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Draft live blog here at 7:30 p.m

Just arrived at Dolphins camp and this is what I'm hearing at this hour.

Yes, the Dolphins want to trade down. This surprises you? I wrote a column about the possibility in today's Herald and tweeted about it 20 hours ago. Big whoop.

The national networks are breathlessly reporting the Dolphins want to trade back. I would tell you to keep in mind that to trade back, you have to have a partner. Among the teams everyone knows are trying to trade up are Dallas, Philadelphia, Green Bay, and the Giants.

I hear the Chargers are also trying to trade up, but they are offering players as chips to make that deal, not necessarily draft picks. Short of Antonio Gates or Vincent Jackson, I have a hard time believing the Dolphins would go there with the Chargers. I know Bill Parcells was not in the past a huge Shawne Merriman guy.

Part of any Dolphins trade scenario today and beyond could include Justin Smiley or Ronnie Brown or one of the quarterbacks as part of the deal.

And what happens if the Dolphins drop?

I'm narrowing my list of favorite players to be picked to five if the Dolphins trade: Michigan's Brandon Graham, Penn State's Jared Odrick, Georgia Tech's Demaryius Thomas, Fresno State's Ryan Mathews and Boise State's Kyle Wilson.

For the wider list of players on the radar, check out this post on my blog from last night.

That's it for now. I'll be in and out of the blog between now and 7:30 p.m., when I'll start blogging live. Get it!


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Here we go........

It has begun but what is this hopes and dreams stuff from the Commish?

Someone name every pick!!! For us who live Under a Cave!!! Please!!!!

If Fins are talking with Cowboys I believe our 1st rd pick will be Jerry Hughes at 27th.

Yes carlito and the best part is, a little goes a long way.

Draft open yes yes yes


I agree..... NO to Iupati.....

Yes to Jerry Hughes...

see the cowboys want to move up how bout they throw in a player llike martellus bennett young te

Rams have more noise in the RCMH then they have in their stadium....

Id be happy with hughes or Graham

Iupati? Let's get serious here Mando, please dude.

I agree with finatic I am at a baseball gm!

Relax all you cave men, the picks , all of them will posted here.

Dallas 2 far down!!! If that's the trade we better be Big Benning (raping) them...

NFL Network or ESPN...I'm on ESPN right now.

Let's go baby!!!

Cmon rams just turn in your card


The only way Iupati is not there at 12 is if the raiders feel they need him... lol

I'm sticking with the NFL network

Hurry up please.

What's so hard picking the biggest bust of the DRAFT.

I say NFL network ... Mayock is a beast!!


I'm partial to the sour diesel myself


Good call....

Would be happy with Hughes or Graham.. Even at 12..

Looks like Sam Bradford is a Ram. Here comes the pick...

Agree Mando...ESPN is like Lechon for Christmas...can't go with anything else

Odinseye The drink idea is sounding good about now. I am going to load one up. Defense...people....Defense.

Boo! Boo! Boo!!!!

How's the water out there Bill Ruger

Bradford is on the phone to his shark... they want the money back tonight!!!

Does anyone else hate that they show the players talking on the phone before the pick comes in????

here goes bradford...so obivious

bust or stud

what do you guys think

Ask Bill, u can feel people are excited but a little nervous!!!!

Like analysts on ESPN better, but like Mayock hella better than the deutsh with the hair spray on espn

were magnifecent together it's a perfect combanation.henne& marshall?actully swoln members!lol

He's not my guy, but i see the logic in Iupati. You want dominating players in rd 1 and if he is one thing - it's dominant.

Sam says Cha Ching!

lol, "big ben'ing "them

Sam Bradford is the first pick. He just hurt his shoulder shaking hands with his agent.

The moment we have all been waiting for. Who will the Dolphins brass pick first?...



The crowd cheers? What draft is that guy covering?

I'm watching ESPN... I get hypnotize by Kipers helmet hair

Bradford #1, no surprise there and Suh will be #2 unless the Bucs are idiots.

Right Mando.

Damn, I was hoping for an insane Mike Ditka moment, where Mike Holmgren traded all of Cleveland's draft for 1 player.

Isn't that like purple haze?

Suh @ 2

Funny Armando

ROFL! Nice one Mando. He better learn how to fall away from his throwing shoulder, because there's no way he doesn't get sacked 50x this season. The Rams Oline is AWEFUL

lol mando

ESPN is too commercial...NFL network all day baby, strickly football!

Haha! @ Armando...

arragont i know that for sure...coudn't stand him in the Gruden QB show

The only reason I'm not watching ESPN is because of that duoche Kiper.

Can we talk about the draft not the analysts? "Come-on Man"

I wonder how many surprises we will have between the 2nd pick and the 12th pick...this is going to be great.

i was happy to hear henne talk about him and marshall getting together to work together in the offseason...good deal.

Erin Andrews is handing her Internet tapes to Bradford now...50 Million!! How do I look thru the peephole Sam? V

so bradford? #1??

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