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Dolphins select Utah OLB Koa Misi

Koa Misi is Miami's second round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That obviously fills a need. The Dolphins had only Cameron Wake, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden and Quentin Moses on the roster. Anderson is a career backup. Wake is unproven. The other two are backups.

Misi has a chance to come in and start and, well, that's the point.

Misi is 6-3 and 250. He comes from the same program that produced cornerback Sean Smith. The Dolphins like that program. Misi had five sacks and 9.5 tackles for losses among his 71 total stops in 2009.

Misi played mostly as a DE at Utah. But he's not worried about moving to OLB.

"I didn't play too much but I played three or four games at linebacker this past year and a couple games the year before that," Misi said. "I feel pretty comfortable at the linebacker position."

And what about dropping into coverage?

"Great! I feel comforable with dropping into coverage," he said.

How does Misi describe himself?

"I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I'm very coachable. I listen very well and play even harder. This is my dream and I'm finally here. I'm ready to play."

Misi is of Tongan descent.

Misi's father often attended Koa's games. One time, the player said, his dad wanted him to get more motivated so he came onto the field and head-butted Misi. Misi was wearing a helmet at the time.

His full name, by the way, is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analseanoa Misi.


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Chart says it was a good pick.

There goes wright.....we're not drafting a safety this year....unless it's someone from southwest northern community tech college in the 4th round...maybe Cam Thomas will be around but since he's a pretty good player at a Position of NEED..we won't get him either...(ska our HORRIBLE 1st rd pick)

I'd rather they take the best player available than reach for need. With all those extra picks they have, they can easily get back into the third round if they wanted to.

And if the plan is to grab Atogwe then all the upset over us not picking a safety yet is all just scared and paranoid hand wringing.

he is a good player. he was first team all sec last year

Everyone says it was a good pick, but none have the vast football knowledge, scout teams and unlimited video that finfan has...

There will be some steals in the 4th I think.

Still some real good players on the board.

Don't fret.

All 3 were in the SENIOR BOWL , Coincidence ??? NOPE !!!

For a safety need there is still Reshad Jones, but he will go later this 3rd rd I believe.
But look for S Darrell Stuckey in the 4th, maybe 5th.

We are adding MEAT.

John Jerry has mad cover skills so why all the angst and gripping?

i bet sparano wanted this guy

They need to get off the Senior Bowl's N U T Z! Enough already.

As much as we dont like the picks,obviously the team knows what they are doing...These guys may be studs for all we know! Nobody knows what the draft players will produce until they get onto the football field...None of them have even snapped a ball yet, so come on Dolfans please be patient and lets see what training camp brings! Remember Sean Smith, Brian Hartline, and Donald Thomas...All who were not flashy players, but yet good football players for our team!

Think NJ is right. Think we aren't reaching.

Yeah, we got some big guys. I guess that sign really is the mantra for this draft so far.

cawk meat sandwich?

JPAO - Solid lines? Almost. No NT. I am fine with the picks but am very worried about NT (I think they must have a FA in mind for FS). Also worried about TE - The guys they've got won't cut it.

Oh no...Can't sleep tongight...Mel Kiper and ESPN isn't talking about the Fins or the lineman they have taken. LOL!!!

Look, if all else fails, at the rate I'm eating chips 'n' dip on this couch, I'll be ready to start 8 games at NT this year folks. No problem!

Jimmy Jam with Nolan we will play more blended D line play. I gaurantee with the talent we now have we don't need a full time NT. When Jason comes of the suspension we can go 4/3 and 3/4. And TUNA is proven in his ability to find NT's in late rounds. Don't sweat it.

And you can't deny that our O Line is much better now. Younger, bigger and better

See some of you guys...even Ashley has a good head on her shoulders. We are doing fine here with a ton of picks left

dez bryant diagnosed w heart murmor at combine and that is why he fell per profootball weekly

john jerry sharing his injury report that he had hemorrhoids once is the funniest thing I have heard all draft
he is not living that one down at camp

colt mccoy going to cleveland

Well...3 big crushers...i like the fact that this team is going to be a BIG STRONG MAULING type of team...The defense is almost fixed...They either have great faith in Clemmons / Culver ( and why shouldnt they??),or a FA has been already arranged....thats why they are not worried about Safety...

The Recievers are SET...we dont need any more
The Running backs are set...we dont need any more
The QB is set
The DEFENSE is almost set...remember we still have some guys like JD Folsom and now Dobbins who could step up...maybe ONE more linbacker is needed...maybe not..

My view is that we need a better TE ...Haynos is not going to make it...but Pitta,Hernandez and Graham are still there...

Also look for Kim Chancellor at safety and Andrew Quarless at TE....projects but lots of upside...

I like our picks so far..although I dont know much about Jerry.

John Jerry had Heammorhoids and Koa Misi had a broken finger....any connection??...lol

Could they be considering converting Jerry to nose tackle?? I mean I thought they would choose a nose tackle before the end of the 3rd round, considering its such a presssing need. Also considering the odds contnue to decrease on getting a big, talented one. Ya gotta admit, he does fit the description.

...Just a thought. Opinions, anyone?

Sure they will convert him. Doesn't seem to matter to parcells what position anyone played. We aren't putting them in their right positions from college anyway apprently. We are gonna make em nose tackles, and pass rushers, and tight ends. Parcells loves to surprise everyone. Maybe the guard can be our safety?

paul pierce is THE MAN

Graham to the Saints. Andy Reid hinted that the Eagles were going to pick a BYU guy somewhere in the draft. Wonder if they have their eyes on Pitta.

We haven't picked a player yet who will be anybody. Why did I even bother to watch this draft. We skipped every player who could have helped us immediately - we passed on linebackers, we passed on running backs, we passed on nose tackles, we passed on safeties, we passed on defensive ends. I agree with the poster who said the Dolphins are drafting guys hoping they work out just to look like they were smarter than anyone else. Stupid idea. They drafted nobodies before and now are drafting nobodies to replace the previous nobodies. WTF?! It doesn't matter if you have ten picks and they all suck. This is the worst draft I have ever seen, I am so pissed I can't even express it. To be positive, I won't have to bother buying any jerseys.

Curious to hear the guy's from Tonga. It is said that the island of Tonga makes rugby players who tackle like the clap of doom.

Dolphins will move Randy Starks to DT according to another Paper's source siting a statement from Ireland. That is why they have not drafted a DT.

The dolphins are picking strong, disciplined guys from good programs, Many times you want the flash and turns out its only in the pan. The patriots had guys like Johnson, Bruschi, and the like, all blue collar guys. Tough, disciplined and smart. Just Chill Out and see how it plays out

i cant take misi---he makes brandon graham look like JPP---its so uglyyyyyy

What about Sergio Kindle? Why Misi instead? I think we overpaid for this guy

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