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Final word (I think) on Taylor offseason offer

Before we continue our regularly scheduled draft coverage, I want to share this with you. We've got a few hours before the draft begins anyway.

This morning, excellent NFL insider Adam Schefter posted this story on ESPN.com qouting a source close the situation, saying the Miami Dolphins did indeed make a contract offer to Jason Taylor after the 2009 season that included an $850,000 raise on his 2009 salary and would have raised his salary to more than $2 million.

If this is true, it would obviosly change everything because it would have meant that Taylor indeed had an opportunity to return to the Dolphins this offseason and didn't take it.

Well, the validity of the source close to the situation is up for scrutiny by actual named persons as close to the situation as you can get -- both Jason Taylor and Gary Wichard, his agent.

"Source this, source that, there was no contract offer from the Dolphins, end of story," Wichard just told me. "I never got a call from the Dolphins saying, 'We want to sign Jason. Here's the deal. That's all we can do.' If I had a contract and had told Jason, he would have said let's get this signed.

"We never had a contract he could sign before he went to (visit) New York, after he went to (visit) New York or until the day he signed with New York. There is no Dolphins contract JT could have signed at all this offseason. End of story."

The Dolphins confirmed to me this morning that as of two days ago when Taylor decided to accept an offer from the New York Jets, there was indeed no offer on the table for him to sign.

Is it possible there was a deal available to Taylor in the days just after the 2009 season ended and the offseason began, I asked. My source did not know that for certain one way or the other.

Taylor this week told South Florida media there was a contract extension proposal during the 2009 season but that offer was withdrawn by the time the regular-season ended.

He called a source suggesting he had a chance to sign any Miami contract this offseason, "a liar."

Me? I'm done with this. It is draft day. Jason Taylor is a New York Jet. The Miami Dolphins will draft his replacement today or in the coming days. Can't we all just get along?

[BLOG NOTE: I'll be posting again in a bit just prior to kicking off the draft coverage. There will be a live blog here today. Join me. It should be a good time.]


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It's irrelevant whether there was a contract or not. JT was told to wait after the draft and he chose to play for the dreaded Jets, where even Jets fans don't want him!! He's had no loyalty since dancing w/ the stars, but fortunately for him, has the support of the S Beach media..

People r complaining about lack of loyalty and honestly, I welcome it!! This is about winning and lately, loyalty brought us Wannestedt and the Ginn family.. Glad this is your last JT blog!!!!!!!!

Forget Taylor. Let the Draft begin!

We will smash the jets with or without JT period...let's move on. It's draft day, good luck MIA !!!

Ever wonder why you never see Chris Cardoro and Mando in the same spot??? I think chris Cardero is Mando's Alter-ego....or maybe Mando has a split personality..ALA "Fight Club"..Maybe Mando has gone completely mad...lol....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | April 22, 2010 at 02:29 PM

To make a committment to JT when he still needed to have surgery before the end of the season was a great leap of faith on the Dolphins part. Why didn't JT take the contract? He was the one making the Dolphins wait. They probably just got fed up with waiting for JT. He made them wait for Dancing with the Stars and he was doing it again. I would have done the same thing as Dolphins management. Bye, bye!

Sounds like the JT camp is doing damage control....

JT who is the egg on your face buddy????


Just as long as mando doesnt start refering to a new up and coming sports writer by the name of Tyler Derdan, we should be alright....


I will pop in and out as best I can, as I always love the live blog.

Must attend to bizness so catch up to you later.\

Enough of JT, this side of the bizness often rearers its ugly head. Time to move on!

Taylor's replacement will be the Dolphins first pick...

Thanks Mando. I really just want to put this story to bed. It hurts too much, like repeatedly ripping off a band-aid.

Thank you Armando. No more on JT he is history. On to the important things being this DRAFT.


Trade Down and Trade Up value will be much less than previous years, aka, buyers market.

For instance trading down in the 1st might not yield an extra 2nd pick without throwing back a later rounder.

I would not be suprised if the Dolphins traded down, added a second rounder and drafted two DE/OLB in the first two rounds...I can only see if Berry was there at 12, but he won't be.

Have a feeling in spite of his raw talent, that the Dolphins end up picking JPP, just to much talent not too...

Ace, Thanks for correcting my spelling of College, I majored in Plagiarism, I didn't say I passed....lol...

More stuff on this guy....unbelievable!! This guy keeps his name in the sporting news almost as much as Brett Favre does....two of the biggest egomanicas in sports!!

I couldn't care less any more....it's draft day which is way more important than he said/she said.

This draft MUST be the best draft in the franchises history. That means the brass has to move down & up that draft board like Woods & Roethlisberger stalking their next bimbo.

This draft MUST be the best draft in the franchises history. That means the brass has to move down & up that draft board like Woods & Roethlisberger stalking their next bimbo.

Posted by: Turd Ferguson | April 22, 2010 at 02:56 PM

That's gotta be the funnest post so far...lmaorotf...


Why are you posting old washed up jet news on MY DOLPHINS BLOG.

You know what Mando, you're doing doing a very good job of getting a sentence reduction.

Mando, stop talking about this. Who cares anymore. JT and his agent are drama queens who seek attention. He had an opportunity to stay with the Fins when he was offered an extention and he declined. It is HIS fault. Get over it. It is time to build this team to compete. Move on from old crybaby drama queens and play football. When Marino moved on, he didnt cause drama, and everyone is treating JT like he is the best player in history and he is far from it. Let this go now. We dont need to hear about this 50 times a day every day.

I want to hear about possible trades in this draft, with what teams, what players etc. I am sure you can get info on that other than the stupid drama from JT and his agent. Isnt that what your job is Mando??? Getting info on this team instead of former butt hurt players and their agents???

I'm out for awhile, My girlfriend is ready to beat it so I'd better go make "nice" so I don't catch grief later.
Cuban, you got your money ready? I might have to use some of it to by her something sweet after this weekend

Well Turd,

They are off to a good start, adding Marshall in the second round. lol

But you know there is a trade down in the works, so maybe even recop that pick?...


I appreciate your sentiments and I agree wholeheartedly.
Seriously though, don't EVER mention JT and Marino in the same sentance again! EVER!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Will Rex or Jason lead? Paso Double? or the Argentine Tango? God help'em if he decides to lift rex!

Who cares about Taylor now. Lets get his replacement and dominate the f'n Yets!

Here's a great topical story on "the" man when it comes to NFL drafts. A must read before tonight. You couldn't make this stuff up.

"Mel Kiper Jr. doesn't do bathroom breaks. Perhaps that doesn't seem like an incredible feat, but it helps to realize that ESPN will broadcast a total of 15 hours of live NFL draft coverage this week, and Kiper will be under the stage lights the entire time. In 16 years as his producer, Jay Rothman has never seen Kiper sneak away for even a quick break".

Unbelievable... dude was on PTI the other night and confirmed it. He gets into it and doesn't want to lose the 'flow' (no pun intended) and literally stays on the set for the duration even during breaks in case they call on him. Whatever his job title is (and whether you agree with the need for it or not) you have to admire his total comittment and professionalism. Mel is like a terminator in his focus. Kind of funny....

There's been alot of writing, talking heads on TV and hype over the last few months. Truth is, nobody knows jack-*** about whats going to happen. Parcells and company do and it must be a hoot listening to all the experts. The same experts will hurry to give out their grades Saturday night. Uhhhhhh yeah.

We wont know until at least a year from now how each team did. Maybe 2-3 years. Adrian Peterson looked like the 2nd coming of Emmit or Walter after his rookie season, and after channeling his inner Sammie Smith (fumbleitis) he doesn't look quite so good. How long did Romo sit b4 playing? Henne sat a year. Ginn might as well have rode the pine 3 years (save for the NYJ game). The best part is there are a bunch of guys who arent even drafted who will be good (some very good) NFL players.

The 'experts' should admit it. Sometimes the best answer is "I don't know". I guess if you are a sheep though, you need to follow someone.

Well, heres hoping they take the best players available. If those are at need position (anywhere on defense other than CB), bonus.

So he had a contract he could have signed waiting for his signature before the season even ended.Well why did he refuse to sign it ?Low down no count jet lover.You make me sick .You had a chance to finish your career a dolphin right then and there.You and your agent both are bold face liars Jason fireman ed Taylor.Puke green buddy.

armando, do u know where we can find a new Dolphin Journalist to cover the Miami Herald-- im kinda getting tired of you- i would like to see your little cuban buttt out there with pads on ???

I think with the draft pool as rich as it is it's gonna be hard to trade down to a team and get their first and second. I do have an idea though let's trade our third and a tummy tuck gift card to Rex Cryan for his first (tell him we care about his health).

Mando let it go! Its history! Next year I hope everytime JT does something good you don't write an article about! Please Please Please, enough already!


I'm so excited I could take a shyt.

FOCUS NOW: Stay sober-breathe in the bag. Stay sober-breathe in the bag!

IS IT 7:30 YET!!!!

The trifecta saw jt skills deminshing before there own eyes and choose to let him walk I don't blame them this is a business after all and itdidnt make business sense to keep a 35yr old douche bag.

Dolphins doing damage control.....getting worse by the day. They should simply say that they wanted to go in a different direction and just kept him as an option if the draft did not work out as expected, and are happy to see that he was able to get a good contract with another team and wish him the best.....that would be a better PR move given this mess.

Assume that we draft MORGAN, KINDLE, or GRAHAM .... and he becomes starting OLB along side of WAKE ..... What would we have done with Jason Taylor? If JT played it would have mean less "on the field" minutes of vital experience for the two young starting OLBs .

i would like to see your little cuban buttt out there with pads on ???

Posted by: mike | April 22, 2010 at 03:08 PM

Mike, so would pricemaster...well you know the part about seeing a cuban butt.

armando, do u know where we can find a new Dolphin Journalist to cover the Miami Herald-- im kinda getting tired of you- i would like to see your little cuban buttt out there with pads on ???

Posted by: mike | April 22, 2010 at 03:08 PM

"PLUNGIE,PLUNGIE,PLUNGIE....... Hey Mike, go to the sun-sentinal, they also have a great Gay section.... enjoy.......

Sal Palontono reporting talks between eagles and dolphins are heating up..

Old news. He's a Jet. Lets be done with him and move on.

JT wanted to Dance with the Stars after his team went 1-15 . Parcells had just came to town and wanted to build a football team- a winner- Personally, i would have never brought him back - let him go have a 1.5 year sack season like he did with redskins

Its time to move on Mando Jt will probably sack Henne 4 or 5 times this year and we will feel like sh_t but time to let it go, maybe we should draft bryant afterall and try to outscore people cause the D is going to struggle this year for sure

A PR mess?

I don't think so. They just told the truth.
Jason we need you as a stop gap/backup. However were not going to pay you enough to need an agent. Take a look at this post it note Jason, cause this is as good as it's going to get.

If you don't like it take your old, bald headed injured a z z upstate! Ha Ha!

I have loyalty to the sandwich I just ate, but sadly, I know it will end up in the toilet by night fall...

Such a world...

Eagles phins trade talks heating up trigger could be pulled today

For an organization that was built by Shula and Joe robbie for having honor and class, the treatment of jt and Zach thomas is just classless. In any case, we'll root against jt next year but I will welcome him home when he retires from football. Hopefully, the front office will sign him for a day so he can retire as a dolphin.

Both sides playing semantics with you pressers!
Yes there was an offer! Made on a post it note as previously reported. Yes there was no offer made to JT's Agent! It was made on same said post it note to Jason Taylor who said talk to my agent!

Doesn't really matter now does it? The Agent could have just as easily made his own proposal as Rosenslouch does all the time.
And if the front office really wanted JT they would have made some lowball offer with a promise to negotiate further after they were done with the draft.

Truth is neither side wanted him all that badly. The Jets only wanted him to save them having to draft a LB and didn't want him bad enough to wait. (Can't blame them really!) The Phins only want him if they don't draft a LB as well. I wish JT well he gave me everything I could ask for but he is a jet now.

Eagles phins trade talks heating up trigger could be pulled today

Posted by: tarence | April 22, 2010 at 03:19 PM

Well...what other day would it be pulled?

I kid I kid

Turd Ferguson LOL... nice line.

Now, what draft pick, would make you jump out of your chair a la Ted Ginn?

For me it would be

1) Dez Bryant
2) Iupati
3) a QB

I got a feeling Ronnie Brown is gone today to whoever gives up a second.

you are a gay drama queen.

"I got a feeling Ronnie Brown is gone today to whoever gives up a second."

He would have to sign his tender first.

Trading down with PHilly would be GREAT! (we need to take a long hard look at Ricky Sapp).. he's gonna be a major steal for someone in the 2nd.. I personally believe he has a chance to end up being better then Kindle. Watch the film..Hes a monster.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo3oCN4W8Wo&feature=fvw

If we can get our second back we should draft dez bryant or spiller first.

I think we trade down and pick Jermaine Gresham.

Hanzo, Classless is attending Dancing with the Stars after your team goes 1-15 and a new regime was hired, and you refuse to show up to minicamp cause of hollywood--JT is not the future rushing OLB- get it- we need youth to get reps starting this weekend -- not some old man who thinks he needs an agent cause hes so wanted !!!

Unless Ronnie signs his tender today, he CANT be traded

Nobody, (well maybe the raiders) is going to give a 2nd rd for Ronnie. Maybe 3rd if you are lucky.

Cam what about Gresham's family???/

ESPN is reporting that the Eagles wants our 12th pick....

Why is Cam(Cant win)Cameron dirting our blog????

Okay Mando,

Glad you have closed this chapter regarding the Jets defensive player named Jason Taylor. I wish JT well as a human being but as far as his role as a Jet, I hope he falls flat on his face.... especially when he plays the Phins. He will collect his millions either way.

Please, FO....trade down and pick up a 2nd rounder.

Is it me or is every player the Jets picking up a 30-something, past their prime, "has been"? No disrespect, these were all really good, if not great, players a few years ago. Taylors 30 tackles on 800 plays last year is really shocking and speaks volumes about his decline. I'm just not sure how getting a bunch of old guys that weren't wanted by their former teams is going to make them a Super Bowl contender. I think the Jets have gotten a lot older, but I don't see them as much better. I believe Miami is doing this correctly. Here's to another solid draft.

No he hasnt signed. Hes the only trade bait we have tho.

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