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Dolphins select Utah OLB Koa Misi

Koa Misi is Miami's second round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That obviously fills a need. The Dolphins had only Cameron Wake, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden and Quentin Moses on the roster. Anderson is a career backup. Wake is unproven. The other two are backups.

Misi has a chance to come in and start and, well, that's the point.

Misi is 6-3 and 250. He comes from the same program that produced cornerback Sean Smith. The Dolphins like that program. Misi had five sacks and 9.5 tackles for losses among his 71 total stops in 2009.

Misi played mostly as a DE at Utah. But he's not worried about moving to OLB.

"I didn't play too much but I played three or four games at linebacker this past year and a couple games the year before that," Misi said. "I feel pretty comfortable at the linebacker position."

And what about dropping into coverage?

"Great! I feel comforable with dropping into coverage," he said.

How does Misi describe himself?

"I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I'm very coachable. I listen very well and play even harder. This is my dream and I'm finally here. I'm ready to play."

Misi is of Tongan descent.

Misi's father often attended Koa's games. One time, the player said, his dad wanted him to get more motivated so he came onto the field and head-butted Misi. Misi was wearing a helmet at the time.

His full name, by the way, is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analseanoa Misi.


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Brandon Spikes to Pats. Hahahahahah!

Spikes to NE..

ALoco..you are an a s s c l o w n..enough with the gay posts..you POS juvenile deliquent wannabe

Spikes couldn't outrun Mt Cody at the combine..

Espn loves the pats, jets and cowboys. Just like a good bandwagoner should.

I would be happy with Cam Thomas in the 3rd. Our D line would be rock solid for years!!!

Lots of Gators getting drafted...Geez

When do we pick?

is me or does espn have a hard on for the jets. it just seems that each of theor picks get a lot of attention

Posted by: tim stim | April 23, 2010 at 08:23 PM

Tim, Seeing how the Pats are Re-loading this year so ESPN must find a Flag ship team, so I guess its the jets this year, Same thing goes for Roger Goodall and the NFL......


Well the draft is in radio city they would do the same for us if it were in Miami. But yeah they do have it on for them.

Good pick for N.E.


spikes is too slow

Is wake ready for a starting job?

Misi is a solid pick. Now I think they need to package a couple of their later picks (6th and 7th rounders) with their 3rd rounder and move up and take the best free safety on the board.

i hope wake becomes a BEAST this yr.

OK...home stretch...after this pick...odds suggest it's just a roll of the dice. Let's go offense. Add one more weapon for Henne. Then get the Saftey we need after the draft.

Wake better be!!

3rd rd is on!!!!

figures Cuban, it seemed like last year everytime the phins pick came up they went to commercial break.

So am I the only one that want Andrew Quarless. Awesome redzone target, but not the greatest blocker. I saw him make some badass catches at Happy Valley the past few years


We'll see. We'll see twice a year for a long time.....

Can you spell DARREN SHARPER ??

yeas ,wake is ready for a starter job .

I think spikes is too slow as well.

there's any chance fins will pick a QB ?

I dont care about who they like or not right now, Im proud of the Trifecta. We are filling this team up with good football players! Osi and Jared are high motor intelligent players! They will do wonders for our defense...Now just add Brandon Marshall because he was our second rounder...We are doing good! Just need a safety and let Mike Nolan coah these boys up...I see a top 15 defense this year, and a top 10 offense...Meaning a good playoff team!

Sharper is going back to NO, his agent said as much the other day..NO put a contract on table

It is a jet suck fest on Espn. They can't help but show those losers that can't afford Giants Seats every 5 minutes. It was classy when they Booed Marino. Nobody in their sad living in the shadows history has been close to the Greatness of Marino. Except....Ken O'Brien

No QB.

Mando who are we gonna get???

let belicheat have a million picks
we won the best name award with kao misi
nobody knows who really has the best picks
the jets suck
that's just perennial fact

Well the draft is in radio city they would do the same for us if it were in Miami. But yeah they do have it on for them.

Posted by: FinFanEd | April 23, 2010 at 08:27 PM

ED, Did you see a 6foot 6,slightly dark skin guy with pop corn muscles and a bald head guy auditioning with the Rockettes????

Anyone heard anything on trading Ronnie He stil has not signed his tender right?

This is a solid solid draft so far.

Hope we don't reach.

Could you use it in a sentence please? ok, here goes nothing (literaly) D-A-R-R-E-N S-H-A-R-P-E-R.

third round is going to be Dennis Pita BYU

You know that just shows how classless they are. If I was there and Boardway Joe came out to announce a pick, I would clap for him. Its called respect the greats of the game.

Ronnie hasn't signed tender

I know we don't need a wr but I can't help but want Jordan Shipley to compete for the slot wr. 5th rd possible?

holy crap no QB for the phins in the 2nd round

I'm at work so I don't know what's happening. But I think next pick will be GTech FS Morgan Burnett.

Was Namath drunk???


Given we have a TON receivers already...I hope we only draft one if we can trade someone. Keep selecting D


The pattern in the first two rounds has been versitile players. Do you know if Dorin Dickerson is on the radar. He would definitley
fit the mold of a guy who could play some tight end, H back, reciever, punter, etc.. He would be a matchup problem. I hope he is our choice in the third round.


did I just say we have a ton of receivers?....I cant believe I typed that after watching our WRs all season long...

I think this coming pick will be TE or WR, given that not many WR's have come off the board they could get a higher talent at that position. WR Mike Williams, If TE I would like to see Dorin Dickerson. Any thoughts?

3rd round BABY!!!!!

You know that just shows how classless they are. If I was there and Boardway Joe came out to announce a pick, I would clap for him. Its called respect the greats of the game.

Posted by: tim stim | April 23, 2010 at 08:32 PM

Agree tim....

Now Ginn is gone our WR will flourish.

Acwalsh: I hear you. But Shipley could be a returner as well. Poor mans Wes Welker IMO. That's all.

I recovers are about to get a lot better having Marshall out there. I can't wait to see what Bess will do

Please GOD! FS/SS or NT!

Some good players still on the board.

I love welker....even as a PAT.

why is every whit wideout compared to Welker. just curious. Why not Matt Jones or Bennett

What number is our next pick?

I'm amazed at how much love the Jests are getting too. Yes, they made it to the playoffs last year, but let's not forget HOW they got there. If it weren't for teams pulling their starters in those last few games, they would never have made it in. So easy to forget those details.

Here comes the run on corners and safeties...

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