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Dolphins trade 1st pick San Diego Chargers

The night just got longer for the Dolphins. And their quiver of arrows to use in this draft just got more full.

They have traded the No. 12 overall selection in the first round to San Diego for No. 28 overall. The Dolphins also gave up their fourth round pick (110 overall) and a sixth round pick (173 overall).

The Dolphins got the San Diego second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth round pick (126 overall). There is also a rumor, unconfirmed, the Dolphins got linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Dobbins is now oficially confirmed as coming to the Dolphins.

The Chargers used the pick to select RB Ryan Mathews of Fresno State.

Miami's pick will now come around 10:30 p.m.

The Dolphins have a total of 10 picks now in this draft. As I wrote today, this helps Miami pick up not one starter in a deep draft, but two starters in a deep draft.

I like it!



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seahawks just landed a playmaker

28th overall, 8th pick in the 2nd round, 28th in the 4th round (+linebacker?)

12th overall, 12th pick in the 4th round, 4th pick in the 6th round

That linebacker better be a starter.

I'd like to see them trade up 3 to 4 spots if someone slides. And throw in the Chargers 4th round pick.

We needed Thomas bad. Smh

Think about our wildcat package and our personel, brown and williams are getting older and Pat White clearly is no threat back there. I know our needs are DT S, LB, but i'm just saying he would be a Parcells guy and it wouldnt suprise me.

NFL network says: we get 28th, 40th and 126th for our 12th and Tim dobbins

what the f@#k is going on? there will be nobody left. there goes thomas to the seahawks.dumb. they don't want cody.

scooter=bottom feeder

Where is Waterboy bay the way?

Thats great because we didnt need any great FS or OLB or DL did we??? Shocking!!!!!!!!

Mando. Did u find anything on weather or not Ronnie can be traded without signing tender?

Tebow would make sense, and now we have the 2nd round, a QB that was passed over and has something to prove? Marino like....

The only use we have for Tebow would be Chaplin before games.Or Leading the thumpers in prayer. Prayers that he goes somewhere except here! No Tebow, No Mays.Please, The trifecta has worked to hard to draft either of these two!

Hey Armando,

we still have 10 picks.

Mando, any chance someone can set up a chatzy room? Or, is anyone aware of a chatzy room for Dolfans?

Ithaca, so we only really got a 2nd and gave up a 4th?

Mandocan you please post what we got??? I am hearing ten different things!!!

We lost 16 spots in the 4th Round and lost a 6th round pick? Why the heck would we ever do that? We should have raked them over the coals. Denver got two 3rd rounders from Philly.

Doesn't look like the great steal as it originally sounded.

Can someone please tell me what the hell we got?

So how true is this rumor about Tim Dobbins???? I think the trade is really not that bad we still have 11 picks...

Looking.... Looking...

Jerry Hughes!

Jerry Hughes!

Jerry Hughes!

We traded 4th round picks with the chargers, which to me seems kinda cheap unless Dobbins had a high RFA tender on him. Mando any word on what his tender was for? At least now we have ILB depth.




Would love to see dez, tebow, and t.mays onthe phins squad..... One can dream, but its still possible!

It was a swap of 4th round picks we get SD at 28 and they got ours at 12

I'm still thinking Jermaine Gresham. That's who I said earlier.

We swapped first rd picks, got a second rd pick, swapped 4th rd picks and got ILB Tim Robbins

Fort worth: we got a second! Wake up bro.

The linebacker from San Diego:

Great trade?? That assumes that they don't use the 2nd round pick on Pat White redux and a 4th rounder like they did on Patrick Turner, two projects.

I would have rather seen them pick a sure playmaker with the 12th pick than a couple of 50/50 players later on.

Ok we need to draft dez Bryant first then get a linebacker with our 2nd round pick. Bryant and Marshall!!!! That would be sweet

Jerry Hughes!!!!

Great trade.

Lame trade! We got stiffed I say take Dez deep in the 1st for a steal. Dan Williams will be long gone...

So the Dolphins now have the chance to get TWO starters in this deep draft.

to me that makes sense. Last year Miami got a starter at No. 25 and another at No. 61 overall -- Sean smith and Vontae Davis.

Tebow would also fill our seats. Mando...whats your take?

This is what the Dolphins are reporting, Armando: (we swapped 4th rounders and gave up our 6th for Dobbins)

The Miami Dolphins have traded their first round pick (12th overall), 4th round pick (110th overall) and sixth round pick (173 overall) to the San Diego for the Chargers first round pick (28th overall), 2nd round pick (40th overall), 4th round pick (126th overall) and received inside linebacker Tim Dobbins

Yeah but Sean smith and contar David don't happen every year!

Nice, JPPP off the board!!!!!!!!

No Tebow! No Tebow!

I don't understand: If we went back from 12th to 28th, and only got a second round pick that is not good. Seems like we exchanged our fourth round pick for theirs and also a six round pick and got one of thier back up LBs. I no't like it unless we would have picked up their 4th without giving up our forth.

shallow hal the movie is on amc

i hope cj spiller don't torch the dolphins like he did the hurricanes!!

JPP to NYG! They're retarded! This guy is gonna be a bust.

Hell yes. Shallow Hal

WOW Parcells pulled it off what a great deal, we picked there pocket.

Mark I was thinking the same thing. He gone!

If you don't think this is a smart move then I have to question your football knowledge. We got a high second folks!

Yeah mando, what you say???? that tuna guy is one saavy fellow!!! great trade, but i echo the others here.......Tebow

Mando what you say dude, we want to hear your take on Tim Tebow

Folks we got the 40th pick!!!! That's what's important.

Fantastic Trade, I LOVE IT.

Like i said , JPP is a DE !!

1 bradford
2 suh
3 mccoy
4 trent williams
5 eric berry
6 okung
7 haden
8 mcclain
9 spiller
10 alualu
11 davis
12 matthews
13 graham
14 thomas
15 jpp

NO TEBOW...until the fourth round

ALoco, you are funny.

Tennessee picks Derrick Morgan.

Great trade now let's do some work with our picks!! Safety nt and another WR


Glad we dont have JPP

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