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Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland on many key topics

High motor. Good inside pass-rusher. High character. Very powerful. Productive. Explosive. Versatile.

That's how Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland describes first-round pick Jared Odrick.

Versatility is apparently very important because Odrick projects as either an inside player or an outside player. Amazingly, the Dolphins didn't want to say which one Thursday.

"He's going to play inside or outside," Ireland said. "We'll let the coaches decide that. We've got a pretty good vision for him . We think he can play both inside and outside. I don't really want to get into where we're going to play the kid right this minute. You'll soon enough where he'll be playing."

Ireland had seen Odrick on tape before he traveled to Chicago to see Penn State play Northwestern. He laid eyes on Odrick and, well, Ireland was in love (in a personnel man sort of way, of course.)

"I'm down on the field and I actually remember saying to myself, 'That is a guy I can see playing for us,' " Ireland said. "That looks like a player physically. He looks like one and he's got a good chance because there are a lot of guys that play that position that should look like him."

The Dolphins traded out of the No. 12 pick to get back to No. 28. They picked up a second-rounder in the process which was huge and important and very good work. (Click the link to underdstand why). And in making the trade Ireland said he didn't think the Dolphins gave up a ton of quality in the caliber of player at No. 12 compared to No. 28.

"We felt like if we moved from 12 we'd still have some pretty good players," he said. "If you look at our board, there wasn't a whole lot of difference from the players we were considering at 12 and the ones we would consider at 28. There wasn't a huge jump in caliber of players. That's one of the reasons we dropped down as far as we dropped down."

When I asked Ireland about the logjam the Odrick addition would creat at defensive end for Phillip Merling, Kendall Langford, Randy Starks and Tony McDaniel, he said that the other players have "versatility."

Well, you know Starks isn't going anywhere because he had a great season in 2009, so he's staying at defensive end. Langford doesn't seem like a guy that's capable of moving anywhere. McDaniel has played defensive tackle and nose tackle before so that's a possibility.

Merling, the under-performer of the group given his talent, seems headed for a possible move.

On other matters:

Ireland said he never really met with Brandon Marshall before signing him. The club spoke to him on the phone several times. Ireland even saw him at the East-West Shrine game in Orlando and eyed the guy  (in a personnel man sort of way, of course) but didn't speak with him.

Still, the Dolphins recognized a need to get an outstanding wide receiver such as Marshall.

"I think if you watch this team, I've been watching this team for two years now," Ireland said. "You know that's a piece we needed to improve on. We had good players, good, young core players at that position. But we needed a guy who is dynamic. We felt Brandon was that dynamic piece. He gives us a shot in the arm in terms of offensive output."

Ireland said the team "did a lot of due diligence" on Marshall's legal history (google it) and "felt pretty good about it."

The Marshall trade made Ted Ginn expendable and he was traded to San Francisco for a fifth-round pick. "We didn't feel Ted would get a fair shake if Brandon was taking all his reps," Ireland said.

There are more things happening with the Dolphins on the trade front.

The Dolphins are eager to trade Justin Smiley but Ireland said, "there's always a possibility," the player could be brought back. Sorry, I don't buy it. He's getting traded, folks -- possibly before the weekend is out.

The Dolphins have been willing to trade running back Ronnie Brown for the right price. But they will not trade him during this draft. They cannot. Ireland confirmed that a team cannot trade away a restricted free agent unless the player signs his tender from his team.

Brown is a restricted free agent, but has not yet signed the Dolphins tender. So he cannot be traded.

The trade that sent the No. 12 pick to San Diego brought back inside linebacker Tim Dobbins. The guy is a special teamer and backup type.

"A player we liked very much in the restricted free agent process ... We felt like that was a need for us," Ireland said. "We can help the back end of our roster at the inside linebacker position. He's a core special teams player. He's had some starts at both the Mike and the Moe. He's coming from a familiar scheme."

Finally, Ireland offered an olive branch to any fan that believes the Dolphins disrespected Jason Taylor in the handling of his depature this offseason.

"I wish Jason the best," Ireland said. "I think what he's meant to this organization was tremendous. I like him personally. I like him as a player. He had a great career here. A lot has been said about what's happening around here. I can tell you this. We didn't mean any disrespect. And if there was any, it certainly wasn't intended. Tony, Bill, myself, we have a great respect for players from top to bottom.

"We have great respect for Jason. but we had a plan, a business plan in place. There was constant communication between me and the agent. Never at any point did I feel communication broke down there. I feel good about the communication between Gary and I ... Again, I wish Jason well."

[NOTE: I will be hosting three hours of Dolphins and general sports talk from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. today at 790 The Ticket in South Florida. You can listen online at 790theticket.com. You can also call the show at 786-360-0790.]


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I like the pick. Were taking kindle next

Furst! Keep the faith.

I am sad we missed on Dan Williams.. We get a versatile guy which is ok... but we needed a NT. I thought we should have gone with a OLB here when Williams was gone and picked up a (true) NT later in the draft. Seems to make more sense... who knows, they might want to transition Odrick into a NT? I hope this guy is capable of shoring up our D-line because if not, it isn't going to matter who we have at LB.

I really like the trade and the pick.

We get a 3 down player and move up in the second round from the original slot. And essentially, cut the cost of acquiring Marshall in half, and still drafted a player the Fins liked and desired.

First-Team All American, Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year. C'mon guys, this is a quality player.

After watching some of his highlights at PSU, I think is real weakness lies in finishing off plays. To often does a play in the backfiled break for an extra ten yards because one of the players sees the play as "over" if he's not in arms length of the ball carrier. He's got termendous upside with power and hands, but we'll see how he shapes up in the NFL.

I think picking up Kindle in the next round will turn an ok pick into an even better one. Odrick + Kindle is a great asset compared to Dan Williams or any other single player available at 12. I hope he will still be there by the time the Fins are on the clock.. if not I would settle for Nate Allen

Let cut through the bull. It's a weak pick. Dan Williams didn't fall so we took under value. That's fine. Just do the right thigh and draft another DT as insurance, even though Odge is really a DE. After that, take 2 OLBs and 2FSs and call it a day. We didn't trade for Tebow or anything so we aren't the laughing stock of the draft.

you all said it was an okay pick about turner and pat white for the wild cat

this regime is a total failure

kindle, hughes, mays all on the board and we go with this bum

Stop with this Kindle guy! Geez! From projected top 15 to out of the first round. Nobody touched him, tell you something?

Go Phins!


This guy is a beast and brings tremendous versatility.
It would of have been great to have Earl Thomas or even JPP but the flexabilty of getting a solid d lineman( Odrick) along with our secon rounder back(higher than before)was to good to pass up for a team with many holes.
I envision the Fish making another trade to get another pick (3rd or 4th)
2nd rd. Kindle/Cody
4th.Major Wright
Trade Penny,Smiley and Merling for another 3rd or 4th.
Then take McCluster or Jimmy Graham/Dickerson
Call it a day !

We came close to landing Dan Williams..that would've been amazing. I don't understand how you don't take a top player at his position in Hughes, a position we need.

Watch out for the Cowboys. Dez is going to blow up there.

Why is everyone so high on Mays? Yes, he was off the charts at the combine, but that was a given, everyone knew he would test great. And yes, he's a big hitter, but has anyone actually watched him in pass coverage at USC? Not pretty folks.

give the man a chance. he played great in college and will do better than taylor or porter than all you haters will hang on his nuts. chill out

Too many 'versatile' players and not enough specialists. I can see the need for versatility, but you still need the core players to make that work, like a true solid nose tackle who dominates and not a versatile guy that 'can play' a position.

Nice scouting report on Odrick, gotta love the versatility this kid can bring.
Nolan will love scheming with him.


I also see Merling possibly playing some SOLB like Roth and JT did for us, if Merling can get his weight down some as he was requested to do by Nolan.

Is your name Itch E ?

I think they are going to try to convert Merling into a LB like they did with Roth.

i actually love the pick..im also an ohio state fan & when we played penn st i hated him lol he was all ove..i feel he's a top 20 talent and 1 of the top 5 dl an we got him at 28 and now we have a 2rd pick..great job miami. Now im not even gonna guess who we pick at 40 bkuz we were all wrong about the 1st round pick no 1 even mentioned him.But i do hope 1 of these rounds we get jason worilds & myron rolle..well there is alot of depth at safety and olb so it really shouldn't be a problem picking some

If you think Taylor Mays should have been the pick, u know nothing. He sucks.

no sweat people. here's what we do:

Miami Dolphins trade #40, #145, and #219 for Minnesota Vikings #34 and #167.

Vikings don't have overwhelming needs that can only be solved within the next 2 picks, so they'll be happy to stockpile picks and trade up in the 5th.

Dolphins select Taylor Mays with the 2nd pick in the 2nd round.

I LOVED the pick, it wasnt a need, but how can u complain when they get a lineman? Thats how u win in the NFL, on the offensive and defensive lines. I LOVED the pick. Best player available (in the regimes eyes) and he plays in the trenches. ANother masher for an already physical football team.

I think the kid will be great but no way this was the best pick for this team. even if phil m. goes to solb. he still has to be a nt for this to be a good pick!

SAPP...Worilds...Kindle or Gibson....one will be our next pick.....wouldnt be surprised if its Major Wright too

It's good to see you weren't shyt canned for plagiarism Armando.You do excellent work keeping the fans informed about the Dolphins.So who do you think we will take next?

Odrick has the same measureables as Suh and McCoy. Height, Weight, 40 time and the rest are all insignificant differences. Can it be that the guy was underrated? Wouldn't happen right since this is an exact science? The guy was the Big 10 defensive player of the year for a major college program.

Taylor Mays is Gaaaaaaaaaarbage !!

Remember how pissed you all were that the Dolphins didn't draft Brady Quinn? Yeah, that worked out real well. Hey, I know Ginn was not much better either, but he sure was lots better than Quinn, and cheaper too. If Kindle and Dan WIlliams are sooo good, why did they last so long, why is Kindle still waiting for his name to be called. Come on, thank people!

i wouldnt be mad at all if we picked chad jones next safety from lsu..who do you guy's want?

I like the pick. He can fit into multiple different positions in Mike Nolans ever changing schemes. This gives us a young stud to plug in all over and keep the opponents off balance....

Kindle or Cody

I want Meghan Fox!

I don't know if it's the new format of if it's just Parcell's and co, but I like it so far.

Mission accomplished. Get the 2nd round pick and add a versatile D-lineman. I agree with the other posters suggesting that one of the current DE’s is shifted to OLB just like Roth was.
The game is decided in the trenches. Odrick could be part of a dominant D-line for the Dolphins. I’m hoping for Cody too. Everyone thinks Cody is fat, but sometimes those fat guys are strong as hell.

Meghan Fox wants you to Nose Tackle her crotch

Cody can be a big beast in the middle as long as he takes 2 blocks and we have starks and oderick on the outside tying up the other blockers...leaves things free for wake and whoever else to get at the QB...We are looking great dolfans!!!

I want Cody, Sapp, and either Chad or Reshad Jones.

As A PSU fan I think it's a great pick.Some of you southerners are in love with the SEC.HA HA Where did dan come from?OK,OK but he is solid and is willing to play anywhere and take the brunt of the D-line.At 28 not a bad pick,trust.

Warren sapp was huge and how did that work for him?PRO-BOWLER.DEEEEEEEEEEEFense

I have a feeling our fin fans will be scratching our heads again today when our 2nd rd pick is Cane TE Jimmy Graham. It will be a popular pick because he os a local talent but a headscratcher none the less.

D.B just trust

So the Dolphins selected with the 28th pick a part time player...no other way to look at this. Unless the Dolphins are willing to dump either Starks or Langford...there's no way he gets to play but part time.

LOL, ya everybody is a GM.SITDOWN and let the MEN work.

D.B just trust

Posted by: payuengsnwings | April 23, 2010 at 03:41 AM

I would actually love picking Jimmy Graham in the 2nd rd. Can you imagine how potent this makes our redzone attack with the pick your poison options of Graham, Marshall and our run game?

Jimmy Graham will not last past the 2nd rd so if someone is going to take him anyway it may as well be us. We have been allowing local great talent to escape our grasps for far to long.

If mays is there he will be the pick

I hated the pick at first but on 2nd thought I quite like it. I know they planned on Williams being there at 28 and he would have been the pick if he was. If we take Kindle, Cody or Mays I will be happy.
I also like Darryl Stucky in the 3rd round.

There is alot of cryin on this blog from what I have read.But OHHH Brandon Marshall OOOOOOOOH.And how many thought he would be here?HUH?EXPERTS?PAT ON THE BACK!KINDLE or MAYS 2nd round.Odrick is solid on the line,maybe not priority,but solid run stopper.

Odrick was named an AFCA and CBSSports.com All-American in 2009. He was also named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year, the Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year, and First-team All-Big Ten by the conference’s coaches,ENOUGH SAID, Best Player on the Freaking Board, The Dolphins spent a week with him at the Senior Bowl, Wonder why we were 20th in the NFL against the run last year? I see a H==L of a lot need in that stat. REMEMBER, in eight picks we get another starter, in the 2nd round I love it, great job Miami. SteFin

Surprise Pick, But i like it.



If we pick up Cody in the 2nd and Spikes in the 4th then we will be one mean run stopping machine!

I'd like another WR. Mike William in the 4th would be amazing!

All we had to do is draft sergio and give the giants our second rounder for Osi. Imagine the edge pressure we could have gotten a dt in the 3rd.

Lets see what happens tonight before we start to judge the outcome of the draft for Miami.

We Americans have become way to opinionated and not informed. Lets leave it to the pros.

If you have so much talent at picking future NFL stars how come you live in your mommy’s basement?

Does your job even consist of anything football related or were you the kid who just sold me my kicks?
















Randy Starks, Phillip Merling, Kendall Langford, Tony Mcdaniels. At pick 12 when we traded back I was the happiest man on earth 28 perfect place to take Hughes. Hughes who fills a need and is a top 15 prospect. Then we take a player we have no need for. He doesn't play NT, he is not projected to play NT, why did we draft another position we already had so much depth at. This trade was amazing. This pick sucks.

Love what the Fins did in this draft so far. To be able to get the best wr in the league for a 2nd rounder, trade the 1st pick for another 1st and a low 2nd!!! NICE WORK TRIFECTA!!!

So our draft so far looks like this
2) B Marsh
2) 8th pick in 2nd round

Tell me who's draft is better do far?

After hearing Zach Thomas' story about not being able to use the media room to say goodbye, I don't believe a word Ireland says about Jason Taylor. Ireland isn't his own man, he's Parcells'. I'm gonna start calling him Little Guppy.

Ireland is banking on Odrick pressuring up the middle. What is the best way to make a QB uncomfortable?? Pressure in his face. That type of pressure also opens up the ends for Wake & a player to named. I just keep thinking of the G-Men in Brady's face in that SB up the middle. (Even though they play a 4-3)

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