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Dolphins trade 1st pick San Diego Chargers

The night just got longer for the Dolphins. And their quiver of arrows to use in this draft just got more full.

They have traded the No. 12 overall selection in the first round to San Diego for No. 28 overall. The Dolphins also gave up their fourth round pick (110 overall) and a sixth round pick (173 overall).

The Dolphins got the San Diego second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth round pick (126 overall). There is also a rumor, unconfirmed, the Dolphins got linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Dobbins is now oficially confirmed as coming to the Dolphins.

The Chargers used the pick to select RB Ryan Mathews of Fresno State.

Miami's pick will now come around 10:30 p.m.

The Dolphins have a total of 10 picks now in this draft. As I wrote today, this helps Miami pick up not one starter in a deep draft, but two starters in a deep draft.

I like it!



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Awesome move Tuna, thats a huge move that will net us a 2nd and more!
Lots of value at 28th. Kindle may still be there, Hughes, etc.


Retarded a 2nd and 4th and 6th and a scrub lb

we get 28, 40 and their fourth rounder. great move

This makes the Brandon Marshall trade that much better!!!

Parcells comes thru BIG TIME!!

who the F is dobbins?

Did I see 2, 4th, 6 and Tim Dobbins?

Best trade Tina has made all year

Its a good trade, 28 and 40 and the other one.

we might end up with two line backers back to back

A 2nd and 4th round pic, talk about stacking up. I still really liked Thomas.

That's a good trade. Looking at getting 2 good players at the 28 and 8 from round 2

Means that we got Brandon Marshall for a (low, I hope) secound round pick.
Very Nice job.

Aaawwwee, the first no class comment... Dolfan 4 life, u r a silly man!!!

12 picks now. great trade.

Oops I meant tuna damn iPhone

There we go. I like this trade!

Two more very good players for the Dolphins in the second and fourth. this is really getting good value wise for the Fins!!

I thunk we could get a better braintrust at rent-a-center.

bobbyd...whats the atmosphere like there?!?!

Philly picking Thomas.

parcells is a freaking GENIUS !!!

Great trade.

Im sure one of the OLBs will still be there at 28.

cody for the pick, watch out pat white!!!

Ouu, Mando's son coming off the board

hell yeah, now we'll get two starting LB's!

Apparently Denver wants no one to play for them.

That places us right in the thick of it fellas... all those holes we've been sweating.... filler up!!!!! Great Job.... this is So much better then any one player..

I love the marshall trade even more now

Check out Ethan Skolnick's blog - much better and he knows what's going on, unlike Mando.

What a terrific trade.

I love it, great move. I would have liked 24 and 37 from philly, but I'll take it. this is a deep draft!


This also tells me the tuna likes Kindle or Hughes. One or both could be there at 28.

Take Tebow and trade out White

Don't sleep on Bill

mando... ya boy is gone

I think Mount Cody is back in the picture, along with Jerry Hughes, Kindle (if he's there), and Kyle Wilson

Lots of happy people, some upset about not grabbing Thomas...lots more party time added tonight!!!

What an offseason this has been for Miami, looking at 4 instant starters brought in.

and the top 2 picks

Whaaaat??? Sorry Mando..

Didn't see that coming

Chill all you doubters.....this is a SWEET move (as long as there are no more Pat White-type experiments they need to get out of their systems).

Good number of picks un a deep draft........and obviously, just like many of us, they had no real "WE Gotta have....X" feeling----esp since all the possibles were on the board).

Holy Shyt!!! Graham!!

Danm. There goes the first one. Can you believe Derrick Morgan is still on the board?

They're goes Mando's son off the board

Great job.Two instead of one. SUPER.

sergio kindle at 28

1 bradford
2 suh
3 mccoy
4 trent williams
5 eric berry
6 okung
7 haden
8 mcclain
9 spiller
10 alualu
11 davis
12 matthews
13 graham

Philly passes on thomas. unbelivable

Wow we lost Graham. I did not see that coming. Damn

I knew Brandon Graham would go before 15... He has Freeney ability..

taylor mays anybody?

damn!!! sorry Mando, no adoption of B graham now!

Morgan and kindle would be mistakes

Mando's slacking today man!!!

whats that matter jim... you guys short on people? Nah... think I'll stay with My Guys!!!

There will be a lot of value left when they pick. this is AWESOME!

its hughes,kindle or morgan at our pick 4 SURE

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