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Draft live blog here at 7:30 p.m

Just arrived at Dolphins camp and this is what I'm hearing at this hour.

Yes, the Dolphins want to trade down. This surprises you? I wrote a column about the possibility in today's Herald and tweeted about it 20 hours ago. Big whoop.

The national networks are breathlessly reporting the Dolphins want to trade back. I would tell you to keep in mind that to trade back, you have to have a partner. Among the teams everyone knows are trying to trade up are Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and the Giants.

I hear the Chargers are also trying to trade up, but they are offering players as chips to make that deal, not necessarily draft picks. Short of Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson, I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would go there with the Chargers. I know Bill Parcells was not in the past a huge Shawne Merriman guy.

Part of any Dolphins trade scenario today and beyond could include Justin Smiley or Ronnie Brown or one of the quarterbacks as part of the deal.

And what happens if the Dolphins drop?

I'm narrowing my list of favorite players to be picked to five if the Dolphins trade: Michigan's Brandon Graham, Penn State's Jared Odrick, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, Fresno State's Ryan Mathews and Boise State's Kyle Wilson.

For the wider list of players on the radar, check out this post on my blog from last night.

That's it for now. I'll be in and out of the blog between now and 7:30 p.m., when I'll start blogging live. Get it!


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Good to see all the Regs here today.

Totally psyched!

Thanks for the Forum Mando.

D-dense yea I'm going, the email I got said first draft beer free... I'm there!!

So....NFL network or ESPN?????

Way to go Mando!


Any rumors the Giants are talking to us about a trade down scenario?

Mando, Your on the clock, you have 15 minutes, Who do you take??

Cuban, can I pick ANYBODY in the draft?

I'm actually excited. lol



Posted by: Armando Salguero


NKL Network will run it.

I got tixs to 4-7 round draft. Idk if I am going though

NFL that is.


Anybody on the board?

I go Eric Berry.

You will hate me Cuban, but Eric Berry to me is the best player in this draft.

Cuban, I go Hot A'z Ashley!! Woohoo

Armando, I still like the trade down option, but hesitant about it. Some great D and O players in the first round and the top 12. Shouldn't we be careful not to repeat the Ginn/pat white drafts?

Nice Mandouche. Go Phins

They should draft and orphan with no family

Man, this looks like a DEEP draft rounds 1-3. I don't think we should be concerned trading down at all

Hearing Steelers wanna grab Tebow.

Floyd, I'm with you on Kindle. Don't know how a pass rusher surrounded by talent playing against college tackles and only gets 3 sacks can be considered with the #12 pick. I wouldn't even look at him until the late 2nd, maybe 3rd.

A mean orphan that had to sleep on glass and nails and fight for food... yeah! thats our guy!

I wonder what are the realistic changes of us trading down?

Mando, Though I disagree with you I wont nominate you for the Converted "Plungie", But then again I wouldn't be disappointed if his name is mentioned....

anyone know if I can watch the draft online?

No worries, Dickpan. We agree on something. Go Dolphins!

Ha Ha Mando brathlessly ran to the podium, only to find Odin had beat him to it!


Richard, NFL.com will carry it live

Come on Mando? Not Suh? I think Parcells would love this guy to be a 3-4 DE. He's pretty much the prototype? I'd take Suh, he was so friggin dominant that it was borderline ridiculous in the Big 12 Championship last year. He's the best, IMO.

Cuban, who would you pick first overall?

thanks bobbyd

Dickpan, hahaha!!!!

online draft: www.atdhe.net has an ESPN live stream

hey Im stuck at work till 6pm PST can someone email me the picks in order...thanks

Kindle had 6 sacks last year if you count the 3 in the national championship game... in 2008 he had 10 sacks and 12 tackles for loss

and how many tackles for loss did Hughes, Morgan, or Graham have this year alone - with less talent around them to boot.

Armando I have been with you all the way on Brandon Graham. He is the guy I want. He is strong enough to set the edge in the run game and can get after the QB. Where's Rob in OC? Me and him have been wanting Graham on the blog all along. If Miami doesn't go Graham I want Earl Thomas in a close second place.

mR742, I would but once I get drunk I'll forget, I can stay sober for picks 1 and 2, after that ur on ur own

just got in...whens it happening?????

whats the go??????

Whoever we take in the first round should be starting or very close to signing this coming season.

I don't see E.Thomas contributing for a season or more until he puts on some more weight.
This is the N.F.L. not basketball.


Have you heard anything about us moving down in the first and take Jimmy Graham? My sources at Green Tree already said it's in the works. No one would expect it and then we can focus on getting Sharpton in the 3rd. This is a dual win as get a cane back in the first round and restart the tradition of first rounders. Look for Bosher in the first round in 2011! It would be like cheese on bread....

Go 'canes!

BigaFly, it's over already :(

I've been hearing a lot of noise that Dallas will trade up with Jax, so they can grab Thomas(If Berry is off the board) Arizona might be a willing trade partner, they would most certainly be interested in Mcclain if Denver doesn't take him. I don't know if that works out for us, but they do have 2 picks back to back in the third round.


you feudin' with mando the magnificent? i like the stones bro.


what do you think about toby g from stanford as a 2-3 rd RB pick? i think he is over looked because he's white, and i think he can flat move the chains...

a trade dpwn list, for mr would have to include Taylor Mays.

PFT reporting Vikings are going after Haynesworth... their D-Line is already nuts!

Mando, Iam leaning towards McClain....I mean he crushed those germans in "Die Hard"... What???? ohhhh different guy huh... Then Id go with Sergio Kendall, I mean how can you go wrong with a guy with a Spanish name????

Agree, I would take Eric Berry over anyone.

We won't get em though.

I now know the exact reason Brandon Marshall was traded out of Denver. Tim Tebow. No way Marshall could have the number 15, so they dumped him out of there. All kidding aside, Denver would be a good fit for the kid. Tim Tebow is arguably better than Matt Cassel, no? I like Buffalo or Denver for Tebow, I think he could be very successful with those teams.


It's ok if we don't get. Were getting Reshad Jones and he's better than My Name Is Earl!

I'm in cali (left coast) at approx. what time will the dolphins pick (#12) (EST)?

Armando, you in stealth mode today?

Posted by: Cuban Menace - Then Id go with Sergio Kendall, I mean how can you go wrong with a guy with a Spanish name????

Plus he directed all those cool Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns! lol


He's digging up another scoop(tweetering).

Swede-Fish. Toby G. would be another in aline of backs that we have on the roster already. I think if we pick a back he has to be a change of pace guy. Someone faster, or more dynamic then the corps of backs we have now. Toby G. is kind of like what we have with Lex. Except Lex can catch. Gerhardt never had to catch the ball out of the backfield as a matter of fact I'm not sure he had more then 5 receptions last year.At this time Hilliard is the better back, and I thing Gerhardt would be a waste of a draft choice.

Let's hope it's a good scoop!!!

Just want a solid starter odin, in a position of need.

Guys....how much longer in MINUTES...we have no coverage at all down here in OZ....

Trade down ...get Graham...get Hughes...

Do it...do it...do it

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