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Four Dolphins meet incentives, get raise

A couple of newsy notes this A.M.:

Although there is no salary cap this year most NFL teams are nonetheless trying to contain salary costs because they have to deal with the real world economics of running a business in today's tough economy while also realizing an uncertain economic horizon looms in 2011 for the league.

Despite this, some players are seeing 2010 salaries rise based on play-time and other incentives that they met in 2009. Those incentives roll into base salaries and that is exactly what happened for four Miami players that increased their 2010 base salaries by a combined $1.325 million.

According to NFL Player's Association figures, wide receiver Greg Camarillo got a $150,000 pay increase for 2010 based on incentives he met so his base salary goes from a scheduled $1.15 million to $1.3 million.

Punter Brandon Fields, entering his final contract year, will see his scheduled base rise from $550,000 to $850,000. Fullback Lousaka Polite will see his scheduled $1.12 million base salary jump to $1.27 million.

And the biggest jump will go to Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long, whose scheduled base salary of $9 million has risen to $9.725 million, based on incentives he met in 2009.

The higher base salaries are not unique to the Dolphins. Throughtout the NFL, players that met play-time and other incentives will get a 2010 salary bump -- some as significant as Arizona OT Levi Brown, who is getting a $2 million bump in his base salary based on incentives. The complete list of players getting a pay increase can be found on Mac's Football Blog.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, by the way, is getting a very nice increase due the fact he was the team's starter as a rookie. His base salary is going from a scheduled $3,181,250 to $6,442,500 -- a startling $3,261,250 increase.

What a republic!  


The names of players visiting the Dolphins continue to pour in through various sources.

Add Weber State wide receiver Tim Toone to the upcoming visits. The 5-10, 185-pounder ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day and was very good returning punts. He is scheduled to come in next week.Toone is also visiting the Jaguars.

Virginia Tech outside linebacker Jason Worilds has already visited, according to a source.

Utah safety Robert Johnson, who had six interceptions as a senior, has a visit scheduled with Miami as well, according to a source. At 6-2 and 203 pounds, he is a roaming pass swatter in the deep secondary. You may remember the Dolphins plucked cornerback Sean Smith from the Utah roster last year in the second round.

Add those names to the ones I reported here and here and here and here and here and, of course, here. Eventually, I will try to compile as complete a list as I can and share it in one post.

The Dolphins will have their locals visiting Friday, meaning 30 players who played at local universities or high schools or are simply from the area, can be brought in for a looksee. I'll try to share some more of those names also in the interest of being as complete as possible.


Last week I posted a poll asking you, the fans, to select Miami's No. 12 overall selection.

Well, as of this hour, 6,047 individuals from as far away as Malaysia, Australia, and even one dude in Fukuoka, Japan voted on my poll. Folks in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, Lima, Peru and Quito, Ecuador also voted.

The only American state not represented among the votes cast was North Dakota.

Oh yeah, the results?

Not surprisingly, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant is the fan choice with 37.7 percent of the vote. My pick -- because Brandon Graham wasn't included -- was Texas safety Earl Thomas and he is running second with 21.7 percent of the vote. Tennessee nose tackle Dan Williams is running third at 18.2 percent of the votes, followed by Alabama ILB Rolando McClain (11.1 percent), Georgia Tech OLB Derrick Morgan (6.9 percent) and Idaho guard Mike Iupati (4.4 percent) bringing up the rear.

If you haven't voted yet, I encourage you to click on the link above and exercise your God-given right. And if you know any Dolphins fan from North Dakota, contact them and tell them to represent.