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Dolphins trade 1st pick San Diego Chargers

The night just got longer for the Dolphins. And their quiver of arrows to use in this draft just got more full.

They have traded the No. 12 overall selection in the first round to San Diego for No. 28 overall. The Dolphins also gave up their fourth round pick (110 overall) and a sixth round pick (173 overall).

The Dolphins got the San Diego second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth round pick (126 overall). There is also a rumor, unconfirmed, the Dolphins got linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Dobbins is now oficially confirmed as coming to the Dolphins.

The Chargers used the pick to select RB Ryan Mathews of Fresno State.

Miami's pick will now come around 10:30 p.m.

The Dolphins have a total of 10 picks now in this draft. As I wrote today, this helps Miami pick up not one starter in a deep draft, but two starters in a deep draft.

I like it!



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Erick Kumerrow anyone???

not happy Jerry Hughes and Sergio Kindle were there

Well let's hope that lb are still left at 40.

GO PSU!!!!!!!!!!!! The tuna only picks big 10 players in the 1st round

Philp Merling gone........

The trade now officially was STUPID

I hate this team.

No earl Thomas?

Good pick looks like they are done with Merling!

i love how after weeks of talking about earl vs morgan, graham vs williams.....we draft this dude? he only benched 26 reps? didnt the NT from georgia put up 40 reps?

NT was a mistake with the first pick.....

Just when I was starting to have a little faith , we pull this bullsh**

Here what some Patsy said before the draft when he thought they'd draft him:

"Odrick is a stereotypical 3/4 defensive end. He's 6-foot-5, 310-ish pounds. He's an above average run stopper and pass rusher, but isn't necessarily great at either. He has the potential to be very similar to Ty Warren, maybe a step below Richard Seymour.

He's definitely the best 3/4 defensive end in the draft. He's the 3rd ranked 4/3 defensive tackle on most draft boards."



How many times will Miami help out the god damn Jets!!!

Guess the tuna went for highest rated on their draft board and not position of need ey?

Hughes, Kindle or Cody. Natta instead.

BTW, whoever says we do not have good DE's...Randy Starks was a star last year. This regime has now spent 3 good picks on DE's, get it right please.

this is horrible

12 more picks and we are right back on the clock.... great job Miami... Armando called it right down the line.

I like it boys...6'5" pass rushing MONSTER...hes mean and nasty...I hope he has speed...any one know what he ran at the combine?...he looks huge..!!

Yes I think got a quality player and we pick at 40 we should get another quality pl;ayer this time a DE/OLB thats 11 picks from now. So there should be some good there.

So we blew another draft choice on Philip Merling. Beautiful

Damn it now the jets get kindle!! Arrgh!!

Odrick projects to be a 3-4DE .. what the hell? i didnt know that position was a need?

If this guy can't play nose, which it doesn't look like he can, it's a waste. DE was already well manned with Starks and Langford with Merling as a backup. I'm gonn shyt

Odrick? Really, I feel like I was getting a blow job, and right before the fireworks go off the girls dad walks in and everything goes from good to bad! Not the Guy to many had on their boards.

Our big needs were OLB, Safety, and Nose Tackle, and we pick a DE? was this the right pick, I don't know much about college players.

Can he play NT at all? I don't understand this pick at all. DE wasn't one of our needs, unless they plan on playing Odrick at NT. But he's not exactly a huge block eater. I mean J Ferg is only 310lbs, but whats im confused as hell.

Great Pick!!! He is the prototype player the fins want on the team. Go FINS!!!!


he is 6 5 that is to tall for NT the 3 blind mice miss again

Really dissappointed with this pick. Too much talent still on the board to waste this pick on this guy.

All the haters are NOT true fans , Rey want the flashy pick like Thomas or spiller but we have young in house talent that doesn't force us to go out and do that

Hey, Mike Nolan had to have alot of input into this pick, what he wants in defense, alot of people down here are sorta confused about yhis one

This guy isn't a true NT in a 3-4 defense. This doesn't fill the need at NT. He will be a DE in this defense.

not a bad pick we need somebody who can rush the passer who isnt named cam wake

Guys stop listening to Kiper and other so called experts. I am from PA and this guy is the real deal


kindle or hughes might be there at 40

Whats Merling worth?

It is what it is! Who we taking at 40, that's 12 picks. Still can pick up a good LB.

Odrick can be versitile, play NT and of course End. Tuna will hedge the NT spot with a late rounder too.

Now I know why they wanted Merling to lose weight, he will fill the old role that Roth had to set the edge on run plays.

Hughes or Kindle in 2nd rd.

#40 pick?


he's going to be a monster 3-4 DE

I am suprised though

We didn't need a DE and he can't play OLB....weade the WORST pick in the round...yes worse than the Broncos. This is gonna hurt for years

Is there any chance at all Merling could convert to NT?

maybe we can get lucky and still get kindle or hughes at 40. or maybe mays or gronkowski

I go to almost all the home PSU games and trust me guys Odrick will not disapoint.

Hughes, Kindle or Mays will be there at 40

Was writing my column, people. I'm sure you all were patient and understood.

I think they will use him at the nose especially on passing downa and might even play as much as Soliai. He can man the NT for a while.

go read my above posts THIS IS WHY I SAID if we trade down now we lose out on a blue chip player NOW WE HAVE someone who we is an AVERAGE PICK

WOW ever year it is a joke FIRST

pat white now this

Sergio Kindle apparently is in free fall as well, because the Wets just took Kyle Wilson. THIS DRAFT IS INSANE!


I mess around with Mando, but this live blog was disappointing fo' reals!!!!!

I've seen this dude play.... Nothing special...shouldve been a late 2nd or early third rounder


I wonder if we'll be getting the whole Odrick family aswell......... Lame.

I hate Wilson now... Hope he can live with himself..

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