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Dolphins trade 1st pick San Diego Chargers

The night just got longer for the Dolphins. And their quiver of arrows to use in this draft just got more full.

They have traded the No. 12 overall selection in the first round to San Diego for No. 28 overall. The Dolphins also gave up their fourth round pick (110 overall) and a sixth round pick (173 overall).

The Dolphins got the San Diego second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth round pick (126 overall). There is also a rumor, unconfirmed, the Dolphins got linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Dobbins is now oficially confirmed as coming to the Dolphins.

The Chargers used the pick to select RB Ryan Mathews of Fresno State.

Miami's pick will now come around 10:30 p.m.

The Dolphins have a total of 10 picks now in this draft. As I wrote today, this helps Miami pick up not one starter in a deep draft, but two starters in a deep draft.

I like it!



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WTF!!! What do we get as compensation??


Ora si chile verde le haz de dar sabor al caldo

wow crazy! who the hell we be left way down there?

yes and what did we get in return???

Why didn't we get someone else too


and what else????


For what?

Mando, y do u start new threads? Is there a size thing or what? Just curious


That sucks.

- that's almost like a second round pick........all the elite LB will be gone by then.

Hopefully they got more than just a 2nd and another HIGH pick!!!!!

Armando 28 and what?

Mando what do we get? Terrence Cody the guy now?

What did the Fins get? Big O says they had to at least get a 2nd and a 3rd!!

who the hell are we going to pick at #28!

idiots missed out on a good safety

good lord we have morons running the show

it's a deep draft...chill out

I hope a 2nd round pick

What did we get in the trade???

good move if we get a their 2nd and 3rd

28th and what else?????! Com on Mando!

AWESOME!!! Mariuchi says at least a 2nd rounder for Miami

I loooooove it !!!

What we getting

second rounder sweet!!!

Details, cmon

What did we get in return Mando???

Just 28? WTH?

Mannndooooo??? What did we get???

Did we get a second???

Trade back down for Thomas

SWEET!!!!!!!! Trifecta Rule!!!!! You watch us still get someone like Sergio Kindle!!!!

Well kiss every player you liked and were thinking about in the first round goodbye. Jerry Hughes, Brandon Graham, Dan Williams, etc. will all be far gone by the 28th pick. We better have gotten more then the 28th pick of the 2nd round or I am seriously going ot be pissed. We should have taken Earl Thomas or Derrick Morgan, or we BETTER take Demaryius thomas if he is there. I just want some value.

1 bradford
2 suh
3 mccoy
4 trent williams
5 eric berry
6 okung
7 haden
8 mcclain
9 spiller
10 alualu
11 davis
12 matthews

of course it isn't just the number 28 you tard

And they take RB. WOW

Trade for 28 plus???

What? 28 and what?

Relax guys...we did good...I'm certain

Love it! Parcells and Co. knows what they're doing!!! :)

40th and 126

2 & 4? Damn

The Dolphins got the #8 pick in Round 2 and the #28 pick in round 4

What about Mount Cody at DT?

They suck i cant believe this what so ever the best safety in college was avaalable and we pass. you got to be f@#KING KIDDING ME. tHASTS IT I FREAKING AHTE THIS CRAP.p,S I WANT ALL OF YOU IN MY OFFIVE RIGHT NOW. LOL

Who's Dobbins?

We deserve a crappy draft, after the treatment of class players like Thomas & Taylor. Who wants to play for an organization like ours !

Now you look at Jerry Hughes, Kindle, T. Cody... Golden Tate, D. Thomas, Gresham...

Wow 28th,2nd,4th!!!!

we got a 2nd round pick!!!!


Great Trade!!!! A 2nd and a 4th.... fantastic Work Miami Staff!!!!!!


1st 2nd (40) and fourth are you kining me that rocks!!!!


Awesome trade!!!!!!!

The trifecta rules!!!!

We traded away Dobbins!!!! What ever will we do without him??

Parcells, I freakin' love you boy!!!!!!!

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