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Dolphins trade 1st pick San Diego Chargers

The night just got longer for the Dolphins. And their quiver of arrows to use in this draft just got more full.

They have traded the No. 12 overall selection in the first round to San Diego for No. 28 overall. The Dolphins also gave up their fourth round pick (110 overall) and a sixth round pick (173 overall).

The Dolphins got the San Diego second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth round pick (126 overall). There is also a rumor, unconfirmed, the Dolphins got linebacker Tim Dobbins.

Dobbins is now oficially confirmed as coming to the Dolphins.

The Chargers used the pick to select RB Ryan Mathews of Fresno State.

Miami's pick will now come around 10:30 p.m.

The Dolphins have a total of 10 picks now in this draft. As I wrote today, this helps Miami pick up not one starter in a deep draft, but two starters in a deep draft.

I like it!



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Gruden is right , JPP will end being about 280-285.

I would like it better if we kept our fourth. Not as good as first reported. Who I this linebacker anyway? Any upside Tobin

With Pierre-Paul to the Giants, what does that mean for Umenyiora? Outright release?

In Bill I trust. Most of these first rounders may not even be starters in two years.

JPP to the G-men...hate it... I believe he will bust out or end up not being able to digest the Defensive packages or Offensive looks... 1 year NCAA Wonder...

This lack of QBs and WRs kinda sticks it to us a little bit.

From 12 to 28th??? That kinda sucks, its a long way to fall in exchange for the 40th pick and a special teamer named Tim Dobbins??

No tebow!!!!


Mando do you have any idea how this trade breaks out with Draft points? This doesn't seem like a fair trade for us.

Tim Dobbins is better than Tim Robbins at least.

With this trade, we have a lot more options to draft quality players. It gives us a lot more flexibility. This was a good trade, it brings a lot more players into the mix.

OK so Mando who do you see the dolphins taking now with there first pick....turn off csi and start talking

No Tebow ever for phins! We don't need a QB! Why would we take a project QB?!?! There is no way this happens I will blow my dog if that happens!!!

we got a ilb that will put dansby to olb like his pay says

The JPP pick to NYG makes Osi Umenyiora all the more available, and lowers the price as well. Kepp an eye on that situation guys.

GUYS great trade......

BUT now we lose a chance of a INSTANT STUD, and now we HOPE our young rookie can turn out to be something

DON'T get fooled just because he starts

At least the Dolphins are still picking ahead of the Jets.

Thats miy take ayway in a few days

Just because a guy gets picked by a 4-3 team doesn't mean he can't play in a 3-4. If that was the case, I can say told ya Rolando McClain was a 4-3 ILB.

Kindle will be long gone

Pleez stop with the Mays b.s. kid is a strong safety with stiff hips and zero quickness. Can't cover a lick and we need a ball hawking FS which zero will be left at this point in the draft

Spiller to Buffalo spells doom. We have no one who will touch this kid in the open field. The 2nd fastest back in the league now is in our division.

We will be reaching at 28 and prob will end up with no quality safety...lb....rb....or 2nd wr in this draft. Camirillo and Hartline are garbage. Turner is slow...Bess can catch the ball and will do little after.

some of you people are just plain idiots. There are more than 12 players that will be starters in the NFL.

Chill out. it's dumb butts like ya'll that make the federal Goverment think they have to do the thinking for us.


trade that 4th for OSI what do u think

I did some math, using the numbers off the Draft Point Value chart.

We gave up 1296 points worth of picks.
We received 1206 points worth of picks.

So essentially we gave up an early 4th round pick worth of points for that LB.

Where the hell is Mando?? I heard on NFL network earlier that they had incredible doughnuts there.. That's gonna have to change next yr if we want info from Mando

Who's going to drop to 28?

Marino was an INSTANT STUD at 27


Mando, Miami traded 4th rounders??

There goes my boy

we want tim tebow....seriously the fins have not aquired a rockstar of his caliber, his excellence or incredible worth for decades now. he brings sooooo much addiitionally to the team he signs with, other than his ability to make plays.

DERRICK MORGAN to TENN mark my word

Tebow is a great Wildcat threat. Team leader, and would be great for our QBs.

Guys that could be available to Miami: Kindle, Tebow, Iupati, Dan Williams.

If he slips to 28, do you think the Dolphins could pick TE Gresham?

The "Trifecta" has officially blown this draft, and I think after another 7-9 season I imagine they will be gone, thanks guys.

Let's just wait and see what the guys do with these picks



WHO the heck is this DOBBINS

Morgan to Titans. Now that is a steal.

Jerry Hughes also should be there at No. 28.

Good player.

Dam Stra8balla you are a buzz kill dude relax this is a deep draft

relax and let the magic happen

The key here is the second rounder and some LB depth without spending a pick for one. Great trade. We basically got Marshall for one second rounder and a slightly lower first rounder. Nice!!

Tebow??? I'd throw up!

Mando, if Tebow is available do we take him?

Is Dobbins any better than Reggie Torbor? Is he an exceptional special teams player? I'll be honest. I have no idea. I doubt he represents an upgrade over Channing Crowder, but the sort of player he is determines how the Dolphins did in this deal.

Overall, though, it looks like a pretty fair trade for both sides. The big thing was getting the 40th overall pick. We should be able to grab a good player - possibly even Mount Cody - at that spot. If we can get someone like Hughes at #28 (a long shot, but possible) and Cody at #40, then it's a good trade no matter what.

Dodged another bullet

Mort reports Iupati to Niners...

Hey, welcome back mando

Will Kindle slide to # 28?

1 bradford
2 suh
3 mccoy
4 trent williams
5 eric berry
6 okung
7 haden
8 mcclain
9 spiller
10 alualu
11 davis
12 matthews
13 graham
14 thomas
15 jpp
16 morgan

Another guy ( morgan ) better suited a DE !!

Not a good trade!!!!!!!!!!

We actually swapped 4th rounders and moved back 16 slots!!!!

Only got a 2nd and moved back in the 4th.

Denver got two 3rds and a 5th and still pick ahead of us.

Trifecta sucks

Well let's see what happens here. Let them make a selection first 28th and 40th overall sounds pretty good to me. Dobbins had 50 plus tackles, know nothing about him, but it ain't over till the fat lady sings!!!

Armando if Demaryius Thomas is still on the board at 28. Can you pass it up?

Yet the Dez Bryant slide continues... I'm very worried that the pats might end up with him

If D Williams is there he will be the pick

Steal to follow: Bulaga

We haven't made a pick and have Dansby, Marshall and Ingognito...and we shed Ginn. we're already a better...much better...team

OMG it better NOT be Tebow!!!!!!!

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