd love to go to the S.B. nxt yr too...But would be just as happy being in playoffs for nxt "several" yrs!!!

Any word on Ordick' family? Are they part of the deal?
On a serious note I have total trust in these guys. They build from the lines out. We have more picks and trades here. Kindle at 12? Good call Einsteins, he is blowing in the wind. Hopefully a Trace Armstrong type? Kevin Green?

Go Phins!

U know what hurts me the most watching these drafts? No hurricanes. We have owned the draft but now there is no buzz for the hurricane players in the NFL and that sickens me.

Robbyhenz, would LOVE Gronkowski...but I think it's a longshot, don't worry though, I'm not gonna cry if they don't take him

Anybody knows if this guy Everson Griffen can play OLB? I've read really good things of him.

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