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Dolphins set to acquire Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins are in the process this morning of acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins will trade their second-round pick (43rd overall) this season and another pick for the player who is among the NFL's best but most enigmatic wide receivers.

ESPN.com's Adam Shefter is reporting the Dolphins could also send a second-round pick to the Broncos next year but The Miami Herald has not confirmed that yet. [Update: The trade is indeed for two second-round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

The trade is not yet complete and not yet announced. But it is happening, folks. Marshall is set to fly to South Florida as early as today (Wednesday) to take a physical. The NFL has not yet approved this deal.

The trade is a jaw-dropper on many levels.

Marshall is not, shall we say, typical of Dolphins wide receivers under Bill Parcells. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds of physical playmaker. He is also a guy with a troubling history for domestic violence and being suspended by his own team.

And he is a great producer.

Marshall, 26 years old, has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards each of the past three seasons.  

Last season, Marshall caught 21 passes in one game against the Indianapolis Colts. The entire Dolphins wide receiver corps -- all five guys -- did not have a 2009 game in which they combined for 21 catches.

Only last month Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Marshall was not a fit for the Dolphins and, well, everyone believed him. This offseason the Dolphins have acquired Marshall after Sparano said he wasn't a fit and cut Gibril Wilson after general manager Jeff Ireland suggested he would be playing well for the team in 2010.

The Dolphins have wanted to upgrade at wide receiver since last season and began focusing on Marshall at the beginning of this offseason. The club asked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who was the Denver defensive coordinator last season, for his opinion on Marshall.

I am told it was an honest report that included facts of Marshall's warts. But Nolan also shared that Marshall is the best wide receiver talent his defense faced last year -- that in practice.

This actual deal has been in the works for only a matter of days. But the possibility of it leaked out Tuesday. As reported in the previous blog entry here, Marshall told at least one Denver Broncos teammates yesterday that he was headed to the Dolphins.

A side note to that report, the teammate told Marshall he wished he was coming to Miami, also.

Once this trade becomes official, the Dolphins and agent Kennard McGuire will finalize a new contract for Marshall. It will be an enormous deal.

I'm told the sides have already set parameters on a deal that will make Marshall the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. The highest paid WR in 2009 was Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, who earned $10,893,332.

Marshall's deal will average at least $10 million per season and also could include guaranteed monies exceeding $30 million.

"Brandon Marshall is a friend of mine," Buffalo safety Donte Whitner said on his twitter account moments ago. "About to sign one of the most lucrative deals for a WR in NFL history. Congrats, bro!'

On the field, this get is a slam dunk.

Off the field, there are questions.

Marshall obviously wore out his welcome in Denver despite his supreme gifts. He was suspended once by the NFL and once by the team. He has a history of domestic violence -- with at least seven known instances in which police have been called or women have alleged he was violent against them.

In the locker room, Marshall was often engaging with the media but displeased with his coaches or the organization. To be fair, there were times Marshall was a coach-favorite also, probably coming on the heels of great performances.

But Marshall was unhappy because he deemed himself to be under-appreciated by the Broncos. Under-appreciated is defined as under-paid. The Broncos were reluctant to invest big money over a long span on the player because of his enigmatic history.

It will be interesting to find out if Marshall's contract has a behavior clause that would force him to forfeit or give back any money if he is convicted of any crime or suspended by the NFL.

The Dolphins officially have zero comment on this matter. Unofficially I'm told there was a great amount of debate about Marshall and, initially, there was no clear consensus on the matter. Eventually, however, that consensus was obviously reached.

Once official, this deal will give quarterback Chad Henne his best opportunity to become an elite quarterback. The Dolphins recognize they have an elite left tackle and a very promising signal-caller, but their offense was not dangerous for lack of a downfield threat.

Marshall, who has 25 TDs in four seasons including catches of 68, 71 and 75 yards, is set to become that threat.


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Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about this move, and I have always put my faith in the trifecta. But I have to admit I'm a little concerned about this guy's attitude and off-the-field issues.

To all fans that said that Marshall wasn't coming to Miami...LOL!!!

All right Miami!!

I guess we can all be upset next year. When we relize he wasn't worth that 2nd rnd pick. He is not worth more than Donavan. But is needed to make it to the big game. GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!

Spiller...nice-we can just out score opponants...like the eighties:)
I am so stinken excited:)

congrats to all the dolfans around the world. this is a deal that now makes the dolphins a marquee wacth on national t.v. congrats to the trifecta and now draft all defense and a playmaking te for henne. henne in 2010 27-10-3,400 yds passing. a very happy day in dolphins history enjoy it dolfans !!!!!

Finally some good news Mando, halelujah! Two DTs a FS LG and RB in this draft, at least

Oh yea, OLB too


Great news !!
This just shows how wrong others have been about Miami The Dolphins are in receiver Brandon Marshall. they will great team

The only reason Parcell made this move is because he read my posts!!

He is not out of the water yet. He needs to make sure there is no Pat White in this year's draft.

Send Ted to the Ravens or New England and watch him catch 60 passes this coming season.

Parcell still sucks!!

One of my recommended options was to get Marshall. These two second picks assuming Miami goes about 8-8 next year in 2010 is equivalent to about the 18th first round pick per the draft value chart.

Of course if we do better than 8-8, than this 2nd round 2011 pick has less value, and if we do worse than this 2011 second round pick would have more value.

I use 8-8 because most teams gravitate to that 8-8 record due to the attempted parity created by the league.

no trade ginn for whatever u can get, guy is worthless. deal the 12th pick for more picks. for the record parcells didnt want to do this deal according to espn, half the fins brass wanted to, other half hated the deal. ireland and tony convinced them to do it. risky move but had to happen. espn has miami trying very hard to deal ronnie and ginn.

Today I am Richie Cunningham because Happy Days are here again.

Great addition with Marshall, but I suspect the Dolphins must have some deals in place to move back in the draft already and pick up the 2nd again. Watch and see.

I was right about the Dolphins wanted to get rid of "serviceable depth" on their roster to get picks. Now everyone who is goodbut not great is in play. The sign says "Open for Business!"

Two deals I`d like the Dolphins to make now are...
Re-sign Jason Taylor. It`ll be tough to get our outside linebacker for the future now. With Jason at least we`ve got a stopgap. I think he can still play and don`t just give up on people when they turn 35. He`s always been in shape.
Next please trade down with Houston at 20. They should want to get a dynamic running back like CJ Spiller, they were 30th at rushing last year. It`ll cost us our first and a 6th and 7th to get their first and second.Not too steep if you ask me and we can still get Earl Thomas probably. If not Earl, Dan Williams.

Quit your yapping and start yelling!!!!!

the only trade commodity we have is ronnie period! all this other trade boloney is just foolish.

we wont be trading down from 12.

all of you who keep posting to draft jimmy graham in the 4th or 5th are nuts. he will be a second or third.

will allen will be our free safety!!!!

The women of South Beach should be very worried.

YYEESSSS!!! I said yesterday if the dolphins don't make this move I'm handing in my orange and aqua Nikes and my marino jersey. They listened!!!! Finally

Scott you are joking right
A trade down from 12 is very possible
Also the fins have made it clear they intend to trade smiley
And of course thigpen is a strong possibility for a trade
The big question is whether a yards occurs before the draft or after

not funny bob greasy, marshall gets in trouble one more time hes gone for a year.

I thought this would never happen in my lifetime, but it has...wow!!! BP and Company got big plans, BIG PLANS!!!

I agree with BillBill. Since this is one of the deepest draft in recent history, we need to trade down to pick up that second pick again. We need to resign JT and draft a Safety and DLine to solidify the defensive middle. Bundle Finn and brown to ravens along with your first next year to draft Spiller. Money saved to sign Marshall from Ginn and Brown. And with CJ and BM in the offense the opponents will go crazy trying to defend them along with The wildcat. Let's win this year. Next year you lose a 1st and 2nd rounder but again there might not be any football. Let's get it this year. All holes will be covered. Barcells I'm available if Ireland doesn't workout.

Now lets take Dan Williams at #12 or shock everyone and take Bryant at #12...wouldn't that blow everyones mind......Henne would go nuts with that set up!

i cant deal wit it the offense is top 10 next year barring injury----draft all defense---lets move smiley and ginn to get pickss

Bottom line is it's a great aquisition and solves one of our biggest needs

I hope te draft has a heavy defensive emphasis

Armando, do you have to keep mentioning how you felt misled by the triecta
It's really not a big deal to me. I just want to know they are committed to winning, I don't care if they are commutes to PR

Henne beats the Jets.. Henne beats the jets... When I signed off last night I just felt this would happen.. All along Parcells knew what he wanted !!! and he got it while we all moaned and groaned Idiots we are for are fins.. Get the other Brandon OLB and we are going to be a team to fear!!!

Committed to PR I mean

yea scott, take a note from your fellow Phin "know it all" Fans who said this Marshall thing would NEVER happen... to say "we wont be trading down from 12" is a little foolish, anything is possible.

kills me.. past few days fans have been killing the front office, i'll stick to my guns, i trust this regime!!!


If they trade down will they get at least two seconds? Will they get more or less? Are two seconds worth more or less than the 12th pick?

I say they are worth more. The Trade Value chart [even revised] way over prices higher 1st round picks.

I like getting Marshall over drafting Bryant but I am less than thrilled about the draft picks given up.

You are right no reason a team won't trade down to get Bryant [or someone else] in order to jump other teams. Or maybe a dream player drops, a very low probability, but it could happen. Berry?

But I am not certain that will happen.

nobody will trade down with us to get bryant now, most everyone expects denver to take bryant at 11

i know we all hate the jets, but i doubt this deal gets done without tannebaum raising the stakes with the holmes trade---it forced miami hands to maybe make the movve if they were on the fence about marshallll---

Armando u shouldnt be shocked becasue your looking at the situation with just a few of he is a bad guy so he is too much of a risk----

He is a tuna type of WR and with a devolpment QB in his most fragile year coming up u had no choice but to make this move---

Dont be shocked when they take JPP---EVEN THO HE IS RAWWWWW----get over it corny steretyping---baby demarcus is nextttt..goooo phinsssssssssssss

Now, go and get Dez Bryant at #12! Bookend #1 WRs for the next 6-7 years. The possibilties for this offense would be endless. How could you defend two wideouts like that along with an excellent Running game?

Posted by: Hal Marion | April 14, 2010 at 08:11 AM

Do you realize Marshall's contract will exceed $10M/year and if we draft Dez at #12 it will cost another $5-7M/year....sorry but I do not want our salary cap depleted because of 2 Wide Receivers. We have plenty of good WR's to fill in the rest of the gaps. I'd rather go Defense and in the 4th or 5th grab a TE that can actually catch.

What do you guys think about signing Ken Hamlin (who is the S who was cut from Dallas?) He is one of Jeff Irelands guys. If Miami can trade from 12 down to about 21 (maybe Dallas's) and pick up Dallas#2 as well, that would be huge, maybe we throw in Ted Ginn as well.

You KNOW the trifecta next move it to get another pick in the 2nd or 3rd.

We may trade thigpen to Buffalo for a 3rd or 4th (he used to play for Chan Galiey)

Jersey, get off your high horse dude, so what if people have been ripping the FO. They weren't pleased with what they saw (me included). That's what fans are SUPPOSED to do, support their team (or tell them they're wrong if that's how they feel). All other fans in every other city do the same thing (I live in DC, you should hear how much crap they throw at the Redskins' owner, Dan Snyder). People here also screamed about the Dolphins getting Brandon Marshall (even when others said it would be the worst move). So I think people can say what they want, this is what this blog is for, and the Trifecta will do what they think is right. Everything is working as it should.

thats a good question is a 12 worth multple picks----i thik it matters which players will be availble then when compared to pick 12---i say in this draft when u have the top pick of any passrusher---u stay at 12 and take ur guy---we can still get sum pics wit smiley and ginn---------best day ever to be a phin

finally a deal for a need. marshalls a complete stud. the contract may hurt us later on and 2 second round picks is 2 starters. but we had to make this deal

Posted by: billbill | April 14, 2010 at 10:36 AM

Really, 2 starters? Do you know how many 2nd round picks we have wasted the past 10 years? Are the following players starters: Pat White, John Beck, Samson Satele, Eddie Moore, AJ Feeley (gave up a 2nd for him), Todd Wade That is all our 2nd round BUST (or worthless) picks from 2000-2009. We didn't have a 2nd rounder in 2002, 2004 and 2006.


4 years 47million---25 garunteeddd---is his contract

Brandon Marshall reaches agreement with Dolphins on four-year, $47.5 million extension, including $24 million guaranteed

Not a bad deal for both parties. we get him for 10 mill a year and half guaranteed!!!

westcoast, I have a couple of friends who are Dallas fans, and they said to stay away from Hamlin (can't cover, always out of position). I haven't watched them enough to know myself, but my buddies watch every game, so I'm skeptical about Hamlin. IMO, Otagwe (Rams) would be a MUCH better acquisition.

Now a trade with the Eagles.

Highest paid WR in NFL history......WOW!!! He better go earn that freaking money and help Miami get back to the SuperBowl

I have to say, I'm SHOCKED by this news. My boss (a Ravens fan) let me know as I hadn't even checked in this morning. I have to take back all the negative stuff I've said about this regime recently. I was VERY hard on them the past couple years in regards to aggressiveness to acquire talent. Between paying top dollar for Marshall and Dansby it looks like we're serious! My only concern is that the only way to recoup that pick might be Brown, and I would HATE to see him go. Good job fins. I approve and am SUPER excited!

Thanks Chris in the 623. I have changed my name too and yes i have lived in N.Y. my whole life but grew up watching Marino and have always been a Fins fan and absolutely hate the Jets.

But yes i still rather not get blamed for stupid comments. I rather make own dumb comments lol.

Anyway love the move as i said earlier and i would not be shocked if Spiller is the pick considering Ronnie is supposedly on the block as is Ginn. Spiller fills their 2 spots. Spiller will be the compliment to Ricky along with Rex and will be their 3rd down back as well as kick returner\punt returner.

I will say this i will not be dissapointed if they go Earl Thomas, Morgan, Grahma etc but man would Marshall and Spiller bring some excitement to Miami.

From ESPN:

Marshall and the Dolphins reached agreement Wednesday on a four-year, $47.5 million contract extension that includes $24 million in guaranteed money, according to a league source. The deal includes close to $29 million in the first three years of the contract and makes Marshall the highest paid receiver in NFL history.

Now a trade with the Eagles.

Posted by: fishypete | April 14, 2010 at 11:35 AM

What do you mean bby this? Trade who and for what?

I mean Lex in my above comment not Rex.

s.smith, c.henne few second picks ring a bell for u?

this just in
chad henne was seen doing cartwheels while hollering YEAH BABY YEAH .

GOOD NEWS of the Brandon Marshall saga now the DOLPHINS makes a splash,shop Ginn and the rest of the draft go on DEFENSE DEFENSE ok.

Get this Marshall to make all these millions per year and the guy throwing him the ball $675,000. Hope they saved some pennies to make that right

billbill - Yes those are 2 starters, but you are never guaranteed a starter with a 2nd round pick or any pick actually

never said u werr. good chance though, def with parcells drafting. we need to trade down and pick up some more picks.

Check out the tweets from @brianhartline and @RealChadHenne.

They sure seem glad that Marshall is a Dolphin!!

awesome trade for us
i hope this means the WILDCAT is over .if so , is r,brown next to go?

trying hard to deal ginn and ronnie

I don't see why we wouldn't keep Ginn as a return man? If we deal him who is our return man? I do not feel like we will get ANY return on investment for Ginn, so why not keep him for his strength, his speed!

return man?? number 9 pick in the draft being paid to be a return man?? hes not even a good returner. had one good game, the rest he was awful.

Indiana Dolphin, I AGREE.... we are NOT going to get squat for Ginn (other than if he is used as a sweetner along with our #1, to pick up 2 picks).

With another offseason, and our new MARSHALL PLAN, we can help Ted toughen' up and JUST RETURN KICKOFFS.

Dont get me wrong, i dont think be belongs on the field as a WR, but if he returned 6-8 KO's a game, i think he can do this

Where is that loudmouth douchebag NJ PHIN FAN?!?!?! ANYBODY? ANYBODY? His biggest mouth, know-it-all, ongoing, "It'll never happen. I know. I am the Phins expert. It does not fit their mold. Never happen. Never. idiots. Never. Never happen you stupid idiots. I know. I am a Phins expert. Never. Idiots. I know all things Phin bestter than any human in history. Idiots. Never. Idiots. Never, ever, ever, ever happen. Idiots."

I would hate to play poker with Parcells. He would win every time.

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