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Dolphins select Utah OLB Koa Misi

Koa Misi is Miami's second round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That obviously fills a need. The Dolphins had only Cameron Wake, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden and Quentin Moses on the roster. Anderson is a career backup. Wake is unproven. The other two are backups.

Misi has a chance to come in and start and, well, that's the point.

Misi is 6-3 and 250. He comes from the same program that produced cornerback Sean Smith. The Dolphins like that program. Misi had five sacks and 9.5 tackles for losses among his 71 total stops in 2009.

Misi played mostly as a DE at Utah. But he's not worried about moving to OLB.

"I didn't play too much but I played three or four games at linebacker this past year and a couple games the year before that," Misi said. "I feel pretty comfortable at the linebacker position."

And what about dropping into coverage?

"Great! I feel comforable with dropping into coverage," he said.

How does Misi describe himself?

"I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I'm very coachable. I listen very well and play even harder. This is my dream and I'm finally here. I'm ready to play."

Misi is of Tongan descent.

Misi's father often attended Koa's games. One time, the player said, his dad wanted him to get more motivated so he came onto the field and head-butted Misi. Misi was wearing a helmet at the time.

His full name, by the way, is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analseanoa Misi.


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I love both picks. Two hard workers. Both over achievers. Look how the Pats built their teams with over achievers like Bruschi, Harrison, Brady etc. I went into today saying Kindle or Misi. I'm happy. All you frauds stop doubting Parcells. He knows more then any of you combined will ever know.


who would want to be compared to Matt Jones?


Agreed. Can't dislike him no matter what the uni is.

pick 73 I believe.

Thanks Po!!!!!!!

Ricky Sapp...OJ is the answer at FS...we just don't know it yet.

I'm a Dolphan living in DC...I was planning on going to the Dolphins-Ravens game in Baltimore. It looks like the Ravens will have Kindle and Mt. Cody. That's going to be sick.

Is ESPN gonna shut up and tell us the picks or do f'u''ckn interviews all night??

recovers are about to get a lot better having Marshall out there. I can't wait to see what Bess will do

Posted by: Roman821 | April 23, 2010 at 08:37 PM

Roman, hopefully he'll hold onto the ball better this year, 7 fumbles last year...YIKES...

the jets only played against 7 starting teams, big deal. lets see brandon ghee or major wright at 73. maybeee hernandez since fasano wants out.


who would want to be compared to Matt Jones?

true, true. maybe a cracked out white wideout..maybe the jets can get one in the 3rd

Tim: not every white wr is. Shipley also reminds me of Don Bebe. Do you remember that speedster?

Fins looking to trade?

Armando, what do you know about MArcus Spears?

NFL Network is much better. IMO.

bobbdy12, excellent point. did they forget there is a draft and trades going on?

definitely NFL network tonight

Is ESPN gonna shut up and tell us the picks or do f'u''ckn interviews all night??

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 23, 2010 at 08:40 PM

go NFL Network.

Bess will be fine this year.

"Our picks stink..." "What a great pick by the Pats/Jets/Ravens/etc."
Just because WE don't know everything about these picks doesn't mean that we know that they suck, and just because Belicheat picks a player/picks his nose doesn't make it genius. Classic stupid mob mentality. Hilarious.

Wets.......suck suck suck

Ricky Sapp to KC?

Major Wright,Ricky Sapp or Cam Thomas in the 3rd...

Bobby I agree... they've been doing this b.s. on ESPN all day today and even did it to the Dolphins in the 1st round yesterday!

NFL network also sucks!!!! Too many commercials!! Gil Brandt
And crew on NFL Sirius r the best.. Too bad I can't hear from my computer this yr..

I second that bro...these interviews are killin me...Mando, tell Berman to shut his pie hole...whhoooooop!

dolphins actively looking to trade their third round pick?
guess we don't want any good players this year

beebe had one of coolest plays in Super Bowl history. running down leon lett

Jones-Burnett and Wright still there. Looks like we can get any one of them.

I'm just happy I can post again? Mando's blog is obviously taking a page out of Bill Gates' book. Good job Mando!!

Berman, Tom Jackson....OHMYFNGOD.....and kiper....

(shakes head)

I remember before the merger/monolpy I could hear Sirius on my computer without paying extra

Major Wright or Morgan Burnett on the way!

Prob Wright since Nolan apparently loves the guy

maimi dolphins.com radio show has dolphins looking to trade their third away. and why? we filled out holes? guess it wouldn't matter if we get more picks this year. We aren't picking anyone that others would be picking in that spot. Might as well trade down

Lots of good players still available in 3rd! OLB, NT, or FS!!!

Fin man...chill bro, we are doing fine man. Don't sweat it, we r on the right track...there are a ton of good players left and we got a lot of picks left

Ross should be the one to step up and complain to Goodell about the rude, obnoxious jet fans. Mr. Goodell is sooo sensitive about the NFLs image, he passes out suspensions like after dinner mints.

There is a line at the ESPN booth that reads "Free hand jobs for jets fans" That is why they are a little slow to report. I wish they would just let Gruden, or Herm do the show.Those guys are great.
Mayock thinks Dickerson will come off the board as the 1st Te. in the third. Hopefully here.

showing zach one espn

they trying to stock up on those 6 and 7 th round picks

Pat Angerer officially has the best football name.

Went to NFL Network, at least they shut up when the pick comes, thks

Miami's next pick at #73 is Reshad Jones, the kid can play either Safety position, so if Bell goes down, then no problem, he can move over to SS where he is a head hunter like Mays, but he also has good enough ball and coverage skills to be effective at FS.

Will 73 be our last pick tonight?

Phins will pick GT safety Morgan Bennett. Bank on it.

What's up with all these Utah picks? They should be called the Utah Dolphins!

Yup roman, unless we trade down

I hope its Morgan Burnett - will prob be Major Wright

Or an OLB

Or a NT

Or John Jerry

Or a TE

Who the "bleep" knows



We are NOT trading down!

Please-Reshad Jones.



I dont post much but I always read the blog. Im planning on going to the Jets game in NY no matter what and the PATs week 17 if we are in the hunt.

Im from Jersey....Atlantic City Area...South Jersey.... I know NJ people get ripped here but just thought Id share in case anyone else is from the area thinking of going. I cant wait.

more jets crap


If they can trade down a couple of picks and get a 5th or hopefully a 4th I am all for it

Oh yeah, WVU has two guys with the best names, especially when they sit next to eachother on the bench, I have a pic of them. #92 and #93, Dingle and Berry...yes they sit together to form...DingleBerry

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