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Eagles want to trade up? Bring it!

There are various reports on the web now that the Philadelphia Eagles would like to make a hop, skip and a jump from the No. 24 overall selection in the first round to a higher plateau from which they can draft either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas -- considered the two best safeties in the draft.

The Dolphins, at No. 12 overall, seem to be in a solid position to pick Thomas if they want. They also seem to be in a solid spot to trade down from that pick if they want. And I am told by one team source (not one of the Trio) that there has been significant talk around the Dolphins facility about trading down.

The source also tells me much of that talk got louder in the last week when the idea of giving up a second-round pick for Brandon Marshall turned from possibility to reality. The Dolphins want to somehow get back that second round pick.

Again, the Eagles make sense. They have two second-rounders -- No. 37 overall and No. 55 overall. The Eagles would have to give up their own first-rounder plus one of the second-rounders, likely the lower pick.

The Dolphins would thus still have a first-rounder -- Philadelphia's No. 24 overall -- and make up for the second-rounder they currently lack.

Bill Parcells and Andy Reid have worked together in the past. The Dolphins sent running back Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles in 2008 for a fourth-round pick.


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Seriously only a 5th rounder?? WTF? I think we could get more value keeping him on the team versus a 5th rounder. That is pathetic to a certain degree, but at least he isn't on the team anymore

Nothing says that the Dolphins are going to go only defense...they could see Pouncy as the better player at 24...if the trade with the Eagles happens. Remember this kid took on every big tackle in the SEC...and held his own.

Lammar Houston is another Ratliff clone...saame size, speed and strength. He played 4 years and comes from a top college program...and teams are looking past him. The Dolphins saw him while coaching at the senior Bowl.

Can we just trade up and get Eric Barry somehow? Please?

Indiana...What true value did Ginn really have? He played like a 5th rounder...pure and simple.

Nice work Mando!!

But aside from the Eagles 1st rounder The Trifecta should push for the Eagles "first" 2nd rounder.

Based on the value chart that is a fairer trade. The Eagles would be giving up just 80pts. (37th).

Versus the Dolphins giving up 110pts. if we took their second 2nd rounder (55th).

I'll bet theres a nice little game of chicken going on there.

The deal would be for the 24th 55 and 121...thats fair and accurate value for that trade.

If Philly wants to trade up and won't give us their first round pick and their first second round pick (pick 5), we should get their first round pick, their second second round pick (pick 55) and their second third round pick (pick 87).

Also, I wish Ted Ginn well in SF. He wasn't what we had hoped he would be. He was drafted way too high, but that's not his fault. A fifth round pick tells me that the trifecta really wanted him gone. At any cost. But still way too low. Should have gotten at least a 4th.

ginn gettin' traded... don't know if i like that. and i'm even a michigan fan!! he played a big role in both wins against the jets last year! he was playing out of position, it's not news that he's not a number one, but with marshall here now that pressure is not on him!

i'd put him back to return and in special packages on offense...slot rec.

i hope this doesn't turn out to be another welker deal!!

fishypete - That is probably true, but he was the 9th overall pick and got drafted onto a very bad team with no reall veteran help. I just think he would of been more valuable to keep on the team versus getting a 5th rounder, but only time will tell depending on who that 5thh rounder is.

Indiana...he was NEVER going to be a great receiver...and was only a decent returner...he had no heart...no love for the game..a blind man could see that. He is the opposite of guys like Marshall. You can get free agents to do returns...here's one to remember, Kelton Tindal, Newberry...6'2" 198 runs as fast or faster than Ginn.

fishypete - I am not saying he was ever going to be great. Everyone agrees he is not a #1 and never will be, but I have always felt with a true #1 his assests (speed) could really be utilized.

By the way, who was one of the few WR's who burnt Revis last year??...Ted Ginn Jr. and how did he do that? Plain and simple, out ran him. Speed is one thing no one can teach and that is something teddy had.

fisheyepete - You mentioned "he had no heart...no love for the game"

I do not think you can say that with truth. Someone who has played football from when they were a little kid, through high school, through college and now the NFL has to have heart and love the game or they wouldn't be playing the game.

Did you know him presonally to know this information? Your comment is soley your opinion which I do not think is an accurate opinion and I am not saying that about Teddy, but any player at that matter.

So you going to pay Ginn Mil's to make a handful of plays a season? Lets remember his contract was coming to a end sooner than later, were the Dolphins going to give him a new contract...more money? PLEASE.

Indiana...the proof is in the pudding...he was traded for a 5th rounder....if he had any higher value...he wouldn't have been traded...he's gone...end of story.

I wouldn't be surprised to see J. Allen cut too. This guy is making 5 mil a season to play special teams...bye bye.

I think a fifth rounder was as good as it was going to get ginn had one good rec day and return day all year and both where against the jets, so if they could have found a team that plays the jets 18 times a year they could of got a solid 2 round pick easy.

24 - Graham, Weatherspoon, Hughes, Kindle
55 - Morgan Burnett, Major Wright

Ginn did beat the Jets twice last year on his won don't forget thats 2 wins for a 5th round pick. Sure he did not fit in but if Marshall goes down then there is 0 behind him at this point. That 5th round pick was insurance on Marshall. A low 5th rounder at that.

If you look at the "official" NFL draft value chart, the values don't line up very well.

Here is the breakdown:

Fins #12 overall = 1200 points
Fins #110 overall = 74 points

Philly #24 overall = 740 points
Philly #37 overall = 530 points
Philly #55 overall = 350 points

So, basically we'd have to throw in our 4th (#110) to get their #24 and #37 in a fair deal.

Or, they'd have to give us their #24, their #55, their #105 and maybe their 6th-rounder next year...

I don't see either team giving up that many late picks - we both like to bargain shop.

He did not win that first game for us, the Second game he did I'll give him that but a top ten pick don't just show up for two games, and he dropped game winner in Indy and #1 rec don't do that.

trade up,if you dont want dez then go ahead might as well,but we need a good safety.

Brass Monkey....Dolphins 12th pick = 1200 points Eagles 24th pick = 800 points.

Eagles 55th pick = 350 points, Eagles 121st pick = 52 points.

Thats as close as you can get it.

Peter King, of Sports Illustrated, reports the Philadelphia Eagles want to trade into the top half of first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Really? LOL

Trade clarification: The 49ers sent us an 8th round pick for Ted, Jr. and a 5th round pick for Ted, Sr.

As we chat...Parcells has hit the speed dial to the Eagles.


If I can't get Philly's early 2nd rounder then the deals off. After the 1st, its where most of the prime talent will still be sitting.
...But thats just me.

Great moves soo far Dolphin brass, now we need to trade down and pick up a second round, select B. Graham with the first pick, a NT, OLB, OG, SS and we are set for 2010. Go Dolphins....

Aqua1...there's talent in all rounds...you just have to look for it.


55- Houston

73- Rickey Sapp

105th- Akwasi Owusu-Ansah

121- Jacoby Ford

fishypete - yes the deal is done and we got the value for what he was. It just sucks a 9th overall pick 3 years ago is only worth a 5th rounder today. That is all I am implying. No one knows how Teddy would play having a true #1 on the team also, but either way he is gone and I'm glad!

145- Jamar Chaney ILB.

Me too..for us and him.

Whats even more funny is the 49ers were wanting us to take Ginn and not Willis...now they have both.

Now wouldn't it be funny IF Dez Bryant drops to 24...Hmmmm....what would the Dolphins do.

Imagine Dez Bryant across from Marshall...J. Taylor stay's as I believe he will and then the Dolphins select a kid like Sapp to learn for a year. I believe Revis would be looking for a new Island to live...LOL

If the Eagles are trading up it would be to grab the best safety available not the 2nd (Thomas). That would mean they will need a top 10 pick. Sorry Miami = not going to happen. Very wishful thinking though. If you have as many extra picks as Philly does no need to go halfa$$ they would go ALL IN at that point. Good luck in your upcoming season,~~ a philly fan

Philly gets 12th and one of our 6th rounders
we get 24th and 37th

no chance

Could Taylor and the Dolphins be scamming the Jets?

Posted by: fishypete | April 16, 2010 at 01:53 PM

My thoughts exactly!!! It's all part of the plan, the trifecta have done so well into getting the media to believe things that aren't true.. a la Marshall!

Berry or Thomas would look great lined up with Bell in our backfield.

I would trade down, get the Eagles 1st round pick, their late 2nd round, and maybe try to get a pick from the Eagles in 2011, a fifth or 6th rounder.

Trade down from #12 and Trade R. Brown for at least a 2RD pick and get rid of Smiley, we should be able to pick up a 4RD pick for him.

1RD LG from Idaho

What everyone needs to remember is the reason for implementing the Wildcat in the first place. That reason is to hide their offensive weaknesses not to be innovative and create the next new offensive scheme in NFL.
No quarterback plus no quality WRs= poor offense= one dimensional offense= need to control the clock= offense from 30 years ago= no chance of winning superbowl.
You mean to tell me if Trifecta had a choice of offense used last two seasons, or new generation offense(i.e. Colts, west coast) they would choose an offense with no QB and poor WRs? Of course not.
Wildcat generated out of necessity
Now that we have a promising stud QB and perhaps best WR in the game, we are catching up with quality offenses in the league. There will be little to no productive wildcat without Ronnie Brown, and considering he may be traded, then thankfully we say adios to the bandaid Wildcat. Say hello to more passing attack something missing since Marinos departure.
I would have loved to see the Dolphins also given up a 5th and 3rd for A Boldin & Santonio Holmes. Could you imagine going from the worst NFL passing attack to the best 3 starting WRs in the league for 3 mid to late draft picks?
Hope Phins move from 12 to 24 with Philly and recoup second rounder and trade injury proned Ronnie Brown for perhaps second rounder. When Ronnie is 100% healthy, he is as good a RB in the league, and my opinion no one runs harder when healthy. But being that he has had only one season in six where he played all 16 games, it's fair to say he is injury prone. Ricky Williams has avoided father time on the field by retiring, suspensions, and stint in CFL. Being that he is about to turn 60 on his next bday, RB is a strong need.

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