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Draft live blog here at 7:30 p.m

Just arrived at Dolphins camp and this is what I'm hearing at this hour.

Yes, the Dolphins want to trade down. This surprises you? I wrote a column about the possibility in today's Herald and tweeted about it 20 hours ago. Big whoop.

The national networks are breathlessly reporting the Dolphins want to trade back. I would tell you to keep in mind that to trade back, you have to have a partner. Among the teams everyone knows are trying to trade up are Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and the Giants.

I hear the Chargers are also trying to trade up, but they are offering players as chips to make that deal, not necessarily draft picks. Short of Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson, I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would go there with the Chargers. I know Bill Parcells was not in the past a huge Shawne Merriman guy.

Part of any Dolphins trade scenario today and beyond could include Justin Smiley or Ronnie Brown or one of the quarterbacks as part of the deal.

And what happens if the Dolphins drop?

I'm narrowing my list of favorite players to be picked to five if the Dolphins trade: Michigan's Brandon Graham, Penn State's Jared Odrick, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, Fresno State's Ryan Mathews and Boise State's Kyle Wilson.

For the wider list of players on the radar, check out this post on my blog from last night.

That's it for now. I'll be in and out of the blog between now and 7:30 p.m., when I'll start blogging live. Get it!


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Cheers to that...

What's your drink of choice?

If I was a Ram's fan I would be screaming to take it....I'd rather totally suk another year and take those 10 picks vs. taking a chance on Bradford

How could you trade away most of your picks in a draft this deep? Crazy IMO

Today, just budlight, gotta work, like Vodka.

I would also be screaming to take it bobby.

not drinking yet



What kind of rum??

I'm a Captain fan myself....

Get with the program Carlito....

We need to make a trade now

Jack Daniels!!! People have told me stories that me and Uncle Jack have had alot of good times together, wish I could remember being there!!!

Rams should take the deal. Stockpiling in this draft would be very wise.

I'm a bacardi 151 guy myself. Or if I'm feeling kind of fufu I'll go Cruzan coconut rum.

Rams need to take that deal from Cleveland and then trade the 1st rd pick they get from Cleveland and send it to Pittsburgh for Roethlisberger. They get their franchise QB and 9-10 additional draft picks on top of the 8+ they had already this year. Roethlisberger and 17 draft picks is better than Bradford and 9 picks.

Like Jim Beam little more than sour mash.

Po, you+vodka+blogging=angry German kid on You Tube...an unforgettable blog, glad ur back though, great Dolphin Fan!!

That division sucks as well, with this move they could be on top of the NFC West for a decade

Never drank the 'Parcells Koolaide' and never will. But GO Dolphins!

This organization always has and always will be bigger than one man.

LMAO @ B12

Glad you're here Joe.

Ferrari-Campari. Fernet Branca with a spash of Campari. These shots will butter your neck!

Daryl, I am by no means intelligent when it comes to this stuff, but here is my opinion. I never thought this when he was a situational back. I thought he looked good running on third downs and so on and wanted to see more. I started thinking this after Ronnie and Patrick Cobbs got hurt. When his work load went up and he started seeing a lot more defensive looks he just kind of seemed to run in a straight line. I don't know if it was nerves or what but that's what I saw. I definitely want to see him get the ball more, though.


Whatever gets the job done...

Also like vodka.. Wife is a huge fan, got me hooked...

Drinking craft brews today though. Celebrating the mighty Dolphins rise to an elite team the NFL...

The Dolphins are not in the draft room right now. They're having dinner as a staff. Phones not ringing.

red stripe for me... no hard liquor tonight

You spying on them, Mando?

What's your drink of choice Mando?

Where the F*ck is Rob?

Mando says anything free. JK

Coca-Cola. Made by God.

I'm not a big drinker.

I hear things, Mark. Sometimes, anyway.

Can anyone tell me if the draft can be seen online?? espn or nfl network???

The trifecta didn't order pints from the Falcon did they?

Always check justin TV

I have a bottle of Glenlevit 12 I think I will break the seal on tonight.

Will we be drafting any entire families now that we traded the Ginn family?

I have been clock-watching every minute all day.

Good to see you back Po. As for adult beverages, got hooked on rum punch (made w/capt. Morgan) in Bonaire last week. And I might break out some California Orange but don't tell the cops on here.

My jets source tells me that they are on the move again as they are looking to trade their first two picks to move up into #4 or #5 to get....CJ Spiller!

Any chance we move down MORE than once? ( I.e. We trade down from 12 to 20ish then back again for a team who wants a Mays or Matthews?)

You can also check channelsurfing.net

Mando, any more chatter you're hearing about Fins/Eagles trade possibility to switch 12 & 24 and get their 2nd rounder?

Dolphins back in the War Room. Ireland sits with Parcells on his left and Ireland to his right.

Big Terrance Cody could be had in the 20's

Nice try but their first two picks wouldn't get them to #4 or #5.

Mando, that sounds biblical....on the right hand sat the son?

I'm watching the draft with a: Lions fan, a Niners fan, and Raiders fan...

Can't wait for the Raiders to pick. My buddy always gets pissed off and stomps around the house.... lol...

Go Phins...

Dolphins war room sign: "For the next three days we are going to draft prototypical players that play football well in their pads on the football field."

Wonder if they're ever creeped out by your stalking mando?

So I guess Taylor Mays is out, Mando?

The sign says he would be.

The Dolphins allowed cameras in the war room for a few minutes.


What are your thoughts about taking Hughes with 12th pick if we can't find someone to trade down with??

I don't feel it is to far of a reach..

Graham is out then

whats up Mando... & fellow Phin Fans! here's to a great draft(lifting my glass) Lets Go Phins!!!

As opposed to playing well in what?

And the Miami Dolphins select ...

Trade back and stockpile more picks. Or pick the best available corner with the 12th pick and move Smith to FS.

Mando @ 6:41

So Ireland is beside himself with anticipation? LMAO

I think the point of the sign is to remind everyone the Dolphins pick players that impress on the football field, not during the Combine or during Pro Days.

And that means ... BRANDON GRAHAM!!!!

I hope.

The war room sign should say: " The players we Draft are the missing pieces we need to make It to the SuperBowl".

Armandito what have you heard about the whole trade down scenario that Sal Palantonio is reporting between the Dolphins and the Eagles?

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