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A mock draft of picks 1-13 by national media

For a few years now writers and columnists from the 32 NFL cities have been doing a live mock draft. The idea is to have folks with a solid finger on the pulse of their teams run through the exercise and see how the actual draft might go.

The first leg of that draft happened Sunday, as 13 selections were made. I made the selection for the Dolphins among the list of national media. (And I recognize you are now asking, 'Why did Salguero make the Miami pick if it's supposed to be done by someone with a good idea what the team will do?')

Folks, this isn't science. I made the pick for Miami, like it or not.

I am not predicting this will be Miami's pick.

The greater point is, judging from the picks made by folks ahead of the Dolphins, I would tell you the Dolphins will have quite a few talented players to pick from at No. 12 if the writers have any clue what their teams might do.

The exercise suggests that when Miami picks at No. 12 great talent will remain on the board for the Dolphins if they do not trade down. In this mock, Earl Thomas, Jimmy Clausen, Mike Iupati, Derrick Morgan, Dez Bryant, Sergio Kindle, and Dan Williams are all available to Miami at No. 12.

If that happens on draft day, I would tell you the Dolphins will try to bug out of No. 12. Clausen will have value to someone. Bryant may have value to someone. Thomas will have value to someone, as well as to Miami.

The Dolphins may be able to trade down and get back a second or third round pick. Of course, all this is speculation, an opportunity for you to disagree. It's a mock draft.

1: St. Louis Rams (By Jim Thomas, St. Louis Post Dispatch).

The skinny: After passing on Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan in the past two years, the Rams won't pass on Sam Bradford this year. Only what GM Billy Devaney calls a "king's ransom" of picks and players in a trade down will keep St. Louis from taking Bradford. After three subpar seasons, two-time Pro Bowler Marc Bulger was released, leaving only A.J. Feeley, and small-school projects Keith Null, and Mike Reilly on the roster at QB. The pick: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma.

2: Detroit Lions (By Mike O'Hara, longtime Lions beat writer for Detroit News).

The skinny: The Leos have ranked last in the NFL in yards allowed for three straight years, and the interior defense has been especially soft. Ndamukong Suh can give them more than a run-stuffing tackle. He can get pressure up the middle on the quarterback, and his presence will free up players such as Kyle Vanden Bosch and Cliff Avril to get single blocking to rush the passer. The pick: DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska.

3: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (By Ira Kaufman, Tampa Tribune).

The skinny: The Bucs finished last in rushing defense and their starting DTs were Ryan Sims and Chris Hovan. Enough said. It's hard to imagine the Bucs passing on either Suh or Gerald McCoy at No. 3. If both are gone, the Bucs will entertain offers to move down and perhaps land S Eric Berry. Other pressing needs are DE, WR, CB and G. Tampa Bay was strangely silent in the offseason for a 3-13 club, signing free agent S Sean Jones and trading for Eagles WR Reggie Brown. Second-year QB Josh Freeman desperately needs more weapons, but GM Mark Dominik and coach Raheem Morris are committed to rebuilding a once-proud defense and the D-line is in shambles. I believe they prefer Suh over McCoy, but they won't mind turning in a card with McCoy's name on it Thursday evening. The pick: DT Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma.

4: Washington Redskins (By David Elfin, longtime beat writer for the Washington Times).

The skinny: If there was any doubt that the Redskins would use the No. 4 on a LT to replace Chris Samuels (who had to retire because of spinal issues), that was erased when they traded for Donovan McNabb to replace incumbent Jason Campbell. After a 4-12 season, their worst since 1994, the Redskins have plenty of needs (see above) not to mention unhappy DT Albert Haynesworth and LB Rocky McIntosh, who skipped this weekend's "voluntary" minicamp, but they are bereft at LT beyond the marginal Stephon Heyer, who started at RT last season. Washington hopes that Okung can be a carbon copy of Samuels, who made six Pro Bowls in 10 seasons after being chosen second overall in the 2000 draft. The pick: OT Russell Okung, Oklahoma State.

5: Kansas City Chiefs (By Randy Covitz, Kansas City Star).

The skinny: I would be lying if I said I had any idea what Scott Pioli is thinking other than I know it's something completely different than the rest of us (see Tyson Jackson). While they don't have a safety to line up and play a game, I'm not buying into the Eric Berry hype. Just too high a pick for a safety when the Chiefs can grab one with one of their two second-rounders. Of course, some say they can get an OT in the second round. I really think Pioli wants to trade down, pick up extra picks, take a Rolando McClain or an Earl Thomas later in the first round or one of the second-tier OTs. Short of predicting trades, I've been giving them Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga with the fifth pick in most mock drafts, though if Suh falls there, they'd have to grab him. They can play Bulaga at RT or move Branden Albert from LT to RT and plug in Bulaga at LT. He's a safe pick and fits their profile. The Chiefs allowed 45 sacks last season. Trent Williams' inconsistency and work ethic does not fit what Piioli calls The Right 53. The pick: OT Bryan Bulaga, Iowa .

6: Seattle Seahawks (By Danny O'Neil, Seattle Times).

The skinny: General manager John Schneider is running his first draft, and in Green Bay he worked for a team that made a habit of trading down in the draft order to acquire more picks. Trading down will be a consideration at No. 14, but at No. 6, expect Seattle to take a left tackle. While Walter Jones has not officially retired, the Seahawks are planning as if he won't return. Seattle started four different players at left tackle last year, two of whom were not on the team's roster when training camp began (Brandon Frye and Damion McIntosh). Seattle held its first minicamp last week, which showed just how thin Seattle is along the offensive line. Both of the tackles on the second-string offensive line were tryout players. Seattle is high on safety Eric Berry, who played for Monte Kiffin last season at Tennessee. Kiffin remains a formative influence on new Seattle coach Pete Carroll, but the Seahawks' needs on offense are simply more urgent as Seattle hasn't chosen an offensive player in the first round since choosing center Chris Spencer in 2005. The pick: OT Trent Williams, Oklahoma.

7: Cleveland Browns (By Tony Grossi, Cleveland Plain Dealer). 

The skinny: Forget a trade up with Rams. Forget taking Jimmy Clausen. Mike Holmgren's statement to me about wishing he liked Clausen more was not a smokescreen; he was being candid. Could he have been won over by now? Possibly, but Holmgren realizes the team has many more urgent needs. He paid Jake Delhomme $7 million for 2010 and thinks the world of backup Seneca Wallace. Odds are down to 50-50 that Holmgren even picks a QB, perhaps using two 3s to move into 2d for McCoy. Otherwise, he might wait till 5th ... I seriously doubt they would trade up with Kansas City to take Eric Berry. I just don't think they like Berry enough to give up a 3 for him. Like everyone else, they like to move down. Potential move-down possibilities are Penn State DE Jared Odrick (they love him and they've got nothing but over-30s at DEs) and OG Mike Iupati. If they stay at No. 7 and Berry's there, I'd say Berry. If he's not there, they may consider Odrick that high, but my best guess would be Texas S Earl Thomas (if Berry's not there). CB Joe Haden was eliminated when they traded for Sheldon Brown. Dez Bryant or C.J. Spiller? I think Bryant scares them (post-Braylon Edwards). Spiller is a glorified Jerome Harrison, who they already have. Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul? Neither are fits in the 3-4 and the Browns had more sacks (40) last year than 8 playoff teams, including God's gift to the NFL, the Jets. The pick: FS Eric Berry, Tennessee.

8: Oakland Raiders (By Nancy Gay, AOL Fanhouse)

The skinny: Al Davis is tempted – really tempted – to pick Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen here, since he is still on the board and even the owner seems to be losing patience with JaMarcus Russell. But can the Raiders afford another first-round quarterback mistake? No way. The team has four quarterbacks on the roster now (Russell, Bruce Gradkowski, Charlie Frye, Kyle Boller) but has no legitimate left tackle to protect any of them. He may consider Oklahoma OT Trent Williams here and is intrigued by the potential of USF. DE Jason Pierre-Paul, but Davis won’t be able to forget what one of the Combine’s celebrated workout stars. The pick: OT Bruce Campbell, Maryland.

9: Buffalo Bills (By Mark Gaughan, Buffalo News).

The skinny: The Bills' entire 2009 season was held hostage by the OT position. But the top three tackles are gone. Don't think they will reach for Anthony Davis here. I don't think they will go with Clausen even though you could make a good case for it. They're kind of stuck. Look for a surprise pick. They will go best player available. Possiblities include C.J. Spiller, Dan Williams and Rolando McClain. The pick: RB C.J. Spiller, Clemson.

10: Jacksonville Jaguars (By Vito Stellino, Florida Times-Union).

The skinny: What they want to do is trade down. They hope somebody will want to trade up for Clausen. They want more picks and don't think they'll get value at 10. Think they'll have to overpay. They would have liked one of the 3 OT tackles and could play Eban Britton at guard but they're gone. So is Spiller. Gene Smith is a best available guy. The pick: ILB Rolando McClain, Alabama.

11: Denver Broncos (By Jeff Legwold, Denver Post)

The skinny: If the Jags or anybody else indeed take McClain as this scenario had unfolded, they're going to be looking to get out and move down. They're looking wide receiver at the top of the second, though Josh McDaniels (some smokescreen) went on and on Friday about how Dez Bryant is not a bad guy. So that is a slight possibility here. However, they would love to move down a little, get a pick and take Florida center Maurkice Pouncey, who could start from the moment they draft him. So, that's who I would give them here with the caveat they would try to move down to do it. They do like Dan Williams as well as a guy to go in the rotation at the nose so he is a possibility as well. But Pouncey would be my pick with a move down to do it. The pick: C Markice Pouncey, Florida.

12: Miami Dolphins (By Mando, The Miami Herald).

The skinny: The Dolphins are in the market for extra picks. They want to recover the second-rounder they gave up for Brandon Marshall. Another reason they want to add picks is they currently have no proven starter at FS, SOLB, and LG. NT is also a problem because 36-year-old Jason Ferguson will serve an 8-game suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He won't be availabe until November, meaning Miami has issues at NT as well. If Miami cannot get out of the pick and add a second- or third-rounder in the process, it will look to fill one of its top needs. Bill Parcells is still looking for his new Lawrence Taylor. After carefully considering Earl Thomas (who's visited twice and worked out) and Dan Williams (who has the measurables at NT), the Dolphins go with the pass-rusher. The pick: OLB Derrick Morgan, Georgia Tech.

13: San Francisco 49'ers (by Nancy Gay, AOL Fanhouse).

The skinny: Offensive tackle (LT Joe Staley is very solid but RT Adam Snyder struggles in pass protection and is really a backup thrust into a starting role); cornerback (LCB Walt Harris is recovering from ACL surgery, big-money free agent bust Nate Clements was replaced in the starting lineup last season by ’07 fifth-round pick Tarell Brown and talented Shawntae Spencer is better as a nickel CB); outside linebacker (Niners need a hybrid pass rushing LB/end who can excel in both fronts); nose tackle; wide receiver. The 49'ers are thrilled to grab the top-rated CB in the draft, who excels in press coverage and should have an easier transition to the NFL than most college cornerbacks. Coach Mike Singletary isn’t worried about the knocks on Haden’s speed; he’s more impressed with Haden’s physical play against top SEC receivers. The pick: CB Joe Haden, Florida.

OK, the countdown is on before someone comments that my pick is wrong. 3-2-1...


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I like Thomas or a top pass rusher....I think they can get a big body to plug the middle in the middle rounds....but ultimately Id like to trade down, trade for Scheffler, and either re-sign Taylor or sign A.Thomas and sniff around Sharper....

Nobody parties like the F'n greeks. KANENAS !!!

etsi bravo!!!

Arsenal, come on down buddy. We'll make sure the Jets fans don't bother you anymore. We'll party like we're in Glyfada! LOL.

NJ PHIN Fan, o mando o kouvanos ta exi pexi. Ine vlakas.

Smiley for Scheffler????

Smart move passing on Pierre-Paul, especially after Goodell's ruling. I expect him to fall to the 4th round now.


Agreed Arsenal, Thomas is a beast and a he's around the ball a lot. I would love to see him here. Not that Malakas Wilson, he sucked big time.

Συμπαθώ τις τριχωτές σφαίρες!

LOL @ FB. ine ligaki vlakas.

I was watching the Chargers-Broncos game today on NFL replay. Scheffler looked like a beast. He was eating up their safety weddle all day. The guy is good.

I' μ ένας έξυπνος γάιδαρος!

LOL At FAKE NJ. It's good to have google P_U_S_S_Y BOY !!!

Η κουβανική απειλή!

Who's a donkey????? lol....Eme enais yaitharos mai meyalo aftia.....

FB and Arsenal , We should get together and take in a dolphin game. Aresenal , where in conn are you from ??.

Λανθασμένος τώρα φάτε λίγο περισσότερο κόρακα!

Ine poli vlakas, afou ine kouvanos. Anyway, back to the Phins. I'm so excited for thursday. I can't wait..

Light the kindle....Say what you want I was right about B.M and one of the 2nd RD picks.Look back if you think I'm wrong.SOOOOO Much more to do.Look up.

I grew up in New London but now I live in New Haven.....and Im going with a few Greeks down there this year....My brother usually goes every year....this year with all those connects, I have more reasons to go, lol.....pame....

If you have FB, add me: Kyriako Vamvakides

Greek's love brothers with 10in nails to plug their butt holes!!

Smiley for Scheffler????

Posted by: ArsenalGreek13 | April 19, 2010 at 01:30 AM

Nice I'd do it.

Both fill needs and are on the trading block.

NJ PHIN FAN, I live in Miami. I go to the games all the time. I even go to mini camp and training camps. I'm a nut like that. LOL

If you guys are in town, I'd love to go to a game with you.

I think it's got to be Graham. These guys have done their homework and they got to see him up close at the Senior Bowl.
He's strong as hell but he actually has a lot of room to get stronger. To me Graham IS the prototype strongside backer.

Pame . My uncle had wholesale fish company that used to delver to most of the diners in conn including the new haven and new london area. I've been there many times. you should come down this way and hit the bouzouya in astoria, thers's also some dolphin sports bars in my area.

Brothers plug their own buttholes with their nine inch nails?....dude, whatever floats your boat, lol....

Re malakes, ego ti na kano??? LOL

How come Scheffler was suspended for a game last year??


I admit I haven't watched much film on Thomas, but a comparrisson to Lott?

I just haven't seen it. Got any links for Thomas laying people out like a Ronnie Lott.

yeti FB????...ti tha kaneis????

earl thomas is a short jason allen.. i want dez!! just picture a brandon and dez wr core.. omg!!! just do it!! and with cam and hartline we could be like the old fins!! would be so much fun to watch

Good night malakes. Pame doulia avrio.

kalinixta....eyo exo athia....lol....

Ella kai si stin nea yorkie FB.

Greek's don't leave home because they don't want to leave their little brothers behind!

New Haven. Pepes Pizza yum.

Of the three choices(Morgan, Williams, Thomas) I believe Williams is the best of the three. If the defense is to be top caliber, we must play stronger at NT. It is the most important position in the 3-4 scheme. Always build from the inside out, Parcells knows this, and Nolan being an old Denver guy knows this as well. (For the record Williams isn't my first choice here, but just who I think is the best option of the three listed) The best scenario would be trading down, and grabbing the 2nd that we lost in the Marshall trade.

FB and Arsenal. i didn't realize the time because of our great convo. KALINIXTA malakedes !! tha melisome avrio !!

What the hell are you people saying?

Odin who should they draft. Looks like Morgans the pick.



Thunderbolt, Pepe's great....love Modern Pizza as well

Yup ur from New Haven. Me 2.

Skata stamootraso!!!!!

I love my young brother, I like my wife!!

This is 4
All the bloggers that were arguing with Home for 6 months about
The Miami Dolphins needing to sign Brandon Marshall

Quote from Our Dolphin Franchise QB
Chad Henne

“Brandon Marshall definitely brings a lot to the table.”
“It’s his ball in the air when you throw it up there,” Henne said. “His size definitely stands out, and just the way he goes up and gets the ball. When he gets yards after catch, he’s not looking to run out of bounds. He’s more going after the corners, because he’s 6-foot-4 and a lot of guys are scared of him out there in the open field.”

This Is Why Home
Does Not Like Talking Dolphin Football with Geeks from Armpit, NJ

They Know Nothing!

Now Get Your Shine Box!

not posting my comments...weird....

Yeah, Thunderbolt, first I find out there are a bunch of Greeks trolling this blog and then I find someone from New Haven....crazy night

6.5 Pat Turner now has a True Mentor at WR with the addition of Marshall

Expect Pat Turner To Develop into a Good WR for the Miami Dolphins
As Home
Believes Pat Turner Will Develop Into A “Colston type WR”
Only Turner is a bit bigger & more physical

Marshall 6.4 230lbs
Turner 6.5 225 lbs

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Do Not Miss

2010 Miami Dolphins Air Show

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

More Great Predictions Coming Soon

Love U Dolfans!

NostraHomo, you are brilliant....any predictions on stuff that isnt obvious and really matters???....how about stock tips???....will the world end in 2012????....will you get a life ever????


I think we obviously need a NT. Still I don't think they'll go for one this early. The resigning of Furguson(and having Solia) makes me think they'll try for one in a later round.

I agree Odin

Is that the same home who said miami will be in the super bowl in 2010 and said that patrick turner would be a all pro and a star in the NFL ?? . Now get your shine box !

Odin who should they draft. Looks like Morgans the pick.

Posted by: THUNDERBOLT | April 19, 2010 at 01:52 AM

I'm completely sold on adding another Brandon to the team.


Enjoy your

G R E E K- G A S M S!!

Dolphins (and Jersey) Forever!


NostraHOMOus also predicted the world will come to the end because of chemtrails.

Expect Surprise with 12th pick

6.6 330lb * Mike Iupati *

Iupati next to Long

Then the Whole Offense Works

The prophet

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