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Four Dolphins meet incentives, get raise

A couple of newsy notes this A.M.:

Although there is no salary cap this year most NFL teams are nonetheless trying to contain salary costs because they have to deal with the real world economics of running a business in today's tough economy while also realizing an uncertain economic horizon looms in 2011 for the league.

Despite this, some players are seeing 2010 salaries rise based on play-time and other incentives that they met in 2009. Those incentives roll into base salaries and that is exactly what happened for four Miami players that increased their 2010 base salaries by a combined $1.325 million.

According to NFL Player's Association figures, wide receiver Greg Camarillo got a $150,000 pay increase for 2010 based on incentives he met so his base salary goes from a scheduled $1.15 million to $1.3 million.

Punter Brandon Fields, entering his final contract year, will see his scheduled base rise from $550,000 to $850,000. Fullback Lousaka Polite will see his scheduled $1.12 million base salary jump to $1.27 million.

And the biggest jump will go to Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long, whose scheduled base salary of $9 million has risen to $9.725 million, based on incentives he met in 2009.

The higher base salaries are not unique to the Dolphins. Throughtout the NFL, players that met play-time and other incentives will get a 2010 salary bump -- some as significant as Arizona OT Levi Brown, who is getting a $2 million bump in his base salary based on incentives. The complete list of players getting a pay increase can be found on Mac's Football Blog.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, by the way, is getting a very nice increase due the fact he was the team's starter as a rookie. His base salary is going from a scheduled $3,181,250 to $6,442,500 -- a startling $3,261,250 increase.

What a republic!  


The names of players visiting the Dolphins continue to pour in through various sources.

Add Weber State wide receiver Tim Toone to the upcoming visits. The 5-10, 185-pounder ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day and was very good returning punts. He is scheduled to come in next week.Toone is also visiting the Jaguars.

Virginia Tech outside linebacker Jason Worilds has already visited, according to a source.

Utah safety Robert Johnson, who had six interceptions as a senior, has a visit scheduled with Miami as well, according to a source. At 6-2 and 203 pounds, he is a roaming pass swatter in the deep secondary. You may remember the Dolphins plucked cornerback Sean Smith from the Utah roster last year in the second round.

Add those names to the ones I reported here and here and here and here and here and, of course, here. Eventually, I will try to compile as complete a list as I can and share it in one post.

The Dolphins will have their locals visiting Friday, meaning 30 players who played at local universities or high schools or are simply from the area, can be brought in for a looksee. I'll try to share some more of those names also in the interest of being as complete as possible.


Last week I posted a poll asking you, the fans, to select Miami's No. 12 overall selection.

Well, as of this hour, 6,047 individuals from as far away as Malaysia, Australia, and even one dude in Fukuoka, Japan voted on my poll. Folks in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, Lima, Peru and Quito, Ecuador also voted.

The only American state not represented among the votes cast was North Dakota.

Oh yeah, the results?

Not surprisingly, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant is the fan choice with 37.7 percent of the vote. My pick -- because Brandon Graham wasn't included -- was Texas safety Earl Thomas and he is running second with 21.7 percent of the vote. Tennessee nose tackle Dan Williams is running third at 18.2 percent of the votes, followed by Alabama ILB Rolando McClain (11.1 percent), Georgia Tech OLB Derrick Morgan (6.9 percent) and Idaho guard Mike Iupati (4.4 percent) bringing up the rear.

If you haven't voted yet, I encourage you to click on the link above and exercise your God-given right. And if you know any Dolphins fan from North Dakota, contact them and tell them to represent.



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Camarillo will be traded.. Long and polite deserve it..

Congrats to Butler, almost pulled off the Cinderella story of the year!!!


We can afford to trade Camarillo...TURNER is a beast and will be a GREAT no1 receiver much in the mould of Brandon Marshall...Big, strong quick and NOT AFRAID...remember TURNER is only 22 years old and takes time in getting the offence...in 3 years LOOKOUT..!!

We are therefore not requiring a GREAT NO1....hes there...

Stack up the DEFENSE this year and maybe add ONE elite TE....GRONKOWSKI??...(if his back is ok) or maybe PITTA....


This is How i want to feel with a DOLPHIN SUPER BOWL WIN REAL SOON !!! Only it will be 1000 times better. GO PHINS !! GO DUKE GO BLUE DEVILS !! CHAMPS BABY !!!

Congrats to butler. They played like champs too.

Id say go defense the first three rounds

Mando, you're really investing your draft scouting abilities heavily in Brandon Graham. If he turns out to be great, you're going to look like a genius. If he turns out to be a dud, all your future draft opinions will be met with serious pessimism. I'm going to hold you accountable for Graham either way.

Congrats to Dickie V. May you enjoy your 24 hours of I love Duke Suckfest live on ESPN.

Yardpipe, Matsui, Morales back-to-back. Halos 6-Twinkies 3.

Fields kept us out of trouble in several games. yet another good unheardled pick up in the acorn department.


Love XM,listening now,but,GO DODGERS

DEZ BRYANT... simple really...risk can equal reward. When is the last time the fins have risked as much on a player with such huge potential for reward? Take the chance for once!

Just say NO to DEZ

Linbacker is the KEY.

If they can trade down to the 20's and get an extra 3rd round pick, there should still be a number of good LB/hybrid DE's available. Kindle/Graham/Morgan/Hughes any of which should be pretty darn good.

2nd round, pick NT - Cam Thomas or Mt Code. Both will be surely gone by the time we pick in the 3rd round.

3rd round, pick up a quality WR or S. Keep in mind that Clemens was mentioned by several other teams scout's as the "steal" of the draft last year. Not sure why, but apperantly he has the size and the speed and could very will ALREADY be the shut-down safety we are looking for.

as to WR, Turner (our 3rd round pick 2009). Not sold on him. Most Souting sources had him as a 6-7th round pick or an (undrafted)UFA. Their analysis, cannot create space from defenders. Imagine that!!!! LOL. He is a dud, like Pat White in the 2nd round. Two wasted high picks. Let's hope they can do a better job in the 2010 draft.

Give Turner a chance and you will see he is our #1wr. Tuna got Austin in Dallas. Look how he turned out.

Draft Bryant, trade Ginn for a 3-4th rounder. Trade Smiley for a 3rd-4th rounder. Stock up @ OLB, ILB, S, TE, RB, G, and let the chips fall where they may.

Just these few comments posted on this blog shows the partisan beliefs of our teams direction. Each side has good reasons and solid football reasons for either taking Dez Bryant, an OLB, DT or a safety. I just hope that when all is said and done, and the Dolphins have made their choice... Those people who make a choice but the Dolphins went another way can still be solid fans and not act as if it is the end of the world.
We have see it way to many times how fans pout and complain when this happens. Their are only a few bad choices... Miami can use talent and depth at nearly every position.
No one want to hear people talking about the end of the damn world because you are convinced YOUR pick is the only way for Miami to proceed.
In other clear words... I hope that our fan friends don't act like little punks when its not all about them. I would suggest that people who are not in the same boat don't boast and make fun... Because no one knows what Miami will do except Miami and its staff.
Hang in there everyone... And in the end of it all... or at least the end of the draft... try not to bring down others with your crybaby crap. And remember... if it really was a need where you wanted Miami to pick... You will get to see that happen at some point.

Dolphin fan till death no matter what and I belive.ABR

Idiot you cant trade Ginn Jr. and expect the field to open up for Dez Bryant. Draft Bryant to go along with Ginn Jr. and you have your Number 1 and 2 wideouts. A over the middle, freakish athlete and a stretch the field guy on the other side. If the Dolphins are going to trade someone it should be Ronnie Brown for a 2nd and middle round picks. Draft Hardesty with one of those middle round picks, and then trade for Marion Barber who is on the market.

Are you serious Tony? Ronnie Brown has almost zero value, he is off an injury and in the last year of his contract. Nobody will offer what he is worth to the team this season. Ginn is not ever our #2 wr now, you think he could be with Bryant? We do need a play maker but Bryant is not it. I hope they get their hands on at least two solid defensive players this draft

Fields kept us out of trouble in several games. yet another good unheardled pick up in the acorn department.


Posted by: dolfanSF

I agree. Punter and kicker did a pretty food job this year and are top-10 in their categories. He deserves that bonus!

Guys, I have a question for you guys...

As I´ve read for the last year this draft is "going to make history", having this said...would you consider trying to get more picks or giving away next years draft picks to get more this year?

Take a look at Josh Mahoney of UNI. He is a smart and very athletic beast. Might be a late rounder










Please trade down!

get the extra picks and pick the best players at those spots!

Justin should have had the song called "Fight the Power" by Public Enemy playing in the background while he was saying his post.

Why would you trade greg camarillo,who has made so many last drive receptions for many wins and isnt afraid to go across the middle,and has no drops,150,000 is nothing in todays fooball salary.Most teams cut non performers who are over paid to begin with.

camarillo should be in the ring of honor for keeping us from going 0-16. we should never trade thhs hero.

I just read the blog entry on why WRs are poor investments (per Draftmetrics and apparently, you). Another fine reason why you are just a horrible journalist. Forget the ooh and ahh inducing youtubes at the end of your blog entries to induce emotional response. What really makes you suck is that you parrot (carefully selected) info from other sites without offering any seminal ideas or engaing any of your readers in critical thinking. You state that WRs are a horrible investment because only 39% of them on average have careeers longer than 4 years.

How about a little perspective. According to the NFL Players association, "The average length of an NFL career is about 3 and a half seasons."


Get a job.

I've been trying to figure out what people have seen from Patrick Turner to keep touting him as the savior to our WR core. Can I remind folks, that out of what 4-5 roster spots for games, the guy didn't make not even one of them all year. He was beat out by the likes of Ted "Where's the Sideline" Ginn, Jr., Greg Camarillo (coming off injury), Brian "I'm a Rookie Too Who was Drafted AFTER You" Hartline and Davone "I'm Practically a Midget" Bess. Now, I'm not dissing those other WR (I like them all), however, if Turner, who's the biggest body in that position, can't get in a game, what's that say about him? I can understand if his route-running isn't up to par, but Sparano is saying he doesn't use his size well. People, THAT'S a problem. If you're a big, tall WR, and you don't play like it, then what good are you? Until I see the kid get in a game, make some plays, help this team, I ain't givin' him one ounce of respect. And either the Turner fans here go to practices and see something the rest of us don't, or they don't know what they're talking about and are just blowing smoke. Someone please help me understand why Patrick Turner deserves our blind devotion?

I hope that Patrick Turner does turn out to be a monster WR, BUT to compare him to Miles Austin...

All I have to say about that is that Miles has SICK speed, runs great routes, and gets MAJOR separation from DB's. From what I saw of PT in training camp, he always had the DB in his hip pocket wherever he went on the field. So throwing to him would not be a high percentage choice.

If he can learn how to shake defenders then he'll make it into uniform on game day, if he can't he'll be asking you if you want fries with that burger real soon!

Journalism101, I think the idea of a sports blog is to throw things out there and let the fans discuss the merits of article presented. If u want "in depth" journalism or investigative reporting there are papers and web sites for that...Mando actually makes us do some research on the subject such as you did with ur article u posted...if Mando did an in depth article there would not have been anything to discuss or talk about...learn the difference

listen booby d12 butt out of this and shut the FU

Journalism, ok, I'll go back to f'u''c"en ur daughter...

U should call ur self A S S H O L E 101

Patrick Turner is that guy who every off season people will talk about him turning it up...taking it the next level. When people aren't allowed to hit he's great.

Austin Miles, 1st year ZERO catches, year 2 FIVE catches...Brandon Marshall first year 20 catches and 8 FUMBLES...no one here can tell me that they know what kind of career Patrick Turner will have

Patrick Turner is an unknown who wasn't good enough to earn playing time last year...not even on special teams. Ted Gin Jr. has 0 trade value. Ronnie Brown is coming off his second season ending injury in the past 3 years, not to mention a DUI-his trade value plummets considerably.

It might be interesting if the Dolphins traded down in the first and picked up an additional 2nd round pick. We would then target either Golden Tate (WR) or Williams (DT) with our first pick. If we can pick up a 4th for Smiley (that's pushing it) and a 4th for Thigpen (really pushing it) we would be set. Picking the best players available, it would be great to get a FS and TE in the 2nd, Tim Tebow in the 3rd (or an OLB), and a DT, RG, and either an OLB or a CB.

If we can package Pat White and Ted Gin for a 5th round pick, go for it. We either select Major Wright or a freakish PR/KR in the 5th. We use the 6th and 7th to build up depth on defense and special teams.

If we are forced to keep our no. 12 pick, avoiding Dez would be good. A RG or CJ Spiller would be awesome. I wouldn't mind a FS or LB for that matter. I don't see any TE, WR, or DT worth the no 12 pick in the draft.

Watching last year's highlights brings perspective to our WR corp.

1) Camarillo, catches everything.
2) Bess, 1st down machine. Quick and strong.
3) Ted Ginn, Electric return man.
4) Hartline, wonderful YAC, great hands. Could really be a # 1. Fast for a white guy.

The solution for Chunk yardage is a pass catching TE. Fasano is servicable. Haynos is a just a tall target with no YAC ability.

Why pick a WR at 12 when he gets thrown the ball 10-12 times a game. We didn't have problem scoring. We have problems getting burned all day long because we were playing with 10 on defense (See Gerbil).

Please draft Earl Thomas!

Damn Waterboy, best post I've seen from you!!! Defense and a big TE, exactly what we need

Miles Austin was a big time Kick Returner his rookie year. Made contributions.

Brandon Marshall has 8 fumbles for his career - not his rookie year. 20 catches with a 15 per average is a good start. Especially when the team includes Rod Smith and 1000 yard receiver Javon Walker.

hopefully somehow Turner proves people wrong, but those guys aren't in the same category as him.

considering how bad we were on Def last year, im surprised 37.7% voted for a WR(Dez). Earl Thomas was my pick at out of those guys listed. but i will say, i perfer Berry

this is the year to grab a pass catching TE in the middle - end of the draft.

NFL network is re-airing Super Bowl VII Sat. got my DVR set!

Man, between the above three comments and the racist comment by JUSTIN CREDIBLE...Wow..just wow.

Is this what we've become?

Esteban, ur right about the fumbles, my bad...but returning KO have nothing to do with being a good WR...very few top flight receivers come out as rookies and make a serious impact...can't judge Turner yet

1- Dez or Spiller, need offense !
2-7 Defense

Nuff said...

I don't know if they have internet access in North Dakota yet.

Neither Dez nor Spiller will be the pick, pipe dreams

"One step forward and two steps back."

Think about it... Earl Thomas would not even be in our 1st pick conversation if this FO did not blow it on the big acquisition and (fast forward) bust of Gebril Wilson. The same could be said of what could have equated to either a good Wr or OLB from our 2nd rounder last year. That pick was squandered on scrawny Pat "Noodle Arm" White. Add to that, last years 3rd round "Patrick Turner Project" and you see where I'm going with this. Now we're talking about possibly selecting Mike Iupati when we gave Justin Smiley a nice contract just 2 short years ago. He was suppose to be the answer at left gaurd. I have to admit that I expected less hit or misses and more home runs from this FO when they took over. ...I'm just saying.

PS: If Dez is there at 12, ya gotta pull the trigger. Just to much talent!

Might be a Pipe dream but it is EXACTLY what we need ! Our two RB's are in their last year of their contracts, Brown is now an injury liability, Spiller would be a top 5 pick if it wasnt for a very deep fraft this year. he WILL be another Chris Johnson ! He does it all. And Dez, we will either be a great WR for the Dolphins or he will be a great Dolphin Killer !

Draft him, take a shot, we've take shots before (Pat White)that havent worked out, give Dez a chance !

Cubaphin, if you want Spiller to be Reggie Bush like you'll be happy if he was the pick. If you want Chris Johnson than Spiller ain't the guy.


I was the one that said "Tuna takes a dump on Fin Fans by not addressing WR position".

But I went back and watched all last years game. I stopped being an emotional fan and concluded that Defense is in shambles.
Best move of the season was getting Nolan and Dansby.

Holes at NT, OLB and S are incredible. We can Talk about playmakers. We need them more on Defense than on offense.

Its Time for Tuna to find a stud at OLB, NT and Safety this draft.

Say NO to Dez, Spiller and Iupati

Say YES to Thomas, Graham, Kindle, Berry, Dan Williams, Berry, Morgan or Trade Down

"Haynos is a just a tall target with no YAC ability."
Posted by: Waterboy | April 06, 2010 at 09:12 AM

¡Very very true!
Among the defense problems are the first and foremost concern. But I also beleve in balance, inproving in air attack in the mid rounds of the draft, and a better "play by play" strategy will help a lot; I'd remember the Colts game, we have the ball with 3 min or so and the posibility to stop the clock one time (or so), for me there was the chance for the winnig drive, aside the defence problems (I'm not excusing Wilson) we could win that game, but not having an air attack going, stold from us the posibility of winning the game.

The Washington Post believes that a trade for Broncos restricted free agent Brandon Marshall may still be in play for the Redskins.

Hope it happens quickly so the Broncos take Dez and we wont even have the option

Idaho's Mike Iupati struggled noticeably at right guard in the Senior Bowl.

Iupati played well at left guard, showing nice strength and athleticism to spring Oregon's LaGarrette Blount for a touchdown. On the right side, though, he was dominated by Tennessee NT Dan Williams and Georgia DE Geno Atkins. Billed as a versatile lineman, Iupati may be limited to left guard in the pros.

You HAVE to go with a playmaker like Spiller! My first option would be to trade with Dallas and get Golden Tate but if you don't have either of these options then you have to go with McClain.

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