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Dolphins set to acquire Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins are in the process this morning of acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins will trade their second-round pick (43rd overall) this season and another pick for the player who is among the NFL's best but most enigmatic wide receivers.

ESPN.com's Adam Shefter is reporting the Dolphins could also send a second-round pick to the Broncos next year but The Miami Herald has not confirmed that yet. [Update: The trade is indeed for two second-round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

The trade is not yet complete and not yet announced. But it is happening, folks. Marshall is set to fly to South Florida as early as today (Wednesday) to take a physical. The NFL has not yet approved this deal.

The trade is a jaw-dropper on many levels.

Marshall is not, shall we say, typical of Dolphins wide receivers under Bill Parcells. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds of physical playmaker. He is also a guy with a troubling history for domestic violence and being suspended by his own team.

And he is a great producer.

Marshall, 26 years old, has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards each of the past three seasons.  

Last season, Marshall caught 21 passes in one game against the Indianapolis Colts. The entire Dolphins wide receiver corps -- all five guys -- did not have a 2009 game in which they combined for 21 catches.

Only last month Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Marshall was not a fit for the Dolphins and, well, everyone believed him. This offseason the Dolphins have acquired Marshall after Sparano said he wasn't a fit and cut Gibril Wilson after general manager Jeff Ireland suggested he would be playing well for the team in 2010.

The Dolphins have wanted to upgrade at wide receiver since last season and began focusing on Marshall at the beginning of this offseason. The club asked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who was the Denver defensive coordinator last season, for his opinion on Marshall.

I am told it was an honest report that included facts of Marshall's warts. But Nolan also shared that Marshall is the best wide receiver talent his defense faced last year -- that in practice.

This actual deal has been in the works for only a matter of days. But the possibility of it leaked out Tuesday. As reported in the previous blog entry here, Marshall told at least one Denver Broncos teammates yesterday that he was headed to the Dolphins.

A side note to that report, the teammate told Marshall he wished he was coming to Miami, also.

Once this trade becomes official, the Dolphins and agent Kennard McGuire will finalize a new contract for Marshall. It will be an enormous deal.

I'm told the sides have already set parameters on a deal that will make Marshall the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. The highest paid WR in 2009 was Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, who earned $10,893,332.

Marshall's deal will average at least $10 million per season and also could include guaranteed monies exceeding $30 million.

"Brandon Marshall is a friend of mine," Buffalo safety Donte Whitner said on his twitter account moments ago. "About to sign one of the most lucrative deals for a WR in NFL history. Congrats, bro!'

On the field, this get is a slam dunk.

Off the field, there are questions.

Marshall obviously wore out his welcome in Denver despite his supreme gifts. He was suspended once by the NFL and once by the team. He has a history of domestic violence -- with at least seven known instances in which police have been called or women have alleged he was violent against them.

In the locker room, Marshall was often engaging with the media but displeased with his coaches or the organization. To be fair, there were times Marshall was a coach-favorite also, probably coming on the heels of great performances.

But Marshall was unhappy because he deemed himself to be under-appreciated by the Broncos. Under-appreciated is defined as under-paid. The Broncos were reluctant to invest big money over a long span on the player because of his enigmatic history.

It will be interesting to find out if Marshall's contract has a behavior clause that would force him to forfeit or give back any money if he is convicted of any crime or suspended by the NFL.

The Dolphins officially have zero comment on this matter. Unofficially I'm told there was a great amount of debate about Marshall and, initially, there was no clear consensus on the matter. Eventually, however, that consensus was obviously reached.

Once official, this deal will give quarterback Chad Henne his best opportunity to become an elite quarterback. The Dolphins recognize they have an elite left tackle and a very promising signal-caller, but their offense was not dangerous for lack of a downfield threat.

Marshall, who has 25 TDs in four seasons including catches of 68, 71 and 75 yards, is set to become that threat.


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Armando schefter said it could be a 2nd of next years draft... is it this years or next years 2nd???

Sweet! The rest of the draft on defense now.

Boy Mando, you sure whiffed on this one.

Massive news. Now lets grab McClain in the 1st...

To all the people who b;tch and moan about BP & Co.

Shut your stupid mouth, I cannot stand to see your stupid posts. Stop pretending to know about football. Go find your mommy and suck her teat. If you like what the Wets do take off your Dolphins jersey you wanna be Fattie Rex lover.

After all your stupid bitching Miami signs two off the best possible free agents!

OMG, I so apologize to everyone who's balls I've busted for sooo long about Marshall...I never believed this would EVER happen!! I was soooo wrong


I wanna see all you crybabies & Tuna-haterz say it NOW: SORRY.



I'm guessing you're the most surprised person on the planet now eh bud?

WOW!! Stunning news,just stunning!!

I cannot believe there are people on this blog who think that are smarter than BP, you are a joke. Seriously, you make me sick. I had to stop coming on here because of so much stupidity day after day. Don’t get me wrong there are some very smart people that make this blog a pleasure to read. Unfortunately there are way to many tools that can’t read or write on here, let alone know anything about football.

Well slap me in the ass and call me Marty huizinga. If this deal goes thru we got a serious playmaker boys. Go phins!!!

Is it too early to start drinking beer and celebrating ?This is awesome news as long as Marshall stays out of trouble.

I think the Dolphins realized how much they needed an impact WR. It also tells you Dez Bryant was very much in play at #12.

Great move.

Now what do you guys think we do with the #12 pick?

Mark, I'm beyond suprised!!! I can't believe Parcells gave up a second rd pick for a type of guy he has hated forever...I hope we can pick up another pick with a trade somewhere




Right on, Disciple: The last week or so has made me madder at many commentors &radio callers than any other period I recall. Crying & b**ching & "fire Tuna" & The Jets are geniuses & all manner of BS.

I've pretty much stayed away till I heard the news today, oh boy!!

Now watch: Gee, why'd we get a Diva, he's trouble, we need a no. 2 pick & all else.

Ah well, the heck with it: GREAT NEWS---THANKS TUNA!!!!

For months that’s all we heard on the posts were idiots talking about how washed up Parcells was, how his way of thinking did not conform to today’s NFL, how he was out of touch with how to manage Free Agency.

I think even our beloved Armondo participated in some of those conversations.

However, now we can sit back (once this deal is done) and see FA in its ENTIRETY and judge Parcells on that!


Now lets hope Parcells makes all you nay Sayers eat crow on the draft as well!



huge move and a great way to silence the critics and make the afc east a beast..Just when you think the tuna is either sleeping at his desk or working for the jets he makes a big move that with a great saftey or linebacker in the first round puts us right back in the playoff picture only one person happier than me about this trade and thats chad henne no excuses for him not to perform now.

Now, go and get Dez Bryant at #12! Bookend #1 WRs for the next 6-7 years. The possibilties for this offense would be endless. How could you defend two wideouts like that along with an excellent Running game?

F the Wets, F the Wings, and a MOFO F to the Cheaters! This is our division now.

Sorry Rex you won't be so lucky this year. I'll get my tissues for when you start crying again.

Go Dolphins!!!!

Wow.... I never ever ever thought this would happen... I can eat crow with the best of them, I was wrong.

I will route for the guy and hope he can keep it straight and narrow... I am getting excited about thinking of him as a Dolphin though...

Dansby and Marshall... Where are all the Tuna haters now? Still worried about JT???

Marshall had 101 receptions last year with Kyle Orten at the helms so you know he's got game.Let's hope that Henne is the real deal.It's going to be a fun season.

I am sad this means no Dez Bryant, but it tells me that they were considering both and Dez's character issues were outweighed by Marshalls production

in the wake of the Jets making big moves.. Miami stepped up..


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Do you guys think giving up two second rounds is wack for marshall??

It would be a brilliant move if it would be next years draft pick and not this year´s!!!

The trifecta's arrogant, we're getting passed by, the Jets are loading up...wah...wah..wah wah....fans and reporters both crying and whining....
No faith in your team. That's why you do what you do and they do what they do. Try being positive and supportive for once.

Carlito, could we put some hot sauce on that crow to make it easier to swallow??? LMAO


I would'nt be at all surprised if we trade down. Maybe we could swap places with Dallas and get the Cowboys 2nd rounder?

Thoughts bud...

Lol way to man up an apologize BobbyD12 for bashing everyone who thought we would get Marshall.... Anyways, let's trade down that 12th spot for a low 1st and a 2nd rounder! Make it happen!

The addition of Marshall will improve the team, but the loss of draft picks will hurt the team for years to come. Seems like a reactionary decision after all the moves the Jets have made. I would have used the draft picks to improve the defense, build around the defense. If your defense gives up 14 pts a game then you have a chance to win every game, Dolphins, even with Marshall aren't built to win in a shoot out.

I am a MAN and admit my mistakes: Please everyone join me in the loud chorus....

"Tuna Takes a dump on Waterboy as he addresses WR in spectacular fashion"

carltio from golfito,

Jamillion told you so!!!!

Now lets get Earl Thomas with the first pick!!!!

I have been screaming Go Get Marshall!!! For two months. So phsyched!! We have a pro bowl receiver who will help our other receivers by drawing more coverage to him. He will help our running game for the same reason. I say we keep Ginn. Now his primary role is returner and can be the 3rd receiver that he really is.

Use the draft for OLB, NT, S and TE.

Parcells for President!!!!


I think you have a little more crow on your plate than me...lol

Wow, thats all I can say....

Now how can we get that 2nd pick back? Trade down with the Cowboys so they can scoop Dez?

What happened to building through the Draft?? lol I see Tannenbaum inspired Parcells, but this is a big move for the dolphins

it's about time we got some balls. keep Ginn Brandon Marshall makes him better

Yes Jamillion, no TO for us... Marshall!!!! I wanted Marshall but never in my dreams thought Tuna would go for it.


Trade late round picks to get into the second Round.

Unload Ted Ginn, Smiley and Brown!

I'm stoked by this news. Just yesterday I was asking for an aggressive move to show the Phins are ready to take that next step. I'd say Dansby and Marshall elevates this team. Now get Brandon Graham in the draft, and we're ready to play!

A trade down would be welcomed, get that second rounder right back, and still get a great defensive prospect as well.

When I woke up and saw this headline I threw my bowl of crow cereal in the air and will be cleaning it off the ceiling for the next few hours

Now if we could just grab Atogwe somehow...

Great news !!
Maybe if we keep Ted Ginn, Marshall can teach him how to catch and stay inbounds. Then we would have two good WR's. Draft defense and lets get this team where we belong...on top.

I haven't even taken my coat off or said hi to my boss at work. I'm here callin' out names. Yeah you bobbyd12, yeah you Rob in OC. Looks like Parcells liked my advice much more!!! You don't even know what you have, do you? Only one of the elite WR in the NFL. No diamond in the ruff, no player that has skills and shows promise maybe next year or two, this is a pure, 100%, STUD!! Y'all cried about his off-the-field troubles, give me a break. Last I heard, the stadium wasn't in South Beach (I'm from D.C., and haven't been down to Miami since last fall, so Miami residents please help me out if I'm wrong here). WHO CARES what Brandon does from Feb-April. Starting in Sept, you'll see what he does on the football field (which is the only thing that matters).

Also, to carlito, let me apologize for myself, saying I was concerned about the Trifecta (and Parcells especially). You were right, I was wrong. Parcells knows EXACTLY what he's doing. I'm now 100% fully behind the FO. GOD BLESS THE MIAMI DOLPHINS! F*%K THE JETS, PATRIOTS AND BILLS!!!!!!!!

How am I gonna work today?

will dez bryant line up across from him or will cj spiller be in the backfield. talk about a chunk yardage offense.nice move. Dont be surprised if miami trades someone to get that second back today or during the draft.

Hopefully we can trade down with the number 12 and pick up the lost pick in round two.

Where are all the idiots complaining about Parcells and how awfull he is????

I cannot believe there are people on this blog who think that are smarter than BP, you are a joke. Seriously, you make me sick. I had to stop coming on here because of so much stupidity day after day.

Don’t get me wrong there are some very smart people that make this blog a pleasure to read. Unfortunately there are way to many tools that can’t read or write on here, let alone know anything about football.

PS; I'm ALSO going to draft Dez.


I'm posting from the UK where I've been following free agency with a mixture of hope and frustration. I never saw us making this move in a million years, and it's made all the better when you consider Denver originally wanted a 1at round pick. Now we can focus on the D... Although, given the depth of this draft class I would like to see us pick up a 2nd rounder through another trade - Smiley and Ginn being our best hope of that I guess. Final point - surely the AFC East is the strongest division in football now? Go Fins!

While Fins are busy picking up player(s)(Pat White,Marshall) that don't fit BP's past history M.O., hopefully OLB/DE Brandon Graham will be next.

He is gonna be a stud!


Please let it be true!!!!!!!

The rest of the draft on defense and we'll be right on track.

True up the safety spot, DT, and OLB spots - solid base at that point.

the only caveat is I hope he keeps himself in check.

All you negative SOBs will still find a way to twist this is a bad move but this is a great day to be a DolFan!!!



Don't know how I'm gonna get much done either, but I Guarantee I have more Pep in My Step than I have in awhile.

Carlito & Fellas: we've already gotten 'we paid too much,' we'll soon get 'he's a cancer," but who'll be the first to say 'we got him to use as a bargaining chip in a trade'?

BTW---Joe Rose on radio making a devent point: Tuna & co. had to lean on & consult with new DC Mike Nolan in deciding to make the move. Mike say him up close & personal for a long time, and Mike'a a hard-ass, so if he said Brandon's worth it, it had some meaning.

Keep Ginn....he's gonna be WIDE open and should play better....I hope.

All defense in the draft please

I will now do what at 3:00am this morning I said I would do.... I admit... "I WAS WRONG!" I never in my wildest dreams thought Miami would do this deal. My only word of caution (same as last night) I hope he leaves his issues in Denver and does not make a fool out of Miami for bringing him here.
Now onto a better thing..... This just shows how wrong others have been about Miami not taking him right away. By being patient "And smart" like a good manager he is. Bill Parcells has pulled off a great trade that does not even effect our drafting process until next year... and only a 2nd instead of our #12 this year... Great job Miami management!!!!

I don't think we should get rid of Ginn so fast now. An elite WR makes this offense so much better. Takes a lot of pressure off of everyone.

I think a 2nd round pick is fair... We've got some bargaining chips to get back in the 2nd...

I just hope he can keep his act together

Hey UK Steve: You think Chelsea's thru to the Title? (I do)? Four-points clear seems big to me, even w. a few tough games left.

Who do you follow in "your" football?

And thanks for hanging in w/ the regime, unlike many of us weak-kneed Yanks!

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