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Four Dolphins meet incentives, get raise

A couple of newsy notes this A.M.:

Although there is no salary cap this year most NFL teams are nonetheless trying to contain salary costs because they have to deal with the real world economics of running a business in today's tough economy while also realizing an uncertain economic horizon looms in 2011 for the league.

Despite this, some players are seeing 2010 salaries rise based on play-time and other incentives that they met in 2009. Those incentives roll into base salaries and that is exactly what happened for four Miami players that increased their 2010 base salaries by a combined $1.325 million.

According to NFL Player's Association figures, wide receiver Greg Camarillo got a $150,000 pay increase for 2010 based on incentives he met so his base salary goes from a scheduled $1.15 million to $1.3 million.

Punter Brandon Fields, entering his final contract year, will see his scheduled base rise from $550,000 to $850,000. Fullback Lousaka Polite will see his scheduled $1.12 million base salary jump to $1.27 million.

And the biggest jump will go to Pro Bowl left tackle Jake Long, whose scheduled base salary of $9 million has risen to $9.725 million, based on incentives he met in 2009.

The higher base salaries are not unique to the Dolphins. Throughtout the NFL, players that met play-time and other incentives will get a 2010 salary bump -- some as significant as Arizona OT Levi Brown, who is getting a $2 million bump in his base salary based on incentives. The complete list of players getting a pay increase can be found on Mac's Football Blog.

Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, by the way, is getting a very nice increase due the fact he was the team's starter as a rookie. His base salary is going from a scheduled $3,181,250 to $6,442,500 -- a startling $3,261,250 increase.

What a republic!  


The names of players visiting the Dolphins continue to pour in through various sources.

Add Weber State wide receiver Tim Toone to the upcoming visits. The 5-10, 185-pounder ran a 4.4 at his Pro Day and was very good returning punts. He is scheduled to come in next week.Toone is also visiting the Jaguars.

Virginia Tech outside linebacker Jason Worilds has already visited, according to a source.

Utah safety Robert Johnson, who had six interceptions as a senior, has a visit scheduled with Miami as well, according to a source. At 6-2 and 203 pounds, he is a roaming pass swatter in the deep secondary. You may remember the Dolphins plucked cornerback Sean Smith from the Utah roster last year in the second round.

Add those names to the ones I reported here and here and here and here and here and, of course, here. Eventually, I will try to compile as complete a list as I can and share it in one post.

The Dolphins will have their locals visiting Friday, meaning 30 players who played at local universities or high schools or are simply from the area, can be brought in for a looksee. I'll try to share some more of those names also in the interest of being as complete as possible.


Last week I posted a poll asking you, the fans, to select Miami's No. 12 overall selection.

Well, as of this hour, 6,047 individuals from as far away as Malaysia, Australia, and even one dude in Fukuoka, Japan voted on my poll. Folks in Rio De Janiero, Brazil, Lima, Peru and Quito, Ecuador also voted.

The only American state not represented among the votes cast was North Dakota.

Oh yeah, the results?

Not surprisingly, Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant is the fan choice with 37.7 percent of the vote. My pick -- because Brandon Graham wasn't included -- was Texas safety Earl Thomas and he is running second with 21.7 percent of the vote. Tennessee nose tackle Dan Williams is running third at 18.2 percent of the votes, followed by Alabama ILB Rolando McClain (11.1 percent), Georgia Tech OLB Derrick Morgan (6.9 percent) and Idaho guard Mike Iupati (4.4 percent) bringing up the rear.

If you haven't voted yet, I encourage you to click on the link above and exercise your God-given right. And if you know any Dolphins fan from North Dakota, contact them and tell them to represent.



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Im not going to say that i don't want Dez Bryant because the dude is a beast. but I think that Earl Thomas is still going to be great. If we pass up on Dez then we can still get Mike Williams in the third round. He was ranked as the 2nd best WR entering last season. So i feel he could be a great steal.

Chris Johnson vs C.J. Spiller ??

What is the difference ? Just experience. Spiller is a playmaker, and Reggie Bush is developing into a very nice weapon for the Saints. so I disagree with your comment Esteban, I and others believe that Spiller is as good coming out of college as C. Johnson was and will be another C. Johnson in the league. He would be a top 5 pick if it werent for the deep draft.

CJ spiller clone can be had in next years draft.

Even if Ronnie and Ricky are gone in 2011 you have: Cobbs, Hillard and a draft pick up to pick up the slack.

Go Defense the first 2 rounds. TE in the 3rd

Back to Defense the rest of the way

Id rather win games 14-10 than lose 35-30 every other week

Syracuse WR Mike Williams, who worked out for six NFL teams Monday, predicts that he will be "the steal of the draft."
"I love football," said Williams, who quit Syracuse's team seven games into last year. "If I don't go in the first round, I'm going to be the steal of the draft. I tell people that: it don't matter where I go. I'm going to be a good character guy and love my teammates." Williams' high school coach vouched for his former pupil, saying "Anybody who thinks Mike has character issues is nuts."

Why do these WR talk in the 3rd person???

sorry just read that his coach referred to him in the last line

Spiller would be a great asset to our team, but I agree that we can't take an offensive player with our first draft pick (because of all the needs on defense). We have offensive weapons now (just no WR real threat). Hopefully we can pick one up in the draft, but if our defense is anywhere close to last year's, then we can have the Saints offense and still go 8-8 (like the Saints did 2 years ago).

Any player who can play 5 positions.LOL!
As that is the help the Fins need to keep pace with Jets and Pats after the largely inscribe winter!


difference between Johnson and Spiller isn't just experience. It's physicality. Johnson runs behind his pads. Spiller doesn't. That's the difference between a 20 carry a game guy in Johnson and a 3rd down back / return specialist like Spiller.

And Reggie Bush's production has gone down steadily every year he's been in the league. So he's developed into a nice weapon, but he came in as an exciting weapon.

Dez Bryant. There's nobody else inthis draft like him. Enormous potential. Need a Safety though... If Berry slides down to us thats a No Brainer, Berry is your pick I think ? Somehow, some way, we have to trade down, maybe pick up Earl Thomas and an additional 2nd rounder. That would be Ideal.

If you trade down, that is IF you can trade down, then I believe Tate would be better than Bryant and you pick up extra picks maybe even a second. This draft is deep due to the potential of an uncapped year. Spikes, Cam Thomas, Troup, Worlids...etc. will all be there in later rounds.

I see that the NBA Hall of Fame just inducted the 92 DREAM TEAM and the 1960 Olympic Team ... Both were fabulous teams and both deserve this unique recognition. HOWEVER.... one team deserves it even more than that ... THE 1972 PERFECT SEASON MIAMI DOLPHINS should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. Not only was that the only PERFECT SEASON in NFL history, but the 72 Dolphins led the league in total offense (most points scored)... and also in total defense (least points allowed).

Interesting option on Mclain

Was it a Smokescreen by Dansby to go out of his way and say he will play ILB? when he got OLB money....

Can the fins play with Dansby and Wake at OLB and Mclain and Clam Chowder at ILB?

Is Culver starter material?

Nice to see someone representing from Fukuoka, Japan.... Now will someone from Intercourse, Pennsylvania step it up?!

I'm originally from Intercourse, NJFishfan. Please bend over and I'll prove it to you.

Ok, Mando, I got three e-mails from friends and fellow Dolphins fans saying I HAD to vote on your poll because of where I live.

I voted for Dez Bryant. And now you have a vote from all 50 states.

I feel proud to represent.

I'll take youw word for it Finheavenblows!. But if I ever want to create an experience to what you are offering, I'll stick a sewing needle in my rectum to get the same feeling

DEZ BRYANT... simple really...risk can equal reward. When is the last time the fins have risked as much on a player with such huge potential for reward?

How about UM product.....Yatil Green


Posted by: NJ PHIN FAN | April 06, 2010 at 12:24 AM

Screw DUKE....although it was one of the greatest national championship games, Duke did get some favorable calls throughout the game. All in all though very good game!!

Yatil Green's problems were injury related. It's not like he was Ted Ginning it.

You now have a vote from a North Dakota Dolphin fan. I can't see Dan Williams at 12, I think we would be better off trading down for NT.

Earl Thomas would be my second choice, but can we realistically expect him to contribute at FS as a rookie?

Thomas or Berry would be great! We should go defense for sure unless we take OL Iumpati!

Mark sanchez should die of gonorrhea

The guys who i would be as happy as a pig in shyte with:

1) Rolando McClain
2) Earl Thomas
3) Dez Bryant

The guys who i would be ok with:

1) Derrick Morgan
2) Brandon Graham
3) Sergio Kindle
4) Sean Weatherspoon

The guys who i would'nt be best pleased with:

1) Dan Williams
2) Mike Lupati
3) C.J Spiller
4) Jason Pierre Paul

Roll on the Draft.....

Obama told Pennington to draft Mclain

CORRECT ME IF I'M WRONG ? i think our priority should be NOSE TACKLE.Our defense would not be effective without the NT,WRIGHT?FERGIE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR 8 GAMES !!!!

Being from So Cal, i watched alot of Turner when he played at USC...

Never lived up to the hype...

Don't forget this kid was the number 1 reciever in the nation coming out of high school...

I know most WRs don't mature their first year, but I just don't think this kid has the mental aspect of the game (Hopefully i'm wrong, and this is something he can learn).....

Mike Williams = 8 reps at the combine


NT is a priority, all Fin Fans know this.
The problem is who will be there.
What sense would it make drafting an unproven DT and COUNTING on him to convert to a 3-4 NT? We already have a guy like that: Solia.

I don't think the Trifecta "gambles" at all with the 12th pick.

There is an age old saying in the NFL, "DEFENSE WINS GAMES". Parcells knows this and he will pick the best defensive (S, NT, LB) player avaialable/best value at 12. My gut tells me Safety, or maybe it's just that I believe that is the position which requires the most immediate attention. But, it depeneds how the board shakes out and who's available at 12. You never know... all the value D picks could be gone and they could be forced to to take an Offensive player but I really don't see that happening.

All you guys with Bryant and Spiller on your wish list are setting yourselves up for a big disappointment come draft day.
The Trifecta is still in the rebuilding mode. To their credit, they've come a long way compared to what they started with.
They put together a good core on offense. Smash mouth, physical, etc, etc. Would they like some great offensive playmakers? Sure, but not at the expense of a sieve like defense.
This year will be all about defense like it or not.
So you guys hoping for Dez and CJ hang in there for one more year. You'll have to get by with another season of Tony's acorns on offense.

Take away all the emotions and pent up frustrations from the past ten years, and our draft picture clears right up.
Worst case scenario we have Ricky, Ronnie, Cobbs, Hilliard. That sentence alone rules out Spiller at 12.
WR is a little trickier. Bryant and Marshall with the 12th is extremely tempting to me and it should be, we've all survived the Ginn years. Still, when you consider the state of affairs and the gamble of being able to carry these two Diva's baggage, neither will be a priority at 12.
Safety and NT are similar propistions. Worst case scenario we COULD go with Solia, the return of fergie and a later round pick to possibly surprise.
Same goes for Culver, Clemons and maybe a Reshad Jones in the third.
Ah, suddenly the true priority becomes clear. The one thing we can't afford to due is stand pat with the linebacking unit we now have. Even though we signed Dansby, we're still going to start Crowder. I hope I'm wrong, but just thinking about Crowder in a Dolphin uniform makes me sick.
On the outside we got Wake. I love the guy, but let's face it. After seeing that PUNTER juke him out, I'm not sure he's ready for three down play. After that we got Moses, Anderson and Torbor? Are you kidding me? I think Torbor makes something like half a million a tackle. It's sickening.

Looking at it objectively and considering Parcell's love of dominating OLB's this years top priorities "ain't no riddle man".

In the countless hours that the Trifecta and their staff members have no doubt poured into their draft preperation they have looked at other teams needs as well.

They gauge where they think players will go, which teams will be interested in certain players and what round value each has. It's all educated guesswork but with as much "education" on that guesswork as money and many years of experience can buy.

I say this with questioning why many that feel DEF has to go 1, 2, 3 or even 4 for some?

I understand that the DEF is farther behind.

I am strictly talking about looking at the draft board as it pertains to how it will all fall.

Let's take safety for instance... They still may make a move on OJ or Sharper and only they know that at this juncture. Safety could possibly be filled already and all those clamoring for Thomas just don't know it. That frees up a 1st. No harm as those that want Thomas couldn't know that info. Safety spot is then filled.

Maybe ILB still needs a bump but let's say the Fins are targeting ILB Jamar Chaney hypothetically... They should be able to get this guy in the 3rd round thus eliminating the need to get McClain and use the 1st round spot. ILB gets further boosted in the 3rd.

Maybe after ALL their homework they decide they like the value in the 4rth round of taking a DT/NT type like one of Goergia's Jeff Owens or Kade Weston? Or maybe one of Linval Joseph or DeMarcus Granger will fit the bill and they feel one of these guys has to be there in the 4th or even later. They know they ALREADY have Solai and WILL get Ferg back after 8 games or maybe slightly less after his appeal? I know Dan Williams is a solid prospect and one of the better ones at DT but maybe the Brass feel they can get a guy that works for them and still have those two 1st/2nd round picks?

They have now added help an immediate starter at Safety. An ILB that will push Crowder right away that has the speed and coverage abilty to flex to OLB if they like. Nailed down more help for Solai/Ferg at NT.

With this planning and draft prep they can now AFFORD to go grab a WR Dez (if they feel he is the whole enchilada) at #12 or RB CJ Spiller as the versatile "chunk yardage" guy the OFF misses. Then chase a OLB Jerry Hughess in the 2nd round for pass rush...

Or another way could be to grab pass rush early in OLB Brandon Graham (insert your fav pass rush guy here) in the 1st round and then come back and target a WR like D. Thomas or A. Benn in the 2nd or a Spiller "chunk yardage" clone like RB J. Best that can aslo play all the positions like RB,WR,KR or PR.

This allows the MANY holes on DEF to get filled and yet allows the OFF a great chance to get much much better by adding a serious weapon of some kind.


Get Dez Bryant. Nuff with pat turner, he is not in the Marshall mold, he has no quickness speed or agility, all he has is height.

All you guys with Bryant and Spiller on your wish list are setting yourselves up for a big disappointment come draft day.

Posted by: odinseye

So true!! Guys keep your mind open...its defense i would say 80% chance in the first round having Dez and Iupati the remaining 20%.


I'm no doctor but I see all the warning signs of a guy suffering from "Pre-Draft Delirium"-LOL.
These scenarios are literally infinite. It drives some crazy, others love it.
I always do it from a "I'm the GM" perspective. Then I always try and guess what the Trifecta will actually do. It works for me.

PS: Thanks for all the info so far this off season. You made it a little easier for me to be lazy.

On the outside we got Wake. I love the guy, but let's face it. After seeing that PUNTER juke him out, I'm not sure he's ready for three down play. After that we got Moses, Anderson and Torbor? Are you kidding me? I think Torbor makes something like half a million a tackle. It's sickening.

"Best post of the day" nominee.

Projected LBs for the Fins

OLB : Wake and Dansby (why would he get OLB money and proclaim on the radio that he is only going to play ILB= Smokescreen)

Depth : Moses, Anderson, Draftee

ILB : Mclain and Clam Chowder

Depth : JD FOLSOM (LMAO), Draftee

Mando.... Stick with "Draft Blogs", eitherway, they get turned into Draft blogs..... yes ?

Spiller runs like a little girl. Stupid suggestion for a weak part time player.

the stock market isn't moving ,no volume .

Oh Yeah... Spiller is real weak. So were his 51 TD's in college, he beat UM all by himself, Yeah youre right, he'll be bust. Do you watch College Football at all ? ?

Oh and, he only runs like a girl when its "that time of the month".

I want Polite's man child

You all need to get a Job you freakin Losers. While your worying about the draft your wives are cooking me brakfast naked. You all suck. OH, and so does your wife.

Y'all need to learn how to write! Stop having incestial sex and eating Possum Hillbilly !


No problem bud, I really appreciate your posts as they always make for some good points and offer insight. ;)

Agreed, the myriad of ways to skin the cat as the draft goes can drive a guy batty!

I do the same coming from a "if I was GM" standpoint and then trying to take a bead on what the Fins will actually be thinking.

You have offered some stellar insight yourself and I thank you for being one of the good Fins fan draftniks willing to take a wide angle "None of us really know 100%" kind of view.

So many adamants about "DEF all the way" or "No way they get an OFF guy" with an early pick simply because they see needs that are not yet filled.

There are still some viable FA's at certain spots floating around, there are still trades that can take place, there will be guys that get cut so there are a few different ways to fill said needs as well as through the draft.

I am taking a more wait and see approach...

It will be interesting to see if the Trifecta drafts straightforward for needs or suprises by throwing a pick or two that some view as luxury.


I've read a lot of comments about Patrick Turner here, most of which were not good. However, I'm going to quote the Jet Quarterback Mark Sanchez saying that turner "will be a superstar in the NFL." Why? Well, for one, he has gone further in the play-offs as a rookie than anyone on Miami. Two, he had Turner at USC, who helped get him drafted by the Jets. So, if anyone has any fault with Turner, I'd have to credit Tony Sparano, who remains unproven in everything! If Turner does become a Superstar, looks like it had to be Sparano's fault and He's all ready said so in the press!

Pat Turner is another wasted pick just like Pat White. Turner is one of the slowest big wr's in the NFL. Not quick or sudden...can't run a route and is a body catcher. Would love to know what the Trifecta was thinking when they made there evaluations of these two.
Spiller is electric and players at the rb position with world class speed come along once in a blue moon. Kid will be an all pro and is strong enough to break a tackle.

Draft Dez...don't draft a big slow kid(M.Williams...D. Thomas) that can't stretch the field. If we are taking a big wr...take one that can run..ala Dez who is unreal after the catch.


Did you see the contract that Houston ILB DeMeco Ryans got???

His was not much diferent in price as Dansby... think they will move him to OLB as thats what they are paying him as?


Do you think that as time marches forward that some positions gain extra leverage / get inflation tacked on thus boosting up what they used to be paid to a higher level?

I thought you used to say "No to McClain" in lots of posts? Did you get hot on the head by a rock or did something in particular sway you?

Is this you?? lol


Spiller shouldn't even be an issue on this blog. He has all the potential in the world. The question with this guy is size and durability. He did it in college but the NFL is a completely different monster.

It matters NOT, you guys that are already comparing him too Walter Payton and Barry Sanders simply need to realize, Spiller is a luxury the Dolphins can't afford.

I am surprised you got a response from someone in South Dakota, which to my knowledge is unpopulated. I have never seen a South Dakota license plate anywhere I have lived (including Washington, DC) and I previously had a Visa card from the First National Bank of South Dakota. I called customer service once and the office was in Fargo, North Dakota! What more evidence do you need? Meanwhile, what was the pick?

I expect them to Draft Mclain.
I am not campaigning for it.



If size matters that much, why is Ronnie Brown ALWAYS injured? He is a "Big Back"?

Same goes for Brandon Jacobs the "biggest back" in the league...gets nicked a lot.

The way the Chris Johnsons, CJ Spillers, J. Bests, McClusters can be much smaller and yet "hope" to make it in the NFL is their speed can allow them the ability to avoid a lot of the damage. Many times they take far less of a hit as the big LB is mortified he will miss entirely and be on an ESPN highlight that they break down a lot so they don't miss outright.

I would argue that there is NO luxury in getting one single draft pick that can upgrade up to 4 different units on the team... In one pick??? That's the position flexiblity that coaches (Sparano) covets.

In my post earlier I mapped out how they could very easily fill the "gaping" holes on DEF and still aquire a top OFF talent in rounds 1 or 2.

Why is it so pie in the sky??


What is going on with Will Allen's and Browns DUI?


So that is you saying "Even though this is not what you want"

McClain will be the Trifectas pick in your opinion?

You used to say "No McClain" so often I was wondering if you found new info or something.

Just clarifying...




Wassup my mang!!!

Hey I appreciate the kind words but odinseye is a VERY sharp and bright guy too.

You are a rockstar in your own right bud!



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