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Draft live blog here at 7:30 p.m

Just arrived at Dolphins camp and this is what I'm hearing at this hour.

Yes, the Dolphins want to trade down. This surprises you? I wrote a column about the possibility in today's Herald and tweeted about it 20 hours ago. Big whoop.

The national networks are breathlessly reporting the Dolphins want to trade back. I would tell you to keep in mind that to trade back, you have to have a partner. Among the teams everyone knows are trying to trade up are Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and the Giants.

I hear the Chargers are also trying to trade up, but they are offering players as chips to make that deal, not necessarily draft picks. Short of Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson, I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would go there with the Chargers. I know Bill Parcells was not in the past a huge Shawne Merriman guy.

Part of any Dolphins trade scenario today and beyond could include Justin Smiley or Ronnie Brown or one of the quarterbacks as part of the deal.

And what happens if the Dolphins drop?

I'm narrowing my list of favorite players to be picked to five if the Dolphins trade: Michigan's Brandon Graham, Penn State's Jared Odrick, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, Fresno State's Ryan Mathews and Boise State's Kyle Wilson.

For the wider list of players on the radar, check out this post on my blog from last night.

That's it for now. I'll be in and out of the blog between now and 7:30 p.m., when I'll start blogging live. Get it!


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Bootang, With that being said,with the steelers shopping Ben(The Rapest)Rothlisberger, what do you think about him joining the Orlando Predators of the Arena football league???I mean the guy fits the teams nickname.....

Bigfly, go to justin tv, sure they will have it online.

BigaFly, u don't get NFL.com???

Good one Cuban!


Dishpunk & Dickpan - those may be the two funniest words you've ever blogged or posted.

Well done! That was swung on and belted deep!

LOL @ CM, He's a d o u c h e, thats for sure. God wastes talent some times.

Dishrag also works

Mando you blogging here today? Don't let dickpan ruin our draft!!!

Alright guys the Menace must step out , But like arnold(The Governator)Schwarzenegger would say"I'LL BE BACK".........


"change of pace back" to me means small. i personally dont like the darren sprolles, reggie bush type backs. i want to keep pounding the rock like we did against the colts last year. i loved the look on the colts' d-line's faces. if only we didnt give up a TD in 15 seconds everytime manning got the ball we would be alright.

but i think we need a decent back this draft, because in two years we are going to possibly be left with only cobbs and lex.....

Cuban, it's funny because I NEVER liked Big Ben, always came off as smug. I not for one second doubt he did those things. I LOVE that they are really sticking it to him, I hope he goes to Oakland, though the Raiders name isn't as fitting as the Predators. Too many hot college coeds in Florida, he'd be in jail in 4 and a half days.

Hey fellas,hows tricks?

Guys,how far would we have to trade down to grab a 2nd rounder?

Not a word from tortured today! Saw him out here yesterday spewing his NYJ garbage.

hey, just saw on pft that fins looking to deal smiley & 1st round pick to trade down.
isn't smiley damaged goods (shoulder)?

Well not to bring up a bad story aboutr jason. But hey has made over forty million dollars plus. Now you tell me he couldnt wait a week or just retire and be a true guy in our history book. I dont think we should let him come back and retire as a dolfan at this point.

I'm in and out guys. Gonna grab something to eat. I know you want to hear I'm calling sources or something, but I'm just being honest with out. Gotta eat.

Cowboys pick maybe @ 27, hear they like Dez.

Justin TV....im downloading it now....never heard of it...its normally on Foxtel...thanks guys...CANT FRIKKIN WAIT...!!!!!

I want us to trade down and get Graham for sure, but if we can't I want Bryant or spiller. I don't want Morgan don't want odrick or matthews or Kyle Wilson. I think clemons is as good as kyle Wilson. He is not a first rounder. Taylor mays will be better even.

I think Smiley's a hella player as long as he's not your only option 4 16 games.. He should have some value...

I agree with your assessment on Kindle. He is overated. Hughes seems to be overall more athletic, and can do more things for our D...

Plus, I think he matches up better with Wake on the other side. He is more effective against the run; whereas, i see Kindle as more as a straight pass rusher....

John Clayton of ESPN feels both Morgan and Thomas will be gone way before 12...Just another opinion

We gonna shock the world. Parcells tradition is out the window tonight. We goin All IN!!!!

anybody believe cobbs and lex could be a starting caliber tandem in another year or so. i love them both for what they do now, and i really want to see more from lex this year, but i have doubts of whether they can handle a starting role

if the answer to the question above is no, than we need a back this draft (and spiller is not the pick, too high for this team)

Brandon marshalls troubles aren't the same as dez Bryants. And I love us havin Marshall. Bryant needs guidance, and with it could be the next moss. Let's get him.

I think Lex can be the guy. Some think I'm nuts, or a spy, or guilty of being a homer. I would like to see more of what he has, Gerhardt will probably go in the second or third round. I know we don't have a second right now. But I think we would be better served to draft a tight end before a running back with similar skill sets of the backs we already have. As the order sits now, I think we should wait untill the 6th round before worring about Rb.

John Clayton looks like Mr. Mackey from South Park.

I`m hoping Morgan is gone. He plays like Merling

We don't need to solve the running back issue right now guys. There are good backs in the draft next year. Besides Ricky may extend. And it's not like we can't resign Ronnie. We have options. Let's not gigot a backthis year unless everyone above balks on spiller.

Swedish, I believe in Lex and think he will get a bunch of carrys this year to see if he is the man or not...IMO

Also I agree with manny completely, Jermaine Grisham is going to be a nightmare for defenses. He's amazing, and it would be great to snag him.

Steven, 40 mill? Try 70 mill.

I will be happy as long as we DONT pick Dan Williams at 12....yep hes pretty good but we can fill NT much later....its gotta be a line backer or a safety....definitely

Lex doesn't seem to have great ball carrier vision but he hits the hole hard and the vision should hopefully improve with more carries.

Inismounts, I give u credit, u got some big ballz...u put urself Waaay out on the limb with ur picks...I don't agree with any of them but we will know shortly!!


i completely agree to NO DAN WILLIAMS.

i have a feeling parcells is tired of hearing how everyone knows what he does/doesnt do (ala...b marshall trade), and i have a feeling some big moves are happening for us this weekend.

i see us taking 6 or more defensive picks when its all said and done.....

Mando, thanks for the response on the Brown situation. I've been trying to figure out the specifics of the whole tender thing and been uable to as well. Now I don't feel so bad if you are still trying to get it clarified.

Clevland Browns offering Rams almost all 10 of their picks for Sam Bradford...if the Rams turn then down they are insane

All I want today is for the Dolphins to draft someone who fills their most dire needs, which are FS and OLB. I feel that NT can be filled much later in the draft or possible next year's draft and hope that Paul Solai and Jason Ferguson can hold down the middle of our defense. We really need a playmaker and Earl Thomas and Brandom Graham are playmakers. Go grab one of those guys and lets start forming a defense that will be good for years to come! Let's go Fins make me proud....

i hope we trade down in the first round (unless berry falls---no way though) and then i hope we trade up for another 3rd round pick with some of our 6 & 7 rd picks.

Go Dolphins?

Where ya hear this B12?

Cam Thomas if he lasts that far.

PO White, new story on PFT and they are quoting Mike Homgren saying he has made the offer...

No sh*t? It do that one.

Draft Day Football Game today, Brewers beat the Pirates 20-0...

That's a Ricky Williams type deal, I would do it in a heartbeat

If that rumor is true the Browns are insane to offer it and the Rams would be crazy to say no.

You could almost build a whole new team with that many picks.

yes, it's true...If they feel thats their guy, then they should go right ahead and grab him! He may be the one to turn that franchise around!

if we get one good OLB and one good FS (i think we draft two of each) we will be set. wake/anderson will hold down the other OLB, and big paul "blocks out the sol"iai will step up and be the man this year....

The knock on Lex here on this blog is about his so called lack of vision. I'm not sure I understand why that label has been stuck on him. Was this from an old scouting report. He moves fine laterally, plus his style is down hills between tackles. If anything, I think that he could get to the holes faster. From what I've seen, he waits a little too long for plays to develop. I agree that with more carries he will gain more confidence. But I don't understand the vision knock. Please explain.

Anybody else catching a good buzz already???

Lets go Dolphins...

Lets go Dolphins...

Workin on it Floyd.

a whole team's picks for one dude? no way, bradford pans out. that amount of pressure would be enough to drive someone to the reefer, am i wrong?

Have a strong buzz by our pick.

From PFT article: "Holmgren told ESPN's Michael Smith that he would be willing to trade most of the Browns' 10 picks and maybe some 2011 picks for Bradford. But Holmgren thinks the Rams will turn him down."


hey cuban

i think we might need to draft mclain after all. i just read that the jets just signed another old guy.......somebody named hans gruber

Just made a Rum Run.

I'm ready!

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