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Dolphins set to acquire Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins are in the process this morning of acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins will trade their second-round pick (43rd overall) this season and another pick for the player who is among the NFL's best but most enigmatic wide receivers.

ESPN.com's Adam Shefter is reporting the Dolphins could also send a second-round pick to the Broncos next year but The Miami Herald has not confirmed that yet. [Update: The trade is indeed for two second-round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

The trade is not yet complete and not yet announced. But it is happening, folks. Marshall is set to fly to South Florida as early as today (Wednesday) to take a physical. The NFL has not yet approved this deal.

The trade is a jaw-dropper on many levels.

Marshall is not, shall we say, typical of Dolphins wide receivers under Bill Parcells. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds of physical playmaker. He is also a guy with a troubling history for domestic violence and being suspended by his own team.

And he is a great producer.

Marshall, 26 years old, has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards each of the past three seasons.  

Last season, Marshall caught 21 passes in one game against the Indianapolis Colts. The entire Dolphins wide receiver corps -- all five guys -- did not have a 2009 game in which they combined for 21 catches.

Only last month Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Marshall was not a fit for the Dolphins and, well, everyone believed him. This offseason the Dolphins have acquired Marshall after Sparano said he wasn't a fit and cut Gibril Wilson after general manager Jeff Ireland suggested he would be playing well for the team in 2010.

The Dolphins have wanted to upgrade at wide receiver since last season and began focusing on Marshall at the beginning of this offseason. The club asked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who was the Denver defensive coordinator last season, for his opinion on Marshall.

I am told it was an honest report that included facts of Marshall's warts. But Nolan also shared that Marshall is the best wide receiver talent his defense faced last year -- that in practice.

This actual deal has been in the works for only a matter of days. But the possibility of it leaked out Tuesday. As reported in the previous blog entry here, Marshall told at least one Denver Broncos teammates yesterday that he was headed to the Dolphins.

A side note to that report, the teammate told Marshall he wished he was coming to Miami, also.

Once this trade becomes official, the Dolphins and agent Kennard McGuire will finalize a new contract for Marshall. It will be an enormous deal.

I'm told the sides have already set parameters on a deal that will make Marshall the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. The highest paid WR in 2009 was Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, who earned $10,893,332.

Marshall's deal will average at least $10 million per season and also could include guaranteed monies exceeding $30 million.

"Brandon Marshall is a friend of mine," Buffalo safety Donte Whitner said on his twitter account moments ago. "About to sign one of the most lucrative deals for a WR in NFL history. Congrats, bro!'

On the field, this get is a slam dunk.

Off the field, there are questions.

Marshall obviously wore out his welcome in Denver despite his supreme gifts. He was suspended once by the NFL and once by the team. He has a history of domestic violence -- with at least seven known instances in which police have been called or women have alleged he was violent against them.

In the locker room, Marshall was often engaging with the media but displeased with his coaches or the organization. To be fair, there were times Marshall was a coach-favorite also, probably coming on the heels of great performances.

But Marshall was unhappy because he deemed himself to be under-appreciated by the Broncos. Under-appreciated is defined as under-paid. The Broncos were reluctant to invest big money over a long span on the player because of his enigmatic history.

It will be interesting to find out if Marshall's contract has a behavior clause that would force him to forfeit or give back any money if he is convicted of any crime or suspended by the NFL.

The Dolphins officially have zero comment on this matter. Unofficially I'm told there was a great amount of debate about Marshall and, initially, there was no clear consensus on the matter. Eventually, however, that consensus was obviously reached.

Once official, this deal will give quarterback Chad Henne his best opportunity to become an elite quarterback. The Dolphins recognize they have an elite left tackle and a very promising signal-caller, but their offense was not dangerous for lack of a downfield threat.

Marshall, who has 25 TDs in four seasons including catches of 68, 71 and 75 yards, is set to become that threat.


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Now we can concentrate on defense. ILB, FS, NT should be solidified in the draft. Marshall should get to Miami DIRECTLY to start getting comfortable with Henne. I'm worried about Dan Henning. He loves throwing to RBs and TEs, but he needs to FEED THE STUD! Things are falling into place boys and girls. This should be a very interesting season!

We'll see Seer. Armando might be rough on Parcells and company but he's also one of the biggest supporters of the phins getting a #1 WR. He's going to have more fun watching and covering the games and his blog is going to get massive amounts of visitors. I would think he would be pretty damn happy about this but you could be right, we shall see.

Yes there is a god!

The Jason Taylor thing now makes sense. It was a distraction from the get go from the Marshall deal. Beautiful. JT and Ginny the pooh will be dolphins next year. Oh and ginn will thrive now, I call it from now!


fair point.....very fair........plus this move has me PUMPED, and what counts is what we've done, not what's been said or posted in the past!!!!

Whoot Whoot!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

We have a star...I am excited!!!!

When are you guys at the Herald going to wake up and realize Tony *Soprano and the Godfather Tuna are not reliable sources....you can only believe what they do and not what they say.

Someone take Ted Ginn for a boat ride...

The Guy that is really gonna thrive now is Devon Bess, his stock will rise this year for sure!

You people hate on Armando! The mans job is to post his opinion, and I for one will come back and read it everyday. If you think you're so hot, go to blogspot.com start up your own damn blog and write all you want about the phins!

I'm still hoping we get Dez Bryant if he gets past the broncos. the phins wud be set at WR for years. Ginn Bess and Hartline in the slot

I haven't posted in a while but just had to when I read this headline.

Hey bobby, I'll take a little bit of that crow as well bud. I never thought this move would happen. I'm stunned. This is a very high/risk high reward situation. I can't help but wonder if Holmes going to the Jest may have pushed this deal through. Wow, the AFC East is going to be a scary division this year...absolutely stunned.

I give a lot of credit to the people who stuck to their guns about Marshall. I know I busted the chops of a few...

Standley, you are dead on my man. Bess will deliver

You want a bigger splash. Lets take Dez Bryant with the 12th pick and we will be scoring a ton of points next year. Maybe we can take Graham (Mando's kid in the 2nd round). I think JT is now re-thinking his options.

Hey JT, you want in?...

I can't say how pleased I am to be surrounded by Jets fans here in Long Island and literally see the excitement of the Santonio Holmes deal dissipate from their eyes when they learned that one of the BEST young WRs in the league is coming to Miami.

I don't post on here very often, but when I did, I was calling for this deal, even if it cost a 1st round pick. To get Marshall for two 2nd rounder is phenomenal, as this guy has proven himself immensely, even with a mediocre QB in Orton.

It is time for Chad Henne to become the QB he is destined to be. Lets not forget though, Brandon Marshall is one strike away from a year long suspension. Let's hope he becomes a boy scout off the field.

I think Ted Ginn stays...and will actually now be productive since there really isn't any pressure. If he goes, he goes.

Also, I seriously believe Ronnie Brown is going to get traded, possibly on draft day, and I would not be surprised in the LEAST, if the Dolphins go with offense with their first pick....I have nothing to base this off of except a gut feeling. I just wish Ronnie was more durable, because he's awesome as the trigger man of the Wildcat.

I was one of the people guestioning the lack of movement by the FO. I was wrong. I also think that all the movement by YETS forced them to pull this trigger. The YETS sign Holmes and then we sign Marshall. The YETS were pulling away with the division. We all saw that. This one trade opens our offense up in so many ways. Maybe even Ginn can start to develope. Marshall will only make everyone on offense better. If we could sign Spillers. Also sign Jason...we need him. The FO made a bold move that was badly needed. I WAS WRONG. We sign debatably the best defensive available player and now we did sign the best offensive player.

Another thing is, Henne showed that he was ready so the Dolphins HAD TO trade for a WR because that was already a Playmaker not someone that you would draft and could be a Playmaker. As you know receivers come into themselves in the 2-3 year of playing in the NFL. This guy is already a Playmaker just when Henne also demonstrated he was ready to take it to the next level with a mediocre cast of characters. And then think about how this trade will improve someone like Ginn, Hartline, Bess and Fasano. And how about the running game, they won't be able to put 8 men in the box anymore. This trade makes everyone better. Wow! Now unless we have a RB already onboard that is a total threat besides Ronnie Brown we will draft C.J. Spiller or someone like him. Can you imagine that offense.

Big news. Now lets see how the draft pans out.

I think its safe to say that Chad Henne will be a better NFL QB than Tim Tebow. Remember that debate 2 months ago?

Now keep Ted Ginn jr. He can still scare corner backs with his speed, and without pressure your gonna see a better player ... You wanna Bet !!?

I love the move but I am worry about the next few years and the salary cap. Can anybody say how much the signings of Dansby and Marshall going to limit us in the future?

Yes! Just got up on the left coast and saw this. I've been in favor of this from day one despite the risk. You don't get anywhere in this world without taking risks.

Calm down Richard 3000, no one is hating on Armando. You don't need to defend him, he's a very smart guy and can defend himself. The reason he doesn't feel it's necessary is because he realizes that these are all just opinions. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and that's how Mando runs this blog.

He didn't set this thing up with the intention of turning everyone into mindless zombies who agree with every thought he has. It's all good in Dolphin land today.

Santonio Holmes? Never heard of him!

So it looks like our first round pick is going to be Derrick Morgan, Brandon Graham, or Sergio Kindle at OLB. We can probably trade down in the first round and still get Kindle or Graham. I doubt they go for Dan Williams because there will still be NTs available in the third round while most OLB talent will be long gone. At FS, Earl Thomas is too small for Parcells. You might see a position switch for Vontae Davis or Sean Smith to safety if Culver or Clemons doesn't win the job.

Trade down and pick up the 2nd round pick againg or stay put and pick CJ Spiller.... Now, that'll be an EXPLOSIVE and YOUNG offense..Didn't Ireland say he wanted "CHUNK YARDS"????

Sign Jason Taylor, he still has gas in the tank...He's a good leader and his motor is on overdrive on Sunday's...

Pick up the tight end from UF later on the draft if he's there..

Well do you wanna bet? .... Snizzle-Pappyfritters to all of you !!

Never thought it would happen ever! but gota spend money to win championships and were makin a statement with smart trades instead of fat rex tradein for people like its madden!

gota go for OLB and FS in the draft the only bad thing is we will probably miss out on Terence Cody to learn from JF for a season but ahhh well
no more 25 min possesions for miami cause henne can throw it deepppp!
p.s wat you reckon guna happen with Ginn?
hes on a to big a deal to be competin to number 2 with bess?

The team NEEDS to sign JT now. This could make us a contender if this guy (BM) does not bring his circus to south Beach. That being the case we can not let our best overall OLB go. Veteran leadership will be great for us. I also think this (BM) can help Ginn, and agree Hartline and Bess get better. GO BUY YOUR SEASON TICKETS AND PACK THE STADIUM!

Now trade down & get back that 2nd rounder we lost to acquire Marshall.

This whole time we were complaing about Parcells not pulling the trigger, he was waiting all along for the Denver tender. Fins are finally in the mix of AFC East contenders.

I know the initial reaction is to say double up by taking Bryant. I am not so certain that would be a good idea even if it were available. Bryant is going to cost tall $$ and will hold out to get it. He has the same agent as Crabtree who held him out for a looong time last season. Miami does not need a preseason distraction this year. The $10 million a year they will be paying Marshall sort of put a nix on a Bryant deal in the money sense of things. You almost HAVE to address the NT position or OLB position with the best available player. Think about it. Miami has addressed the ILB with a great player in Dansby. They have brought in one of the best WR in the league and have very good support receivers already. Now you take care of the NT and Safety spots and you have addressed ALL the positions you needed to deal with. I have to say... I am very happy to have our management staff that we have. I love the fact they stiff arm EVERYONE so that NO ONE has a clue what they are doing... it makes people look foolish when they doubt or throw spin at them.... Great job B.P., J.I. and T.S..... looking forward now to a great draft and even better season.

This Changes everything...I still think OLB will be the number one pick. This comes as little surprise for a second rounder. And I believe the thinking is that we are going to be significantly better next year and a late second rounder in 2011 will be worth giving up.

I think JT will be back and how interesting is it that this meeting was scheduled for "later" this week and we just made this move.

This blog got too big to agree with certain people but guaranteed all the people who ripped Parcells and company for doing nothing the last few days as the jets were opicking up players are now singing his praises.

This was a move that had to be done although risky, this gives Henne the greatest chance to succeed. I think defense is the pick now but imaging the possibilities on offense if they Spiller is still there at 12 and we grab him.

This is such exciting news to wake up tothis morning... It's truly like christmas... Jet fans are so hating on this! Fact is most of these guys have baggage that comes with them.. Jet fans can stop with the trash talk.. Cromartie has 18 kids... Holmes is well he is holmes...Braylon Edwards had baggage too...fact is this guy is the best receiver in the league at 6'4 he can literally take over games!!!!!

They have Ginn's and Brown's jersey onsale at the ProShop???? Maybe they know something we don't.

someone used my name to participate in namecalling. i dont do that.

Beerphin - Why in the holy hell would you still want Bryant? We do not need him nor do we know if he will be a great WR in the pro's

It would be great to trade down the early 20s in the first round...but as armando said it easier said than done... If parcells could be would do it right away!

Waterboy - It is Armando's job to write his opinion, but yet when he does everyone bashes him


NYScott, you're right, everyone's entitled to their opinions on every topic except this: THE MIAMI DOLPHINS WILL WIN THE AFC EAST TITLE THIS YEAR!!!

That's not an opinion buddy, that's FACT! Take it to the bank!

I dont see any opinion on this blog yet.

I hope the Phins trade down now. That would make this move much smarter. As it stands it's pretty good. I think a trade down and the playoffs makes this very smart.

Ginn is a gone and they should take whatever they can get for him now and not wait till later. The price only goes down when you wait; same with smiley.

That said, if they trade down then they can address other needs. It's great to have addressed this need and done it so well. Smiley and Ginn for 5ths and trade down to hopefully get back a late 2nd or early 3rd.

finally a deal for a need. marshalls a complete stud. the contract may hurt us later on and 2 second round picks is 2 starters. but we had to make this deal

all the "know it alls" on here that said it would never happen..get in line and eat your words now!

Richard3000.... You will perhaps be surprised to learn that Armando is not looking for "Yes men" and "Robots" on his blog. He has repeatedly told his readers to "Bring it" when it came to them disagreeing with him. So long as it is kept civil and not personal or complicated with posting other people or other papers information. The last thing he needs is some misguided soul trying to be his Nanny. I will say it again... I think Armando has over reacted to the JT situation just as I thought he did about A. Boldin... does that make me a subversive nut? Hope not... I hope it just means I have a mind and an opinion of my own regardless of what anyone else believes. I respect Armando... but do not believe he is the all knowing sage of all things Dolphin.

And if he is a great receiver in the NFL then what?

It's got be Earl Thomas or Dan Williams with the #1 pick now. Way to go Phins! Marshall's production on the field rivals Reggie Wayne, Anquan Boldin & Ochocinco's. He is among the best WRs in the league - this is awesome! Plus he's huge, a total beast, so he can shove Darrell Revis to the ground and get the separation that Ginn can only have wet dreams of!!!

Hopefully Marshall getting married recently will help settle him down. I think he learned some valuable life lessons, like maturity, during his time with Denver.

Bold move, Trifecta. Two thumbs up.

My first pick would be Iupati anyways i just think when u draft Dez Bryant all the hype and draft day talks open up trade down deals that could help us land a 2nd rder and weatherspoon or graham late 1st

only way we trade down is by drafting dez bryant and using him as leverage im sure there are a few teams who would covet him in the late twentys

billbill, it's addition by subtraction. Gebril is gone, porter is gone and that's some good scratch saved for Dansby and Marshall.

Also, I don't think that Bryant was in play at 12. I think we were gonna do WR at #43. FS has now moved up of the draftboard. This changes our entire board since WR is no longer a need.

def need to trade down now, we are already missing a 2nd and 5th round picks now. deal ginn for a pizza and thigpen and smiley for picks

Not sure 2 seconds make sense. His tender match was a first. Was Denver going to match? Call their bluff.

A first isn't worth 2 seconds. The Trade Value chart way over values first and high firsts.

The only need guy worth a first was Bryant who is too risky.

I really hope we can trade down and get back at least a 2nd and third if not two seconds. Too many holes to give up picks and no sure thing at 12 in a position of need.

I just think our chances are better of finding a player with 2 twos than with the 12th pick.

Woooooow Brandon Marshall, Too all the real Dolphin Fans please don't complain this off season. We need to support our team long term not we it's convenient for us too complain. Let's make this a positive experience. Go Ted Gin & Go Dolphins

Again, great move by the organization. I wonder how much the Jets signing Holmes impacted this move? That would be ironic.

Let's hope Marshall passes the physical. Who knows Armando may be right about Marshall but I'm sure he hopes he's not. Now I think you keep Ginn for sure. Maybe this will take the pressure off him and or he can focus on being a return guy which is what he is. The guy did almost single handedly win one game for us (against the green goo from ny to boot). How many 5th, 6th or 7th rounders could have that kind of potential impact on a game this year?

And since there is more than one Chris on this board I'm going to change my name just a bit. That way when I say something stupid the other Chris won't get blamed.

Well said Bill Ruger (though I agree with Mando on the JT episode). But, one thing this signing of Marshall does is give the Trifecta some breathing room concerning JT. The fans have been placated and could overlook in their euphoria the quiet parting with JT. But no one (on your side) has said why re-signing JT is a bad thing. My side has said he'll come cheap, provide much needed veteran leadership, was the best LB on the team last year, is well-liked (by at least Sparano), and should understand he'll be substituted for a bunch. All he asks is to be used as a pass rusher. No, he's not elite like he used to be, but he's still pretty good. What's the counterpoint to that argument?


ur stunnnnedddddddddddd-----lets gooooooooooooo dolphinssssssssssssssssssssssss

Here is my last comment today. Nolan was the third very positive pick we made this offseason. We got him not because we didn't have a good defense but because we didn't use them properly and aggressively enough. Coach Nolan is an aggressive coach. Now does Nolan think we already have the pieces onboard to bring an aggressive defense? Are Jason Taylor and Cameron Wake valuable pieces in his eyes? Does he think Clemmons is the man at safety? If not we will have to provide him with the pieces and our first draft pick will be either be a Safety or an OLB. Otherwise our draft pick will be C.J. Spiller because I think the last few Superbowl winners along with the Colts game that we dominated yet managed to loose has convinced Parcells et al that the way to the trophy is not a run oriented/good defense team but an explosive offense/OK defense one and that Henne + Marshall + Spiller + the offensive line + the defense that we have now = Superbowl Champion. I also think that the Jet's offseason moves FORCED the Dolphins into making the trade with Marshall.

There is a God.

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