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Dolphins set to acquire Brandon Marshall

The Dolphins are in the process this morning of acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The Dolphins will trade their second-round pick (43rd overall) this season and another pick for the player who is among the NFL's best but most enigmatic wide receivers.

ESPN.com's Adam Shefter is reporting the Dolphins could also send a second-round pick to the Broncos next year but The Miami Herald has not confirmed that yet. [Update: The trade is indeed for two second-round picks, one in 2010 and one in 2011.]

The trade is not yet complete and not yet announced. But it is happening, folks. Marshall is set to fly to South Florida as early as today (Wednesday) to take a physical. The NFL has not yet approved this deal.

The trade is a jaw-dropper on many levels.

Marshall is not, shall we say, typical of Dolphins wide receivers under Bill Parcells. He is 6-4 and 230 pounds of physical playmaker. He is also a guy with a troubling history for domestic violence and being suspended by his own team.

And he is a great producer.

Marshall, 26 years old, has caught over 100 passes for over 1,000 yards each of the past three seasons.  

Last season, Marshall caught 21 passes in one game against the Indianapolis Colts. The entire Dolphins wide receiver corps -- all five guys -- did not have a 2009 game in which they combined for 21 catches.

Only last month Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said Marshall was not a fit for the Dolphins and, well, everyone believed him. This offseason the Dolphins have acquired Marshall after Sparano said he wasn't a fit and cut Gibril Wilson after general manager Jeff Ireland suggested he would be playing well for the team in 2010.

The Dolphins have wanted to upgrade at wide receiver since last season and began focusing on Marshall at the beginning of this offseason. The club asked defensive coordinator Mike Nolan, who was the Denver defensive coordinator last season, for his opinion on Marshall.

I am told it was an honest report that included facts of Marshall's warts. But Nolan also shared that Marshall is the best wide receiver talent his defense faced last year -- that in practice.

This actual deal has been in the works for only a matter of days. But the possibility of it leaked out Tuesday. As reported in the previous blog entry here, Marshall told at least one Denver Broncos teammates yesterday that he was headed to the Dolphins.

A side note to that report, the teammate told Marshall he wished he was coming to Miami, also.

Once this trade becomes official, the Dolphins and agent Kennard McGuire will finalize a new contract for Marshall. It will be an enormous deal.

I'm told the sides have already set parameters on a deal that will make Marshall the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL. The highest paid WR in 2009 was Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald, who earned $10,893,332.

Marshall's deal will average at least $10 million per season and also could include guaranteed monies exceeding $30 million.

"Brandon Marshall is a friend of mine," Buffalo safety Donte Whitner said on his twitter account moments ago. "About to sign one of the most lucrative deals for a WR in NFL history. Congrats, bro!'

On the field, this get is a slam dunk.

Off the field, there are questions.

Marshall obviously wore out his welcome in Denver despite his supreme gifts. He was suspended once by the NFL and once by the team. He has a history of domestic violence -- with at least seven known instances in which police have been called or women have alleged he was violent against them.

In the locker room, Marshall was often engaging with the media but displeased with his coaches or the organization. To be fair, there were times Marshall was a coach-favorite also, probably coming on the heels of great performances.

But Marshall was unhappy because he deemed himself to be under-appreciated by the Broncos. Under-appreciated is defined as under-paid. The Broncos were reluctant to invest big money over a long span on the player because of his enigmatic history.

It will be interesting to find out if Marshall's contract has a behavior clause that would force him to forfeit or give back any money if he is convicted of any crime or suspended by the NFL.

The Dolphins officially have zero comment on this matter. Unofficially I'm told there was a great amount of debate about Marshall and, initially, there was no clear consensus on the matter. Eventually, however, that consensus was obviously reached.

Once official, this deal will give quarterback Chad Henne his best opportunity to become an elite quarterback. The Dolphins recognize they have an elite left tackle and a very promising signal-caller, but their offense was not dangerous for lack of a downfield threat.

Marshall, who has 25 TDs in four seasons including catches of 68, 71 and 75 yards, is set to become that threat.


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This is the best damn news in a long time! I don't think they will get a second round pick if they trade down, maybe a 3rd rounder. I hope they get somebody to knock the helmet off that loser Sanshitz and his 2 bum knees! Can't wait to get the Marshall jersey!! holllaaa

Hide your daughters!

A big I told you soo!! Denver was never going to get a first, I said this years 2nd and next years 3rd but meh close enough. W00t!!!! Big day for fin fans, this is great beers on me!!! Hahaha


Bobbyd12 - props to you brother.

Sure, your passion got you excited and animated about the Marshal talk, but this post, so early after the blog was up, shows that you are not a weasel!

Much respect, MY Dolphin brother from another mother!

OMG, I so apologize to everyone who's balls I've busted for sooo long about Marshall...I never believed this would EVER happen!! I was soooo wrong

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 14, 2010 at 07:58 AM

Dolphins need Dez Bryant if he still available.....

Well it was always on the cards that passing on Boldin and also on Holmes the FO had a solution in mind...either BRYANT or Marshall....and they correctly chose Marshall...excellent news...now we an OFFENCE...

Now keep Ginn....

Aquire BRANDON GRAHAM with no 12....

and Morgan Burnett at safety later on or Atogwe..

NT later in the draft...

We are getting better...and they are making solid moves...Great man up Bobby and Carlito...both your reasoning was 100% solid...I was more kind of hoping theyd do this but I grew confidant once they let Holmes pass through....it didnt make sense unless they had something better....and they do ...in Marshall

My balls were busted from the get about marshall, I'm glad people are seeing clearly now, he changes our team, and I am actually excited for the draft coming up!

Good post bigalfy!

I could not agree more about OLB Brandon Graham and S Morgan Burnett(although MB could go in the 2nd round).

Very, solid moves by the Trifecta and it sure looks like they are responding to Jets aquisition assualt. Although I did not believe that Marshall was a BP type of guy, I am sure glad I didn't harang anyone if they thought otherwise.

Let's hope this move NEVER has a downside!

Go Phins!


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