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If Parcells loves Tebow what does that mean?

I have said on this blog and on a couple of radio shows that I've been a guest on that Tim Tebow is a bigger, stronger, better Pat White.

Everything the Dolphins liked about White last year, Tebow brings to the table this year only with greater promise -- speed being the one exception. Tebow could run the spread formation, has a better arm, is more accurate, is more powerful as a runner, and has the prototypical size that White at 5-11 and 195 pounds lacks.

Tebow is simply an upgrade on Pat White.

And now comes this report from Pat Kirwin of Sirius Radio and NFL.com that Bill "Parcells loves Tebow."

The report includes Miami among the darkhorse teams to pick Tebow in the coming NFL draft.

And I cannot disagree!

Tebow is a winner and with the right apprenticeship, he will be a good NFL quarterback. If he's still there in the third round and the Dolphins are on the clock -- granted probably won't happen, but the remote possibility exists -- it would not surprise that he could be the pick.

Do Tebow's throwing mechanics need further work? Yes.

Does Tebow need to grow into being an NFL quarterback? Yes.

In both instances, the same can be said of Pat White. White is still very raw and the Dolphins are still trying to refine his mechanics. The difference between the two are Tebow has more upside because, again, he is more accurate and has a stronger arm. 

You are probably thinking that the Dolphins have too many serious needs to stockpile yet another project quarterback. But the fact is quarterbacks are valuable. They are currency. Former Green Bay general manager Ron Wolf, a Parcells buddy, proved that time and time and time again.

So is picking Tebow in the coming draft a likelihood? No, he'll probably be gone by the time the Dolphins pick in the second round and almost definitely be gone by their third round selection.

But I remind you that the Dolhins draft for value. I remind you Parcells has a high regard for adding his "guys," and I'm thinking Tebow might qualify as he has hired the same agent, Jimmy Sexton, that also represents Parcells and Tony Sparano and Jason Ferguson.

So if the seemingly unthinkable happens and Tebow is there when Miami picks in the third round (73rd overall), hold your breath.

Because Tebow might be a value pick the Dolphins cannot resist.  


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We had better not pick him. He will not amount to crap in the NFL. He'd be yet another wasted pick!!!

Are stories about the Dolphins scarce?! Miami will not draft Tebow, they will continue the Pat White experiment in limited Wildcat formations. This is now Chad Henne's team with a run first mindset!

I'd puke, Tim Tebow will NEVER be a NFL QB...There has never been a QB that has succeeded in the NFL that has had to change his throwing motion...EVER

Boby, what about Brett Favre? He had to make changes to his mechanics at the NFl level because he was as wild as a colt when he came out of college.

That being said, I don't want to see Tebow. Never cared for him.

Mando, Good story and I agree with everything you wrote, I bet that makes you feel better, except the agent thing.

I can't see how having the same agent in anything can make a boss more likely to hire (draft) an employee for that reason. In most cases it is more likely to work against such a happenstance.

Parcells loves his wife. Should we draft her ?

It came as a complete shock last year when we drafted WHite. Why? Well if we wanted to take the wildcat to the next level, it made sense to wait for Tebow not take a smaller and less talented clone........oh well! I would love someone from the front office, one day to explain the rationale behind the White pick

Darryl, isn't Parcells divorced? If so, don't expect her name to be called out at the end of the month.

Give up on the pat white/option experiment. Get defense and recievers in this draft. Also, if there's a value RB in this draft, it would be wise to prepare for the possible departure of our RBs.

Mark, they talked about this very subject for an hour on WQAM this morning...they talked about totally changing ur throwing motion like Tebow has to.... They named QB after QB that failed..minor mechanics is one thing, but throwing motion is a whole different monster...U know how much I would hate having Brandon Marshall on this team??? I would take him over Tebow

The Dolphins have far greater needs than at QB so picking Tebow or any other QB would be a massive luxury unless Tebow drops to maybe the 6th round (Which we all know he wont). If Parcells picks Tebow in the 3rd,whilst ignoring either the WR,TE,ILB,OLB,FS or NT positions,i dont want Parcells in charge of our Draft picks anymore. Leave it to Sparano if that happens.

Bringing in Tebow...at the right spot(3rd rd) might not be a mistake. I doubt he'll be there at that spot, but it would be an upgrade over the Pat White experiment. He is a football player! I could see us using him as an H-back while his skills devolop. He also could be useful in the Wildcat.
I'm not a Pat White hater. I just think he's not big enough or strong enough for the NFL at this point. Too bad the World League is gone. He would have been an excellent developmental QB to send there. Any thoughts on bringing back a developmental league to the NFL?

Thank you Darryl. Hilarious

I will say this again and again. Selecting Pat White in the second round last year was a waste with a ripple affect.

If the Dolphins draft Tebow, a legit threat to take the Wild Cat to another level, it will cost the Dolphins 2 draft picks for such a player. 2009s second round pick and this year's pick to in selecting Tebow. It will mean a true hole in the Dolphins' offense or defense remains open as either one of the two picks could have been used to fill this hole. Especially last years second round pick as that player would have had a full year's experience in the NFL.

F-ing Mind Boggling and a pick truly Bungled!

Would we also be getting the Tebow family? If the Dolphins drafted Tim Tebow, I would have to stop watching football altogether. He sucks!

Mark -OOPS, Maybe that was a bad analogy. Tebow seems like a nice young man, but lets all be honest here. Why are we wasting our time with this. If we want to draft a Qb. fine, but we can do that in the later rounds. We would be much better served taking an Te. or D- lineman in the 3rd, or 4th rounds. How does drafting him upgrade our chances of winning? The only thing drafting Tebow would do for us, would be to chum the waters of this blog for the next couple of years.

Bobby, depending on the amount of work that people think Tebow must do - I can see how that would look bleak for him. Personally, I'm not a fan so I would rather spend that 3rd pick elsewhere. One QB who I always thought should have had his throwing motion changed was Randall Cunningham. It always seemed like it took forever to get out of his hand. however, it always seemed to get where it needed to be.

Darryl, like yourself, I agree on the GB philosophy of taking a QB every year in the 6th round or whatever - GB reaped returns from Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck. However, using a 2nd or 3rd pick every year - not so sure that's a formula for success.

Draft Tebow!!!! Draft Tebow!!! Draft Tebow!!! I love that guy, he's a winner, he should wear a Dolphins uniform, period.

It shocked me when the Dolphins took Pat White that high last year. It wouldn't shock me if the Dolphins drafted Tebow.

I don't know about QBs being currency. The Dolphins used a 2nd on White, but probably couldn't get a 4th for him now. When the Chargers had Rivers and Brees, they got squat for Brees.

The only way a QB is currency is if they play well for a whole season (like Cutler and Cassel), but if they're that good, you don't want to trade them.

Constantly investing 2nd round picks in QBs is a losing strategy, as the Dolphins have proved over the last decade.

tebow will be gone in the first two rounds. its like selling a house, it might not appeal to everyone, but it only takes one. someone will take him by round two.

i would have all for doing what we did last year and using one of our second round picks on tebow, and would trade white for tebow in a heartbeat, but first we needed to prove white can complete a single pass and not die in an nfl game so we can trade him.

as much as i like teebow we have other need than that. he will not bench henne so why waste your time. i want to see the ball go down field more

Mark, I wasn't saying draft a Qb. in the 2nd- 3rd rounds. No value for us at that position this year. I would like to see something like this. 2nd Morgan Burnett S., 3rd Cam Thomas, or Joeseph Lindval NT. 4th Dorin Dickerson Te.
What do you think.

I heard that Dolphins met with DEZ BRYANT . How come you guys didn't cover that

we don't need another Thigpen.

I agree with drafting another QB, but draft a prototypical one that might develop into a great QB.

Lets give Pat White a chance. He may not have completed a pass, but he had some very good running plays last season (4th quarter Jet game 1).

3rd round I want that Williams kid that can't do anything right except catch a football.

Tony - go back 3 blogs

Picking Tebow would be a horrendous mistake. I hope that Parcells is not that stupid.

He will be passing out Bibles on the first day and asking for a team prayer before every drill in practice. He is simply an extremely delusional human being.

He dos not fit the tough guy attitude that Parcells wants.

You should marry the guy Armando, it's obvious that you love him for his religious fairy tale rantings more than his football skills.

Gotta roll, see you guys on the flip side.

Darryl, I wasn't inferring that you were. I was just commenting on the possibility that the Dolphins take a QB in the 1st 3 rounds for the 3rd year in a row.

I like those players you mentioned and the possibility of addressing the NT, FS, or seam stretching TE needs are easier to understand than taking another QB in those spots.

I noticed Dickerson earlier in the year when I watched Pitt play. However, his lack of size scares me a bit. YOu ever check out Ed Hickson of oregon? Similar skill set with a bit more size. Gets compared to Jermichael Finley of the Packers, who I think is the next great receiving TE in the league, in a lot of circles.

I dont want Tebow. It will never happen. The Sentinel and Palm Beach Post both reported Parcells met with Dez Bryant on Thursday and Friday. Thats a much bigger story. Any word on how that went?

Great article Mando. Way to drive up those traffic rankings with a non-story...

mrmrjohnson wrote:

The only way a QB is currency is if they play well for a whole season (like Cutler and Cassel), but if they're that good, you don't want to trade them.

Posted by: mrmrjohnson | April 03, 2010 at 01:26 PM

I would have to disagree with this staement.

How would that explain the Chargers fleecing the Seattle for 3rd string back-up QB Charlie "I never threw a real pass in the NFL" Whitehurst??

The Chargers got a 2011 3rd as well as jumping 20 spots in the 2nd round this year!

It's a QB starved league and if you think a guy can play and has the skills to develop you have to seriously debate it.

You won't hit on them all as will ALL other positions. The Pats took a random stab and found Brady. Montana and Brees were not 1st round picks either.

I am not at all saying to jump out early in the draft and grab Tebow but if he slid far enough it would be worth considering for sure.

I actually think there is an outside shot he goes late 1st round which would eliminate the Fins.



I like Tim Tebow and think he will eventually be a good player in the NFL, but the Dolphins have no business taking him!

Drafting Tebow at all would be a disaster! I have stuck up for this regime through thick and thin and even defended the Pat White pick last year. To draft Tebow would be irresponsbile as we have other needs. It would also mean goodbye to Pat White and would prove last year's pick was disasterous. At that point you'd be very luck to find someone who would give up a 4th or a 5th for White. Armando talks about the regime being about finding 'value'......how is that value?

I believe the Pats will take Tebow with one of their three second round picks and I would be ticked beyond belief if took Tebow in the second or third round.

Maybe we will draft Iupati to play NT and Tebow for LB... SHEEEEESH PEOPLE!

No way, No how. ( Tebow ).

I have a feeling Tebow could instantly threaten any rookie records for jersey sales and merchandise.

I gaurantee there are some owners paying attention to crowds, autograph demands and overall hysteria that is surrounding ol' T-Bone!

I would put it at the slimmest of margins that he becomes a Fin. It would take a monumental slide which won't happen.

Now let us all bow our heads and pray....that it does not happen!

They named QB after QB that failed..minor mechanics is one thing, but throwing motion is a whole different monster

Posted by: bobbyd12 | April 03, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Agree with you on this Bobbyd12. This only works in baseball

Pat White is so bad that he`d suck in the CFL.
Just say no to Tebow and draft real football players, not gimmick guys.

Aaron Rodgers' throwing motion and release point now GREATLY differ from his days at Cal. Go look at the video. What helped him change that was be tine to completely change it, he didn't get rushed ontothe field.

Tebow will be good, I believe. I fear he goes to Buffalo, and may well succeed. Remember, Chan Gailey has worked with Kordell Stewart and Tyler Thigpen, both maybe more mobile than Tebow, but nowhere near the leader or competitor. Tebow's success will hinge completely on where he goes. He needs a spread offense. I am telling you if he goes to Buffalo, it will spell bad news for us. This kid has given you nothing to show he won't be successful, anyone saying he can't doesn't know or sure.


Tebow has a star power (and a following) that has never been seen before. Every NFL team owner knows that he will help to sell out their stadium for the next two to three years at least. He'll probably be picked in late 1st round or early 2nd round.

The Dolphins would have to pick him in the 2nd round if they want him. This would be more of a "Ross" pick if he's picked in the 2nd.

We need to realize pay white was a horrid mistake, and that tebow is not an NFL qb and move on.

Mando, this is just something for you to talk about, right? Never say never, but I don;t see any situation where Tebow would be available low enough in the draft where the Dolphins would be willing to pick him. He looks like he will need a lot of work and will likely need a posistion change to make it. I do think Tebow could Teach many people in this sorry excuse for a football team now and even sorrier excuse for a blog which is supposed to be used for fans to talk about the dolphins not belittle each other and thier iq so matthew must have some serious problems with his own iq to be making fun of mine and where I am from I am from South Carolina and proud of it. As for my writing my mistakes come from the fact I am nearly blind and John and Mathew have either one of you two ever heard of Senator Strom Thurmond? He presented me with an award when I graduated high school and called me a smart young man so I would rather be called dumb by two ignorant uneducated hateful people like mathew and John I think Strom Thurmond had a higher iq than both of you put together and now for Tebow he may not be a great pro football player but he is a man that is something I cant say about a lot of you guys on here always bashing someone and insulting someone I said I think Parcells is washed up like Don Shula and should retire yes I knocked Parcells but you guys are downright disrespectful and hateful and if you think Tebow passing out Bibles and having prayer is bad then you guys really do have problems I will go find another team because the miami dolphins are now the sorriest team on earth they have the sorriest owner the sorriest managers the sorriest players and the sorriest fans its bad when the fans even bash each other Tim Tebow doesnt deserve you bunch of loosers

Too bad Tebow does not have a stronger arm than Pat White, and will not be able to truck ANYONE in the NFL. That leads to him having one thing.

Uh, oh yeah thats nothing. Pat White is 10x faster, more agile, stronger arm, decent mechanics, and explosive.

Tebow is slower, less agile, weaker arm, worse mechanics and less explosive.

Nice try Mondo


I don't agree with you on Tebow and that he would have success going to Buffalo. Buffalo has had failed QB after failed QB. You think our record has been bad with QB's? Take a look at Buffalo's? They have really struggled since Kelly left. Let them have him. The fans will be tough on him from the get go. If he's expected to be the starter, in a short period of time he will struggle. If a team can use him similar to how we used White last year (ie. spot plays, here and there), the pressure will be off and he can develop better. New England to me, makes the most sense. Maybe he even competes for the starters spot in 3-4 years.

Parcells has never drafted Jesus in his prior drafts, so I don't think he'll break that trend this year.

Are people on this blog in favor of the Wildcat or not?

I keep hearing "Gimmick" play? A "Gimmick" play would be a "Flea Ficker"... a play run every once in a while to suprise or throw off another team.

The Wilcat offense has been run again and again with success. Providing our personnel is healthy and properly aligned and then executes. Ronnie Brown has said "Even when you know it's coming, you still have to stop it."

Were you against the formation when it was kicking NE's butt all over their own stadium?

Granted the formation has been studied for more than a year now so the suprise element is gone but it still had success when Ronnie Brown was running it adn healthy.

The Pat White pick is trying to give the formation some teeth as with Ronnie Brown in there the passing is very limited. Thus it is basically a predictable running play (that still had a very decent net avg rush). That is how Baltimore defensed it so well as the play was mostly one dimensional. It needs to have at least the solid threat of a pass to truly be a formidable play.

Look, I understand Pat White had a very bad start. Year 2 will be critical to see improvement or they will be showing him the door. If he can develop enough to simply throw 8 - 15 yard paterns on the move effectively, the WC will be tough to deal with. Look at his college footage...he is capable... whether he does it or not remains to be seen.

I know Henne has fans. I know many fans are traditionalists and want to see more generic formations and see Henne develop. I would like him to to improve as well, especially turnovers. They just have to create enough time to find out if a lofty 2nd round pick Pat White can develop in this second year imo.

It's easy to do but, I would not kick dirt on this kid just yet.


Mando is just talking here, this is a non-story in my opinion... Henne is the guy around here


What do you make of NOT naming Henne the starter until just recently? Are they making him sweat or ??

This article is pointless....period

Rob in OC,

Do you see the Wildcat only as a change of pace set of plays or can you see it being used by a team as 100% of their offense?

The dolphins never draft well so Tebow would be expected. Look at the way our other first round draft picks have produced.

No team wins with Teblow at the helm

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Pat White was the more accurate QB in college. Ether way its irrelevant. Just can't see Miami using another 2nd rd pick on a QB. I mean think about it, we drafted Henne to be the starting QB in the 2nd rd, than we drafted White the following year in the 2nd rd to run the wildcat and the spread. Throw in the fact that White was taken higher than Henne just to put it into perspective. So Trifecta spent a high 2nd rd draft pick on a guy to run a few plays per game oppose to what could have been a full time starter and now you are suggesting that Miami could take Tebow? Don't get me wrong I was for the White pick but when I thought of it that way I was like what were they thinking??? With that said I have not given up on Pat White. It is just very difficult for a QB to play a few plays a game during the rookie season and expect to perform. Just that they spent way too high of a draft pick on a player who is expected to run five to ten plays a game.

Tebow's best chances would be to be picked by the Pats in the second round like Craig M. mentioned earlier.

I can see him in Cleveland if Holmgren continues with the Wildcat plays. He'd use Tebow in spread option plays like the Dolphins have tried to use White. They're already using Cribbs like Brown.

He could easily be picked by many other teams.

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