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Dolphins select Utah OLB Koa Misi

Koa Misi is Miami's second round pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

That obviously fills a need. The Dolphins had only Cameron Wake, Charlie Anderson, Erik Walden and Quentin Moses on the roster. Anderson is a career backup. Wake is unproven. The other two are backups.

Misi has a chance to come in and start and, well, that's the point.

Misi is 6-3 and 250. He comes from the same program that produced cornerback Sean Smith. The Dolphins like that program. Misi had five sacks and 9.5 tackles for losses among his 71 total stops in 2009.

Misi played mostly as a DE at Utah. But he's not worried about moving to OLB.

"I didn't play too much but I played three or four games at linebacker this past year and a couple games the year before that," Misi said. "I feel pretty comfortable at the linebacker position."

And what about dropping into coverage?

"Great! I feel comforable with dropping into coverage," he said.

How does Misi describe himself?

"I'm a hard worker. I like to learn and I'm very coachable. I listen very well and play even harder. This is my dream and I'm finally here. I'm ready to play."

Misi is of Tongan descent.

Misi's father often attended Koa's games. One time, the player said, his dad wanted him to get more motivated so he came onto the field and head-butted Misi. Misi was wearing a helmet at the time.

His full name, by the way, is Nawa'akoa Lisiate Foti Analseanoa Misi.


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I honestly think there is no fake Aloco and that its just one guy screwing around...Especially since they posted at the same time...I could be wrong but I doubt it

I am from homestead and transplanted in AZ. Going to the Oakland game.... With a flak jacket on.

Does sprint still have the NFL app mow that verizon has one?

if i hear any more about the jets on espn i will puke

NFL network goes to commercial, then comes back, talks about a commercial (verizon) and goes back to commercial!! WTF!!!

i just changed to ESPN and that douche was talking about the WETS secondary....and how the may be able to rush 37 people bc the DBs are soooo good.

I say it's Navarro Bowman or Major wright

Mortenson just tweeted Dolphins one of the teams having the best draft

VZW is the new sponsor.

JStew, don't forget ur helmet

Morgan Burnett is a better player then Jones, and is a true Fs. I thought he was the pick in the second round I've been wrong about both picks so far. I do know that we pick soon, and that I hope it is an offensive player so I don''t have to pay up to The Menace!!!!

Hey Walsh the jet fan...go get a jet app on your phone man and get outta here! Oh wait they don't hae a jet app available...that's because the jets are garbage! We will sweep you again this year boy!

Lets hope Green Bay and Buffalo don't screw it up for us

Feeling Pitta

We are on the clock boys and girls

We need a nose at 73 Cam Thomas

Aloco or FakeAloco are both a bouncy of jackoffs. Straight poison to this blog.

Question: Is this pick Ireland (or Parcells) wanting to show off his balls?

Did they get allured by Misi's potential (that might possibly be diminished in reality)? Just asking.

i want to bang rachel nichols...sorry back to Fin football

Chad Jones has the size the Dolphins like in a Free Safety. He's the pick.

Never mind

Packers jumped up cuz fins were gonna get Burnett

No doubt Robby!

Burnett!!!!! to the Pack!

Burnett gone

OK, Morgan Burnett gone to the Packers, so Either Reshad Jones or Ricky Sapp will be there for Miami...bank!

Bowman doesnt fit. How about the freek Griffen? Safety's are falling, think you can wait, TE maybe

Cam or Wright?

sounds like solid picks so far, but man i kind of wish we had the ravens draft instead, hard not to like them

Cam Thomas here

on the clock baby!!!!
wwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeee pick
adkwi eidkeoseki fmodmeo olitotpo

Chad Jones!!

yeah sapp looks good there too

I hope we dont try for Jimmy Graham I,m a UM fan and Jimmy has the rite look but he couldnt catch a cold Weve seen him drop game balls that cost games He's a CHOKER

OK...on the clock...Go offense...be brave!!


pick is in

Hey Tim...too bad man because Rachel Nichols has a pennnnis

John Jerry - tackle

the fins selecttttttt John JErry?

ok or Guard

WTF!! John Jerry??

John Jerry?

miami coming up for the last pick of the day unless they trade up into the 3rd. There's a plethora of real good football player left .


Who the F*ck is John Jerry??

cherry ok

morgan burnett... another safety we could've used is now gone for GB.

Great pick up for them.

miami picks john jerry???

Tackle or Guard.

Oh no

John Jerry = new starting LG

cherry miso soup and odd pick,
our three picks

miami selects G john jerry . another damn good pick.

Are we not picking up a Safety?????

well if Smiley wasn't done he sure as hell is done now!

i wish that would have been a D selection.

Hopefully that means Smiley gets traded and we get another pick. Night fellas

Cuban Jack n Coke

Oh Menace pay up baby!!! Good pick. Finally right about something in this draft!

not a fan of ginger girls. something about her just says dirty girl

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