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Where JT, Dolphins agree and disagree

From 7 p.m. until approximately 10 p.m. Tuesday night, I spent time on the phone and in person listening to Jason Taylor, or people close to Jason Taylor, or family members of Jason Taylor, or associates of Jason Taylor. (I admittedly did not communicate Dr. Doolite-style with Jason Taylor's dog.)

When I arrived home I got a call from the Miami Dolphins and spent 45 minutes on the line listening to what they have to say about, you guessed it, Jason Taylor. By the way, 45 minutes on the line with folks representing an NFL team is an aging experience.

Following that I will now share with you what I know and what is curiously not settled as this chapter of Taylor's Dolphins career comes to a close.

What I know:

1. Taylor on Tuesday morning accepted from the New York Jets the only contract offer he had on the table to him. Period. There was a report on the Dan LeBatard radio show here in South Florida that quoted a source saying the Dolphins had an offer on the table for Taylor and he decided to take the Jets offer anyway.


"It was take this or go on a nationwide (Dancing with the Stars) tour with Jerry Rice," said Taylor, who also called LeBatard's source "a liar."

The Dolphins are in agreement with Taylor on this issue. They confirm they did not currently have a contract offer on the table to Jason Taylor.

We're off to a good start.

2. The Dolphins offered Taylor a contract extension in early November of 2009. That was reported here yesterday, Taylor said it in his press conference, and the Dolphins confirm this is true.

And the manner in which the offer came is also not up for debate. It came in a private meeting between Taylor and Bill Parcells himself.

And the offer came in the form of a Post-it note.

Parcells wanted to deal with Taylor directly. No agent was supposed to be involved. That seems to be increasingly the way the Dolphins operate with their veterans. Remember that last year Parcells approached Ricky Williams to discuss his contract?

Williams thought the team wanted to cut his salary. Instead, Parcells handed Williams a note with the figures for a contract extension. The caveat to the note was that Parcells didn't want to go through Williams' agent. And so Williams, needing money, happily left agent Leigh Steinberg out of the loop and accepted the Parcells contract extension on a Post-it note.

Well, the Dolphins tried the same thing with Taylor.

He declined the offer and instead referred the Dolphins to his agent Gary Wichard.

"It wasn't the right time," Taylor said. "I wasn't comfortable with the contract situation coming up then. Maybe I grew up old school, back in the days of Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt and Rick Spielman. We didn't talk contract once the season started. My focus was on trying to get to the playoffs, not on talking money. And why would I do a deal without my agent? Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have an agent."

3. The Taylor camp believes that once the player declined the Big Tuna's personal offer, that triggered something that doesn't resemble love. The Dolphins do not argue the point that perhaps -- perhaps -- Parcells was not thrilled Taylor rejected his personal overture.

4. The Taylor camp to this minute does not know if the Dolphins would or would not have offered them a contract after the draft. And the Dolphins don't know 100 percent, either. That decision, they say, was going to be made after the draft. And they admit they might have decided not to offer Taylor a contract.

5. The idea about after the draft is troubling but moreso in that there is agreement on it than not. The Dolphins say that after Taylor received an initial offer from the Jets, they were told of the offer from the Taylor camp. No disagreement there. And the Dolphins say their response to finding out those numbers was to inform Taylor and his agent they wished to make their decision on Taylor "after the draft."

And, they say, that as late as Monday, the Taylor camp was "fine" with waiting until after the draft.

The Taylor camp agrees that they were initially "fine" with the idea of waiting until after the draft. No disagreement there, either.

Now here is where we get into disagreements:

1. The Dolphins, far as they know, still believe the Taylor camp was "fine" with waiting for Miami's decision after the draft. The Taylor camp obviously felt that a decision needed to be moved up because the one offer they held -- that of the Jets -- could easily disappear after the draft.

The Taylor camp says it reached out to the Dolphins when it became clear the Jets could pull their offer. The Taylor camp says it requested a decision one way or the other but got no response.

Why there wasn't one last-minute, last-gasp attempt to keep Jason Taylor in a Dolphins uniform, is unclear to Taylor. In fact, to this day Taylor doesn't know why he didn't get any Miami offer. "If I was told why, I could express it to you," he said. "But I wasn't told."

The Dolphins say there was nothing to express. They were waiting until after the draft.

2. About that November contract extension:

The Taylor side feels Parcells took Taylor declining to deal without an agent personally. The Dolphins side doesn't necessarily refute this as stated above. But ...

Parcells would not allow personal feelings to get in the way of completing imperative football business even if his feelings have a little boo-boo. (Salguero personal opinion: Taylor simply wasn't imperative to the Dolphins. If he was 25 instead of 35, he would have become imperative. But he isn't.)

3. Taylor said that once he turned the situation over to his agent he expected the negotiation to continue but that eventually the offer was pulled. The Dolphins say that once Taylor declined Parcells' offer, it was turned over to Jeff Ireland to handle and that negotiations indeed continued for some time between Ireland and Wichard.

(I'm getting a headache, aren't you?)

4. The Taylor camp is not really going here, but I am: They believe they were disrespected. Taylor, they say, is an all-timer with the Dolphins that, no matter what your football evaluation is, should be respected and treated well based on what he's meant to the franchise for 13 years.

They don't believe either Parcells or Ireland recognized the player's place in team lore and dealt with him poorly by playing the "after the draft" game. Taylor just wanted to know outright if the Dolphins wanted him or not. Black or white. The Dolphins told him to wait until after the draft in 2009, but they also told him they wanted him. They told him to wait until after the draft in 2010, but didn't hint as to whether he was in their plans or not.

Taylor was ultimately frustrated by the gray of "after the draft."

You saw part of that peek through when Taylor said, "I'm happy somebody wants me to play for them. The Jets have given me an opportunity to play and not just an opportunity but they showed me they wanted me up there ... They made it clear what they wanted to do."

The Dolphins? They insist they respected Taylor's historical standing.

But, they add, at the end of the day, they simply made a football decision.

[BLOG NOTE: I know there were issues with all of you being able to post comments on Tuesday. I was flooded with e-mail complaints that the blog was broken. I'm told the issue is being resolved. Personally, I blame it all on the New York Jets.]


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Daniel Te-o'Nesheim. Poor man's Brandon Graham. Have you studied him at all?

You're a very good reporter. Got to give you props. Your work on JT and Brandon Marshall and going back to Joey Porter has given me a new respect for you.

What a soap opera...and personally I don't care anymore..he is gone, it's over, it was a football decision...on to the draft Yeaaaaa!!!!

Well, all I can say is WOW!

I get the feeling the Dolphins are in spin control mode. But I also get the feeling JT won't be the greatest loss in the world. I'd rather have him than not. But we'll survive.

This is a very balanced report, Mando, but I still want to puke. Jason Taylor rightly deserves to be treated like a future HOFer by the regime. He'll be rooting for the Dolphins when Bill Parcells and his mercenaries have moved on to their next assignment.

Sorry Bootang... I have been on the blog the whole time

Weird name... what nationality is he?

You are a great beat writer uh sorry columnist Armando...:) seriously u do a great job on this blog, the trolls are getting back some of their own medicine and things are much better here lately...appreciate all u do even though I don't always agree

Good-bye season tickets. Will still root for the team but will do it from the comfort of my home, where I can also watch Jason Taylor play on directv sunday ticket.


I am unsure of his nationality. A friend turned me on to him. He fits everything you like, productive 4-year starter at Washington, 6-3, 263. his YouTube videos are the only thing I could find. I hate YouTube scouting, but he is nasty. You will like him.

Oh snap Mando, you got some serious weight scales working here. Fair and balanced.

Good job, buddy. I wait for you midnight updates all the time now. You were late tonight.

Taylors side is spinning like crazy, thank goodness they have a media member who will print what they want, when they want. Taylor forced his way out once before and then rejected a offer that was made, so I don't see how he was the one who was disrespected.

Very simple. If the Dolphins sign JT before the draft, u pretty much admit to not intending to draft an OLB with the 12th pick. U never want to show all your cards so early, especially when u know they are interested in trading down. Parcells and Ireland are smart people. Taylor could have signed with anyone after the draft. He could take the approach T.O. is taking. He knows someone is going to sign him. But no. Off to the Jets. "It was nice to feel wanted." Grow up dude. You not only lost many fans, but u lost your VIP status in this city. It'll take a while to get over it before we retire #99. Be a complete bust and we might forgive u.

What a mess!

WTG Armando. Reminds of breaking up with a girl and then the friends get all the he said she said crap.

Go man, play with your Jests!!!

Armando Sal!!!

Quality reporting my friend!

You got down and dirty on this one I can tell. It really shows how you fielded both sides take and then put your own concerto to it.

In the end I will always believe that Taylor wanted to be a Fin and will always be at heart. He didn't hop on the first $ bisquit tossed out Nov 09 like a bum on a bolgna sandwich and it steamrolled from there.

That whole post it note thing was weird and I hope that Bill P doesn't try to do this sort of negotiation in the future... especially if he catches the vapors over it.

FLPD said it well @ 2:01



I was going to say the EXACT same thing. This whole thing sounds like one big soap opera. No wonder Parcells didn't want to return this guys phone calls. He sounds like a jilted lover.

At a time when most of us are excited about lie ahead and the NFL draft this guy has to pull all this crap. He really is an insecure individual. Can we please bury this story once and for all and focus on how we are going to make this team better. Thank you.

good points mando---its sad to see him leave in a jets jersey, but if i was in his postition with the not knowning wat is goin to happen after draft i would of took the jets offer too

LOL, I blame the Jets for my boss being a dimwit.

I blame the Jets for my car not always starting.

I blame the Jets for rainy days when I want to play golf.

I blame the Jets for body odor.

And yes, Mando, I blame the Jets for the blog not working yesterday. Read it though.

Boca... it's what us out of state fans have to do!


The Dolphins are desperate so they called you Mando. It's a sign of the apocalypse whenever they want to get their side out. Don't believe anything they say because it's all spin.


Most would... at least you can admit it.


Why is he insecure when the Fins would NOT commit to saying they would be able to offer him something after the draft?

What school of business did you go to bud?

Would you do something that would ensure your livelyhood was intact right before someone else's Christmas or other holiday? Especialy if it was something you loved to do?


Any thoughts on Wichard saying publicly during this whole mess that he wants Jason to go to the Jets? Isn't that strange "agenting"? Was that somehow meant to make Parcells and Co excited to negotiate? Because I can imagine it having a very different effect.

Should have been: "Jason is very humbled by the overtures of the Jets, and their excitement about his ability to help them win. We are also hoping the Dolphins will enter the conversation as well. Jason's ties to South Florida, and the Miami Dolphins, are immeasurable."

Shabby etiquette by The Trifecta? Probably so. But Wichard isn't free of blame either.

This whole JT fiasco leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I respect the current Dolphins regime and I respect the hell out of Jason Taylor. From the information I've read, it appears to me that the Dolphins regime comes out as the bad guy in this, not JT. Taylor has been honest and sincere about his desire to remain a Dolphin. Why Bill Parcells or Jeff Ireland gave JT the cold shoulder is beyond me. Maybe the Dolphins want to get younger, maybe this really was a football decision, as opposed to anything personal between Parcells and Taylor. All I know is, Taylor deserved better from the Dolphins. I wish him the best of luck in New York, even if it kills me to say that.

Long time reader, first time poster.

I love JT, he's been such a great player and as far as I can recall, always a class act. I've no reason to suspect him or his camp of spinning things.

It'd be a lie to say that I'm not disappointed by the Dolphins handling of this situation. That said, the Trifecta has done a fantastic job turning this team around. I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Though they may have handled it the wrong way, the end result is probably what they wanted and for the best.

As for the Jets, I seem to recall a similar situation with the Cardinals and Rex's daddy Buddy. Buddy came to Arizona with his bag full of attitude, took a terrible team and made it worse.

I got to hand it to you Mando I use to think you were full of it but you're more informed then everybody combined.


I saw some of Daniel Te-o'Nesheim highlights Bootang.

He looks like a pretty good mauler type. The footage is VERY limited. Most of the footage doesn't show the crucial start of the play. How he lined up, his stance, did he defeat blocks, how is his get off at the snap etc. I NEVER want to try and scout off one big hit. It would take a lot more game footage to do any realistic eval on him.

Do you know if he is coming out or is a Jr or?

I would have to see more but he looks interesting enough to investigate some. Stout, mixes it up. He must be raw or not coming out as he isn't listed besides Youtube that I found.

If he is he must be a 7th round /FA type.


That's It!!! I am giving up my Tickets... selling my 72 autographed team picture... burning all 22 of my Jerseys including My Game Worn Griese and Czonka Jerseys. I am taking the Fins4Life Plate off my car... taking down the Flag in my room... I am going to...ahhhh Ummmm errrrbbbrmmmph. Well, UUummmmm maybe on second thought, Lets me think about this for a min''.... Nope!!!!
Never mind... I think I'll keep all my shyt, enjoy watching the Dolphins keep building a bad-ass Football team and Show up wild and woolly for every damn game... particularly the one where JT gets to lose in front of his EX teams fans....Go Dolphins forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!


He has a 6 minute video on there, I'm on the iPhone so I can't copy the link. He was a 4 year starter, 49 games, with 30 sacks. Onceyou see the video I'm talking about, you'll see the similarities between him and Graham. He is a big time riser, and it may require the 4th rounder.

Can we stick "Diva" in front of Parcells' title. Instead of a diva WR, he's a Diva VP of Football Operations. This whole deal was handled so poorly by the Dolphins that there had so be some massive egos involved.

Great job Armando

Not happy at all with this management crew. Screw that it was a "football" decision. Jason Taylor is a "football" PLAYER! A damn good one at that. He belonged in the teal and orange man. He gave his heart for this team for years and this management is basically treating him like a nobody. Not even an offer on the table... Knowing that the JETS were courting him! Holy shyt man. JT coulda helped the newer guys and shown some leadership on that young squad. Plus the dude can still play man! Who our frickin Defensive captain now... Some second year guy the big fish has a woody for? Bad form man. Bad form.

I have LOST A LOT OF RESPECT for the dolphins front office. I really have. It seems they could have handled this a lot better. It is what it is but I honestly can't look at parcells and Ireland the same way anymore.

From the highest of highs (Brandon Marshall) to the lowest of lows (JT). I still think it's pathetic that the Fins would re-sign Pennington and Ferguson and not JT.

JT is a traitor. Greed is a b#%^h!

I miss the days of a team's loyalty to the players whose numbers are so proudly worn by the fans. It takes some of the fun out of the game. If a player with JT's history with the Dolphins still produces, and is loyal to the team, how dare the team not be loyal to the player.

I just don't understand how my beloved Phins can show love to a 30+ player in Ferguson, who is suspended for the first half of the season and let JT, the ultimate Phin during his career, go to the friggin Jets?!?!?! I hope the draft goes well and this doesn't blow-up in their face. I'll miss you JT!!!

This is not a football decision. This is lack of style, like the way the FO ignores Zach Thomas' wish to retire in aqua and orange. This franchise starts to operate without heart, and personally I dislike this. Players become numbers and dollars...I always thought my Dolphins were immune to this development

All this drama is exactly why this new regime does not want Jason Taylor. I will always appreciate Taylor, but he's 35 and will never be the same. Parcells and Co. Are trying to build a dynasty, a long lasting enitity. You need young guys for this to happen, not 35 year old athletes.

Great artcle. Now that the real truth came out it makes Jason look bad. The dolphins offered an extension. He refused or this would have been settles in November. Little boy parcells feelings were hurt. Now little boy Jason feelings r hurt. Poor babies. The bottom line is and has been since Jan for Jason to wait til after the draft bye was fine with that. Jason is the one who change his mind. We all know Jason would have other offers from teams after the draft nparcella showed him respect by extending his stars contract in nov like he did his favorite player on the team Ricky Williams. This is masons fault he can't wait til after the draft. His ego is gonna cause him a ton of misery playing for a jerk like jabba. Jason has several hrs to be a man and wise up. Parcells respected him by offerring an extension before he had to. Jason accepted te second alternative to wait after the draft and instead went back on his word and screwed the fans.

I agree,we need to get younger at that position,and I'd much rather have the Dolphins planning for the future instead of taking the Jersey Jackoffs approach to win now at all costs.....cause it ain't happenin you Jersey scum bags.

Maybe Taylor is just not that good anymore.

Sounds like he should have taken an extension back in November...a time that he was not playing that well, btw.

This is a lesson to other players that might want to stay with the team in the future: take the deal or something may not be their in the future.

Yet another classless move by our beloved Dolphins organization.

Good luck JT!

Jason Taylor has become a drama queen for the last 3 years, let N.Y. deal with his hurt feelings! It's not personal Jason , it's business! Deal with it!

I will defer to Parcells decisions in all football matters. If you take the football lnowledge of everyone on this blog, including every sports writer, you could put all that knowledge into a thimble and still have room for the Chinese army left over compared to what Parcells know about football. Many of you are crying over the JT move but I say so what!! This franchise is evolving into somethingnew and better. Nothing in this world stays the same, so get over it and move on. Let's look to the future and a new era for this organization.

And to the people that say they are cancelling their season tickets over this or no longer going to follow the Dolphins, I say good-riddence to you, you were never true fans anyway...please move to NY, you will fit in nicely with those assclowns.

The dolphins organization might be evolving into something else, just not something, as a fan, am sure I like. They might just a little for me root for them today

Last sentence should read "they made it just a little harder for me to root for them today"

BAD for the Team the Fans and for JT to play for a Team he said he Hated more then any other.....How do you think his own Team Mates feel to see how he was treated after 13 yrs?
Just a BLACK Eye for all things Maimi Dolphins......Very SAD....

It is not weird that the number one defense wanted JT and the mediocre Dolphins not?.JT probably has plenty of money,he just wants to continue playing and the only offer was from the Jest,no other team.Anyhow we continue to be dolphans

It sounds like it was Taylors choice not to wait until after the draft.

I think he would have been good insurance for us, but I can understand why the Dolphins wanted to wait. It would have helped with the draft and misdirecting the other teams.

Now other teams know we will go OLB possibly early.

Jason Taylor's place in Dolphin Lore.... the diamond in rough found by JJ who tallied a bunch of sacks and led the team to ZERO Super Bowls appearances along with so few trip to the playoffs. Oh yeah he was part of the greatest playoff beating in Dolphin history, you remember the Jags drubbing of the Phins, the defense that quit on the coach and the offense. He Jason give Karl Malone a call and ask him how that Lakers thing ended.

This is how the business goes MARINO got the same thing. He had a chance to go to the Vikings and play or retire. MARINO could not would not play for any one else. Good luck JT you will be missed. Hope you don't end up with 4 sack like you did with the Redskins.

I really feel the Dolphins organization treated JT like crap,Taylor wanted to end his career as a Dolphin,the man could have stayed at washington and made a whole lot more,but he took a huge pay cut to play for Miami and always gave a 100% on the field.The front office didn't want Taylor because if they did they would have never told him to wait after the draft and then make a decision. I don't blame him for signing with the Jets after being treated like that, he deserves better.

Now what are you going to do Mando? Are you leaving with your Drama diva and write for the New York tabloids? You got used like soap by the Taylor camp and printed their spin word for word. Did you forget he bolted once before with the same drama type move? And if my memory servesme correct, you printed his spin on that move also. Good Bye Jason and take you buddy Mando with you.

Good grief!

Armando, thanks for keeping us informed. I've followed you for many years, and I appreciate it that you've raised the bar with excellent reporting/blogging. Whatever you do, don't sell out to the Jets or you may get your place in TDMMC's "Ring of Dishonor" ... ;)

phinfever grand pooh-bah

Taylor was looking out for #1, himself. He is no saint. He calls himself old-school yet he goes on Dancing with the Stars?!? Is that old school in anyone else’s mind? Cause I think its ferry BS. What a joke. Sure if your football career is over and you are looking to get paid from a sponsorship I can understand (Smith and Rice).

The Dolphin organization was honest with Jason Taylor the whole time. Taylor was free to do as he pleased. He went to our enemy! Parcells went with his gut, I applaud him for that. We all know the Jets lucked out last year, they won’t have the same results this year.

This will be Taylor last year to play a game in Miami. Lets make it his worst one ever. The fans of Miami should boo Jason Taylor more loudly then anyone ever before. F that guy… he is a liar talking about old school. Parcells is old-school! (remember everyone saying he needs to change with the times in this pass happy league)?

F the dancing queen…… Hooray for Parcells and the men that make up the Miami Dolphins!!

the it's just business is such a cop out.
now matter if you call it a football decision does not make it right.

some people and the trifecta think that saying it in that way you just take the humanity out of the situation, but that isn't the reality.
this is people dealing with people and in my POV.I would not want to be treated like that.
would you like your boss to teat you like that and if any of you out there say yes ,your lieing.

parcells expects everyone to jump or bow to his will in his little kingdom and I spit at that.
parcells comes up with little pieces of paper with numbers on it and expect people to for go the proper chaNNELS,and when someone doesn't jump at his table scrap like offer and he get's an attitude is just kid like, like a bully on the playground.

I like what some one else commented,JT will be rooting for miami well into the future,parcell will move on and miami will just be a stop he made at some point in his life.
who realy deserves the fans respect?

shame,shame on the organization(parcells& co.)

So Taylor is gone, so what...It was a football decision...move on.

the Tuna has a plan in place, we are not ready to compete for a super bowl, the jets THINK they are...only time will tell, I like the Tuna's plan better, let's get rid of the old guys and built a championship contender for years .



Thanks for your report. Well, it is amazing how decisions are made between people in this business. I see "mental fumbles" on both sides...so as a fan...not a business man.... I am moving on and the the show begin because for me is all about entertainment. They win ...good show...they loose bad show.. thank God I have a life outside of this thing we call football.

Thanks again Mando

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