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Dolphins select Utah OLB Koa Misi

Koa Misi is Miami's second round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That obviously fills a need. The Dolphins had only Cameron Wake, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden and Quentin Moses on the roster. Anderson is a career backup. Wake is unproven. The other two are backups.

Misi has a chance to come in and start and, well, that's the point.

Misi is 6-3 and 250. He comes from the same program that produced cornerback Sean Smith. The Dolphins like that program. Misi had five sacks and 9.5 tackles for losses among his 71 total stops in 2009.

Misi played mostly as a DE at Utah. But he's not worried about moving to OLB.

"I didn't play too much but I played three or four games at linebacker this past year and a couple games the year before that," Misi said. "I feel pretty comfortable at the linebacker position."

And what about dropping into coverage?

"Great! I feel comforable with dropping into coverage," he said.

How does Misi describe himself?

"I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I'm very coachable. I listen very well and play even harder. This is my dream and I'm finally here. I'm ready to play."

Misi is of Tongan descent.

Misi's father often attended Koa's games. One time, the player said, his dad wanted him to get more motivated so he came onto the field and head-butted Misi. Misi was wearing a helmet at the time.

His full name, by the way, is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analseanoa Misi.


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Good pick fins!!!! Now we need a safety!!

TE in round three?

misi over kindle and washington??? id wager that this choice of the three is wrong from who is most productive of the three

I hear Misi has back problems, Mando, whats up with that?

Good stats, what do you guys think?

Gronkowski to who? Traded to new England. Geez.

Seems to be the replacemnet of Matt Roth, small but very strong and quick

Why does every pick we make seem to come with "tweener" tags?

Is it bias by the NFL Network/ESPN?

Odrick-DE? DT?

Misi-ILB? OLB? DE?

What a joke. For the second day in a row I have no idea what the Phins are doing. Nisi is tiny and doesn't fit the mold for a Parcells OLB. What are we just drafting special teams guys now?
Kindle was there and letting him get by again, bum knee or not is rediculous!


hopefully Jimmy Graham in the third round...

Did the raiders let the clock go?

Kiper loved the pick.

This is a real good pick and shows the tuna has a real good plan , it's just step 2 . more to come at s and nt.

I say Safety and A Tight End next. What's the chances we'll get UM's TE Jimmy Graham?

Cavemanna Kindle is hurt he needs microfracture surgery no body wants that guy and if someone drafts him he probably wont play till 2011

Seems like a reach!!! Oye Vay!!!

tiny 6'3 250 lbs is tiny

Good pick S, Te and rb and that still leave a couple 3 in the 7th.

I meant 6'3 250 lbs is tiny is not tiny that is prototype olb in 3-4 defense

More Defense please....

Both these guys are tuff as nails and play hard... high motor guys... not flashy picks, but guys with size from winning programs... The Tongan Terror


Gronkowski to the Pats... That probably stings a little

Any truth to the reports of Phillip Merling to Pats for a 2?

Solid Pickup! Kindle is banged up. Osi is solid and has good lateral movement to play SOLB. Now we go S/TE or vice versa in the next 2 rounds! Keep 'em comin!

your right DwinkinAle thats what the dolphins need a guy with a bad knee who will miss the whole year....thank god your not drafting for the phins

i think were getting to cut. washington clearly is a better lb prospect

You people are insane if you think the Dolphins will draft a TE in the top 5 rounds. Fasano is 1 year removed from a 7TD catch season, and the trifecta has players to develop.

too cute

We are picking solid, blue collar, funamentally sound players. I'm liking it.

Anywhere but Pats or Jets, he going to make plays oh well

Damn ravens

Kindle to Ravens at #43

yea solid picks like pat white and pat turner


Some of you guys are chicken littles. Just because you don't get a flashy pick the sky is falling.

I'm watching the Kindle highlights. How could Tuna pass on this guy. He is the real deal.

What in thee hell is going on. Hell is freezing over, the Trifecta have lost their minds. I think I'm going to turn and be a Jets fan, un-believable, are we ever going to get a pass rusher????

Danm. Kindle in raven purple. All they do is draft playmaking defensive monsters. Had it not been for the red flags he wouldve been drafted last night.

hey, if his dad can play get him a uniform too!!....Ravens D just got faster with Kindle!

joe go be a jets fan

Maybe NT in the 3rd, got two on the board,Linval Joseph then Cam Thomas.

Pafinfans, lol, Fasano needs to be moved back to his original position..believe me, everyone down here is talking about a TE, will be picked wayyy before end of draft

Joe go and join the jets anyway you are not a dolphan get out of here

These guys we are taking are big, tuff, smart, hard workers, and experienced... not flashy but solid players

If this keeps up, we might take a 6th round projected pick in the 3rd round. What is going on with this team? Trade up again, do something, geeze!

kindle will not see the field this year

are you guys feeling a little better about the draft?

I like it! Lets hope major wright falls to the third!!

is the Merling trade talk on her just talk?

Misi played three or four games at linebacker
not to worry
says he needs to work on his pass rush but never really told to work on anything

Can't believe the Pats got Gronk!! That's going to be hard to watch and play against. If he can stay healthy he's going to be an awesome weapon for them.

Misi is a pass rusher!!! Glad you think you know more than Parcells.

some of you idiots need to get a clue. Misi is a trifecta type who will not take plays off. Kindle has a hurt knee and seems to take every other play off! We have enough scrubs like him on this team already...

I'm with Carlito, strong, tough, smart, hard workin guys.

EDIT: is the Merling trade talk on here just talk?

Cajun McJuniper just tweeted this about Sergio Kindle: "...the other reasons Kindle-face aint got drafted yeet is because my sources at Texas say in addition to not have a leg at all, he was a grade-A rapist. you read that right: GRADE-A RAPIST. NO ONE WANTS TO DRAFT A FREAKING RAPIST"

Thats what I want to know!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE!!! TELL ME THE TRUTH!!

I cry...

Odrick = DE
Misi = maybe a ILB with Fins

no TE, no FS.... Poor draft once again

Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta or Dorin Dickerson in Rd 3!

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