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Eagles want to trade up? Bring it!

There are various reports on the web now that the Philadelphia Eagles would like to make a hop, skip and a jump from the No. 24 overall selection in the first round to a higher plateau from which they can draft either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas -- considered the two best safeties in the draft.

The Dolphins, at No. 12 overall, seem to be in a solid position to pick Thomas if they want. They also seem to be in a solid spot to trade down from that pick if they want. And I am told by one team source (not one of the Trio) that there has been significant talk around the Dolphins facility about trading down.

The source also tells me much of that talk got louder in the last week when the idea of giving up a second-round pick for Brandon Marshall turned from possibility to reality. The Dolphins want to somehow get back that second round pick.

Again, the Eagles make sense. They have two second-rounders -- No. 37 overall and No. 55 overall. The Eagles would have to give up their own first-rounder plus one of the second-rounders, likely the lower pick.

The Dolphins would thus still have a first-rounder -- Philadelphia's No. 24 overall -- and make up for the second-rounder they currently lack.

Bill Parcells and Andy Reid have worked together in the past. The Dolphins sent running back Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles in 2008 for a fourth-round pick.


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Good heads up. Hope it happens. I also hear that Detroit is thinking about trading for a running back.

Think of the possibilities if they pick up Brown and we end up with their # 2 pick. We could really go to town by trading it and and picking up CJ plus two starting defensive players!!

37th pick is worth it. The eagles are getting they're guy. We want Earl Thomas too. We have the upper hand , use it. Demand 24th &37th.

Oh yea!! First ... By the way jeje

Nevermind. Lmao


Look how smart Parcells has been with Dansby and patience with the Marshall deal and not giving up our first...There is still alot to get done before draft day and my confidence in Parcells is soaring

Ted Ginn Jr. Has just been traded to the 49ers... Jay Glazer and Marcus is reporting...

Rumors flying that Ted Ginn has been traded the 49ers for a late round pick. I'm sure details to follow.....

Agreed bobby. Parcells is quietly starting to work his magic.

If we do swap places with the Eagles,i expect us to draft Sergio Kindle. I'm sure he would represent the most value at that spot.

Lets hope the Eagles throw in their #37 and not their #55


Already rattled this in my brain a couple days ago. At 25th we maybe transfixed into selecting Cody. Otherwise we have to make a mild reach on Jerry Hughes, he's projected 2nd rd.

IMO, Philly's 55th is a no go. That's only a glorified 3rd rd pick that far down in the 2nd rd. It's #37 or nothing at all.

For thier 24th pick and 55th pick we have basically traded out of the 1st rd for a glorified 3rd rd pick. That bottom pick available to us in the 2nd rd is Nate Allen. What guarantee is there Nate Allen's a serious upgrade to Clemons or Culver? At least both of them already have nfl experience.

We need a safety who is clearly an upgrade over them if we are going to invest a 2nd rd pick in him. Or it will just be another in a long line of wasted 2nd rd picks by Dolphin fo's.

TRADE THE PICK!!!!!!!!!!!

Trade down with the Eagles!
24- Sergio Kindle
55- Nate Allen
73-Cam Thomas
4th round - Jimmy Graham

I like the trade down. What is the truth to Ginn and what are we getting?

Ginn to SF.. late round pick. Glazer's twitter.

Ted Ginn gone, if true more addition by subtraction

Ted Ginn + 4th round pick for the Niners' second round choice.

Please tell me we got a 5th rounder for Ginn.......

Bye bye Ted Ginnn and fam!

Agreed that it should be the 37th, but will have to give back a late round pick to make the trade even. A 4th round pick is needed just to make the trade even according to the trade value chart. Now if you can give back a 6th instead, that would be worth it.

Our # 12 and a 6th round pick for their #24 and #37.

I just hear Ginn was traded to San Fran!?!

What about Ginn's family?

(first to write that! I wonder how many people will follow?)

WOW...I have been writing the same item a couple days now....you ay want to add that a 5th rounder should be added to the Dolphins also. And add this Ginn has been traded to the 49ers.

stop with the Ted Ginn and his family joke. It's old, worn out and hasn't been funny for 3 years.

We better get good value for Ginn or I think they are making a mistake by not keeping him IMO

a 5th for Ginn is nowhere near enough. If it's true we got fleeced.

Has to be a 4th or better to be worth doing it.

We got fleeced the day the Dolphins use a first round pick on him.

Indiana Dolfan - lighten up. It will never not be funny.

Must suck to not have a sense of humor.

Sorry about that.

55 is too low for Philly to jump 12 spots. They'd need to give 37 and likely their 3rd round as well to jump that high.

Whoops - that was for "Fort Worth fishfan"

Sorry Indiana Dolfan, I am sure yuo have a great sense of humor.

the problem is jacksonville wants to trade down also. So they might do the switch with philly

A 4th rounder for Ginn?

Now THAT is funny.

Guess I was wrong about you.

24 - Brandon Graham

55 - Terrence Cody



Just got text Phins traded Ginn for late round pick!!! STUPID JUST STUPID!

Looks like 145 could be the pick for Ginn.

WOW! If Ginn is truly gone that would continue to reshape our WR troops. There is no way no how that Ginn could last long term with most describe/see as lack of courage.

T. Martin,

I like your mini mock there...

1st rd: I would be inclined to take Jerry Hughes (which is a bit early for him) but maybe Kindle is the guy. If BG drops that far that would be killer but I don't think he will.

2nd rd: I also prefer S Morgan Burnett to Nate Allen as a more versatile ballhawk/hitter.

3rd: Cam Thomas may be gone in the second but I would take him in the 3rd (Linval Joseph, T. Troupe could be others to be had a little later).

4rth: TE Jimmy Graham... This is where I HOPE he goes and that he ends up a Fin. He has superior triangle numbers and it would seem like the skies the limit. Although he has to tighten up some concentration lapses he has VERY nice hands/long arms to make tough grabs in traffic. His B-Ball background will help him to body guys out and come down with it. He had a great combine and has a willingness to block about him. Although by no means a strength of his he should be able to effectively screen guys off soon with his frame and the added weight/strength the NFL will bring. Guys like this tends to get overdrafted and I have seen some mocks where he goes very late second.


Hope we use the Ginn pick to get Jordan Shipley. I know the Steelers like him and im guessing the Pats will draft Shipley aka Welker Jr. The guy is a play making machine like Welker. The WR. steal of the draft in my opinion. Marshall and Shipley with a mix of Hartline,Bess & Camerillo and were set at the position. Espn says he will go around pick 170.. Please steal this guy..

Unfortunately it is a buyer's market not a seller's market. Jacksonville is looking to trade down and they pick right in front of us.

If Jax doesn't take the player Philly wants they would obviously prefer our pick. Less money. But not so much so that they would take a worse deal from us.

Cuban Menace,

Where are you?

I think I'm going to need some restraint.
I got out of work early and was just working my way into a bender, NOW THIS!
First Dansby, then Marshall, and now bye bye TEDDY!!!!

My 2010 NFL Draft party officially starts NOW!!!!
I pretty much have always LIKED Parcell's, but I think I'm starting to fall in LOVE!

PS: JERRY JONES don't know s h i t!

Tedd Ginn to the 49ers for a late round pick. Does his family get included in that?

NFL Network is reporting our Dolphins has traded Ted Ginn Jr to the 49ers for an undisclosed draft pick!!! Man I hope this is true.

Guys the 49ers have 2 6th rd picks. I'm beginning to think "late" pick is one of thier 6th rounders.

The day we signed Marshall the Tri downgraded Ginn to special teams because a 6th rd pick for a special teamer is about as great as the value gets.

Even for the lower second Rd selection I would trade down if they can add Sharper in FA

Msrshall in, Ginn gone....what did we get for Ginn's family? that was worth a 1st round pick itself according Camoron

I was right....145 is the pick the Dolphins received for Ginn.

Here's a note...the 49ers were going to go after Spiller...now they don't have to...that leaves Spiller for the taking...possible trade bait.

Ginn for a 5th? I would never have done it.

Damn Mandy...You've been outscooped ALL WEEK...

Jamar Chaney ILB could be the Dolphins target at 145.


Pat Turner is working his way uo the depth chart already.

PS: I hate the phrase "undisclosed draft pick".

Take this trade in a second
Try to get the early 2nd rounder where we can get our own safety

Ginn has the same value as Holmes...interesting.

Ginn for a 5th? I would never have done it.

Posted by: MaCo | April 16, 2010 at 01:34 PM

You would have kept him? Good thing you're not our GM.

Holmes went for a 5th and he can actually catch. I think we Absolutely robbed SF.

I just keeps getting better.............

once again id like to say



Meant to say IT just keeps getting better.....

I just keep getting ...... more intoxicated.

AwwRight Miami.



Now about Smiley? Could the Dolphins still trade him? If they do...could they select Maurkice Pouncey as either a guard or move him to center and move Grove? Hmmm?

Could Taylor and the Dolphins be scamming the Jets?


I think pouncy may go late first round so I don't see him as an option because our early picks might be defense

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