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Draft live blog here at 7:30 p.m

Just arrived at Dolphins camp and this is what I'm hearing at this hour.

Yes, the Dolphins want to trade down. This surprises you? I wrote a column about the possibility in today's Herald and tweeted about it 20 hours ago. Big whoop.

The national networks are breathlessly reporting the Dolphins want to trade back. I would tell you to keep in mind that to trade back, you have to have a partner. Among the teams everyone knows are trying to trade up are Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and the Giants.

I hear the Chargers are also trying to trade up, but they are offering players as chips to make that deal, not necessarily draft picks. Short of Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson, I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would go there with the Chargers. I know Bill Parcells was not in the past a huge Shawne Merriman guy.

Part of any Dolphins trade scenario today and beyond could include Justin Smiley or Ronnie Brown or one of the quarterbacks as part of the deal.

And what happens if the Dolphins drop?

I'm narrowing my list of favorite players to be picked to five if the Dolphins trade: Michigan's Brandon Graham, Penn State's Jared Odrick, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, Fresno State's Ryan Mathews and Boise State's Kyle Wilson.

For the wider list of players on the radar, check out this post on my blog from last night.

That's it for now. I'll be in and out of the blog between now and 7:30 p.m., when I'll start blogging live. Get it!


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Pistol. Single Malt. Nice... enjoy.

I have this sign on my wall: Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. It means ... trade down and collect picks.

Eagles also talking to Denver, Eric. So depending on how that goes, the Dolphins could be good or get shut out.

Who was holding up that sign from the trifecta? LOL

Got the 17 month old dressed up in Dolphin gear..

Just threw on the Marino Jersey, and cracked another beer...

Let's go phins...

In a trade down with Philly, I'm just assuming the #37 has to be involved?

San Diego wants Cody.

The sign was hanging from the ceiling.

Hey i'm sure rick spielman will trade a 4th rounder for just about anything!!!

Keep R brown pick Dez!!!!

if they are off the board(Suh,McCoy,Kindle,Morgan,Paul-Piere,Berry, E.Thomas)trade down for(Williams,Price,Oderick,Sapp,McLain)

CocoaJoe, California what??? LOL

It's not looking great for a trade with the Giants. A whole lotta rumors about a trade w/ Jax, or Denver. The Giants really want Mcclain.

I got the inside scoop on all the Dolphins Picks.... Jason Pierre-Paul or Mike Iupati. I'll post the rest after I'm proved right

Don't be surprised to see the Dolphins not only trade back once but possible out of the first round. A couple team are interested in trading back into the first round...so it just makes sense for the Dolphins to trade back and acquire more picks including two top second rounders...stay tuned.

This still seems so odd to be going through this on a Thursday

I wish the NFL would start doing Draft Week at other NFL cities instead of every year in NY and give other teams fans a chance to go live instead of stinking Jet Fan!

Dez Bryant seen trying to hail a cab on Jerome Ave. Pacman Jones on his way to pick him up.

I hear ya on that on Mark. Plus it's my first draft on the west coast, strange time difference.

"prime time" is killing me! Its already 1 am in spain...by the time miami picks pick be around 2.30 AM!! I dont wanna even think if they trade down!!!

Stack up on the second round picks and let Friday go and get the OLB, DT, and FS all in that round.

Here we go 30 to go, it's been a long wait!!! Let's go fins!!!

I agree Pete. If we go back to 20ish, someone is going to want Mays or Matthews.

Andi, think about calling in sick for work tomorrow, poor guy.

Ya Tx, not sure I like this Thursday thing

Califorina Orange. It's dank and don't try to get a fix on me, I'm on the move to the beach.

Never let them take you alive, joe!

Dear Mr. Salguero

First off a belated Happy 4-20 :)

I think there will be alot of people here on the blog tonight so a couple of quick questions my friend Big Ben thought I ought to ask.

1 - Have you hired any security to handle the crowd ?

2 - will there be any drunk college girls ?

3 - Are the bathrooms in clear view of any of the other visitors or can they be blocked by security ?

4 - Will the security camera's be turned on and be recording this live blog ?

5 - Will you be providing a cover story in case things get out of hand ?

Just covering my bases

Soiled :)

I´m still in college...don´t have to get in till noon soo its kinda ok...xDD

This way Joe. I'm on the beach too.

Guys, I'm so excited I'm about to wet my pants....Hahaha.
This is awesome. Can't wait to see who we're picking today.
I have a feeling the tuna will surprise us today and pick someone we never would have thought of. My two favorites:
1. Earl Thomas
2. Brandon Graham

Let's go already!

I would be surprised if the Dolphins trade out of the first round. That would not be a wise thing IMO.

Mando, I Think Arizona makes a lot of sense as far as a trade partner. If the Giants can't move up. We may have some leverage with a couple of teams with our spot. Arizona might be interetsed in Mcclain now that Dansby is here. They also have 2 picks in the third round, so gaining an extra third might be a good opton if we can't find our way into the second.

Guys, if Iupati is there at No. 12 and the Dolphins are there, that might be the pick.

Mando, if we trade down to 24 or anything past top 20, we'll trade out off 1st rd with Cleveland. They'll give us 2 picks to get McCoy in the 1st..

I love it but I think if I hear this damn New York song one more time, I may jump!

Can we trade Ricky Williams for the all of the Saints picks?

Of course my whole theory goes to sh*t if Cleveland trades to #1 or gets Clausen with 1st pick

Primetime for drunk college girls right about now. But men, we have to stay focused tonight. They'll still be there until about 1 or 2.

I think if the draft falls right the Giants may want to jump SF and SEA to pick Spiller or McClain. Dolphins pick up a 3rd and still get Thomas or Iupati. What are your thoughts on trade down to NYG?

I got my aqua an orange on and am ready to roll!!!! Let's get Thomas and make Welker, Evans, Edwards and Holmes irrelevant!!! GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Iupati will be there @ 12

Armando hook me up and send me a phins shirt to spain!!! I´m feeling lonely xDDD

marino just honored..pre-draft stuff!!! along w/other greats

so who is the consensus pick if fins remain at 12?

Typical scumbag NY fans.. Boo'd Marino as his name was called up on stage.. Wonder if Ken O'Brian would have gotten a warmer reception..

Right Joe, at 1 to 2 it called doin the Roethlisberger.

how long between picks? anyone...

Lets go to the bar at last call and pull a "Roethlisberger".

Geankowski is a bad a s s too!! But he got hurt..

Cocoa, keep it in ur pants, and the Calif. Orange too!!!

Call the hotel maid in and give her the "Roethlisberger treatment"

Iupati, love it. Smash mouth football baby!!! just like the Skins of the 80's. We'll run the ball on anybody, and no one get within an arm length of chad.

I think the NFL is going to this format to spotlight the players in the draft not to give teams more time

If Rothlisberger get traded to the Raiders.. would they spell him name on his new jersey.. "Rapelisberger"

so is going to be a live draft every player or just phins?picks?

10 ins between picks.

Andi, when I was in University, I wouldn't go to bed until 3 am everyday. Ahhh, those were the days.

LOL, hide the orange but not the girls....they're legal.

Let's go fins, got my rum. Now we just need to roll, all over the Jets and JT!!!!

There will be 10 minutes between picks in the first round. So Dolphins should be picking no later than 9:30.

... That is if they keep the pick.

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